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ShimmeringSpark chapter 92 . 1/1
Hello! How's your day going?

Hey, Sean, don't terrorise palkia! That's mean! Also, Palkia could probably kill you maybe!

Palkia and Dialga's dynamic is just so amazing. It's truly a wonder Dialga hasn't murdered him yet!

Arceus, how does Saniya manage to completely change the mood so quickly? From Chaos to serious sadness at the flip of a switch.

I wonder at what points Giratina would actually intervene. The dark future, for one, but what if Nelia turned almost everyone into shadow Pokémon? Hmmm. Also owwwwww, that hurts.

Tick Tock and Rift Crosser offering to help out was a great moment though!

Giratina low key obsessed with Shaymin Abduction

Hmm, wonder if Palkia and Dialga will conveniently reappear again right as everyone is about to die, and save the day?

"Her life is not worth any of yours." I really like this after Soothe said that killing Indeedee was more important than anything a few chapters back. Contrast! Wonder if this'll be a running thing?

Soothe Scout and Trill team names? Should've just called themselves Team Anion.

Team AWD strikes and gets purified! Impressively efficient purifications considering how difficult it was to just purify Swanna in treasure town. I do wonder if something will happen when Soothe absorbs too much shadow though.

So it WAS zero isle that shadowified them and is evil! I'm curious though. Isn't zero isle the place where Giratina is found in Super? Even if this story is mostly explorers, I wonder if he's is hiding anything? Who knows...

Scout really needs to see Rai and Mane again. Poor kitties.

Well, great chapter. Have a nice day!
TheChargingRhino chapter 92 . 1/1
New chapter yay
TrueBolt chapter 91 . 12/24/2021
Oh shit! I'm finally caught up! Ya boi is back, letting you know that I kept reading. And holy crap was there a lot to unpack in this arc. All the Shadow stuff, the sword, the plots, plans, and plights... The loss... The reclamation! (with hopefully more to come) You've made a lot of boring hours at work less boring. I may have a bit more focused reviews from here on out, as I'm not going through a bunch of chapters between each review, but we shall see. idk how many people read through reviews before starting a story, but I like to keep spoilers to a minimum for those people. And there are SO. MANY. SPOILERS. Tldr; I'll be reading new chapters when they come out henceforth, and am still greatly enjoying this story.
See ya in the next one.
TheChargingRhino chapter 91 . 12/21/2021
New chapter yay
ShimmeringSpark chapter 91 . 12/21/2021
Weee, it's time for another chapter review! How's your day been?

"It's always darkest before dawn" is certainly a nice little saying that I love a whole bunch Well, I just like day/night imagery in general, I suppose. It's fun.

Tunnel time! Torkoal certainly went out with a bang.

Ooh, Armaldo's onto Chimecho. This whole Chimecho subplot is going to break my heart, isn't it

Well, at least the children seem fine. If permanently traumatised. Seriously, how many characters do you even have that don't need therapy, Ion? Even your villains tend to need therapy!

The town is like an easily scared flock of sheep. It's funny, you can't blame them for reacting as they do, yet it's still so annoying to see them act that way and making things more difficult for themselves and everybody.

Armaldo's lack of rapport with the town is something that'll keep popping up, isn't it?

"No one’s allowed to squash you but me.” Heh, only Saniya could make that seem so sweet. It was a pretty sweet end to that little conversation in general.

The list of Wigglytuff Guildmembers with broken hearts is ever expanding.

Team Sunrise splits up yet again. Ah, hope they meet again soon.

"Guards, you’ve got to make sure that everyone is safe. Imagine they’re all Scout, okay?” I think Guardian would literally nuke Nelia if he imagined her attacking hundreds of Scouts. Or finally invent the long awaited Gun to shoot her.

“Not long then. See you later, rather than goodbye?” Hey, wait a minute, didn't this come up with Saniya when she first left to meet Celebi? Something like "Goodbyes were hard, so she refused to do it?", followed by her saying 'See you later'?

Nelia's woken up. Good morning!

Hmm, the evil arm of evilness. How evil. Wonder how this'll come in handy for her? Scout erasure? Dark void? Op hax Godsword 2.0?

Hmm, so Nelia wants both Soothe and Scout. Both are relavant for meta knowledge and both have unique abilities (Soothe purifying and Scout stopping shadow Pokémon)

Scout and Trill and Soothe! Such a great reunion. Poor soothe, being awkward and left out of the amazing cuddles. I'm confident all soothe really needs to be purified is some cuddles and friendship!

Also, that amp plains foreshadowing is just fantastic. I was rereading the story the other day and I actually wondered about why it happened. Neat!

Still, what an odd ability. How does it work, I wonder?

Yay, a happy support hour! Even soothe is joining in. Hopefully Scout dosen't get any more existential crisis.

Poor Soothe. She's really been through alot, hasn't she? And she feels guilty for all the guilt and pain she caused for the two of them, dosent she?

Aww, Trill saying he'd choose this world over the lifeiseasier normal mystery dungeon world, despite Nelia being Nelia is amazingly heartwarming. Really good moment :) I REALLY want Soothe to be purified soon.

Hmm...I can't decide if Soothe is a zombie or not. Welp, defends on your definition, I suppose!

Also, great job being incredibly insensitive Scout!

Parasect. Is it the mushroom or the paras. I'm honestly still not sure, but it's spooky.


Well I just learned a new meme for today. Thank you for educating me on 73, Chatot!

Trill effectively just walking up to Scout and asking him when Rai proposed. Hmm, I wonder how much he bet? Based on the exorbitant guild tax he can probably afford to bet at least like 10000 poké.

Ooh, developing a plot thread! So Soothe called Saniya Cel. How. No. Efhfkfkfkkf. That's like calling manaphy mana, or calling victini Vic, or calling shaymin Shay. WHYYYY?

Hmm, wonder what Soothe's original name was? I'm guessing it's ehtooS.

Ooh neat! A nice and happy creation dragon family! It's honestly amazing!

And Saniya is here! Something's happening now!

Closing off with some more general thoughts, I really liked the small burst of Scout-Soothe-Trill scenes at the end. It was great, with good humour, good seriousness and good characterisation.

Excellent chapter!
Setech chapter 90 . 12/13/2021
Nelia: "Tell me... How did you purify my shadow Pokémon?!"
Team Sunrise: "We beat the crap out of them"
Nelia: how does that even make sense?!

Melody not to critique your decision making and all but if you were going to change your mind and try to rebel against Nelia anyway then... Well couldn't you have done it at least a day earlier? would probably have saved a lot of trouble for everyone

Can I just say poor Blossom? Because poor fucking Blossom! She's been through so incredibly much in the span of days and essentially lost almost everything, her teammates are close friends were killed and turned into shadow Pokémon with Jet losing his mind completely and Boom just barely being there at all (sure she doesn't know this yet but still sucks), she's seen a lot of traumatizing stuff in that prison Nelia keeps her shadow Pokémon, she's been running her way to Treasure Town trying to warn everyone without much progress because barely anyone believed her (if I remember correctly) and the cherry on top of this awful cake is her finding out that her very best friend in the entire world is aligned with the very person who took her teammates from her only to be then locked up for however long. Poor Blossom at this point is probably at her very limit, no person can take endless mental and emotional pain before they eventually just breaks and I think Blossom will break soon

Holy Shonen Rhythm you went absolutely ham on Nelia, sad you couldn't best her but it's to be expected, but look at the bright side Rhythm now you also get to know what being a shadow Pokémon is like and with it you might have a second chance to beat up Nelia but with spite involved! (SeanGrin)
At least that's a hope I have but only Arceus knows what will happen when you come back all shadow like

Well that was certainly a hectic and chaotic chapter with fires and screams and people dying all over, let's hope that things will look better for everyone in the next chapter of sad family life tragedy

Now if you'll excuse me I need to find my Espurr friend, I've heard Treasure Town is about to be attacked by an army of shadow Pokémon and even all the drinks in Spindas bar can't keep me stuck in a soon to be danger zone
TheChargingRhino chapter 90 . 12/13/2021
You did good Tuff, you did good
ShimmeringSpark chapter 90 . 12/13/2021
Well, congratulations on a million words! I've already reviewed this on discord, so I don't have many things to say here.

I do have a few, though.

"A clawed hand descended from the burning red sky to pull him into death." Y'know, that sounds just like eternatus. Was that intentional?

"he couldn't act before Nelia's arm was around his neck." Actually, do wigglytuff even have necks?

Hmm, interesting! You changed Nelia's weapon to a thorn. Yay! They treated the Keira Godsword with responsibility this time!

The extra changes you've made since the chapter beta are all amazing, by the way.

"He gave one soft sigh of sadness. Of pity. Of mourning for who she could have been." Something about this line just really resonates for some reason and I love it.

Not much more to comment since I've already reviewed! Have a nice day :)
Setech chapter 89 . 12/12/2021
Poor Trill, being stuck with Scout and Soothe who talk about and reference stuff he won't get at all
Trill: "what in Arceus's name is naruto running?"

Ara: "Hey Rai I have returned from being absent for... Many chapters"
Rai: "Ara you're back! Is it time for you to be plot relevant now?"
Ara: "probably!"
Joking aside it was a really sweet scene with her rounding up Pokémon to help Rai and Mane, they really need all the support they can get

Speaking of Team Voyage I wonder's going with Boom and Jet, I assume that by now they both should be reborn shadow Pokémon, question is if they retained who they are or if they became completely consumed by the shadow and turned into mindless monsters

Possible shadow Pokémon:gets arrested
Townsfolk: "what the hell you can't arrest people like that with no real proof!"
Scout: gets arrested
Townsfolk: "we see nothing wrong with this"

Guardian: "Sean encountered an wicked foe called the first fallen"
Cara in his head: Keira I thought you took care of that what the hell!
Keira in the human Pokémon world: "ahhh best vacation ever"

Scout: gets really angry at Trill and says things that hit his nerves
Trill: gets so angry he goes into reverse mode
Scout: surprised Meowth face

Scout: "Trill Stop!"
Trill: actually stops
Scout and probably everyone: "what the fuck he listened?!"

Scout: "do you know what you're doing?"
Soothe:"trust me, I have experience with medical operations and stuff! I'll get the shadow out of him no problem" (Soothe's only experience in the medical field is playing surgeon simulator dives her hand into Trill's guts)
Scout in his head: she has no idea what she's doing does she?


Well this chapter was fun! And Bird dad is finally completely back as himself! (hahahahah screw you Nelia you evil bitchy failure you can't use Trill anymore!)
I wonder what chapter 90 and beyond will bring!
Ant0nius chapter 1 . 12/10/2021
A story about PMD: Explorers of sky with 89 chapters? Sign me up!
Wait a minute, the first viewpoint character is a Meowth. Last time I checked, meowth was only available as a partner pokemon. But Shinx can be both main & partner pokemon. This leaves at least 2 options. Option 1: neither of them are retconned out of existence. Option 2: Shinx is the one getting retconned this time, in a manner similar to Super Mystery Dungeon. Gonna flip a coin to see what possibility is more likely. Heads will be option 2, tails will be option 1.

Found a coin & flipped it, it landed on heads. Gonna miss Shinx when he disappears, but that just means I'll enjoy the time he is here more now.
Ah yes, the infamous "You lose even if you win" format. Not my favorite by a long shot, but this should motivate the two to succeed more than it did in the game.

Wait a minute, something doesn't match up. Sean told Shinx his name, but his new form doesn't match with any of the possible starters. While it may just be the author's creative expression to not limit themselves to the starters, what if there is something else. What if this 'Sean' wasn't actually Sean, but they were definitely a human before? The mind-games this author plays, they are deep.

This is just the first chapter, & it already has me asking questions that I want answers to. More entertaining than most fics I find on this site. I look forward to seeing what else your story has me question. See you in the next chapter, Team Ion!
Tezral chapter 88 . 12/8/2021
A nice flashback. It's the third time we see that scene. It's becoming... Slightly reassuring. Watching that memory as if nothing ever changed. Of course he didn't hit her, and let her away. All three survived... And well, she'll be okay after a while.

Rhythm is the best kind of stupid. Both cheerful and secretly intelligent, while still learning all the time. And now they know she's the true human.

And now Cara's here. I wonder if Neira is aware of what's going on... Ooooh, it's starting to look like the fight against the feral hordes... That was epic, and my favorite battle, but oooh another would be so... Well, it would just fit. I wonder what's going to happen.

Awww. A game of marbles can wash your worries away. Just hope that Nelia won't get your friends out of your life as Paras does with his marbles. Of course Strikers know about these... Orbs. I need to keep calling them orbs.

Nelia, it's not how you use the Brezil meme. You're definitively going there with a Hyper-Voice from Rhythm though.

Soothe's true name... Is she inspired from someone ? And the plan. Huh. Now to understand who's Nelia's master. Shadow Lugia ? Such a legendary wouldn't be out of the question, since we don't really know what happened to all of them.

And you lied to us about Melody ! Making us believe it was just a joke. That light soothing her in the Network, I just thought it would be an old friend that'd appear later or something. It would almost be a shame that Roundabout's will be more of a comedy, I won't see such details in that one either if you put them. Aaaarg, foreboding is so frustrating. It's genius, but frustrating.

Anyway, even as a filler, things still move on. Maybe it's because I just read two chapters, but I was certainly far from being bored in this one. I wonder how much you wrote for the next chapter, it feels like you could just go on until the end of the story like that.

Have a great day
Tezral chapter 87 . 12/8/2021
Sean is a delicate bride now. There's a lot to be said about a Lucario being held like that. But not for a few months. He's still not of age to drink.

Oh no, Mesprit... I sincerely hope she'll be okay. These cities... Oh, oh maybe Mesprit and Blossom will meet ! Oh that would be such a relief ! Talking about Blossom... It's been a while since we've heard anything about her...

Oh children... Please don't plug people into each others. They prefer to do it themselves, because it's dangerous and it's like alcohol. Even heroes can't plug with anyone if they are not of age, so follow your idol and don't plug irresponsibly !

Also tying up people follow the same rule, and only hot people can be on fire. Consent is key to turn up the heat kids !

Piling up on someone is okay for hugs though. Let them breathe each 5 minutes so that you can re-pile up after. Grovyle the Orb Hugger is a pro I'm sure.

CARAAAAAA ! That's Cara right ? Oooooh Caracaracaracaracaracara, you'll have a nice surprise if you plan to visit that furry puppy you saw the other time. Or, well, maybe not super nice, and maybe super sad, but it'll be a surprise !

Azelf saying that Rhythm's will is unchanged is relieving to read... He's got great power, and uses it to even power through hardship. This isn't easy when both your dearest companions belong to the greatest foe the world has ever known. While Darkrai almost ended the world, in the end it's Nelia who made Soothe a Shadow, who then made Darkrai one.

Ooooh, you've made a very bad mistake to think you would never lose back your pawns Nelia. Now, the most powerful pokemon in the world has hope. And not just a spark of it, no no no. Now it's a true bonfire that won't ever fade away, and others will happily rejoice and regain theirs thanks to him. Now he needs FOOD.

I WANT MORE, ooooh yesyesyesyesyes! Will you share those stories ? They're sooo amazing

BLOSSOOOOOOM ! Yes. The Initial Clumsy Girl will fall. MELO FUCKING DY ! NO ! WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE TRUE ?! YOU CAN'T JUST PUT AN EVIL NURSE IN THE PATH LIKE THAT IT'S TOO LATE ! TAKE IT BACK, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !

Did you plan everything from the very beginning ?! Impressive. I'm not a fan of things set in stone, but wooow. Things are just going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going...

Well, that was a nice chapter. In each one there's something like that. That spike my interest. It makes the ones that doesn't have spikes be... Abso-fucking-lutely soothing. At least I got the next chapter to drown my despair into, hoping I won't drown it in a wider pool of despair.
Tezral chapter 85 . 12/8/2021
First I was so sad he encountered Nelia. That was the worst possible outcome for him (or at first, I guess). She played a bit with him, but I guess she knew she couldn't wait long, either because he could have noticed something wrong himself or because if they happened to meet it would have been harder to silence him. Well, as any villain in a such a story, she underestimated the power of shonens.

Bad thing is : She knows there's a way to purify shadows. Will she stop them ? A way would possibly be to try and purify her, though killing her would be significantly easier I think. And after this millennia of suffering, it will be for the best anyway. "Playing" with Sanyia at least gave him a way to get out of Psychic.

Violet... She had such an impact on both Nelia and Sean. And the chase. I felt something would happen, a power up on Sean's part. His intensive use of Aura, both before and during the chase made that clear. Especially during the chase, now I see how clear it indicates what's coming. That wasn't what made the build up as clear as crystal though.

No, the first spark made that clear. That spark of light, on the hill. Then, I knew. It was clear something would happen, for multiple reasons, but that light he ran into made my mind click. Oh and then, those beautiful flash backs. Wish they had been a bit more spaced, giving more time for the hype to truly settle. Ooooh, even with another anime's evolution theme it's still hyping me up.

And then the use of Aura. Bone Rush. Endure. That fight was like watching a sensei's student first real-real fight, when they use what they learned with tiny flashback to when they learned it. Then, to master Aura Sphere, and after that maybe Mega Evolution. That may be in the far future though.

And then. Another... Well, another card lost for Nelia's hand. I wonder if the fight alerted Soothe and Scout. With their hearing, I wonder if they'll go near the fight or away. Things will be difficult. But, now knowing what Nelia can do, and moreover what she lost, hope will be difficult to lose. Now that I think about it, I wonder how you'll make us lose hope again. I was kinda spoiled since I know for sure there's going to be a happy ending, but still. Casualties can still go up.

Eh, well, hope you have a good evening I liked this chapter. First evolution ! Hope other's will be here soon too. I'm looking forward the next chapter, as always. In three days right ? Oh well, I still need to find someone worth shipping with Sean. Got ideas, but they're not worth being actual ships
TheChargingRhino chapter 89 . 12/8/2021
Aw yeah
TheChargingRhino chapter 88 . 12/3/2021
Yeah not telling people very important things is very common, and because people don’t tell others these very important things, a lot of bad things happen
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