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Starway Man chapter 9 . 1/15/2019
The immediate aftermath of the vision was more or less as expected, even if I was somewhat surprised by Ron snarling at Fred AND giving Harry what-for. Tracey and Millicent accompanying Ron on the Hermione-hunt was a good sign for the future, I think, although Ron's "I'M NOT A PERVERT!" was more funny than anything else after that recollection of naked!Luna, well done there!

The Ron/Hermione conversation in the girls' bathroom was okay, and I liked the teamwork dynamics the three Slytherins showed to avoid detection and exposure. But Ron's decision to Do Something (even at the risk of exposing his most secret secret) after everyone heard the 'troll in the dungeon' shout was the best part of the chapter; especially the part where the kid vomited in the aftermath of the killing, and McGonagall was smart enough to take everyone to the hospital instead of deduction house points! Of course, telling the truth to Dumbledore and Snape might not have been the wisest choice, in terms of people gossiping even more about Ron's abilities - but I suppose that's a problem for another day. Can't wait to see what happens next!
Guest chapter 8 . 1/14/2019
Thank you for the great read buddy
Marbbles123 chapter 8 . 1/13/2019
Really enjoying this fix so far! I have read a couple fics where Ron isn’t in the “golden trio” due to some kind of power, but yours is the first that actually shows how Ron’s absence changes what actually happened in canon! I always get a little peeved when situations play out the same way, because honestly, it wouldn’t if Ron wasn’t there. So the scene with the troll—brilliantly violent, by the way—was awesome. Great chapter!
Starway Man chapter 8 . 1/13/2019
Hmm, that thing about Merlin being a Slytherin - is that fanon, or was it actually mentioned in the books/movies? And is cunningness actually a word? Opinion is divided on the subject...likewise the subject of Ron acting so bitter towards his mother, but again, you have spent a lot of time altering Ron's character in this story to accommodate him acting so OOC, I suppose.

The 'winning money at a chess tournament thing' - that's a plot bunny I've often considered myself, but since even the top annual UK muggle tournament only offered around 2000 pounds (which equals 400 galleons?) back then, I'm not sure exactly how much financial success the kid could enjoy doing that. And Gellert Grindelwald was a *seer* in this story? I don't *think* he was shown to be one in the latest Fantastic Beasts movie, he just used that skull to show his followers the shape of things to come, but I guess there's room for interpretation there.

I liked how the Ron/Hermione conversation seemed to go fairly well, even if the Ron/Percy one was so loaded with negative emotions it was pretty uncomfortable reading it! Your talent for packing emotional punches remains pretty good. Still, reading about the 'perks' Dumbledore had and how he was following Ron around all day - with three jobs, wouldn't the old man be too busy to do that? Especially since Fudge was constantly asking for help during the kids' first year... anyway, I liked the way Ron acted with regards to all those letters, it seemed in-character. The flying class? It was pretty much as I expected, even though I still have a pet peeve with how the students were left all alone while the teacher left to take Neville to the hospital wing. I always thought that was completely irresponsible, even if JKR needed that to happen for Harry to join the quidditch team!

After reading the Ron/Hermione and Ron/Daphne conversations, I was a bit confused - was Ron acting like a manipulator there? And curing werewolf bites - that isn't possible, is it? The midnight duel and encounter with Fluffy were okay, even if Hermione did seem more than a little bossy and rude, even if I've always loved that 'or even worse, expelled!' line. Seamus taking Ron's place as the person who insulted Hermione that Halloween was unexpected, but...I guess someone had to do it, and Ron's vision of what would happen with the troll was utterly brilliant! Over the top violent and lethal, yes, but still wonderfully realistic. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!
Guest chapter 7 . 1/12/2019
Thank you for the good read. Keep up the great work buddy.
MMax chapter 7 . 1/11/2019
great chapter. I am guessing around Halloween, Ron will save Hermione from the Troll with Harry's help, and maybe one more Slytherin's help too.
MMax chapter 4 . 1/11/2019
I almost thought that Ron would be placed in Ravenclaw so he can better protect Luna.
Starway Man chapter 7 . 1/11/2019
Ah, Ron and Daphne arguing with one another at the start of the chapter, I liked that...nice stuff, well done. Especially the part when Ron realized it was time for breakfast, I've had to pull all-nighters where I felt the exact same way he did! The chess tournament was okay, but you surprised me somewhat with Ron punching Draco, you had me convinced the kid was not going to lose his temper this time. Still, the aftermath was explained well, and you definitely seem to like going into Slytherin politics and internal dynamics! Which is a good thing in terms of future plot development, I guess.

Now, as for the first Potions class - I was half-expecting Snape not to rip into Harry that way, given the events of the previous chapter, but I guess you wanted that to still happen - to indicate that Snape hasn't changed, just because Ron's a Slytherin in this AU? Or something like that. And I noticed again how Hermione was on the outs with her peers and hyper-eager to lock horns with Ron - I'm honestly not sure where you're going with that, actually. Seven years of Granger vs. Weasley academic competition? THAT ought to be fun to read! Still, the Ron-Tracey interactions were kiddie-cute, even if Snape's overuse of the word 'dunderhead' did tend to grate a bit...

The Ron-Fred-George conversation...again, that was painful. And 'screwed me over', I'm pretty sure JKR never used language like that - you need to be careful regarding the British-isms! And as for the Molly Weasley cameo - that felt a bit rushed, to be honest. For example, just mentioning and not actually showing us the argument that Arthur and his wife had? It would have worked better to illustrate the point I think you were trying to make, having a flashback of some sort. Looking forward to the next update!
Starway Man chapter 6 . 1/11/2019
Wow, Molly's letter was intense - I suspected it would be bad, but that was *more* than a little over the top! Well, at least it wasn't a Howler - that would have humiliated Ron in front of the entire school, so I assume you didn't want to go there for a number of plot reasons. The next scene with Snape was pretty emotional, with Ron practically having a nervous breakdown - good in one sense, but not so much in another, in terms of the kid trusting Snape so much (now, and in later years). And drunken!Ron was pretty amusing, that definitely caught my eye - well done! That description of the first Transfiguration class was one of the best parts of the story so far.

The next few scenes between the Weasley brothers were...painful, I guess is the best word to describe it. You managed to pack a lot of emotion in there, again - well done! The Ron-Hermione argument was a bit strange - to me - I mean seriously, marital dispute? And Ron figuring out Hermione was isolated from her housemates so quickly? The letter to the Lovegoods was okay, likewise Ron's attempt at teaching his peers that spell - but the chess game with smug!Daphne was very much like something out of the books, so good job there.

That bit with Ron getting a 'bad feeling' about the Astronomy Tower... was that another manifestation of his power thanks to that 'Entity', or something else? That was a bit unclear, sorry to say. But the Hogwarts teachers' conversation was pretty good - not to mention rather ironic, instead of everyone discussing Harry they all stood around talking about Ron! It was good that you didn't overuse the typical plot device of Albus comparing any capable and talented student to Tom Riddle, though, that always annoys me. On to the next chapter!
randver chapter 5 . 1/10/2019
Hi I just found your story and have to say I am really liking it thus far. The changes in Ron have been subtle but pronounced. Basically all you have done is given Ron the maturity he had when he went into the Auror academy at the end of the war. In cannon according to JKR Ron became a top notch and much sought after Auror even surpassing Harry with his academic marks and his skills with strategy. He completely revolutionized the Auror Corps while he was in and was incredibly happy until he had to help George at the joke shop. My guess is it was a move to stay at home with his kids while Hermione climbed the political ladder and helped stabilize a suicidal George. Ron always gives of himself to others. He's one of the most selfless people in the books that anyone can know. He offers half his food to harry when he saw harry didn't bring anything, he made sure Harry had Christmas presents he sacrificed himself with the chess set in short Ron is a giver by nature and the world around him is a better place for it.

I know you said no pairings as of yet but I'm sorta rooting for a Ron/Daphne pairing because every Ron/Daphne FF I've read has been amazing from Ron as a badass werewolf mercenary to Ron as a King wielding Excalibur and Daphne as his Queen( Mind you that one was a little OtT for me but not a bad read) and a few others as well. Then again it's your story and I'm enjoying the ride so please continue and I really look forward to reading more.
Starway Man chapter 5 . 1/9/2019
The chapter started off okay, with Ron feeling lost and disillusioned, but I was a bit surprised how the interrogation started almost immediately by the Slytherin first years - that the prefects didn't stay and put a stop to it, surely they'd have guessed what the ickle firsties would do before Snape came along? Anyway, Snape's speech was pretty good and at least Ron was smart enough not to antagonize Nott and Zabini at first sight, even if he did look at bit foolish over the etiquette stuff.

The whole 'alliance' thing was somewhat similar to what I've read in other fanfics, so that wasn't surprising, but Ron seemed to dive into all that a bit fast - or maybe not, given his altered character in this story, it's a bit hard for me to tell yet. Anyway, Ron doing well in History of Magic was definitely original, and ikewise the meeting with Daphne, Tracey and Millicent... and I agree, Tracey's sense of humor was not *entirely* appropriate! Plus I liked how Ron realized his blow-up at Daphne was inappropriate, and how the kid's apology was handled in a Slytherin way, but jinxing Malfoy in public? Okay, 11 years old, but that was a bit dumb!

I was surprised that no one has mentioned Scabbers the rat (remember the school rules are a cat or an owl or a toad) so far, especially in Slytherin - I assume you're going to address this later in the story? Finally, the Fred and George thing...yeah, I didn't like it, but then they are just third years and proud Gryffindors, so that plot development was...feasible, I suppose. And two chapters in a row, next time? Wow, you're spoiling us! But thanks. :)
Starway Man chapter 4 . 1/9/2019
It was rather odd for me to read now Ollivander called Mrs. Lovegood "Pandora", and yet she didn't call him "Garrick" in return - they certainly seemed to be on a friendly, first-name basis for it. It felt even odder for me to realize that Ron didn't end up with his willow (unicorn hair) wand, though. And that thing about cypress wand bearers having noble deaths...I couldn't help wondering if you're giving us a subtle hint there, about where this story will go...

Still, I liked how you described Ron being paranoid and that wisecrack about Molly destroying the Statute of Secrecy was definitely amusing! The switcheroo with Pandora was okay, and I loved the different way Ron and Harry first met Hermione. That "What did this poor door do to deserve this...?" thought was good for a giggle, but to be honest, I thought the meeting with Draco would go rather different since Ron's character is so different here - well, somewhat different anyway, what with the extra advantages he has compared to canon.

The verbal altercation with Draco as the first years were waiting for the Sorting was rather intriguing to me, in terms of establishing the pecking order amongst the students - I can't tell if you wanted to show something regarding pack behavior, or set Ron up to be important among his peers. If so, his panic attack regarding Fred's upcoming death probably didn't help with that! But the most intriguing part of the chapter was Ron's conversation with the Sorting Hat - I noticed you used some plot elements from "Choices", but some of the justifications for the kid's sorting were novel, and you made a better case for Slytherin!Ron than most other stories I've read. Looking forward to more soon!
Guest chapter 4 . 1/9/2019
Absolutely fantastic so far. The quality of writing is good, everyone is in character to a large degree, and the character progression as to why some characters are the way they are is superb.

I cant think of a negative at all, its long and interesting, i love it! Stories involving Ron are often one dimensional, short fluff pieces, Romione epics or just bashfics with no point to them, this is sonething rather more enjoyable...

I hope that Ron can overcome the biases and trials that will inevetibly befall him in Slytherin, as well as learn things that would be useful for his 'save everyone' mission, like healing and whatnot. I wonder what it means that he sees the future, but not exactly the same way as a seer. Will those with leglimancy (Snape/Dumbledore) figure it out or will he tell them? Wish fulfilment for me would be animagi but its rather a long shot for him to do with no reason.

Good luck, i hope you keep up the pace with putting chapters out (but if not, as long as it stays this good i can wait a week or two..), looking forward to reading more, Otium
Guest chapter 3 . 1/8/2019
Good read. Loving this perspective of Ron. Nice change from the usual minion like and bashings. Keep it up mate.
Starway Man chapter 3 . 1/7/2019
The chapter started off okay, even though Ron should have said "The Rookery" instead of "Lovegood home" when travelling by floo (there could be more than one Lovegood home in wizarding Britain, right?). Oh, and "hang out" isn't British slang, I'm pretty sure no one ever said that in the books or movies!

Still, I liked the way you showed Ron exhibiting child-like panic when saving Mrs. Lovegood's life, and Luna's hysterics as well, and then Ron's realization that he *can* change things and save Fred from dying. And I can't help wondering if you're going to do the exact same plot thread as The Red Knight, and get Mrs. Lovegood to buy Ron his own wand? I'd recommend against it, try to do something more original and let the kid get a new wand another way - but that's just me.
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