Reviews for PMD: Warped Skies
ShimmeringSpark chapter 81 . 10/13
Hello! Apologies for the late review, i had some exams to finish.

Nooo Violet. Indeedee is incredibly evil, huh? Wonder if she was always that ill-intentioned since the very beginning with Violet...

What was going on there, anyways? What even is Violet's ghostness?

Ahh, the golden treasure song again. Which is called 'The Fire', apparently. Fitting considering all the fires that have been going on lately. PyroManeiacs galore.

Also dimensional screams are so incredibly useful! They let your know what happened there while simultaneously giving your no clue what was going on.

Rai is angry. That makes sense, I mean I think anyone would be really angry there, after all.

Him learning electric terrain just there seems really ironic, considering they just lost Scout because of a slumber orb putting them to sleep.

Mane's...not reacting? Huh. Not sure what's going on. A talk between Mane and Rai'd probably coming in a coming chapter.

Ah, Rhythm. So trusting and yet so unexpectedly perceptive. He could tell that Soothe was really just warning him with the letter.

Still though, that one lesson Scout learnt not to keep hiding things? Rhythm seems to unfortunately neglect this here. Honestly, no matter the situation open communication should always just take place.

Like just tell them, and maybe try to capture Soothe and interrogate her or something, instead of just playing directly into her hand.

Geez, Indeedee's mental virus is op. Pls nerf.

'Goodbyes were hard, so she refused to do it'. I honestly just love this line so much.

Saniya meets Celebi. Wonder what this Celebi's name is. Regardless, a simply amazing scene. Insanity and insanity meet!

Sean's... dimensional scream dream vision thing. I notice you unitalicised all the names there, seemingly. (And Her, probably meaning Indeedee). And Victory. I wonder if Victory here refers to Soothe, possibly? Soothe did call herself victory in those letters, after all. Eh, I'm probably looking into this too deep though, who knows.

Ahhhh Timberrrrr. Poor guy. Really makes ya feel bad for him.

Huh, so the connection orb. I believe that one has Indeedee's contact? Wonder where that'll go.

Woohoo! Scout and Soothe are bonding just wonderfully! I'm sure this will be the start of a very close and happy friendship!

I find it odd that Soothe decided passing Trill to Indeedee was the best choice. Could they not have just locked him in a cage for awhile? That would've allowed them to potentially purfiy him eventually, instead of giving Indeedee an extra trump card. Then again, I don't think Soothe knows about the purification yet?

Great chapter!
TheChargingRhino chapter 81 . 10/2
Well stuff happened in this chapter
Setech chapter 81 . 10/2
I had a hard time believing that Violet was evil considering that she was (despite being MANY years older than she appeared) still a child in spirit and mind but now we know why she's at Nelia's side and BOYYYY Nelia is honest to god cruel to her, she didn't NEED Violet (from my understanding at least) but she went out of her way to go and force this ghost girl who was pleading to her to stop into her puppet (begins making a PowerPoint on why Nelia needs to die)

Well this is giving me flashbacks to when Rai confronted Scout(Sean at the time) about how he was lying to his face about everything and now it's happened again with someone he has(or maybe had now?) great trust and admiration for and resulted in him once again losing Scout, the worst kind of deja vu

"Were the happy family times…over?" my own words have been used against me and I feel many different things crushing onto such as the sadness that the happy times are in fact over until Nelia(must die) has been dealt with and we can finally have our happy ending... We... We will have a happy ending... t? (ScaredScout)

Meanwhile in all this Saniya is having an crazy off with her past self/I guess brother sorta technically maybe yeah/great enemy... Well at least someone is having a small semblance of a fun time

Poor Timber, he's still hurting greatly after Soothe did what she did, at least he's got Sean there to be his buddy in these tough times (also them giving each other their name after Sean explained why he got a dimensional scream was very sweet), while I hope that he will have happy ending and make it through this I don't think he's going to get off scoot free after doing what he's been doing (giving away important guild information which was most likely confidential is a big nono even if you trusted her Timber)

"ohhh boy Soothe is a party member again, oh well might as well check her stats and see if she's improved since the bonus chapter, still don't trust nor want to test her tho."(later after checking)"... Mayyyyyyyybe it wouldn't hurt to take her on a liiiiiiiiiittle test drive"
In all seriousness I'm excited to get to know the REAL Soothe now that in terms of her personality she has no need to hide anything anymore and I can imagine Scout will be not be having a good time (or maybe he will, who knows)

Ahhh Victory Fire how I miss you, sad that you had to leave us(wonder if Soothe knows it got discontinued)

You know something just hit me, how did Soothe manage to not be erased when the future was changed? Did we ever get an answer to that?

Well things are progressing in an not so good way and I don't think it's going to get better from here but let's hope, regardless I am excited for the next chapter of sad family life tragedy
TrueBolt chapter 32 . 9/29
Dam. I do believe this is the first PMD fic I've actually liked enough to keep reading. Idk what it is about PMD fics specifically, but I tend to have a hard time getting into them, even when they're very well written. This one though, I intend to finish.

Also, I usually reserve reviews for when I'm finished with a story, or at least caught up to the most recent chapter. However, I'm breaking that trend a third of the way into this at the end of arc 1 to answer your first question in the authors notes. The plot twists. I honestly think the reason I kept reading was because I shared Sean's (Scout's?) mindset of "I feel like I know how this should be going, but it's not going how it should be going and I don't know how this will change things." Dusknoir and the Relic Fragment REALLY threw me for a loop. XD There were moments of emotion; humor, sadness, heroic pride... But the foundation of the story is what ultimately kept me going.

As for the second question? I dunno... Sat here for like 10 minutes trying to think of anything I disliked, or even didn't like as much as everything else, but I can't think of anything particular. Maybe my brain is just suppressing memories lol

Aaaand a question... That's a tough one as well. Anything I can think to ask may be answered in the next 50ish chapters already. I guess I'll go with names. So Pokemon have names, but they're kept sacred and only shared with close friends and mates. But it seems like the Pokemon from the dark future didn't have names to start with since Sean gave them their names. At what point did Pokemon stop giving names to their children or themselves?

Anyway, I may review again at the end of the next arc,or it may be when I finally catch up to the newest chapter. Thank you for a good read. 3

Setech chapter 80 . 9/24
Boy lot's of things and revelations happened this chapter

Poor Timber, he's imprisoned for unknowingly helping and telling confidential guild information to an outsider who's also our very own shadowy Soothe, he's probably feeling awful about everything

I wonder why Saniya needs to get to the other Celebi? probably something important

Ahhh so Clefable was a shadow Pokémon herself and she has killed her own inmates to feed the hunger, I wonder if she kept herself under control with that method or if she was only doing it because SHE made her do it

So shadow Pokémon are able to born from another shadow Pokémon?... God Mane is VERY fortunate he wasn't born a shadow Pokémon like his brother

Too bad the Marowak and his TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY evil Espurr friend couldn't follow team Ion but it is understandable, after all temporary party members was obviously their role and they only had team abilities with each other and not with team Ion so them staying was not happening. Let's just hope they can survive the absolute chaos that is soon to start

Rhyyyyyyyyyyythim what have we learned from Scout? (deep breath) DON'T KEEP VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION SECRET FROM TEAMMATES AND FRIENDLY FRIENDS, (ahem) sorry for my loudness but what Rhythm did is was dangerous since we still aren't sure if we can trust Soothe


Someone aka The Shadow aka SHE put Soothe's memories in him... (ahem) I CALLED IT(or at least something along these lines) I CALLED IT SOOOOOOO HAARDDDDDDDDDDD SOMEONE IS ABOUT TO CALL ME AND SCREAM ABOUT HOW I CALLED IT
OK but serious I had an idea it had to be something like this, reincarnation was also a possibility to me but it really was too loose of a possibility so someone giving Scout those memories is what made the most sense although the memories belonging to Soothe ones? Now THAT was a big twist and really creates more questions surrounding her that I'm sure we'll get answers for... Right?

Alright let's talk about HER our Indeedee villain, it MAKES sense why she's the big villain after thinking about it since there is a lot that subtly foreshadowed it although it doesn't really hit as big as the Soothe twist, I think it's because I personally never did have a big attachment to Indeedee as a character and didn't think much of her or believe she was going to be important to the plot in the way she is. I do have faith that we'll get more development for Indeedee now that we know her true nature but right now I don't think much off her other than" she's the big bad that needs to die"

Honestly I tried to change the chatot voice that I had in my head for Trill here in these chapters because I was actually unwilling to face the possibility that it was him and tried to push the idea that it was a totally different Chatot' although now it's undeniable and I can only hope we can save him from being a possible unwilling villain doing Indeedee's bidding

Ohhh god Jet and Boom are "dead", that's not going to be fun for Blossom later when they come back

I wonder, if Indeedee is killed will that free all shadow Pokémon from her hold since it does seem like she can control their hunger and force them to do what she wants them to, I'm not sure if killing her will get rid of the shadow condition but maybe once she's dead all shadow Pokémon can become more manageable and possibly able to control their hunger if they go and fight in dungeons? It's just a theory but if I'm right maybe the shadow Pokémon who kept their sanity can return to sorta ish normal lives?

So that Luxray is Rai's dad? I thought he had died... Unless he's a shadow Pokémon himself but it doesn't SEEM like it but I don't know why I think that

Speaking of Rai's family WHERE is his sister Ara in all this, we haven't seen her in a while and I'm sure once things start heating up she's gotta be worried about him

This chapter was BIG and great and makes me excited for the next chapter of what I sadly must unfortunately call family life trauma and despair now since nothing is really happy anymore and there is no point latching on to a false happiness
Earthpatriot117 chapter 32 . 9/22
Whelp I just finished the first arc and WOW what a doozy. Xd
I enjoyed every minute of this and look forward to reading the rest, thou I will be taking a break before doing that, it was a long read after
After finding this story I wanted to know what sean-scout was talking about when thinking of future events. So I decided to play the game...then found out how expensive it is, so instead I watched a playthrough of the main story leading up to the protagonist reunion with thier teammate. Heart warming moment that was, made me cry a little. Xd
Then I watched grovyle and dusknoirs story, got teared up to, especially seeing dusknoir and grovyle and celebi's final moments, then being saved! Xd
Chatots death was...unexpected, to say the least, but I wont deny how...I cant even think of the word for it but it was good, if sad.
Besides that I never watched any more of the postgame, should I? If I remember darkrai makes a scene? Theres also shaymin and of course our main characters evolutions. Xd
The only, complaint? I have is with grovyle and the others return. Don't get me wrong! I love the idea of them returning to the present, it's just why do they forget about the future? Isn't being in that future is what shaped them into the person they are today?
In the games the future world was saved and time continuing once more, leaving grovyle, dusknoir, and celebi to begin a new future for themselves and the pokemon remaining in the world, a beautiful ending for sure. As I said I like them coming back to the present but what about the others still in the future? Didn't grovyle during the games at one point say there were some other good pokemon that helped them? Like the sableeyes who believed in dusknoir, then theres Danny. lol.
What I'm saying is it's kinda sad to think about them ceasing to exist and being forgotten.
Other then that I enjoyed every bit of this story and look forward to reading the rest! Right after I take a break. Lol
That CLIFFHANGER with scout being invisible didn't help either. Xp
Earthpatriot117 chapter 29 . 9/22
...I, dont know what to say. Chatot...please let there be a way to save him.
BrickBoi chapter 80 . 9/20
DD: BOOM NOOOOO!(And Corphish ig)
Gfish59 chapter 80 . 9/19
I’m just glad that the pace is finally picking up. Because honestly? The constant POV flipping for the past several chapters has completely blended all of the non-guild characters up for me even though I love this story and try to keep track of stuff, so I had basically no reaction to the main villian reveal other than “Who?” I’m just hoping that with this much action in just one chapter that it means the climax is coming up. I just want to go back to our cute kitty dates!
Earthpatriot117 chapter 14 . 9/18
Well that was one HELL of a ride dude. Xd
TheChargingRhino chapter 80 . 9/18
Holy fuck hello plot
Setech chapter 79 . 9/11
Poor Saniya, she has learned the most awful of truths, that loyalty can be so easily bought, too be she does not have the wish granting power Jirachi holds.

Perhaps Guardian is a magician and he's hiding his tricks(or perhaps he uses his belly to store stuff? He did have Scout, Rai and Mane in there and they were fine)

Only one more date and the "third times the charm" will take effect and they will finally become a romantic pair(at least that's what shippers wish would happen)

Ohhh neat so we get to see Carracosta and with his future child who will become partner to yet another unfortunate (or perhaps fortunate) human who gets into this wild world known as mystery dungeon

Saniya and Carracosta having shouting match despite him probably having more important things to do with his surprise adopted future child? Saniya's crazy certainly has a way of dragging others into the same insanity

To think that the expedition society is sorta officially begun forming in Serene village of all places and they even got to find Buizel to join them in their adventures, as much as I wonder how the others will join the society I bet we won't, after all this is Warped skies and super is years off from it I believe (since Carracosta's adopted child hasn't been born yet and all that jazz)

Interesting that the Galvantula was able to speak with Team Sunrise, wonder if the other ferals that didn't attack Saniya and Sean are similar somewhat?

Well looks Team Sunrise has got the special water for safe keeping, whether it'll be saved for when super's events begin (which again are probably years off from now) or if it'll be used somewhere on the way when dealing with this final threat and the true cause behind everything in Warped skies

Regardless I thank you for a yet another great chapter in this great story and I look forward to the next chapter of happy family life adventures
TheChargingRhino chapter 79 . 9/10
love Celebi

I can’t wait for Voidlands, whenever that is

Are the Harmony Scarves going to be in this? Wonder if there’ll be more than 2 this time if so
ShimmeringSpark chapter 79 . 9/10
Striker and Guardian's second date! Amazing!

I love how you can tell how close and familiar they are. And extra cups of tea magically appearing somehow. I MUST LEARN YOUR SECRETS, GUARDIAN

Hmm, guardian wondering if he was 'approached by someone who was wiser than I' does make me wonder if that's the case, and if that'll ever come into play. Probably not, but who knows

Saniya getting her friends stolen by Jirachi is hilarious. Chocolate always works, I suppose. An excellent life lesson.

Someone needs to teach ampharos the difference between a poor sense of direction and crashing into every obstacle imaginable. On that note, I really love how you've been doing Ampharos, and it's really true to his character in Super.

Carracosta has mew/probably the partner's egg, hmm? Wonder if that'll be important. I don't see how though, considering even if it hatched the partner would be a baby.

Dungeon Pokémon not attacking Sean and Saniya? Odd. Maybe cause Sean's a human, and Celebi might have been involved in the previous dark matter case?

Slight tangent but one thing I always wondered about revalation mountain is why it was guarded. Like considering how dark matter can't actually do anything to the water until the barrier is broken, which explicitly requires a human, I always wondered what the point of guarding it so carefully was.

Drowzee. I wonder who it is? Only drowsee I can think of at the moment is Mr Criminal Outlaw.

Also, I notice nuzleaf hasn't been mentioned yet. Wonder if he'll appear at some point. Does make sense he's not in the village yet I suppose since he was apparently the most recent resident if I remember correctly.

Yay, Buizel joins the society! Not the best leader, but it's great to see the society starting to form together. That leaves...archen, swirlix and bunnelby, I think?

Great chapter! Ahh, I love Super so much, so seeing Serene Village is amazing.
Tezral chapter 79 . 9/10
Aaaw, Striker and Guardian love each other ! That's adorable ! Second date, now Sean and Sanyia only need to put them in the third and... voilà ! I know that it'd please a few readers xd
Anyway, date or not, it's nice to see them talk like that. It really shows how much they still know each other, and the bond they share as kind of the protectors of the group, however it may grow in certain fantasies.

Jirachi can just wish away Sanyia's new friends ! He's cheating ! You'll get him one day ! What did she say though ? Is it even translatable or was it kind of what the others heard when she howled something that no one should ever hear ?
I like Carracosta ! He seems both fun and serious, a lot how I felt he was in the game. Like, this parental figure who you respect and know you can get around with things, but still listen to everything he says kind of way ? I want noodles now.

Well, a single bed is better than no bed right ? And Guardian is really a big bed so it's fiiiiine.

Mawile and Sean make a good team, I'm sure they could take on a lot together, if they learn a bit about each other and have a bit of experience. But it feels like they kinda clicked together, so I look forward any mission they could do together. Their minds seem to work a bit alike. I like those kind of teamwork.

They did climbed easily the mountain. Sure, they had a bit of trouble, but it took a single part of the chapter to find the distractions, go through both parts of the dungeon and get the water ! I'd say it was easy xD
Though... I wonder who this Drowzee is. Is it the former criminal ? I wonder...

BUIZEEEEL ! He wouldn't make a good leader, too busy amazing others on the terrain ! Eheh, it's nice to see how the ES grows slowly. I'm sure they'll be alright.

The ones I'm worried about though... Well, at least they'll all be here for the fun eh ? I hope what they won't miss will be the fireworks of peace ! Wait, no, fireworks explodes. Explosions are NOT recommended. A single hero resists fire and it's Mane. And his brother was burned too. Ooh, hope it'll be a nice party !

I'm looking forward the next chapter, as usual ! Though still slowly dreading more and more the chapter when they'll go back to almost dying, DIE, and suffer. No particular order. Still. Can't have a happy ending without an ending ! So have a great day !
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