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Guest chapter 161 . 4/20
I think that might be Spartan’s point. Ron is trapped in a never ending time loop cycle, and he also can’t help but be trapped in a cycle of drama.
Guest chapter 161 . 4/18
Please update soon.
Guest chapter 161 . 4/15
I really like your story, but do you really prefer to create drama than develop the story? Honestly, what is the objective of this conflict with the twins? repeat the same story again? Ron angrily attacks his family and friends so that in the end Ron regrets and hates himself. It is repeating and repeating the same cycle
Ghost chapter 159 . 4/14
Dark chapter - what stuck with me most was the interaction between Sebastian and Mary. Poor communication on both their parts. His anger should not have risen to the level it did, but had she just confided her plan to go, and to return, he would likely not have gotten so angry. Guess it's a statement on the strength of their relationship.

The Department of Mysteries bit was unsettling, curious to see where that goes!
Eaken chapter 161 . 4/8
Ooooooohhhh boy they done fucked it up now, tear Peeves into pieces and put him on display for all to see
Eaken chapter 160 . 4/8
Oh for fucks sake don't make him get back with Daphne
Hayden chapter 161 . 4/1
I have to be completely honest here, this is the most confusing chapter yet. There are some interesting bits here and there (Hermione’s involvement with the Unspeakables), some cute character interactions (Ron and Draco), mixed in with Daphne waxing poetic about Ron’s ass and a random smut scene between Percy and Carey that’s about as titillating as a painting of fruit. Not horribly interested in that. Oh and it wouldn’t be a Fate chapter without at least one Weasley family altercation… which is as interesting to read as it was the other million times. I’m genuinely wondering why you keep recycling plot lines like this… I mean, did we forget Ron choking Fred out, getting the twins suspended, undoing the punishment and giving them their own vault at Gringotts? And then, after that, having the twins find out Ron will die pretty soon from terminal illness? You were quick to toss all that heartfelt development out the window to have the twins act like moronic assholes, and for the life of me I can’t figure why… Do you really enjoy writing the same interpersonal drama over and over again? I’m really not trying to be sarcastic here, I’m just genuinely baffled. This has been a continual problem for probably the entire length of this fic, one I’ve seen others point out too. I really, truly believe your story would benefit from cutting these unnecessary interactions out, but I guess it’s too late for that. You clearly like writing what you write for some reason, and no matter what others tell you, you’ll probably keep up the recycled interpersonal drama until you literally can’t anymore. Or, at least, until Ron actually kills his own family members, that way he won’t have to deal with the drama anymore! Yay! (That actually was sarcasm. Ron won’t kill the twins, but in all likelihood they’re going to regret doing that to him and it’ll be a whole angst train as per usual.)
GODKINGASH chapter 120 . 3/31
Im sick to my stomach author just know that i pray for your downfall
GODKINGASH chapter 118 . 3/31
Smh the authors obsession with digory is disgusting
GODKINGASH chapter 109 . 3/28
Magic is just non-existent because how is he getting worse this shit is honetly bad
GODKINGASH chapter 108 . 3/28
Nows hes tuff but when cruch was in front of him he caved smh
GODKINGASH chapter 106 . 3/28
Wtf no way he just git bitched like this smh
Howard blake chapter 161 . 3/28
161 chapters in and I think I've reached the end of the line for this story. It was a fun and interesting ride but at this point, the innumerable set ups with little pay-offs just aren't worth it. The strength of this story is also in a way its weakness in my opinion. The Wizarding World is more fleshed out and vibrant but with how many things you keep putting in, the plot gets stretched in too many directions and it loses its focus a lot. This Centaur arc, like many arcs before it, seems like another filler in service of character development that also goes nowhere.

161 chapters in and where is the plot focused on this one? The twins pranking Ron into an unreasonably murderous rage where he's probably going to go too far in retribution (again) which is going to cause family drama (again). This has already happened some fifty chapter ago. So any character development, any moral lesson, any reconciliation during the Christmas Holidays has been rendered pointless. They might as well not have happened. Ron is still that angry and angsty teen. The twins haven't learned anything.

Meanwhile all of the interesting other concepts/conflicts that have been established and set up are stewing in the background with no payoff. Victor the reincarnated zombie or whatever is still out there murdering people in Diagon Alley. Voldemort is out there recruiting Russian Purebloods to his cause. The Americans might be plotting against the British despite Ron threatening them into submission. Ron's Alliance headed by Muriel wants to pull the rug from the Ministry. Dolohov has been healed and is active again but who cares right? Let's focus on Ron getting ready to beat down on his brothers again and disregarding his family again because he's the "Champion" and he has more important things he needs to do but doesn't.

Nothing ever feels urgent is my problem. I know I've complained about length before but now I realize its because nothing ever gets solved in a satisfactory conclusion. One Piece has insane length and lore. The Wheel of Time has insane length and lore. But they deal with things one step at a time and conflicts reach their inevitable conclusions that leaves the audience satisfied before moving onto the next arc.

In the span of this word count, Harry Potter has finished seven years of school and already defeated Voldemort. I think if this story just focuses on what's important and devotes an arc that concludes it well, I think it would improve immensely. A lot of these "character development moments" can happen off screen and be heavily implied. that whole segment with Percy and Carey? Could've been summed up in a few sentences. Maybe someone comments "Where's Percy?" then someone could reply "Oh he's holed up in the Prefect's office again with Carey." Since we know Percy's character and we already know Carey's character and it's been established that Carey has flirted with him before, the reader will instantly pick up that something is going on. It saves so much room for the more important plot points than a raunchy scene that really served little purpose. This story has a lot of those moments and segments where implication and subtle allusions to it could save word count and leaves room for interpretation.

That's basically it. All in all, this was still a fun ride. It's not perfect and it has it's highs and lows but any story does. Good luck at uni and in your future endeavors.
GODKINGASH chapter 102 . 3/28
Actually a classic quote
GODKINGASH chapter 95 . 3/27
Men and women cant kiss as friends its like no bro your gay lmaooooo
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