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SunPho3n1x chapter 128 . 11/24
Such a great story! I absolutely love it. Thank you for writing this!
bookwormtx chapter 129 . 11/24
Very interested in this story
Dark-Prince-of-Clowns chapter 129 . 11/16
Oooh~ Will Harry fall to the darkness now that his family is threatened? _

(I have a half-sister like that. She can take any abuse or insult with a smile, but threaten her kids and she'd go all Bellatrix Lestrange on her worst on the ass of the person who did it. I've no doubt she'd kill to keep them safe, and Harry seems the same way.)

I kinda wish you would create a Hogwarts World on the Text Based App game AI Dungeon. I love your writing and intresting adventures. _

Plus, I love how you portray the characters in it. I mean... Voldie is a bit illogically un-sociopathic for a sociopath (or born psychopath if dumbledore is to be belived, tho I personally think Tom is more like Dexter, without any parental figure to keep his homicidal tendencies to a minimum.)

Oh, and serious Kudos for the Foreshadowing bit that I suspect most people missed, where you mentioned that gifts could be used to harm -it Foreshadowed the event perfectly, while also misdirecting you to think a gift would be the cause, not a letter. Lol

It's a writing technique I still struggle to master myself, so... impressive. _

That said, I am SO looking forward to see how this story goes! _
Dark-Prince-of-Clowns chapter 127 . 11/15
Fun fact: There is a generally higher satisfaction and warm feelings for the partner in arranged marriges than in the romantically chosen wester ones. _

Mind you, I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the fact that westerners grow up with Disney and expect True Love to solve all problems -which is downright idiotic- while cultures who do arrange marriges expect to have to work on it. (Because successful people, like Dan Lok, tend to have happy marriages because they know that you need to put some effort into thing to make them work)

And not ALL arranged marriges are happy. I think the % rare is around 85% for arrange marriges with a 55% (or 45?) For romantic marriges that stay happy over a ten years periode. (Longer timelines seem to favor arranged marriges tho) but still...

My point with this was; Is british wizarding families THAT shitty bad when selecting their child's life partners?

Or is it just that they're so insular and they refuse to marry outside brittain, so the choices are slim?

The story itself is brilliant tho. _

I just like to nitpick on common misconceptions. And I study far too much psychology and sociology. Lol

I always look forward to read more of this story.
Dark-Prince-of-Clowns chapter 126 . 11/15
Small tip: Use your characters to avoid boring readers with facts.

Like... instead of writing "In the second act, Sancho delivers a grand tirade against Dulcinee."

Try writing it like "the curtain went up for the second act, and Harry leaned forward, gripping the rail when Sanchi delivered his grand tirade against Dulcinee."

You could likely view it from Rastabans POV as he gets pulled in by Harry's enthusiasm and the play if you wanna go all out. Just don't overdo it. Lol

Anyway... I'm sure you can see the difference when you read it, you're a good writer overall. And this story is great. _
Bluemoon132 chapter 129 . 11/11
Elaelle chapter 128 . 11/5
Goldstein je suis sûre c'est eux
Guest chapter 114 . 10/31
This chapter was soo funny I love how similar in gay panic/crisis voldemort and harry were in They have such sibling/ mentor relationship
Guest chapter 99 . 10/30
That was hot
Guest chapter 31 . 10/29
It’s so funny how everyone assumes he’s being ‘kept’ by the father and not once thinks of the son
Guest chapter 14 . 10/28
Thats so smart! Harry is a genius no cap
BasilDuvaaal chapter 10 . 10/20
Oh my. The way Harry is just drawing everyone in with his sweet innocence and good heart & vulnerability and all these grown men are just melting. **sigh** All the feels, indeed.
I love how you are writing these characters. I believe I am half in love with Corvus already - now how do I break this to my husband? lol.
Syiera Aquila1 chapter 129 . 10/20
BasilDuvaaal chapter 6 . 10/16
I can't believe I am just finding this story! It has so many of the things I love in a HP fanfic: The Goblins helping Harry, an older pureblood patriarch taking Harry in and caring for him, Dumbledore's manipulations getting foiled, etc…. I LOVE Corvus. What an awesome, complex character you are creating. And I have a feeling there are many more characters I am going to fall for by the end of the story. I have a feeling nothing is going to get done around my house this weekend. lol
HMRoberts chapter 129 . 10/16
WoW! I go away for half a year and look what happens? *giggles*

Name for doggo:

1. Mateo: Spanish form of Matthew; gift of the Lord
2. CheVito: Spanish combination of "Buddy" (Che) and "lively/full of life" (Vito)
3. Asher: Hebrew, meaning "fortunate".

That's all I have, dear heart. Hope this finds you well!

Your Constant Reader and Friend;
- Heidi R.
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