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TheChargingRhino chapter 84 . 11/16
Happy birthday
Earthpatriot117 chapter 52 . 11/15
I've been wondering for awhile when scout, mane and rai will evolve. They are super strong already, I'm suprised it hasint happened it.
Earthpatriot117 chapter 51 . 11/15
God I just enjoyed this chapter! The hidden and out loud vulgar humor! Lol
Especially at the cafe! Roflmao!
Earthpatriot117 chapter 47 . 11/11
Hell yeah! Victory over pyroar!

This does not point in good favor to darkrai. O_O
Earthpatriot117 chapter 46 . 11/11
Oh boy the copycats. [Palmslap] I had forgotten about them. Bad news is theres nothing stoping them from telling clefeable about the secret passage. Wonder what will come from that. Xp
I love team sunrise!
Ricee chapter 8 . 11/4
this is honestly kinda boring, when you changed the way the Drowzee encounter went I thought you were gonna keep doing that but it's just as if you were typing the gameplay, nothing is really different
Earthpatriot117 chapter 40 . 11/3
I want to believe that darkrai changed for the good, but theres that what if question. Guess I'll just have to hope for the best, thou obviously bad does happen since this story has 40 more chapters I need to read! Not to mention it's still ongoing. Lol

An interesting thought, if legendarys can become shadows...what if arceus has become one!? O_O
Earthpatriot117 chapter 39 . 11/2
The children episode had me nearly laughing off my chair. "Blood for the blood god!" ROFLMAO!
ShimmeringSpark chapter 83 . 11/2
Hello! These recent chapters have all been pretty amazing, by the way, and have some amazing plot and tension. Anyways, on with the review.

So Soothe continues to be scary, hmm? I do wonder if she'll end up snapping soon since Indeedee can't calm her and she lost the pendant. That'll probably be a problem.

Ooh, I really like the banter between Scout and Soothe! It constantly has this underlying feeling of tension, but still manages to fit in humour regardless.

Hmm, it seems like Soothe is trying to avoid thinking of Timber? Probably feels a bit guilty or something. I do feel that she cares about him, despite her attacking him back then, for some reason.

Huh, I wonder just how Indeedee suppresses the shadow, actually. It's probably her most important ability, so I do wonder how it works exactly. And perhaps if it could even be replicated...?

I feel like Indeedee's planning something terrifying with Scout, and that terrifies me.

Woohoo, the kitties and guardian are mobile again! Actually, I wonder how Guardian 2 Cats would fair against Soothe. I like to think they would win. Of course, in this situation there's the rather damning problem that she could just use Scout as hostage.

Also, I'm terrified that one of the kitties gets killed and shadowified. I'm not sure whether or not it would happen, though I can see narrative reasons and potential plot points for both.

"And look at you! Those arms, I gotta know how much you can lift. Can you lift this tree?" This line is funny to me since Guardian considered commiting forest genocide last chapter, so there's a plausible change he could, in fact, lift the tree.

Also, I wonder what new abilities Rai and Mane will learn? Lots of interesting potential there.

As an aside, guardian mentioned Scout mixing seeds into shadow ball. Could he theoretically do that too?

Ahh, Mane's still not okay.

Geeze, poor Scout. Brilliant reminder of just how awful this situation is for him. Also, the world is perpetually in danger, isn't it? Poor Team Ion (and everyone else) deserve to rest. World's almost died 2 times in like a year or two, and is now also going through a disaster. Plus if Dark Matter comes too.

Soothe and Scout bonding over some human habits like how they bathe is pretty amusing.

She chuckled. "I even wrote Timber a big long letter just to give him some closure, didn't need that in the end, it seems. I just… didn't disappear." Ahh I REALLY want to know what that letter said.

It feels weird to say that Soothe and Scout are bonding somewhat, but yeah they seem to be somewhat bonding.

So Scout's gonna learn substitute? That's a super cool move with a lot of potential applications, and how good it is mostly depends on how you decide to implement and limit it. After all, if it's literally just shadow clone jutsu it's completely busted for stuff like recon, while its also possible that it's purely just helpful for battles.

I feel like Soothe has been waiting forever to get to monologue and show off her protect to someone. Actually, Indeedee and Soothe both seem to like monologuing, which is nice. Just means more useful information to learn.

Here comes the clefable. I'm not entirely sure how clefable will come into play, considering she dosen't have particularly much emotional significance to our main cast (compared to the other shadows, anyways). Maybe just an extra powerhouse for Indeedee, or she'll try to backstab Indeedee at some point?

I really wonder how the reunion between Rai and Kogeki will be. It seems like Rai is the only thing that keeps Kogeki running at this point, poor guy.

Rip Blackstone Village. I don't see many ways they're getting out of this without extreme luck. I do wonder if anyone could escape, perhaps? I'm not particularly sure. It depends, really. Someone like Gallade and Gardevoir could potentially tp away, for instance, but it's also perfectly plausible for them to just die.

Oh, so Trill wasn't always planned to be brought back? Well I'll say I think that was an excellent choice, since it gives a great deal more emotional investment towards the plot, as well as providing an extra bunch of potential plot points.

All in all, a great chapter!
Tezral chapter 83 . 11/2
Huh. I was writing something else when I finally connected the dots. Purifying Soothe will be extremely dangerous. Hmmm... They better prepare. I wonder if Scout will connect the dots too. Or maybe the little spell Sanyia is learning is something else. Combining both would be good though. Depends on what exactly is the purifying proccess with Celebi. Maybe it would be necessary as a finisher. But I feel that, whatever is supposed to happen, it'll still be dangerous.

Eheh, Mane has a lot of trouble containing his fire. They'll need this passion. It would be like losing Sanyia. Utterly unacceptable. They'll "save" Scout. I wonder... Sean may find S and S early, as they may stumble upon the newly formed duo themselves. Did Nelia take that in account ? She knows they'll come, maybe she didn't expect them to arrive this quickly. Oooooh. Oh. Oh no, is there going to be... THE DAD FIGHT ?! That'd be both amazing and horrifying.

They're both themselves... Scout's still himself and Soothe. But, she's still a bit her. Would that make them a bit... Brother and sister ? They kind of give off this energy now that I think about it. The big Sis that doesn't want anything to do with the lil Bro, but Mom Nelia forced them to go out together. Yep, whether you like it or not that's what happened.

Such despair in a single place. All of them hate being here (I suspect that Nelia may, at least did, too). I'm starting to like Nelia as a villain. I always had a soft spot for mind-gaming-chess-players villains, especially when they actually play chess with their foes. There's this... Well, in Nelia's case I still have to find it, but this respect they have that someone is standing up against them, and actually can. Well, I prefer when that's the case, usually they still underestimate their foes. With Striker getting help, and Giratina having a bit of space to breath... Shaymin could take their place for a bit, and let this universe-old being fight. That'd halp a lot. Not Dialga though, they'll have to keep Palkia in check to prevent any child murder-transform. Or could let Hoopa and Celebi help. I know Shaymin aren't really fighters, but two Celebi is better than "half" one, and Hoopa could help, either with support or rampage depending on the form. Oh well, we'll see if they're not busy with keeping the world's balance in check since it looks like the world is like that boiling water you can't keep your eyes off for a second.

I look forward to reading the next chapter with haste ! Hope you have a great day !
TheChargingRhino chapter 83 . 11/2
All my homies hate the First Fallen
Setech chapter 83 . 11/2
Soothe: (awkward silence)
Scout: (awkward silence)
Soothe: "Yeah this is nice, I think we're bonding
Scout: "You took me from my friends against my will and have been dragging me around to God knows where
Soothe: "yep, definitely bonding here"

It shouldn't come as a shock that Guardian can also use his moves in a different way other than it's normal use like Striker and his Leaf Blade but it still but it still did for some reason '(probably because from what I remember it wasn't mentioned before but could be dumb and wrong about that), anyway cool that Guardian is willing to try and train Rai and Mane to be able to use their moves in special ways as well. Let's just hope they have enough time to master it before bad things happen (other than all the bad things that have already happened)

Soothe and Scout talking and actually understand each other's human bits is definitely funny tho and maybe a bit of a relief for Scout who until now didn't really have anyone to completely understand him except Sean who probably only understood to a certain extent and not fully

In your trainer fic maybe: "how did you survive that fall from that high up?!" "I talked to my other universe self and offered them something in exchange for taking my place to soon die"
In Warped Skies during Nelia's attack in Blackstone: "hahahaha exchanging most of my expected lifetime for a lifetimes worth of chocolate was the best decision I ever made!"


The fact that you brought back Trill because everyone wished for him to be alive and then you went and made him a shadow Pokémon... There is a certain evil to that. Let's hope that Saniya and Sean will actually be able to pull of purifying the shadow Pokémon and saving them (or at least save Trill, fuck the other's waiting in the to be purified Bird Dad gets to be saved first!)

This was definitely a calmer chapter (except the ending having Blackstone probably be destroyed) but that's alright, calmer chapters are nice(and better for my near fractured mental stat and thus better for my wallet as I don't need to go to Azumarill... Yet). Anyways I'm looking forward to the next chapter of sad family life tragedy
Earthpatriot117 chapter 35 . 10/31
Wow. That's some deep dark shit man. O.O
Also, love the references! The one with poison the water and burn the crops was from spongebob. Lol
Guest chapter 68 . 10/25
That hurt alot. Pretty late to all of this but I just wanted to say that this was my favorite chapter so far. Got my to super ugly cry. I'm a sucker for close relationships and having to read Cara walk in to receive closure was absolutely brutal. Thank you for writing.
Setech chapter 82 . 10/18
Wynaut is acting suspicious, I don't buy that they don't remember anything from the time they were missing, especially with how they snuck out when everyone was distracted, you'd had better just be a weirdo and not be brainwashed or worse shadowed Wynaut because I got this massive bone right here and with things as tense as they are I'm not afraid to give you brain damage if you end up trying to hurt someone for Nelia!

(shrinks into a corner) Daddy Dusky is very scary now that the news about Scout brought The Great Dusknoir persona back out of Guardian although it does make sense, after all his son is once more in a situation where his life is in grave danger and Guardian doesn't now where exactly he is. At least The Great Dusknoir persona hasn't been brought out in full to the point where he'd be willing to commit extreme actions to get what he wants... And hopefully it will remain that way

The aura is the means by which all is revealed, The Aura Is The Means By Which All Is Revealed, THE AURA IS THE MEANS BY WHICH ALL IS REVEALED

Sean: the trees are messing with me
In Guardian's head: simple problems require simple solutions (commits tree genocide)

Rhythm I understand you have faith in Soothe (who is still untrustworthy! after all she plays golf with other Pokémon mystery dungeon fanfiction villains and I assume their golf club only allows villains to join!)but even if you believe in her you still just can't keep stuff like that secret, it caused quite a rift between you and Rai and Mane

Speaking of Rai and Mane Arceus those two really need rest after probably looking for Scout all this time while still trying to hold themselves together despite how clear it is they have reached their limit. Let's hope Sean can track Scout down easier with the Silver bow since it originally did belong to him before he gave it to Mane


Poor Blossom, wonder where she must be right now after that terrible incident cost Boom and Jet

Nelia needs to die(readies bone) and I'm happy to give her more than brain damage if I get the chance! (bones flares up)

Well this was a dossy of a chapter, I can see Nelia is about to start her murder party(and ho boy it's not a party I'm looking forward to) and I'm pretty sure things are going to get worse before they get better but regardless of that I'm looking forward to the next chapter of sad family life tragedy
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