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Tezral chapter 76 . 8/20/2021
Palkia is soooooo adorable. I want to protect him. He'll be my child too ! And he'll learn not to be racist too ! Lucario are great. Millenium-old isekai heroes seeking to return home aren't.
I'd have done the same thing as Dialga, looking at you Setech ! XD

Aaah poor Shaymin. Though leaving your boss like that still wasn't nice of you ! You could have taken turns with the others or something. Like a one day of work/ one day of rest kinda deal, switching here and there or something. And now there's Dialga and Palkia to keep you compagny ! Yay !

Yeah I guessed that. And Soothe's Shadows seems... Concentrated. Could they have less troubles with multiple humans ? That'd be interesting. I wonder if Scout may be considered like, 15 or 20% human. How would that work ? Mhhh...

Now I want to hear Ampharos' story. Would surely be an epic tale that'd be passed down for centuries !
IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE ? I don't watch Jojo. but I watch memes. I will commission a drawing of these two, I promise !
When you know that someone will fall, either you catch them, or let them bring innocent souls in their fall. There is no in-between. Either you catch them or they bring down someone else. Bonus points for each mon that falls except you.

Ooooh, poor Wobuffet... Seems like the time for side-quests is over, no one will help Wobuffet if you do not seek the heroes. And you should ask for help, as this is not something you want to fight against.

Oh dear, answers, answers, and danger. Add a bit of repairs, and danger too. Now, just a tad bit of humor to hide the danger lurking in the Shadows aaaand tada ! We've got our chapter ! I hope Jirachi didn't skip leg day, cause Saniya will come for them one day. I look forward the next chapter as always ! And don't push yourself You have much to write still ! Muahahaha !
qwertyxurill chapter 16 . 8/15/2021
As I read through these "early" chapters, I'm noticing a trend that I hope fades away laterpokemon slipping up and using the real names of their acquaintances. It's a sensible mistake for Sean, who has like less than a year of life in this world... But for everyone else? It's odd. It would be like if I accidentally referred to my friend by their first middle and last name conversationally.
SparklingEspeon chapter 68 . 8/6/2021
~Review of all four bonus chapters~

Hello once more! I thought I’d ~~use this as ion cannon fodder for the review event~~ clear the bonuses off my plate so when I review Act III I’ll have a clean plate! Since this is basically three different stories I’ll split the review into three sections, then a criticism and cap off section.


Of all three bonuses, I think this was the easiest one to read. It’s pretty average, but it felt perfectly paced to me and told a clear, understandable story. For that reason, I don’t know if I’ll have too much to say for this first one, but do know that I enjoyed reading it the most out of all three.

I think my biggest comment is that I’m surprised at how much of Mane’s teasing feels like veiled compliments and egging on. Even if they got really mean all in sequence like that. Which is something I’ll comment on later. But it did surprise me how much he took on a position of ‘cheering you on but I can’t be nice’, even if it looked like bullying.

I wonder why Arashi never came back to visit ;-;


Another flashback to the past. This one doesn’t necessarily cover any new ground, but it does expand on stuff that we hadn’t seen before, like Mane’s crappy home life. Which was pretty twisted!
I also appreciated the decision to bring this bonus around to the present, tying the disembodied voices of Mane (and presumably Rai, last chapter) to their therapy sessions. I remember thinking at some point in Mane’s chapter, ‘Hmm, is he talking to someone’, and then he mentioned the shrink and I realized he *was* and it was so clever

It was also nice seeing Mane’s side of the story Rai told.

Surprisingly not a lot of the actual scenes of abuse really hit me that hard. Since we know Pyroar is abusive already and are expecting the worst. I think what stood out the most to me was the bit after the flashback, where he realizes just how twisted his upbringing was and breaks down afterward. I don’t think that kind of thing really sets in until after it’s happened, and the scene of him basically realizing it’s happened is the most twisting one.

This one was clever though. I liked it.


I think I’ll have the most to say about this one. Some good things. Some bad things. Mostly because it was so long, but also because it definitely had the most packed into it and had ramifiations for the story at large.

I’ll definitely say this one was a bit of a slog in the middle. I’ve never been one for long battles, and I felt Kiera and Cara repeated their “I’m going to die/no don’t leave me” exchange just a few too many times. At the same time, I can see what you were trying to go for, and the themes of responsibility/loneliness.

I do have to commend you for the beginning, up to the Team Ion battle. I enjoy reading Kiera’s wit, and that was on full display the entire chapter, but for the first ~fourth we really get to be in her headspace and see just how much pain and pressure she’s under. I think those few thousand words really painted a better picture of how she works on the inside better than her depictions the entire fic.

Middle I didn’t really care for much. There were a lot of scenes in there that were good to varying degrees, but I just felt like it meandered a bit too much and as a result, didn’t really seize its chance to make . The narrative point to me is ‘Kiera wants settle out her affairs and die, Cara doesn’t want her to do that’. And like I said above, I see the themes you were trying to accomplish. I just feel like it could have played out in less scenes than it did. That said, I AM writer who likes to condense and cut unnecessary stuffing out. This may just be a point where we need to put our differing ideologies aside.

Also, I am sort of unclear on the role that the Rescue Federation and HAPPI play in this universe. Obviously they’re tetiary government, but are they the same organization? Is the Federation a specific branch of HAPPI? Idk this might have been covered back when Cara first woke up and I forgot, but that did kind of trip me up for a moment.

The Arceus scene was interesting, though. It had a slightly sad/hollow feel to it, and I think that was also the point where I began to realize the themes you were trying to slot in.

It'll be unfortunate to not see Kiera around anymore, but I think this was a fitting ‘shit’s about to get real’/’death of the mentor’ chapter before what’s presumably going to be the last arc. Probably one of the few times I’ve enjoyed the Death of the Mentor trope, since Kiera went on her own terms and it feels earned. And now that she’s gone, nothing’s keeping the scales balanced. I do, overall, think it was the right decision. Since, like stuff would probably have gone a lot better in Harry Potter if Dumbledore didn’t die, but then it would be pretty anticlimactic.


I’ve mainly got two.

The first is that while the actual story was fine, I think there were some places where the grammar could have been polished up a little. I remember getting stuck on a few passages because the wording of the passage was weird and tripping me up, only to realize a few minutes later that there wasn’t a comma or a set of apostrophes where they should have been. Two good examples of this is the passage featuring “pyroar and pyroar” from Mane’s chapter (control f it to see what I’m talking about), where I had gotten confused and thought there were two pyroars in this scene instead of it being “pyroar, and pyoar…” to refer to pyroar, then pyroar doing something. Another was from Kiera in the second half of her bonus chapter, where she talks about pokemon not being as ‘more more MORE’ as humans are. Not having the apostrophes around the ‘more more more’ made the sentence read like a weird contradiction and for a moment I thought the dungeon was doing something to Kiera before I realized ‘more more more’ just meant ‘extravagant and greedy’. I point these out not to get on your case for missing some stuff! But rather to illustrate areas that I think could be focused on more heavily in the future. Though as of this writing, I’m currently… seven chapters behind. So there could easily have been improvements and I just haven’t reached that yet. If so, ignore me then

Take this one with a grain of salt, because I genuinely do not remember a single specific thing from Act I and I may just be talking bullshit, but I feel like some level of retconning may have happened with Mane’s character arc. If I recall correctly, the story took on a position of Mane doing everything he could to tear down Rai and basically using him as a punching bag before the events of WS for the first two arcs. Here… As I said earlier, it kind of feels like he wanted to be nice to Rai but didn’t know how to express himself outside of being mean. Which feels a bit like a retcon to me. Though Idk maybe my take is super off and this was actually different! If that’s the case definitely let me know because it could be

Overall, I’d say these were a trio (Quartert?) of interesting bonuses. On the whole the first two were just expansions on things we already knew, so I appreciated your decision to use Kiera’s bonus to take a step forwards with the story, rather than have it be a flash back to the past like the others. I think that was a really good way to cap it all off and clear the board for Act III.

Good read, and here’s for hoping Act III keeps up the good work! It’ll need to, with all the crap that’s about to hit the fan :thotdetected:


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Earthpatriot117 chapter 2 . 8/3/2021
I unfortunately never got the chance the play explores of sky, so everything in here is new to me! Xd
TheChargingRhino chapter 75 . 7/29/2021
Smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave...

Liepard adopted Scout. Okay.
Tezral chapter 75 . 7/29/2021
Indeedee and Clefable has so much to do... I hope nothing world scale will happen soon, as they are still rebuilding. Well, everyone has trouble. Better do what they can to finish up the most urgent problems. You're doing a great job ! You too Totodile ! Keep up the excellent work !

Ohh, that makes so much sense ! Of course Scout is Liepard's son ! She knew as soon as she first saw him of course. Night Mate, Night Slash, and Vanquisher of Nightmares ! He even has two mates, that's twice as much as the usual ! That's a lot of hints that links him to Liepard.

So, playing Cluedo here. Ooooh, team Voyage... I really hope you'll stay out of danger for this one. This is not an enemy you want to take on. Especially you Blossom, burning a Fire-type such as Pyroar is not something anyone can pull off. Ooooh no no, you better just find out who did and nothing else, as there will be no way you'll be able to get the murderer without casualties.

And I see those hints... Ooooh, oh no, the more they travel, the less the pokemon they meet are kind and open. That is not something I like to see... If Scout or Sean starts to see those hints, it'll be best to start the preparations soon. Just in case. But they have so much on their plate right now... Well, all we can do is hope that it'll take more than that to activate the scenario.

A nice chapter. I missed them a bit, now I only feel worry for them. Go team Voyage ! May your travels never end ! I look forward the next chapter, as always ! Have a great day !
Setech chapter 74 . 7/28/2021
I wonder why Victini wants team Ion to go around and solve these problems that he writes in his letters, first the Darmanitan and then team AWD

My oh my a Marowak and an Espurr! They certainly are a strange pair of weirdos although they seem to mean well, personally speaking the Marowak is my favorite, he's cool calm and brave, much better than the hyper Espurr who can't seem to lie well :}

The Marowak came from the Pokémon world with humans? Now that's certainly interesting, wonder what that could mean and brings up the question how was he brought here and were there more Pokémon brought from the other world?

Uhhhhhhh I'm very confused and slightly worried about what just happened there, Wynaut and Wobbuffet found a weird rock with and gave it to Armaldo who just... Puts it outside the guild? Wonder what all that's about

This was certainly an interesting chapter, breadcrumbs of information and ominous foreshadowing probably, certainly has me excited for more! I'll look forward to reading the next chapter of happy family life adventures
Dusk-Form chapter 1 . 7/27/2021
TheChargingRhino chapter 74 . 7/24/2021
Hmmm... Other normal Pokémon are being brought over from the game worlds to the PMD world. Interesting. Also... Runerigus...?
Tezral chapter 74 . 7/24/2021
Team Razor Wind. Poor Rhythm, sometimes you have no choice but to have people not being super friendly. But that went well, they had the chance to catch up still, and Rai could meet with his idols as equals ! That's always a nice thing.

Well, Darmanitant was something. I'm glad they were able to help her. Everybody needs to talk once in a while ! Sounds like she had a lot to say xd. I bet she'll fell fine after a bit of time hitting the road. Maybe even meet up again with the team ! Ooooh talking with Sanyia could be fun.

Espurr ! And Marowak ! Yey ! So nice of them to guide team Ion a bit. They could learn a bit of self-control, but do they need to ? xD And they're nice ! Both honest and shy, bright and dark. What a duo, only Rhythm can follow up. Maybe Rai a bit, with a bit of focus, but going up and down is art ! And Marowak is cute trying to be brave when it's super not necessary. Ahhh, wonderful job. I hope they won't need to be Sang at to get some sleep, they can definitely go for a while.

Team AWD. Mhhh, definitively dangerous. And not the good kind, that's dangerous and you know how to fight against danger. This is the Darkrai kind of dangerous, although they did saved the world from him. They should be alright, team AWD isn't necessarily world ending bad, they're mostly Meanies.

What is Victini's plan ? Hmmm... Well, there's too main theory. Either he's just a nice high-energy kid that's been banned from going near the lake when he tried to save a fish from drowning, or there's actually a plan for what he asks them to do. Whether it's a shopping list or truly necessary help for team Ion, I have no idea though.

Wynaut is definitively not safe. I hope they do not need a lot of sleep, because touching that was definitively not without consequences. Ooooh, I hope it doesn't wake up at least. Hmm... Maybe Wynaut could even learn interesting things. Maybe. It'll surely be the contrary of nice though. Poor bluebby, stones are important.

Ooooh what a nice chapter ! The plot thickens, the team en route, and the Guild certainly in danger. Well, we'll see what this is all about in the next chapters ! I'm looking forward the next one ! Have a great day, a nice rest, and a quick recovery !
Tezral chapter 73 . 7/21/2021
Awww, goodbyes are never easy. It's always hard. I almost said that they have no way to communicate to each other, but Sanyia ! She trained to use telepathy ! She could try and talk to them once or twice ! I feel so less sad now. All the friends leaving is less burdensome now that I remembered that.

Do Striker hides his orbs and Sanyia knows where they are ? How does she knows ? Will we ever know ourselves ?

Sean, Sean, Sean. Your secret is out. No need to be surprised when someone knows now ! Just accept it ! Though, I wonder how that affects a Pokemon now... He has the body of a Riolu now. It's not like he can't just say that he has a fursona, since he IS basically a furry. Well, okay, now that I said it, I understand how it makes sense. But then, do every human-transformed-pokemon is a furry by default ? Or a scaly or something, depending on the pokemon. Hmmmm... Well, it's not the right TIME to think about that anyway ;)

I like those puzzles. Mind games. Mental tests. Having these helps you define your motives. Sanyia had too much time to do introversions though, it'll never work on her. I think I'd be a bit like her against this sort of trap, though I have nowhere near her lifetime so I guess it'd be hard to have this mastery of myself like she has.

You know, when I played Diamond, I didn't know anything about these ruins or what they had in them. I just ran through the rooms because it sounded like there was lore in them. And I found Giratina standing there, after one or two tries. Eh, I was happy. Not as much as Sanyia though. Another nice dad ! Yey ! We lacked those a bit in the story, but now we have a nice balance of dead and bad dads, and good ones !

Dark Matter AND Shadows. I guess I was wrong in my theory. But since Shadows are negativity, and Dark Matter is too, then will DM come back faster ? A lot of problems will arise, all of them ancient, whether it is Dark Matter, a thousand year old being coming back for round two, Shadows, born even before the world's separation, or Scout's fuckery, that everyone know about, but that no one knows how or why.

I guess we have Palkia, afraid of furrys now. Eh. I think they interrupted his nap. At his age, naps are very important ! But maintaining the stability of the very fabric of the world is more urgent I guess. Sorry big guy ! You need to be awake for Giratina to have a bit of respite.

It feels like a checkpoint. There's the ammunitions, the heals, too bad there's no autosave there though, cause it'll be soon the slow descent to hell I think. Hope they'll be prepared enough to go through. And I pray that no one dies. Ooooh please that no one dies. Not after this happiness.

As always, I look forward the next chapter ! (Though a slightly tad bit more. Like, if every other chapter is 100%, this one is 101%) And have a great day !
Setech chapter 73 . 7/21/2021
Awwwww what a cute goodbye for now scene, everyone making their goodbyes, Scout calling Guardian dad(very precious!), let's hope things don't turn to the worse before Team Ion and Sunrise can reunite with each other

Bullying Dialga with time puns? How mean! I would have expected this from Saniya but the rest of them and even Guardian?

Awww finally after however long Saniya can get to meet Giratina and what a sweet reunion it is

Saniya can purify shadow Pokémon with the help of Sean? Why do I have feeling attempting such a thing could be bad for Sean?

I never imagined Palkia could be so scared of an Riolu and clinging to Dialga as if he was going to protect him from big bad Riolu, guess that's what actual trauma does to you(writes down in a list of bad things Keira has done to people... Before changing it to an half wrong because in that case Keira had no choice but to overkill Palkia)

Well this was another enjoyable chapter and I'm excited to see what kind of mess team ion gets into, guess we'll see in the next chapter of happy family life adventures
TheChargingRhino chapter 73 . 7/16/2021
Speed runners everywhere do hate Saniya yes (maybe, I am not a speed runner)

More plot stuff yaaaaayyyyy
Setech chapter 72 . 7/12/2021
I bet that Mane finding out his brother is dead makes him feel conflicted, his brother was awful to him and yet they were related and shared an awful life together

That's good that Scout and Striker are working on stuff between them via dungeon exploring, probably helps them grow closer faster if they battle together rather than awkwardly talking about stuff like the weather

Aww it's sad that Rhythm is leaving his position as guildmaster whether it's permanently or temporarily although it's interesting he's joining up with team Ion for the time being. I better check his stats to see how good he is... Wow he's super strong! All of his stats are higher than everyone else's...their very high... A bit TOO high... (glances at Rhythm)... You're one of those overpowered temporary party members that leaves the party due to plot reasons or death aren't you?

Look out world! The chaotic duo of Mane and Saniya is going around terrorizing everywhere! Hide while you still can

ARGHHHHHHH SOOOOOO SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET, Guardian being given a gift by Scout and basically falling into a crying fit because of it and then Scout calling him dad! Soooooo cuuuuuuute

"I don't care that everyone knows I love my son!" he declared, very loudly. "I would have ended the world for him, and I'd do it again!" Villains of this arc: write that down! Write it down!

Scout, Rai and Mane were never the same after Guardian and Saniya were done with them, Scout having been put through The TALK twice was as mortifying as it was terrifying, and for Rai and Mane? Guardian and Saniya made sure the cats were aware of their position and that while they trusted them Rai and Mane better not harm Scout in any shape or form unless they wished to experience that which the planetary investigation team experienced except somehow much deadlier, after all Guardian may be redeemed but he can always pull out his menacing The Great Dusknoir persona anytime he desires and ses it necessary


Ahhh a relaxing bath in the hot springs to prepare for the coming shitstorm, truly the most relaxing activity one could do

Well this was a pretty great chapter with lots to it, I wonder how everything will progress now with things as they are and now that Scout's knowledge is pretty much not helpful anymore minus dark matter which he might not even be the one to deal with considering it's probably years of based on the fact that the Seedot we saw is most assuredly going to be our future leaf dad

Regardless this chapter was great and I'm looking forward to the next chapter of happy family life adventures!
Tezral chapter 72 . 7/8/2021
Oooooh, this is so wholesome ! And Rhythm comes to the team ! That's a POWERFUL addition ! Though... I don't know if this good or bad. Well, the cats already said everything there was to say. Oooh, things will get a bit weird with Rai and Mane if Rhythm is here with them a bit too much though, abstinence can lead to a lot of things :p.

Ranged Night Slash ? He's going to be able to use it soon from his progress with the spork ! And he learns quickly. Especially with Stiker as a mentor, he should have no trouble with this technique. Maybe in two or three chapters. Depending on the ellipses. Though, to truly master it he'll need more time I think.

Mane and Saniya being closer than we thought is nice. Actually being able to relate to something so personnal like that is nice. I think I understand too, and yeah that's really nice. Wholesome moment, that slightly feel not that wholesome knowing the context, but they can still take the day as a beautiful one, and not be burdened by their past so easily. I think they still are, but it's not crushing. More like... Present. Acknowledged but not burdensome. Not when it's not coming full-force. It's really something to see that like that with only words.

Eheh, the talk. Guardian is a good dad. Having this talk is important. Though... Discovering is part of the fun. He could at least let Scout the liberty of discovering a few things by himself xD
I'd like to learn how to use common objects in surprising ways. Could be useful in everyday life !

Feels like Kenji is part of a greater whole that may be really super duper important. Throwing this like it's not urgent is ringing my danger bell. Didn't even know I had one, so that's something.

They have healed so much. This could be a good ending, without the invisible danger we know about. Yeah. That'd be a nice ending. Seeing everyone healing slowly, and being fine.

My heart is super light from reading this. It's like I'm on another planet xd. I see you are easing us into a sense of security and preparation, hm ? I can't believe they, or even we, are prepared for what's coming. I guess we'll see

I'm looking forward the next chapter, as always ! Have a great day ! Or night ? A great something ! Anything xD
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