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This makes me wanna cryyyy I love this!
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Please continue. These are so good and heart warming
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The 5 Times Series by feministkendra
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11Chapter 1: 5 Times Warren Had Kendra's Back
A/N: Dark themes ahead folks, some sexism, slight violence, talk of eating disorders, slight verbal abuse and harassment. Sounds like a fun fic right! But don't worry, Warren is there to make it all better and it's more comfort than hurt in the hurt/comfort department! Sorry for the darkness, I had a different idea when I started this but the story just wrote itself. Also, this is pretty much just a bunch of canon divergence just so you know! I love this brotp so much okay, ENJOY 12,00 WORDS OF PURE HURT/COMFORT!


Kendra looked out the window of the kitchen sadly as she watched Coulter and Seth go out on another "Boys Only Mission". She hated to admit it but it really hurt her. Especially now that she didn't have Vanessa, she felt more left out and alone than ever.

She understood if Coulter just didn't want Seth to feel left out after the news of her joining the Knights of the Dawn, but Coulter had straight up looked her in the eye and told her the only reason she wasn't allowed to come was that she is a girl.

It hurt.

"Hey, kiddo. Why so sad? Who killed your puppy?" Kendra turned to see Warren walking into the kitchen, his eyebrows furrowed at her.

She sighed. "It's's just…" Kendra trailed off. What if Warren thought the same as Coulter? "...Nevermind."

"Oh, nah. You aren't pulling that one." Warren shook his head, pulled up a chair next to her, leaned his elbow on the table and held his head in his hand. "Come on, tell me. You look upset and I'm not gonna just let that go by with an 'it's nothing,' Kendra… I-don't-know-your-middle-name-yet Sorenson."

"It's Marie." Kendra gave him a small smile.

"Ahh! Kendra Marie Sorenson, huh? Very adorable. Now that I have middle name power, tell me what's wrong, Kendra Marie."

Kendra bit her lip. She knew Warren wouldn't let it go, and she was a terrible liar, so she couldn't fake a reason why she was upset.

"Coulter took Seth out on some secret adventure thing."

"Okay, and...?"

"He said… Coulter said I wasn't allowed to come… because I'm a girl." She finished the sentence with a mumble, turning her head as far away from Warren's gaze as she could while her eyes started to tear up. How dumb. She was on the verge of crying over something so simple.

Kendra heard Warren sigh and braced herself for his response.

"I can't believe he is still doing that. That's...not right, Kens. I'm sorry."

Kendra turned her head around to face him for a moment before she remembered she was crying, then whipped away from him again in the hopes that he wouldn't notice. But of course, this was Warren, and he was nothing if not observant.

"Hey, hey, Kendra...oh come on, kid. Don't cry, you'll break my poor heart," Warren tried to joke, his chuckle falling a little flat as she heard the worry in his voice. He put his hand on her shoulder, trying to turn her towards him but she shook her head and pulled away, a small sob escaping her.

"Oh, Kens...come here. Follow me." Warren stood up, taking her hand and tugging on it gently to get her to follow. He led her up the stairs and into the spare room that he had claimed as his, then crawled onto his bed and patted the space in front of him. Kendra sat down.

"Alright now, listen to me. While Coulter is a great Knight, awesome with artifacts, very smart… he can be, and excuse my language, an asshole." Warren started, earning a small smile from Kendra.

"I don't know, maybe it's my fault. I mean, here I am crying just because I couldn't go out on an adventure with two boys. That's not something that shows my strength, I guess," Kendra mumbled, her eyes on Warren's blue comforter and her hands idly pulling at her fingers so that the joints popped.

"No, Kendra. Absolutely not," Warren said firmly. "This was not your fault in the slightest. Deep down you know that. This is sexism, in the purest form. There is no excuse. None."

"But, maybe he just thought I wasn't strong enough to do whatever he brought Seth to do?"

"What were his exact words when he said you couldn't go?" Warren asked curiously.

"He said... 'I would take you but the reason I won't is that you are a girl,' and then he told me to go inside." Kendra heard Warren sigh.

"Kens, hey. K, look at me," Warren placed a finger under her chin directing her head up to meet his eyes. "That is sexism, it's discrimination and it isn't right, but it has nothing to do with your strength and ability. In fact, you have more qualifications than your brother at this point in time."

" really hurt." Kendra whimpered, eyes welling up with tears again as her bottom lip trembled. Warren's face fell and his head leaned to the side while he looked at her sadly.

"Come here, kiddo," he said softly, holding out his arms. Kendra hesitated, but when she couldn't keep the tears in any longer and the dam broke, she quickly crawled over to Warren who pulled her into his lap, wrapping her up in a tight hug.

"I-It's not fair, Warr...It's not fair." Kendra sobbed into his neck.

"Shh, I know. Shh, I got you," Warren hushed her, rocking her back and forth. Kendra hadn't known Warren for too long, but she felt comforted and safe at the moment. She was so relieved that he thought Coulter was wrong as well.

"Seth d-didn't seem to think it wasn't okay. He even l-laughed at m-me, that h-hurt even more," Kendra confessed, a fresh wave of tears falling from her eyes. God, she was probably soaking Warren's neck and shirt. She felt bad, but she couldn't seem to lift her head up from where it was buried into the bottom of his neck.

"And that was wrong of him as well, but try to remember your brother is a young boy. He probably still thinks girls have cooties and all that." Warren reasoned. "Plus, you're his older sister, so he automatically thought this was just something he beats his sibling at."

"I guess."

"Hey, look at me," Warren said again. Kendra complied, pulling her head back to meet his eyes sadly. "I don't think he meant it the same way Coulter did. He probably was thinking of it as payback for you coming with us to join the Knights."

Kendra nodded, feeling a bit better. "But, Coulter is supposed to be my mentor...what kind of mentor makes me feel like I can't do things, only because I'm a girl?"

Warren smiled bitterly. "Apparently an outdated one." He wiped some tears off Kendra's face. "But, you Kendra, are fully capable of anything. Hey, you joined me in the Inverted Tower, right?"

"Yeah, but you did everything."

"Not true! You threw that flashlight to distract the minotaur, giving me time to get out of the sand! And if it wasn't for you and your fairy magic, I would be dead right now, remember?" Kendra nodded reluctantly.

"So you are fully capable. Also, you saved your family last summer! I bet Seth couldn't get help from the Fairy Queen, now, could he?" Warren said, bopping her nose lightly, earning a smile. He eased her off his lap and onto the bed, and stood up and grabbed some tissues off his desk. Making his way back towards her, he tilted her head back up and wiped the rest of her tears away before sitting back down.

"Now, don't ever let that grumpy old man ever see you crying over him. But if you do need to cry, my door is always open. Got it?" He asked, giving her a kind smile. Kendra tried to smile back, but it fell flat.

"Warren?" Kendra said quietly, staring at her lap.


"Why do people hate girls so much? Why are we somehow lesser than boys?"

There was a pause after her question. She glanced up through her eyelashes at Warren. He was staring at her with a troubled look on his face. Once he caught her eye, she quickly looked down.

"First off," Warren sighed. "Women are not less than men. Don't let any boy or man, no matter how young, old, or powerful, make you believe that. Secondly…"

He trailed off for a moment. Kendra was tempted to look back up but she didn't want to catch his eye again. Warren had a way of looking like he could read her mind, and a lot of the time it seemed like he could with the way he could tell how she was feeling with a single glance.

She didn't want him to see how nervous and put down she felt.

"Secondly," Warren started again. "People tend to hate women because our history has always painted the picture of women as nothing but men's entertainment. But, it's a wrong and shameful history. Hopefully, things will start to change. I...I hate that you have to experience this first hand so young, but it's the sad truth to this world."

"So, this will be happening all my life?" Kendra asked, feeling hopeless. Why was the world like this? Why would she be judged just because of the way her body was made?

"I wish I could say differently, sweetie. But I know, just from my own mother and the other women in my life, that you will have to work ten times harder than any boy for the same recognition. You'll be told how to act, dress, speak, anything, and judged when you don't conform to society's standards."


"This talk is pretty heavy for a fourteen-year-old, huh?" Warren chuckled. Kendra risked a glance up and saw him looking down at himself, biting his thumbnail. When he looked back up, Kendra snapped her eyes down again.

"Why are you afraid to look at me?"

"I'm not."

"Then why do you keep looking down?" Kendra bit her lip, eyebrows furrowed. Maybe it would be easier, to tell the truth than hide it. Warren had been supportive so far...

"Can you read minds?" Kendra asked suddenly, hesitating when Warren burst into laughter. She watched him with big eyes as he laughed, his eyes scrunched shut. When he opened them back up and saw her face, he sobered.

"Wait, you were serious?" He asked. When she shyly nodded feeling a bit embarrassed, he slightly cocked his head to the side. "Why would you think I can read minds?"

"...Because you can always tell how I'm really feeling just by looking at me. Even when I try to hide it, you always know. I don't get it," she confessed.

"Oh, honey. That's just because you read like a book. Those big green eyes are more expressive than you know. That's how I can tell-and so can Dale, and Tanu, and pretty much everyone else."

"So you can tell what I'm feeling right now?" Kendra looked at him, curious. Warren studied her face intently for a second, complete with a whole scanner sound and motion, dramatizing every move and making her giggle.

"You're probably thinking, 'Oh, my cousin is so funny! He is definitely my favorite cousin!' Am I right?" Warren winked.

Kendra laughed again and humored him. "Right, Warr."

"See! I speak Kendra! Now, how about you and me go on an adventure ourselves? I can show you my favorite safe spots in the forest if you would like?" His eyes shined with Seth-like mischief and Kendra brightened.

"Really?!" she exclaimed, sitting up straighter. Warren nodded, hopping off the bed and extending a hand to help her off.

"Let's go adventuring, Kens!"


Kendra yawned and stretched as she exited the rental car. The Knights had sent her on another small mission before she could go back home to Fablehaven; Warren was still with her as her official guardian, which was something she was very grateful for.

Speaking of Warren, he came around the other side of the car and smiled at her. "Ready to go speak to some dryads, K?"

"I guess. It's not like I have experience," she said, rubbing her dry eyes. She had taken a nap in the car and now she was having trouble waking up. They had only left Lost Mesa yesterday, and she hadn't exactly been feeling well-rested.

"Welcome to my world. That's like half the missions I've been assigned to," Warren laughed, leading her to the preserve's main house. "But hey, that's how you gain experience, right?"

They were on a smaller preserve in Maine. It was in the middle of the state and surrounded by more trees than Kendra would have imagined possible in that part of the country.

Over the next few hours, they situated themselves in the house, put their luggage down in a couple of the guest rooms, met the caretakers and other knights that would be joining the mission, and ate a small dinner. Kendra didn't particularly like the last part, but Warren was looking at her as if he was just praying she would eat, so she forced herself to.

The caretakers of the place were nice enough, and most of the other people living on the preserve were alright, but one of them seemed to immediately dislike Kendra. Trevor, a tall, hulking, bodybuilder type of man, constantly sent dirty looks to them. He scoffed at Warren, who he apparently knew, and looked Kendra up and down with a glint in his eyes which made Kendra so uncomfortable that she stepped behind Warren, who reached back and squeezed her hand while he continued his conversation with the caretaker. Apparently, he did not miss the way Trevor was staring at Kendra, either.

The caretaker eventually had to show Warren the map of the preserve which they kept in their office and lead a hesitant Warren out of the room, leaving Kendra alone with Trevor. Kendra shifted uncomfortably as she felt Trevor's eyes on her.

"So." Kendra jumped at Trevor's booming voice. "What did they bring a little girl in here to do? Play dress up for us?"

Kendra's skin crawled with the implications of his analogy and wanted Warren back. "N-no. I'm going to be leading the mission to talk with the dryads."

"Are you kidding? You? Leading me? Have you ever even talked to the dryads?" Trevor sneered.

"I haven't yet, but-"

Trevor rolled his eyes. "You're telling me we have to listen to a fourteen-year-old girl, when her damn self, hasn't spoken to dryads yet? Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous."

Kendra felt embarrassed for a second, then remembered what Warren had told her about a week ago in his room; to not let any man tell her she is less than him. Warren wasn't here right now, so she had to stand up for herself. Taking a deep breath, Kendra looked Trevor in the eyes and began to verbalize her thoughts.

"I'm sorry, but do you speak the language of the dryads?" When Trevor didn't answer, she continued, keeping her tone light. "Exactly. And as your caretakers have mentioned, the dryads are refusing to speak in English, so please tell me how you would be a better fit for this mission than me. Because with all due respect, there is no possible way you would be."

"Why, you little shit. How dare you speak to a superior like that?!" He made several steps towards Kendra, whose eyes widened in fear, and she backed up until she hit the wall behind her with Trevor right up in her face. "You are nothing, you are a rookie that got lucky a few times. Not even off your own talent! You leech off others because you are a good for nothing, stupid, ugly, fat little bitch, that is going to kill her entire team with her incompetence one of these days."

Kendra shook in fear at the hulking man glaring down at her. The insults had hit very close to home, and her body immediately wanted to throw up any of the food she had eaten in the past two months.

"I-" she started.

Trevor slapped her hard across the face, his sharp rings digging into her cheek. Kendra's head whipped to the side, her hands coming up to cup her cheek in shock, tears filling her eyes. She could hear footsteps rushing towards the kitchen but Trevor was too busy insulting her to notice.

"Shut up! I wasn't done speaking to you! You little fu-"

Suddenly Trevor was out of her face. She heard a slam on the floor and when she looked over to see what had caused the noise, she saw Warren holding Trevor down, standing above him with his foot on Trevor's chest and holding a sword at his neck. Kendra had never seen him look so positively angry before.

"Now you listen to me closely, Trevor," Warren hissed. "The last time I worked with you, it was you that almost got the whole team and yourself killed with your ineptitude, so you are not in the place to be preaching to others about incompetence. Now, what were you doing at fourteen years old? Nothing. Probably running around being a little shit; nothing special. Not even close to what Kendra has accomplished at her age."

"And on that note," Warren leaned in toward the other man's face, keeping his sword at Trevor's neck and kneeling on his chest, "Kendra is a smart, kind, beautiful young girl with a heart of gold. So don't you ever, ever try to tell her she's anything less. And for your information, you jackass…"

Warren lowered his voice to a whisper so only Trevor, Kendra and himself could hear him, "Kendra has been battling an eating disorder, you goddamn bastard. So, it is in your best interest to take back that insult and pray God forgives you. Because even though fat isn't an insult, you body shaming dick, she is the farthest thing from it; she is underweight and I swear on my life that if your stupid, ignorant words have caused my baby cousin to relapse, even more, I will end you. Do you understand me?"

Trevor nodded as best he could with a sword at his throat. "Good. Oh, and one more thing," Warren said, voice dropping down to a lethal hiss. "If you ever lay a hand on Kendra again, it will be the last thing you do. Are we clear on that?"

Trevor nodded frantically and Warren pushed off of the frightened man roughly, watching as he ran out of the room while wearing a murderous look on his face. He turned to Kendra, who was still holding her aching cheek, tears streaming down her face with her eyes wide and scared, and his face instantly softened completely.

He dropped his sword and approached her cautiously, eyes full of concern. He slowly brought his hands up to hers, softly tugging them away from her cheek so he could see her injury. She saw his eyes darken a tad at whatever mark Trevor had left on her. Swiping a thumb softly across her cheek, he examined more closely. When he withdrew his thumb, Kendra saw blood on his finger. Trevor's rings must have cut her skin.

Warren sighed and drew her into the softest hug Kendra had ever been a part of. She realized he was probably trying not to scare her and she was grateful for that because she was very shaken. When he pulled back, he kept one arm around her and started leading her out of the room, picking up his dropped sword on the way out.

They made their way to her guest room and Kendra walked in expecting Warren to follow, but he stayed in the doorway. "Stay here for a second, okay Kens? I'm going to go get a first aid kit." The softness in his tone matched the gentleness of his previous actions.

She nodded and he shut the door. Kendra heard him walking down the hall but then she sank to the floor, her quaking legs not able to hold her anymore. She brought her knees up to her chest and hid her face between them. She heard voices near her door and she flinched, bringing her hands up to block her ears as she sat there shaking and scared.

Suddenly, there was a gentle touch on her shoulder. Kendra screamed and flinched back. Warren was kneeling there, hands in the air, with a first aid kit next to him. She noticed the door was shut and relaxed before she started crying again.

"W-Warren!" Kendra sobbed, reaching for him. Warren's face fell to something between worry and sadness as he crawled his way over to her and pulled her into his arms. Kendra realized this would mark the second time she cried in Warren's arms.

"You're okay now, Kens. You're safe, I'm here, I'm right here. Shh," Warren whispered, his ever-gentle hand smoothing her hair down. "I'm here. You don't need to be scared, sweetie; you're safe now, he won't hurt you again, I promise. I promise."

"H-he, he...I…" Kendra tried to speak but she was in shock and could hardly breathe correctly. Warren seemed to know what she was
Guest chapter 1 . 4/8/2020
Hi there. I really love your writing. It’s descriptive and funny and moving and is very easy to understand. I really wish you would add more to the story. Maybe next time, (when you want to talk) you could write about Bracken and Kendra.
By Myself Alone chapter 1 . 2/29/2020
I really loved your story. I was wondering if i could write a little more in detail situation 4. Like where her eating disorder started. If not that is totally fine. Again I really like your work.
Wolf lover27 chapter 3 . 1/27/2019
I loved it. It was so cute. Update soon
FairyGirl22 chapter 3 . 1/27/2019
Yay! I love a guessing game! I guess that part 2 will be about all the times that Seth protected Kendra? Anyways this chapter was amazing. I love that you wrote Kendra and Seth as toddlers. It was so adorable! I’m also impressed that you’re not only completing the prompt, you’re also going above and beyond by making a part 2! (That sounded like something a highly critical English teacher would say lol). I’m excited for part 2 and can’t wait for the next update! Keep up the fabulous work!
Jesus saved even me chapter 3 . 1/26/2019
This was absolutely amazing!
FairyGirl22 chapter 2 . 1/23/2019
Hey Warren. It looks like you have some competition for the best cousin award. I loved all the symbolism. It really made that part really interesting plus it made me think which is good (Seth would probably disagree on the whole thinking is good part though). All and all I’m really liking this story!
Wolf lover27 chapter 2 . 1/23/2019
Amazing chapter. Update soon
fairykam chapter 1 . 1/10/2019
roseannej chapter 1 . 1/7/2019
Wolf lover27 chapter 1 . 1/7/2019
This was amazing. Update soon
FairyGirl22 chapter 1 . 1/7/2019
I loved that you included darker themes. You explored each issue with respect and care and it really made the whole thing meaningful. I also loved how you wrote Warren in this. He truly is the best cousin anyone could ask for. Also, kudos to Kendra in the end! She slayed him!