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Setech chapter 78 . 9/4
Hmmm interesting, interesting indeed. We learned quite a bit about the past and some loose pieces to what's going on at this very minute, let's hope team Voyage doesn't get themselves in harm's way tho in search of the truth

Delphox and Indeedee are probably most certainly innocent in all of this but Delphox certainly brings up an interesting point "Don't be so naïve as to believe that killers always work alone." this brings up an interesting thought, is the killer working with someone? Personally I think Clefable has SOMETHING to do with this and is possibly not the kind of person we probably thought she is, it's possible she's corrupt... Or it's possible she's a shadow that's been playing the long game(it's also possible that during the events of arc 2 Clefable was turned into a shadow Pokémon without anyone knowing and). Of course there is also the possibility that non of the suspect are involved and everything was done by an unknown third party behind the scenes. Regardless... That Chatot is suspicious, especially after seeing him to somewhere right after we find out the Clefable guild started burning

Aww poor Blossom, she's clearly strong and a capable leader yet she's also seems to be holding a lot of her hardships and sadness buried, probably to not worry others... And maybe so she can keep moving forward without faltering

Too bad they didn't get a chance to question Liepard again (if that was something they also planned to do) about stuff but more important stuff were going on, looks like we'll have to wait more for more details from her (and also to question why again she believes she is Scout's mother even tho they only share their dark type) and also of course Clefable(although I'm certain next chapter we'll be hearing a LOT about Clefable's side of things in more detail)

Regardless this was an fun and interesting chapter which has me giddy to see the coming future for our favorite characters in this happy(?)family life adventure
ShimmeringSpark chapter 78 . 9/4
Hey-hey! What a Trilling chapter!

So, Delphox. How interesting. She's been the most helpful in providing information thus far, actually giving them some new leads. Still rather mysterious. And probably knows a whole bunch of stuff that may or may not end up relavant, who knows.

Poor indeedee. Living through the first fallen must've been completely terrifying, huh? I'm terrified for what's gonna happen later in this arc. Oh dear.

Blossom. Definitely the best suited towards these investigations.

Boom has -5 tact.

'What Delphox and Indeedee had to say is scary; I'm not denying that, but what are the chances? It's been hundreds of years.' Hahaha, poor Boom has no idea this'll probably end up horribly and/or end up with the world almost getting destroyed again. I mean, this is Warped Skies and PMD after all. World ending stuff happens every other week.

Clefable is reallllly suspicious here. What exactly's going on, I wonder. I'll say she certainly has the means to have killed pyroar, knowing about the enchantments. Also, clefable can learn fire type moves like mystical fire. Wait did she just burn down her own guild?

Chatot is...interesting here. Kabutops was confirmed to be a shadow pokemon a while back, if I remember correctly, which means chatot's now a shadow. Annoyingly enough, I can't quite figure out whether or not this chatot is shadowy trill or not. Either way, definitely hiding something and probably going to be incredibly important, especially if he does end up being trill.

Badness is coming, and fires are burning. Let's just hope no one dies, I suppose.

And great chapter, dark lord of despair and ominousness!
Tezral chapter 78 . 9/4
Things are happening. Secrets are unveilling. Danger is revealing.

When they will certainly kill, you have to follow the Trill.

Delphox... While she doesn't seem welcoming, she was certainly the one that gave them enough informations to continue the investigation without being lost. She was certainly the most helpful suspect. I wonder if we'll see more of her later...

Luxio... I wonder why they didn't talk a bit more about that one. Hope Rai's sister is not in danger... Or anything else.

Indeedee... Witness of the first world-ending scenario. Survivor of the First Fallen. Deny everything if you want, but you must share what you know, for, as you have noticed, history repeat itself when we forget it.

Blossom... The perfect mon to do an investigation. Such talent, but it seems like she may soon break. We'll see. I'm sure she'll be fine. Although... If a fight were to start between her and Chatot... She's at disadvantage. So. Much. Disadvantage... I guess we'll see what happens... If anything does happens. Maybe she'll get help on the way... Maybe... Maybe... Oh Blossom...

Well. I guess the pyr(roar)e's fire is spreading. I hope the sunflowers will notice that the smoke they see far away is much closer to them that they think it is. Such unspoken tension... I'm looking forward the next chapter Have a great day !
TheChargingRhino chapter 78 . 9/4
Nice chapter
ShimmeringSpark chapter 77 . 8/25
Well. This chapter sure was something

Hmm, pokemon from another world. Right after introducing Marowak, too. Maybe some more ultra wormholes are opening up? Wonder if ultra beasts will end up invading or something.

The kitties are absolutely adorable. Maximum cuteness!
That reminds me, is Team Ion a pun on a fact that a positively charged Ion is called a CAT-Ion?

Ah yes, the amazing reaper cloth fetchquest.

Honestly, this whole festival was amazing and sweet. Kitty cuteness and shooting stars!

Stars that then crashed to the ground. Poor minors. My personal guess would be that either the planet is already moving towards the sun via dark matter, or that gravity is stronger. Or minor are running away from something or messengers, but I'm not confident on either of those.

'The sky will fall'. Crypticness and ominousness at its finest. I mean approaching the sun and the sun coming closer kinda is like the sky falling? Idk

Now here's Soothe. Soothe is still so weird and a complete mystery.

I don't believe the pendant's been mentioned before, and I'm guessing it could limit the shadow or something for soothe. Hence why she'd be on a time limit, since without the pendant she'd become a compete shadow pokemon? Soothe seems to act less shadowy than other shadow pokemon, though of course this might all just be an act. Also, I notice she had a notable reaction of blasting timber away when he called her his friend. Wonder if that's anything.

Not gonna comment much on runeigus, because I don't think there's enough for me to properly think of anything yet. Does seem to know Soothe though.

And arceus, poor timber.

All in all, great chapter!

Oh yeah, I'm Kirbysthebest from Discord, by the way :)
Tezral chapter 77 . 8/24
This letter is interesting... Pokemon from another world ? Hm... We got to see a few already, but is it so important ? Hm. Sounds like it is... I hope it won't be too much of a problem, it'd be sad to get all the good ones disappearing if the problem is resolved or something. Maybe it's just an easter egg ! And nothing bad will happen !

Time for the festival though ! Hopefully nothing will happen right ? RIGHT ?! Of course something happens, we already had a lot of rest after all. Time for "the world is in danger, but it's not Dark Matter yet so it's still team Ion's shift" ! But first, FABULOUS TIME !
Oh yeah, I won't take art for Celebi vs Jirachi. Sorry Sanyia, but you'll need to be as fabulous as those for me to spend money on a meme. Those fabulous bois are so precious, of course they're taking first place ! And then ! Who won the contest ? Was it Mane and Rai or Espurr and Marowak ?

Apocalypse trailer ! Minior falling from the sky, and wreaking havoc ! Something's not right... Is Dark Matter already working ? That'd be an interesting thing to happen... The Minior landing elsewhere because of what happens... We'll see I guess. Hope it's not that. I hope it's nothing at all in fact ! xd
Poor Rhythm though... He's durable, but still. He has a lot on his mind, no need to torture him like that !

Exploring another world... Hmmm. Now I want a Warped Skies 2 : Warped World ! After team Ion save the world, they save another ! Or just explore other worlds. No need to save the world when they'll busy busy saving their butt from whatever danger they'll come upon xD

Timber... Such bravery, followed by so much innocence. Hopefully Bell will help him to save Wynaut and Wobuffet ! But... His best friend is Soothe. Of course, I know that even after that he won't ever think of her as a bad guy. But going alone... It does sounds like Soothe is doing her best fighting the Shadow, however no one can repel them, even Humans. So... Hope he won't find her too early.

Now, who is this Runerigus exactly ? Another Shadow maybe ? She and Soothe seems to know each other, but how ? It doesn't predict anything good though... Well, we'll see I guess. Ooooh, how it'd be easier if team Ion evolved. They'd be much more powerful ! Any death would be crushing now... I hoped that Timber would survive, but I don't think he can run into much more danger just like that.

Well, it was a nice fire ! A few embers here and there, seems like the festivities will start soon. I'm looking forward the next chapter as usual ! Though, I really love fire you know ? So I hope that you'll show us the greatest of pyres ! Wait, PYRES ?! Oh, maybe we'll stick with bonfires ? Huh ? Pretty please ?
TheChargingRhino chapter 77 . 8/24
“In a wagon being told to wake up” I see what you did there.

Is the stone thing starting to happen now?

Wonder what that item was.
Setech chapter 77 . 8/24
Sorry I haven't reviewed for a bit, I was(insert highly intelligent, elaborate and convincing excuse for being lazy to ever been heard) and thaaat's why I haven't reviewed in a bit, not out laziness of course that w-would be silly'

Now those were some fun festivities, bummer that these Miniors had to come and blow everything upp and give a foreboding message that the' sky is falling' hehehe as if that would ever happen... Right?

Me at the first half of the Soothe section: hmm I think she's pure evil but she is going after this mysterious Pokémon that's probably kidnapped Pokémon and intent on stopping it... Maybe she is good even if she's a shadow Pokémon?
Me after that bit with her hurting Timber: you are a bitch and evil and I hate you and you should burn in the distortion world for all eternity for your evil! Even Keira wouldn't hurt poor precious Timber!... Probably

Ewwwww Soothe don't tell me you kept the arm that you cut off from Darkrai with you like some kind of trophy or something?! That's nasty... And probably smells a lot

Ohh Soothe has a connection orb and someone is connected to hers and talking through it... Wonder who and what they are and their connection to all of this?

Also Soothe is on a time limit because her pendant that she apparently got from Jirachi got stolen? Hmm wonder what that means and what it's counting towards

Well these chapters were exciting and interesting to read and makes me wonder what's going on and what's to come since we sorta still have absolutely no idea what is... Well going on! Regardless I'm looking forward to the next chapter of happy family life adventure(I have a feeling it won't be happy soon and that's frightening to think about)
You're-To-Slow-RJC chapter 76 . 8/23
Hello! I absolutely love the life you have brought into a game I played so many years ago. Honestly, reading your story feels like the first time I played Pokémon mystery dungeon explorers of time/darkness/sky. I first started reading your story when you had just finished up arc 1 and have kept tabs on it ever since. It truly has give me a different outlook on the game. I replayed it recently and couldn’t help having a soft spot for a character I had only considered an annoying bird when I was younger.
Me personally, I absolutely adore the scenes between Striker and Sean. The protective Pokémon and caring trainer scenes just make me melt! Hopefully we get more of those scenes. Surely Striker is going to have some emotional turmoil after the bombshell Giratina dropped on them.
Eagerly awaiting your next chapter. And sorry I didn’t review forever ago. Thank you for this amazing story.
ShimmeringSpark chapter 76 . 8/20
Palkia is completely adorable. Also, now we've got an amazing creation dragon family!
Giratina: Dad
Dialga: Big brother
Palkia: Very very very young brother
Saniya: Elder (Insane) Sister probably
And then there's shaymin.

I also love the idea that Saniya constantly carries around an axe wherever she goes. Just in case.

That exposition dump about shadow pokemon. I wonder if getting all the humans together to help purify one would further help mitigate risks?

Not gonna lie I fully expected Shaymin to leap into the water continent portal to escape giratina

I suppose JoJo references are an inevitable part of life. Still, if Dialga ends up screaming 'Za Warudo' and stopping time...

That Wobuffet scene though. From what I can tell, the stone they picked up that time was probably a Runeigerous, however you spell it. Maybe it kidnapped wyanut or something? Also wonder what that emphasis on wind was about...
TheChargingRhino chapter 76 . 8/20
Giratina is savage yo.
Tezral chapter 76 . 8/20
Palkia is soooooo adorable. I want to protect him. He'll be my child too ! And he'll learn not to be racist too ! Lucario are great. Millenium-old isekai heroes seeking to return home aren't.
I'd have done the same thing as Dialga, looking at you Setech ! XD

Aaah poor Shaymin. Though leaving your boss like that still wasn't nice of you ! You could have taken turns with the others or something. Like a one day of work/ one day of rest kinda deal, switching here and there or something. And now there's Dialga and Palkia to keep you compagny ! Yay !

Yeah I guessed that. And Soothe's Shadows seems... Concentrated. Could they have less troubles with multiple humans ? That'd be interesting. I wonder if Scout may be considered like, 15 or 20% human. How would that work ? Mhhh...

Now I want to hear Ampharos' story. Would surely be an epic tale that'd be passed down for centuries !
IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE ? I don't watch Jojo. but I watch memes. I will commission a drawing of these two, I promise !
When you know that someone will fall, either you catch them, or let them bring innocent souls in their fall. There is no in-between. Either you catch them or they bring down someone else. Bonus points for each mon that falls except you.

Ooooh, poor Wobuffet... Seems like the time for side-quests is over, no one will help Wobuffet if you do not seek the heroes. And you should ask for help, as this is not something you want to fight against.

Oh dear, answers, answers, and danger. Add a bit of repairs, and danger too. Now, just a tad bit of humor to hide the danger lurking in the Shadows aaaand tada ! We've got our chapter ! I hope Jirachi didn't skip leg day, cause Saniya will come for them one day. I look forward the next chapter as always ! And don't push yourself You have much to write still ! Muahahaha !
qwertyxurill chapter 16 . 8/15
As I read through these "early" chapters, I'm noticing a trend that I hope fades away laterpokemon slipping up and using the real names of their acquaintances. It's a sensible mistake for Sean, who has like less than a year of life in this world... But for everyone else? It's odd. It would be like if I accidentally referred to my friend by their first middle and last name conversationally.
SparklingEspeon chapter 68 . 8/6
~Review of all four bonus chapters~

Hello once more! I thought I’d ~~use this as ion cannon fodder for the review event~~ clear the bonuses off my plate so when I review Act III I’ll have a clean plate! Since this is basically three different stories I’ll split the review into three sections, then a criticism and cap off section.


Of all three bonuses, I think this was the easiest one to read. It’s pretty average, but it felt perfectly paced to me and told a clear, understandable story. For that reason, I don’t know if I’ll have too much to say for this first one, but do know that I enjoyed reading it the most out of all three.

I think my biggest comment is that I’m surprised at how much of Mane’s teasing feels like veiled compliments and egging on. Even if they got really mean all in sequence like that. Which is something I’ll comment on later. But it did surprise me how much he took on a position of ‘cheering you on but I can’t be nice’, even if it looked like bullying.

I wonder why Arashi never came back to visit ;-;


Another flashback to the past. This one doesn’t necessarily cover any new ground, but it does expand on stuff that we hadn’t seen before, like Mane’s crappy home life. Which was pretty twisted!
I also appreciated the decision to bring this bonus around to the present, tying the disembodied voices of Mane (and presumably Rai, last chapter) to their therapy sessions. I remember thinking at some point in Mane’s chapter, ‘Hmm, is he talking to someone’, and then he mentioned the shrink and I realized he *was* and it was so clever

It was also nice seeing Mane’s side of the story Rai told.

Surprisingly not a lot of the actual scenes of abuse really hit me that hard. Since we know Pyroar is abusive already and are expecting the worst. I think what stood out the most to me was the bit after the flashback, where he realizes just how twisted his upbringing was and breaks down afterward. I don’t think that kind of thing really sets in until after it’s happened, and the scene of him basically realizing it’s happened is the most twisting one.

This one was clever though. I liked it.


I think I’ll have the most to say about this one. Some good things. Some bad things. Mostly because it was so long, but also because it definitely had the most packed into it and had ramifiations for the story at large.

I’ll definitely say this one was a bit of a slog in the middle. I’ve never been one for long battles, and I felt Kiera and Cara repeated their “I’m going to die/no don’t leave me” exchange just a few too many times. At the same time, I can see what you were trying to go for, and the themes of responsibility/loneliness.

I do have to commend you for the beginning, up to the Team Ion battle. I enjoy reading Kiera’s wit, and that was on full display the entire chapter, but for the first ~fourth we really get to be in her headspace and see just how much pain and pressure she’s under. I think those few thousand words really painted a better picture of how she works on the inside better than her depictions the entire fic.

Middle I didn’t really care for much. There were a lot of scenes in there that were good to varying degrees, but I just felt like it meandered a bit too much and as a result, didn’t really seize its chance to make . The narrative point to me is ‘Kiera wants settle out her affairs and die, Cara doesn’t want her to do that’. And like I said above, I see the themes you were trying to accomplish. I just feel like it could have played out in less scenes than it did. That said, I AM writer who likes to condense and cut unnecessary stuffing out. This may just be a point where we need to put our differing ideologies aside.

Also, I am sort of unclear on the role that the Rescue Federation and HAPPI play in this universe. Obviously they’re tetiary government, but are they the same organization? Is the Federation a specific branch of HAPPI? Idk this might have been covered back when Cara first woke up and I forgot, but that did kind of trip me up for a moment.

The Arceus scene was interesting, though. It had a slightly sad/hollow feel to it, and I think that was also the point where I began to realize the themes you were trying to slot in.

It'll be unfortunate to not see Kiera around anymore, but I think this was a fitting ‘shit’s about to get real’/’death of the mentor’ chapter before what’s presumably going to be the last arc. Probably one of the few times I’ve enjoyed the Death of the Mentor trope, since Kiera went on her own terms and it feels earned. And now that she’s gone, nothing’s keeping the scales balanced. I do, overall, think it was the right decision. Since, like stuff would probably have gone a lot better in Harry Potter if Dumbledore didn’t die, but then it would be pretty anticlimactic.


I’ve mainly got two.

The first is that while the actual story was fine, I think there were some places where the grammar could have been polished up a little. I remember getting stuck on a few passages because the wording of the passage was weird and tripping me up, only to realize a few minutes later that there wasn’t a comma or a set of apostrophes where they should have been. Two good examples of this is the passage featuring “pyroar and pyroar” from Mane’s chapter (control f it to see what I’m talking about), where I had gotten confused and thought there were two pyroars in this scene instead of it being “pyroar, and pyoar…” to refer to pyroar, then pyroar doing something. Another was from Kiera in the second half of her bonus chapter, where she talks about pokemon not being as ‘more more MORE’ as humans are. Not having the apostrophes around the ‘more more more’ made the sentence read like a weird contradiction and for a moment I thought the dungeon was doing something to Kiera before I realized ‘more more more’ just meant ‘extravagant and greedy’. I point these out not to get on your case for missing some stuff! But rather to illustrate areas that I think could be focused on more heavily in the future. Though as of this writing, I’m currently… seven chapters behind. So there could easily have been improvements and I just haven’t reached that yet. If so, ignore me then

Take this one with a grain of salt, because I genuinely do not remember a single specific thing from Act I and I may just be talking bullshit, but I feel like some level of retconning may have happened with Mane’s character arc. If I recall correctly, the story took on a position of Mane doing everything he could to tear down Rai and basically using him as a punching bag before the events of WS for the first two arcs. Here… As I said earlier, it kind of feels like he wanted to be nice to Rai but didn’t know how to express himself outside of being mean. Which feels a bit like a retcon to me. Though Idk maybe my take is super off and this was actually different! If that’s the case definitely let me know because it could be

Overall, I’d say these were a trio (Quartert?) of interesting bonuses. On the whole the first two were just expansions on things we already knew, so I appreciated your decision to use Kiera’s bonus to take a step forwards with the story, rather than have it be a flash back to the past like the others. I think that was a really good way to cap it all off and clear the board for Act III.

Good read, and here’s for hoping Act III keeps up the good work! It’ll need to, with all the crap that’s about to hit the fan :thotdetected:


Listening to: Defying Gravity – Wicked
Earthpatriot117 chapter 2 . 8/3
I unfortunately never got the chance the play explores of sky, so everything in here is new to me! Xd
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