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MMax chapter 18 . 1/29/2019
this may be the beginning of Draco starting to turn a new leaf, experiencing Voldy's terrifying character.
Guest chapter 19 . 1/29/2019
Thanks for the chapter buddy.
Gyoza101 chapter 19 . 1/29/2019
This is great! I certainly didn’t see that coming. Can’t wait to read the next chapter!
Marbbles123 chapter 19 . 1/28/2019
Brilliant! I was not expecting that at all! Voldemort entering Ron and then the entity attacking both of that was intense! I hope we get to see the Weasley’s reaction to the news...Molly will never let Ron out of her sight again.

Can’t wait an update!
Niel2804 chapter 19 . 1/28/2019
i read this as soon as you post, Omg poor Ron, this chapter is so creepy. keep writing, i'll be waiting
randver chapter 19 . 1/28/2019
EEEEWWWW just when you think the entity inside Ron is not doing anything but keeping him safe by showing him visions of the future it goes and saves the day, so to speak.

I liked your description of the eyes and the overall feeling of other-worldliness when the shade encountered it. To me and my head cannon it almost seemed like old voldie met one of H. Ancient Ones like Cthulhu or Bokrug or maybe even Tsathoggua,being black and formless. Then I tried to imagine what such an entity would be doing inside the head of Ron and just couldn't wrap my head around it.

The interesting part of this entire chapter was the line where the entity said that since voldie came to them then they could be free and the vessel had fulfilled his purpose. That makes me think that since the black ooze was leaving Rons wounds then the entity was trying to or even partially did leave Ron. Since old moldy severed his soul again maybe the entity's victory or freedom wasn't quite complete so who knows what will be in store for poor battered Ron.
I think the changes that your slowly showing in Malfoy are interesting, I don't think even a talented writer like you can make a believable redemption story out of him and NO that wasn't a challenge. I dislike all of those silly Dramionie fics with a passion, mostly because they paint Ron as some sort of low life abuser or cheater but that's a different topic.

I'm very happy Snape clued the other first years in on what's going on. That waay when it becomes an issue later on when old voldie gets a body back they can rightly say that they knew their course of action from the first year, all of them either chose to stay or go on their own with eyes wide open.

Ok the whole feat hall scene was text book misdirection and I loved it. I thought for sure you were going to stick to cannon and screw the slytherins out of all their hard work and deserved victory. The fact that Ron got them the win even though he wasn't there to see it will make him very well respected when he comes back for second year. I wouldn't be surprised if the handsome dark haired ally of his left him a gift or two as a little extra reward. I do like the fact that when dumbles awarded points the slytherins still came out on top and will remember his fairness and evenhanded approach vs the anti-slytherin biased he was known for. Very shrewd on his part for the upcoming battles ahead.

The possible budding romance between Theo and Tracy could be cute unless it's not real and theo's just playing her to protect her. I.E she's to a pureblood to offer some form of protection. If so while his heart maybe in the right place he should remember that James Potter was as pure a blood as they could have wanted and it did him no good. Nor the Prewitt clan or many many others either, ask Susan Bones or Neville Longbottom.

Could you please, please write a little something over how Albus explains THIS one to the weasley family. I mean first the sorting, next a Troll, then punching Malfoy and now finally the last 3 days of school he's fighting the spirit of their worst nightmare. I think Ginny will want to go to Beubotons or Drumstang it sounds safer than Ron's first year. Her and Luna will just gave to stick together I guess.

An excellent ending to Rons triumphant first year. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens in his second. Can we expect the return of Sirius? Pandora and the Lovegoods? I would imagine that if a student suffers from this much dark near fatal magic then the Ministry themselves may have a few questions which can get Amelia Bones involved or a pink toad menace. Oh and If you take requests could you please please please have Ron be the one that sends the lavender menace on his ass thinking he's an easy mark since he's only 12 and finding out how wrong he is.

As always I look forward to the next exciting chapter. I love where your taking this.
Starway Man chapter 19 . 1/28/2019
Nice start with the feelings of relief that your school exams are over, you described that sort of thing well - along with Ron's mixed feelings of having become such a good liar! The somewhat lame "Hello" after revealing himself to the Gryffindor trio was offset by Hermione's scream of fright and subsequent punch, well done there. Neville's hostility and suspicion would have worked better for me if he and Ron had had more scenes together in this story, though. I liked Ron's sick feeling regarding the manipulation, though, and the way the quartet made their way through all of the Stone's protections...

Speaking of which, well done on how Ron choose to be the Black King instead of a knight with the chess game in this story, that was... symbolic in a nicely subtle sort of way - and I liked how he convinced Harry to destroy the Stone instead of recover it, that was the mark of a true Slytherin! With regards to the potion to pass through the fire, I was hoping that someone would be cynical enough to say, "Hang on, it's got to be the smallest bottle - Dumbledore wouldn't want more than one person to continue on any further, right?" before Hermione solved the logic puzzle, but alas - you didn't go there. Likewise, it was too bad about the minor time skip, but I assume Harry's encounter with Voldy went as per the book/movie...

The next part with Tom Riddle's mutilated soul possessing Ron - and creating a Horcrux within him - and that whole thing with the Entity - that was utterly brilliant! Completely riveting stuff, with more questions than answers being raised of what the heck is imprisoned inside Ron's head. And that throwaway comment about that being Tommy's *last* Horcrux - does that mean that Nagini will be spared that fate, now? Plus you gave us a nice description of Ron's corpse resurrecting itself, and how Snape and the others reacted to that! Even if I have no idea how the Potions Master made it out of that chamber, past the Devil's Snare and Fluffy and to the hospital wing, carrying Ron's thrashing body all the while...

Anyway, the subsequent conversation between the teachers was covered fairly well, and the most in-character thing Snape and Dumbledore did was agree that "the truth will cause us more harm than good", nice choice of phrase there. And the next part, where all the Slytherin firsties confronted Draco and then Snape - well, there goes canon, everyone knows Voldy is still around and has attacked people now! Well done on surprising me with Snape's behavior, even if I wasn't surprised that later on Ron managed to give Slytherin the win for the year...still, I can't help thinking that Dumbledore should have given the quartet a Special Award for Services to the school instead of House points, all that wasn't normal school activities after all! Looking forward to what you come up with next soon.
randver chapter 18 . 1/28/2019
My my my it's amazing what truths are revealed during an honest conversation.

I do love how Blaise and Theo think of Ron as some sort of super wizard now because it makes things so much easier to fake them out later on if it should be needed. Animals in nature establish dominance early on so that there is no question of leadership it seems to me that such a pattern has now been established amoungst those three now.

The girls were cute. The way they and his brothers kept his spirits up when he was at his absolute lowest was wonderful. The way you have been writing Fred lately makes me think the dumb git might have actually frown up himself a little bit, I sure George knocked some sense into his twin but still it's nice to see that he didn't kick Ron when he was down or gloat about the house cup.

The reaction of the Trio was predictable. Gryffindors are always up to help a friend and charge into danger no matter what so I'm glad Ron was able to give Hermione the clue she needed to prevent such a disaster.

The forest scene was very interesting. I loved the way Rons most powerful go to spell was deflected out of hand with barley a thought. It goes to show beyond a shadow of a doubt my theory that as a wizard ages his power continues to grow. Since Voldy is younger than Albus he knows he's less powerful no matter what rituals and other power bumps he may have used, nothing makes up for raw experience and time. Kind of like artificially aging wine vs allowing it to age naturally, the difference in quality is unmistakable.

I do wonder if Ron might decide to make a effort to try and befriend the centaurs or at least Firenze. The centaurs of Greek legend and myth were the teachers of Man and the best of friends to great heroes. Maybe Firenze sees a young hero in Ron and decide to help him, after all he already saw his bravery, skill and most importantly his heart. Ron refused to leave a fallen helpless individual in the face of certain danger and if THAT isn't a perfect example of the real Ron I don't know what is.

All in all a very good chapter. Just out of curiosity, was the cloak Daphne gave Ron amongst the items destroyed? I know you said that all his things were destroyed but maybe the cloak was hanging up elsewhere? Oh and Ron really should tell his friends the truth about Malfoy. It was his goons and not him, granted he control his goons but still no one should be blamed for a crime they didn't commit.

As always looking forward to the next chapter.
Niel2804 chapter 18 . 1/28/2019
this is so cool, keep writing, i'll be waiting
Niel2804 chapter 11 . 1/27/2019
awwwww i love this chapter
Niel2804 chapter 10 . 1/27/2019
Ron is so soft, i love him
Niel2804 chapter 6 . 1/27/2019
Poor Ron, i want to hug him T.T btw i love Prof Snape in your FF
Guest chapter 18 . 1/27/2019
Loving this fiction so far. I like your spin on a Ron doing things for his and his families benefit but still retaining the morals he was brought up with.
Ron and Malfoy's relationship will be interesting to watch going forward and it seems Hermione and Daphne are starting some kind of rivalry.
Can't wait for the next chapter with Ron going after the stone. Keep up the good work!
Astro chapter 18 . 1/26/2019
Drama times with Ron and Draco. Since Ron vowed to not be friends with Draco, I'm sure meetings are to going to awkward.

Curious about how will Lucius and Ron interact. Prejudices are there but Ron secured a lot of house points for Slytherin but Crabbe and Goyle screwed over Ron, Draco, and Slytherin as a result.

— speculations/theories —

Okay so more “possible” theories from me, Ron's going to confront the Golden Trio either before or after Quirellmort fight. Like Herm's betrayed by Ron's “plan” as she defended him from Nevile's accusations last chapter before.

Voldewraith's inexplicable knowledge of Ron's name is... Quirell! Okay, okay, Originally I was thinking about Voldemort /kinda/ traveled back like Ron did but now I remembered he's a professor and that's a more believable theory then he original.

I be honest, I hoped at one point Ron would become “evil” and heel face turn as drama. Although that's just speculation/theory. Like, what once a moral crusade is now warped to established ends. Although this would be some where 4th year or above if this is going to happen but on the other hand, Dumbledore is looking out for Ron along with Snape... and his friends and family.
Starway Man chapter 18 . 1/26/2019
I was surprised, given how enraged Ron initially was, how quickly he calmed down when Nott told him to think of the four girls, and how his actions would affect them; but I did like Ron's attitude in getting revenge on Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle through that Slytherin seventh year, and how his friends were concerned for him afterwards. You provided a nice set-up with Charlie's letter, and the meeting with the Gryffindor trio and the Slytherin one was was handled well - kick you in the stones, indeed! Hermione was brilliant, as always, but oddly enough - I found myself wishing she and Daphne could have had a longer confrontation. for some reason...

The second meeting between Ron and the Slytherin seven year was a bit heavy on exposition, but not too bad. The mutual destruction scenario between Ron and Draco was okay, but you got the impression that Ron still came out ahead - as he still had all his friends and family, while Malfoy only had Crabbe and Goyle on his side! And as for the detention in the Forbidden Forest, those kids were quite right - you can't put children in a life-threatening situation as part of school punishment, Hagrid shouldn't have been able to do that! Even Madame Pomfrey knew that... still, I liked Ron's thoughts regarding being stuck with two cowards hunting a monster in a forest full of them - and that vicious argument Ron and Draco had, it was a long time coming!

The scene with Firenze saving Ron and Draco was described well, along with the way Ron panicked and then calmed down enough to save himself and Malfoy with that Confringo. Then the following conversation...oh, I definitely liked how it was different to what was in the book, how the other centaurs weren't present and no one said, "Mars is bright tonight"! The scene in the medical wing was okay, along with Ron's private thoughts - his developing paranoia was good, it made sense that he couldn't automatically trust Dumbledore, but deciding to do everything himself - that has 'disaster' written all over it! Well, he is only twelve...lookig forward to the next part, and enjoy your short break!
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