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Setech chapter 70 . 5/30/2021
My oh my what an interesting opening we got here, I'm fairly certain it's meant to be Scout and his blood family but still it's quite curious just what was truly going on in that scene(also were they slightly feral or was #& IT# & slightly possessing them since their speech seemed slightly glitched? Hmm so many questions)

Hmm wonder why that ghost Violet didn't show up this time, also probably doesn't feel very good knowing that all of humanity basically died due to a super weapon even if it's not the world you originally came from, also good thing Sean's dimensional scream still works with Scout, means they are still close buddies at least in Sean's book

Guardian: Scout is NOT A PROSTITUTE!
Guardian I don't think that helps much, also poor Scout, his mistake from the past is still haunting him too this very day

Smart trick there Rai, getting Striker and yourself out into a dungeon so you can talk to him about his stick up the as-'cough cough' I mean his issues with Scout and you actually managed to somewhat break through and get him to try, now all we need is Scout to be willing to talk it over with Striker again and then perhaps they can finally become cool uncle and adorable nephew again(someone get Saniya to prepare the snacks I have a feeling a brawl between those two will happen... Oh and don't forget the drinks!)

Scout: thanks for telling me... Dad
Me with tears running through my eyes: He is your dad, he's your dad! Boogie woogie woogie
Overall this was a pretty cool chapter and it feels like it's settling up for even greater things but those things we'll have to see in the next chapter of happy family life adventures
Tezral chapter 70 . 5/30/2021
That's some expert level of writing to worry me like that mister writer ! It's a wondeful chapter, and I'll talk about it, but... Why are they taking so long to resurface ! Is the way to the dungeon that long ? I hope it is, that would explain why they are taking so long.

Now, the parents. We got a peek to what actually happened. Alright ! Except the little tiny part with the absolutely terrifying and horrifying breaking spine, we can actually speculate ! Horns. A lot of pokemons have horns. Horns and brown eyes ? Expecting a legendary to do this, I have only one candidate. I wonder what role this mysterious character has. Is he a bad guy, as we expect, or does he has ulterior motives ? Hmm...

Circh and Violet, it was a nice chapter. Now it's just Circh, and nothing new is found, except that Sean can use the Dimensionnal Scream to have visions of being killed. That's nice.
And Mane. Oh Mane... I don't know if you're doing every single one on purpose be the sheer number of implied acts is almost overwhelming. It's adorable ! Or I may be a bit too perverted. Eh, I blame everyone else but me for that.

Rai ! This little sparking furball is just... Not even half a chapter from his point of view and I already want more ! I think just like him it's so fun ! And he meant that as a surprise ? I would say that's a... Well, surprising surprise ? But not for him.

It seems Team Sunrise is ready to take on anything now. The last little thing to take care is Striker and Scout, and Rai took care of that ! Not counting the therapy needed, they're in top shape ! Team Ion is almost at this point too, but they have still so much to worry about. As should everyone considering what is coming, but especially Scout and Mane.

And now, Scout and Guardian. What is he asking about ? Will we know in the next chapter ? Or is it secret for now and will show up even later ? I guess we'll now when the time is right.

It was a fun chapter ! And while I can't escape this feeling of dread, coming from both the intrigue slowly coming back or the graduation exam taking a few days underwater, the wholesomeness helps easing this ! As usual, I'm looking forward the next chapter ! Have a great day !
Jusmove chapter 69 . 5/12/2021

I don't have much to say besides this was cuteness on crack, and very wholesome. I enjoyed the descriptions of physical affection, I always imagine pokémon being more physical with communication in general, and its nice to see that demonstrated here with how often the cats jump on or rub each other. This chapter made me happy, I might reread it at some point.

My only question is how exactly that information about team ions past has spread. Unless I'm misremembering, I don't remember all that many people being privy to all those things about the team that they want to keep secret. I wonder who blabbed.
Setech chapter 69 . 5/10/2021
'pops champagne' CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, here we are at the magic number 69(nICe) welcoming yet another too be amazing arc featuring our favorite family of emotionally scarred pokémon such as 'points at Scout' lying cat with the worst luck, 'points at Saniya' that one Celebi that haunts my nightmares and is the representative of true crasy and 'points at Striker' the awesome hero who's obsession with orbs knows no bounds, let us see what world ending mess they get caught up in this time

This chapter was just pure wholesome glory, Scout spending time with Guardian whilst thinking about how he has actually killed someone(sure she was a bitch but killing is killing) and willing to try and trust Guardian more so he can feel more comfortable around him(plus it was really sweet and I loved the hug and good god you could have an entire chapter of just this and I wouldn't be complaining)

I loved all the dates, from Mane's restaurant(also welcome team Ion to the life of celebrities, yoU CAn NEveR esCaPE iT) too Scout having them be the explores of the sky(also Scout i know your defense stat is one of highest in the game just under your dad but I don't recommend you tempt fate just because you THINK you could survive the fall) and finally Rai setting up a picnic for them to relax at, 10/10 wholesome(also is it just me or were there a lot of points were it felt like they were about to just make out with each other)

All in all this is an excellent return to the beginning of another excellent arc in this excellent story which has me mega excited for the next chapter of happy family life adventure

Ok but like are we going to talk about how there was A LOT of sexuell tension between those three like good god it almost made you think they were going to drop the date and spend time with each other in... Well in the you know what way... I feel slightly ashamed saying that
Tezral chapter 69 . 5/9/2021
I was squeeking the whole chapter, really ! Still am a bit. So much wholesomeness, so much jokes, so much cuteness. You could kill people with so much of that ! It's definitely a lethal dose of cuties right here.

It's saddening that Mane had so much troubles, he almost didn't say his quota of limit jokes ! They're my favorites. But it was nice to see him troubled too, compared to hiding and pushing through alone. The other two will shred the bad thoughts away ! And the diner was really nice. They will be victim of their fame for a while, maybe even get Keira's personas to have in public of something. It would be fun to see them try that, but only after a few years I guess. I wonder how their copy-cats (Ahahahah, ahem) are doing.

I see Scout finally dodged the double-pounce ! Rai and Mane bonked each other then. Eheh, good thing they weren't using Quick Attack for this one ! Talking about being fast, Scout is able to keep up with Quick Attack then. Not with speed of course, but counting the pause needed he seems to be able to outrun almost anyone. And the balloon ! Under the moonlight, the three of them would observe the world they saved multiples times, and know that they would do it again. Too bad it makes Mane barf everywhere.

Rai ! Choupi-Rai ! A midnight picnic ! Gorgeous ! Absolutely wonderful ! Fantasmabulous ! On a cliff with the beach and the bubbles ! Careful not to fall Scout ! It's a wonderful reminder of the first chapter. They have the blueberry pie, and we get the date as a dessert. A dessert that partially ends their recovery, while ending ours from the previous chapters.

There are still so many questions unanswered still, and so many dangers lurking in the shadows... Be careful world saviors ! Your quest for peace is not yet finished !
TheChargingRhino chapter 69 . 5/9/2021

This chapter was nice.
Gfish59 chapter 68 . 5/1/2021
Almost 800,000 words read in under 32 hours. That's how amazing this story is. I don't think I've ever read this much, this fast before. Best I did was 1.6 mil over 2 weeks, and that isn't even close to this marathon. I'm really glad that I read this between arcs, and I'm honestly exhausted but it was worth it. Can't wait for evolution!
Setech chapter 68 . 4/4/2021
I'm just going to say it, this chapter was pretty darn great, the beginning part with Scout and Sean talking to Keira was good but everything after that was just top notch, everything from going to destiny tower to the emotional battle between Keira and Carapace and finally Keira's conversation with Arceus and her death were great(I might have even gotten slightly teary eyed during it).

Honestly tho I still don't like her as a person and might never will she has certainly earned my respect. These two bones chapters we got with her really gave us a lot to make her more sympathetic and explaine why she is the way she is.

I'm honestly surprised that Arceus turned out to be such a nice guy, from what Keira described him as he seemed like he would be in her words a bastard but he was pretty nice so that's a nice little surprise.

Ohhh that ending is pretty foreboding with HER going to a gravesite, I'm just betting that it's Soothe going to find Trill's grave to dig up his body since he or at least his body is probably taken over by The Shadow at this point so I am going to prepare my heart for pain.

Arc 3 is on the horizon and I'm am mega excited for it, my only hope for it is that Scout gets to hang out with team Sunrise more because arc 2 they are his family and I want to see them completely rebuild their family bond that's been strained due to everything that happened between them(also because Striker really needs that stick that's up his ass shoved out of him so he can be back to the cool uncle in their weird family)

Regardless I'm looking forward to the next arc of happy family life adventures.

'lays flowers on Keira's grave' Farewell Keira, I may not have liked you but I sympathize with you, I wish you well in finding Felix and the rest of your friends
CuriousQuinlan chapter 68 . 4/3/2021
This chapter made me very sad yet happy.
Tezral chapter 68 . 4/3/2021
Okay first off, I shouldn't have that many cheeks rolling down my tears.

That being said, yeah it made sense. I knew she'd die, but I didn't think Arceus would be so... gentle ? From what she said, it seemed like he was some sort of arrogant bastard or something. Now that I think about it, he very well may have been in fact. I don't know what you have decided, but it just makes sense that he would have guessed at that moment that there would be a chance she became "Legendary", with all the shit that comes with it after a few centuries.
I liked her. Joking through the pain is an excellent way to deny it, but she also knew how to share bits of pain to ease it. Being that old didn't allow her to do this correctly, but still. She was wise, while still herself. Okay, I'll stop now. I don't think she would like someone starting a speech as if she was that important.
Last little thing. Is this little scene a way to tell us that we'll see Keira in Roundabouts if they make their way to Galar ?! That would be super cool ! (Oh we will. I forgot the parentheses.) No matter how the scene is handled. Well, if she didn't forget everything, I'm sure she'll do something herself as soon as she get out of the egg. But being reborn to step one will not help.

So. Dark Matter mh ? He's coming, but they have a bit of time before he can act. I hope so. Because if the negativity that came with The Dream (it sounds like a Jojo stand), and the shit our dear protagonists went through, he could very well start very soon his part. Scout may need to go and take a bit of water. Not even to help against the events that will occur, but to survive what he doesn't know will happen. While he knew Palkia happened, they only survived thanks to Keira and Rythm. I hope he realise that no advantage will be enough for what will happen.

I wonder how it will be, if another human comes. A lot of stories follow the newest human, but how will they see the next one ? What will their relation be ? Will they finally be secondary characters ? Will they need to step up with them ? Ooooh that would be reaaaally epic a fight with DM, but with every world-saving-teams. And a lot more easier to even move if I understood correctly the Shadowy lore. It would be harder to come to the acceptance scene though... Well, while I love to think about the future what if, you're the author and I believe you'll do great !

Now, the last scene. Who is She ? "The connection faded" ? A psychic pokemon ? I thought about Soothe, but she is not psychic. Is Chimecho EVIL ?! Maybe, but not world-ending evil I hope. No one would stand a chance. Have we even met this character ? Ooooh I hope Saniya isn't shadowy. Cresselia died. Who is she ? Is DM a She ? It's a it I would say. Well, I guess we'll see. Still, while I'm not the one near my impending doom (Am I ?), I can't help but being concerned for the guys. I care about them !

Okay last thing. I need the Card Game. This is a promise you've made to us now and you can't back down ! We'll have world-tournaments around a fanfic card game and it's going to be awesome. Oh, we need to add the PMD universe to it too ! Well, I don't know if you even thought about expanding it outside a few references here and there, but know that what I know is that it would be super duper ultra cool !

I think that's all ? I still can't understand how you can put so much in a chapter but I guess having 18,689 words in a single chapter helps.

Well, I'm lokking forward the next, not chapter I guess but Arc ! Have a great day !
LuxBeacon chapter 56 . 4/1/2021
The dream twins are psycho and I never thought I'd be happy to see Soothe. Also I spy a quenched torch reference!
LuxBeacon chapter 55 . 4/1/2021
Oh yes you mentioned a trainer fic about felix. I don't know the details obviously and Keira's story stops at her demise but you're a great writer! Itd be cool to see!

Now the chapter itself id have to say one of your best ones. The structuring was perfect. I had no idea dugtrio was going to die as even though he had scenes prior, they didn't raise death flags. Also just the swift descriptions of everything going to hell? Perfect. Also I'm proud of everyone of managing to kill palkia. I was hoping a baby one would spawn but maybe not here I guess.

Also looks like team ion doing normal missions is out the window. Back to fighting for their lives!
LuxBeacon chapter 54 . 4/1/2021
Finally graduation! While it's inconvenient to move further away from the job board, I like how the team becomes independent adventurers and thus were a lot more proactive in what they did. I wonder what will change for team ion now that they have graduated?
LuxBeacon chapter 53 . 4/1/2021
Holy cow Lucario lore everywhere. Or now we should say Keira. Looks like she's finding more reasons to stay here. But now we get the gist. Her and Sean knew each other in their world (but were not close) and she is the reason why he is who he is today. She was Felix's Pokemon until she was killed by ghetsis.
Meanwhile Sean confessed his memories are of our own world which is the family friendly version of her world which allows him limited knowledge of everything else.
I love it when mysteries are solved and dots are connected. So satisfying. The more we learn about Keira the more I like her... Although she did interrupt prime Mane and Scout time. The gravest sin of course.
LuxBeacon chapter 52 . 4/1/2021
Hot damn Lucario can fight but I'm glad team sunrise put up a worthy fight. They may not be as old as her but they've done enough to warrant being a challenge.

I'm so glad Cobalt finally evolved and the fact the luminous spring is active again. I hope to see other Pokemon evolve!

A bit of a shame that team ion can't evolve due to distortions and what not, but if palliative fixes things or whatever they should be able to.
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