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randver chapter 10 . 1/18/2019
So far I think this was my favorite chapter. Last chapter was excitement and interesting but this one slowed down the pace, still advanced the story quite a bit and set up some major league foreshadowing for future characters. I've already read chapter 11 but this one still stands out as making Ron not just powerful but human and still very much a 11 year old boy that misses his family. Sure he's powerful and advanced slightly due to his massive amount of hard work but emotionally he's still an 11 year old bit that is still growing. Mind you there have been 11 yr old soldiers, Kings, Emperors and so forth I mean Mozart wrote his first composition a Minuet and Trio in G major when he was 5 but he still needed his family there to help guide him to manhood.

I loved Luna and Ginny getting to tour HW. I'm sure they are going to be bouncing off the walls at their respective homes until they get their letters. The reaction of Pandora and Molly were perfect, a boy they both consider their son made them both incredibly terrified and proud in the same breath. The priceless reaction that Ginny had to Harry was laugh out loud worthy. Luna was unphased but daring and brave ginny was hiding behind her big brother and I laughed so hard.

The twins and Percys reaction was great but I am so waiting for Charlie to descend on HW and make sure his little brother isn't possessed by the spirit of Merlin and to then proceed to wedgie him into next week for breaking all his records.

Now as to the last A/N; "I hope you all enjoy this slow chapter." I hope you know your being hilarious with that comment right? This was such an incredible character development chapter it was very powerful and poignant. The way you wrote draco's point of view you really made me the reader feel empathy for his position just the way Ron did( I've already read 11 so yeah that didn't last long but it was there) it gave so much insight as to his world view and how through no fault of his own it changed in a way he never expected to have to deal with. Kind of like "why aren't my bribes working, they've always worked before"

I loved this chapter, no matter how many trolls he kills, how many dementors he stops or how many dark lords he blasts he's still Ron and that makes him very special. Your capturing the real Ron that was presented in the novels not what poor Rupert Grint was forced to play. He did a great job for the material he was given but in the films all of his ideas were given to Hermione and all of his heroic actions( broken leg standing between his best mate and a mass murder much!) were given to Hermione as well so he wasn't really given a lot to flesh out in the movies. I love the fact that your a Ron fan as much as I am and it shows.
Starway Man chapter 11 . 1/17/2019
Thanks for the unexpected birthday gift! Nice conversation at the start between the three Slytherin boys, between Ron and Daphne, and then between Ron and the three OCs. Hmm, Silver Triumvirate, huh? I read how the tripod is physically the most unstable structure known to exist, so it's no wonder the House of the Cunning would adopt a power structure like that, ensuring that no seventh year student could end up in a dictatorial position of influence. Not sure if you did that on purpose in this story, but if you did, well done on the subtlety!

The thing with Ron betting on Harry for the quidditch win and therefore against his own House - I was actually surprised by that, along with Weasley openly supporting Slytherin during the match...the kid is definitely developing his sneakiness quotient, good stuff there. Nice cameo by Pansy, too - the time skip wasn't too bad, and showing Ron to be forgetful enough to not clean up his Potions mess was another good reminder that these are 11 year olds we're dealing with, along with the nice Christmas feels.

As for the Daphne Greengrass interlude, her passing thought for someone to muzzle her little sister Astoria after that girl acted totally annoying, it was good for a giggle. :) So was with the whole marriage contract thing, I've known fathers to tease their daughters that way... but are you giving us a subtle hint on where Daphne will start looking once she's old enough for courting and suitors? Maybe, but then again maybe not, if you give us an equivalent Hermione POV interlude in the next chapter...looking forward to what you come up with next!
Guest chapter 11 . 1/17/2019
Tem hermione T.T por favor he seguido tu fanfic desde el inicio
MMax chapter 10 . 1/17/2019
Happy Birthday on Friday. maybe Ron can somehow someday convince Draco to back off a bit. But I fear that Draco will turn dark soon...not just grey.
Anon chapter 10 . 1/17/2019
Really great work fleshing out the first year slytherins! Really excited to see how this all progresses!
Astro chapter 4 . 1/16/2019
Thanks to the fic Choices, I quite like Ron in Slytherin. Go character development!
Astro chapter 3 . 1/16/2019
As you mentioned earlier, inspired by choices and the red knight.

You could say instead of time travelling, Ron have future vision. Instead of being skilled and experienced like red knight Ron, he's nervous like choices Ron.

You do have puntuation problems though, not enough to leave but enough to make me irritated a bit.

Still, curious how will YOU deviate the canon (Pandora is a check now.), haven't read that far but I am curious where will he get sorted. I find it funny if he got sorted to Hufflepuff though. (While in verse Slytherin wasn't included during Molly's and Pandora's argument, that would be also unexpected to them.)

Anyways, I shall read further and wait for the next update!
Starway Man chapter 10 . 1/16/2019
You hope the wait for this chapter wasn't too long? Have you even compared your output rate to most other fanfic writers on this site? Anyway, the chapter started off okay, even if I couldn't help wondering if this 'Carey' girl is an OC - as far as I know, Gemma Farley was the fifth year Slytherin prefect during the 1991-92 school year. And while Ron did act a bit immature showing off with that crack "enough to kill a dozen trolls", I couldn't help being reminded of Machiavelli's axiom, "It's better to be feared than loved..." Is that an attitude that's encouraged among the upper year Slytherins in your story, I wonder?

The conversation in Dumbledore's office...that was okay as well, but it felt a bit - drawn out, I guess, with all the guests? And Dumbledore suddenly doing a complete one-eighty and becoming *sure* Ron wasn't the second coming of Tom Riddle... that seemed a little forced to me. Still, I liked Ron showing Ginny and Luna around the castle and introducing them to his friends - or 'allies', I guess it depends - and your use of the 'Ronnie' nickname was somewhat amusing. The bit at the end with Draco and Ron was the best part of the chapter, though - a good reminder that these are 11 year old kids, who get emotional and then act on their emotions! Hope we see more action than conversation next time, and happy upcoming birthday!
MMax chapter 9 . 1/15/2019
maybe Tracy and Mill will consider Hermione as an ally.
randver chapter 9 . 1/15/2019
OK so let me start off by giving a resounding BLOODY HELL! First I kind of knew that something like this was going to go down because of the excellent foreshadowing in the earlier chapters but even with that bit of advanced warning this chapter was still very exciting to read. I was like OMG what if it's a AU and one of the main's actually does die or something else happens so reading everything in this chapter was very exciting.

Now let me apologize for being a bad reviewer. I haven't given you the critique for the previous chapters and for that I am truly apologetic. I have enjoyed each one but I'm going through a career change and making some major life decisions like going back to school to get a bachelors degree and working full time etc so I've been a touch busy but I have loved every chapter in this tale.

Now as for just this chapter specifically I loved how Tracey stood with Ron to help him out and the others as well. He is slowly humanizing little miss entitled and showing her how to be a bit more normal. In her own way she's rather like Granger, no one has challenged her before and she is having to learn to deal with it. How she handles it will be a sign of maturity and growth OR she's going to be a female Malfoy. I loved Millie and the others, Theo and Blaise are great helping Ron with his deficiencies w/o making him feel like a moron or lesser because of it. I hope Fred twists in the wind until hell freezes over. I know that in your previous A/N you mentioned how you and everybody else LOVES the twin bullying monsters but as you can tell I'm not a fan. They took too much sadistic glee in tormenting him growing up and now the chickens have come home to roost. I'm sorry but almost KILLING him when he was 5 with an unbreakable vow that they knew he couldn't make, making him feel unloved and jealous of ginny and then of course Madam overbearing helping cement that idea just by being who she is doesn't help matters. All they're doing is making Ron stronger and I am loving every chapter.
Whether he realizes it or not Ron just created the Golden Trio with Harry/Hermione/Neville. Granted he's going to have to break it down for them and explain how much each one has to offer, for starters Neville can help hermione learn the etiquette that Ron himself is having to learn and then fit in better because of it. If he explains it to her as a lesson that he himself is learning that may convince her to get off her high horse about the magical world and spare us from SPEW.

Please please please give us a chapter where Percy writes to charlie about the super weasley that they have created. Percy gave Ron the love of learning that he would have developed later on in his career as an Auror and Charlie gave him the knowledge to make it practical and useful( cauldron bottom thickness, really?) and now seeing how their little brother is becoming the best of them is a wake up call for sure. Oh and he's only 11. I can not wait until Fred gets unfavorably compared to Ron saying "why can't you be more like your younger brother" See I'm kind of like Ron in that I despise bullies who enjoy making others suffer for their own entertainment and to ME that's Fred in spades.

As for the last bit in the chapter about Dumbeles and Snape taking a walk into Ron's head, the beautiful thing is everything he said or did was true. all his memories matched the events perfectly because it was all 100% factual. I hope this will convince Dumbels to lay off the whole little dark lord incarnate trip. However killing his pet troll is going to make Ron very interesting to a certain possessed dark arts teacher. The fact that Ron is bucking his families blood traitor legacy and proving to be so powerful as a pure blood male means his mother and father may be getting marriage offers from some of the female blood lines sooner rather than later. I wonder if Rita will be hearing about this soon. I hope Xeno doesn't publish this in the quibbler that would be exactly what Ron doesn't need. Madam overbearing would lose her mind and take it out on Ron. If she snaps his wand she'll lose her son forever.

the only thing left to say is Thank you for writing this and providing me with such excellent entertainment I am truly grateful.
Guest chapter 9 . 1/15/2019
Thank you for the chapter buddy. Forever awaiting for more of this good stuff.
Starway Man chapter 9 . 1/15/2019
The immediate aftermath of the vision was more or less as expected, even if I was somewhat surprised by Ron snarling at Fred AND giving Harry what-for. Tracey and Millicent accompanying Ron on the Hermione-hunt was a good sign for the future, I think, although Ron's "I'M NOT A PERVERT!" was more funny than anything else after that recollection of naked!Luna, well done there!

The Ron/Hermione conversation in the girls' bathroom was okay, and I liked the teamwork dynamics the three Slytherins showed to avoid detection and exposure. But Ron's decision to Do Something (even at the risk of exposing his most secret secret) after everyone heard the 'troll in the dungeon' shout was the best part of the chapter; especially the part where the kid vomited in the aftermath of the killing, and McGonagall was smart enough to take everyone to the hospital instead of deduction house points! Of course, telling the truth to Dumbledore and Snape might not have been the wisest choice, in terms of people gossiping even more about Ron's abilities - but I suppose that's a problem for another day. Can't wait to see what happens next!
Guest chapter 8 . 1/14/2019
Thank you for the great read buddy
Marbbles123 chapter 8 . 1/13/2019
Really enjoying this fix so far! I have read a couple fics where Ron isn’t in the “golden trio” due to some kind of power, but yours is the first that actually shows how Ron’s absence changes what actually happened in canon! I always get a little peeved when situations play out the same way, because honestly, it wouldn’t if Ron wasn’t there. So the scene with the troll—brilliantly violent, by the way—was awesome. Great chapter!
Starway Man chapter 8 . 1/13/2019
Hmm, that thing about Merlin being a Slytherin - is that fanon, or was it actually mentioned in the books/movies? And is cunningness actually a word? Opinion is divided on the subject...likewise the subject of Ron acting so bitter towards his mother, but again, you have spent a lot of time altering Ron's character in this story to accommodate him acting so OOC, I suppose.

The 'winning money at a chess tournament thing' - that's a plot bunny I've often considered myself, but since even the top annual UK muggle tournament only offered around 2000 pounds (which equals 400 galleons?) back then, I'm not sure exactly how much financial success the kid could enjoy doing that. And Gellert Grindelwald was a *seer* in this story? I don't *think* he was shown to be one in the latest Fantastic Beasts movie, he just used that skull to show his followers the shape of things to come, but I guess there's room for interpretation there.

I liked how the Ron/Hermione conversation seemed to go fairly well, even if the Ron/Percy one was so loaded with negative emotions it was pretty uncomfortable reading it! Your talent for packing emotional punches remains pretty good. Still, reading about the 'perks' Dumbledore had and how he was following Ron around all day - with three jobs, wouldn't the old man be too busy to do that? Especially since Fudge was constantly asking for help during the kids' first year... anyway, I liked the way Ron acted with regards to all those letters, it seemed in-character. The flying class? It was pretty much as I expected, even though I still have a pet peeve with how the students were left all alone while the teacher left to take Neville to the hospital wing. I always thought that was completely irresponsible, even if JKR needed that to happen for Harry to join the quidditch team!

After reading the Ron/Hermione and Ron/Daphne conversations, I was a bit confused - was Ron acting like a manipulator there? And curing werewolf bites - that isn't possible, is it? The midnight duel and encounter with Fluffy were okay, even if Hermione did seem more than a little bossy and rude, even if I've always loved that 'or even worse, expelled!' line. Seamus taking Ron's place as the person who insulted Hermione that Halloween was unexpected, but...I guess someone had to do it, and Ron's vision of what would happen with the troll was utterly brilliant! Over the top violent and lethal, yes, but still wonderfully realistic. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!
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