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SoraMalfoySlythern chapter 115 . 22h
amusing to watch tom get excited about harry being blood thristy in anyway I'm cracking up saying in my head yesss harry join the darkside we have cookies and fun mwhaha ...
SoraMalfoySlythern chapter 114 . 22h
tom and Harry's talk omgs it's like older brother explain to baby brother I died at the cuteness tom sound like me with my sister's kids when they ask questions im like ask your mom or dad aunty not telling you what your parents don't want you to know yet. age 3 and 5 boys mind you
Miko Vampire chapter 113 . 7/29
Harry and his family should still be able to press charges on her ass and have a trial in front of the Wizengmot for what she tried to do, they did with Figg so Hermione should be brought to the ministry and be judged by them too! I say she should be made an example of and be facing prison time despite her age, if that spell had worked she could've brought the end of the Potter line!
darkpsychoqueen chapter 115 . 7/28
I was a little bit behind cause i was having phone trouble.. damn the way u write just sucks me in and i cant stop reading and then when i do i always want more lol... cant wait for the next chapter
Guest chapter 107 . 7/27
Gente estou procurando uma fanfic harry e rabastan. Harry é colocado sobre a tutela dos malfoy que fazem um contrato de casamento com rabastan, que ele é seu irmão acabam saindo de Azkaban e tals. Eu lê uma vez e esqueci de salvar, alguém sabe o nome da fanfic?
vampire moonlight chapter 115 . 7/27
great job! please update soon!
Dixie.f.9 chapter 113 . 7/23
Hermione at least you can go back to living in just in the muggle world. Or move to another country to finish your education and get a new wand. Maybe you will learn from this that not all authorities are good.
happyhippy chapter 115 . 7/23
Thank you for the update!I really enjoyed the lord slathering and Harry interaction in the last chapter
gamergirl986 chapter 115 . 7/23
can't wait to see what happens next
FotoDi chapter 108 . 7/21
It would be a riot if Harry & Rabastan ended up with many children!

I do have a question … how would Lily (& James) reacted if they knew Harry was a bearer?!

You postulated earlier that James Potter was so embroiled in Dumbledore’s Light Side Dogma that he might have rejected having a child who was a “bearer”.

Would Lily Potter (nee Evans) also have been overcome with the prejudice of her Muggle ‘Blue collar’ roots as to view her androgynous son as a “freak” if she were to learn he was a bearer?

How would your James & Lily Potter have reacted to their son and heir Harry being a parsel mouth?

Lily Evans was far too intelligent & curious as well as determined to become a success in the hidden Magical World she had entered at 11 with her BFF Severus Snape.

There is no way that precocious and ambitious Lily Evans did not — at some point during her 7 years at Hogwarts — make the potion to test her own blood. She would have madevthis potion & tested herself (with or without Severus Snape) if for no other reason than to prove her potion worked. Even in JKR’s canon, Lily Evans was an ambitious suck-up to all her professors— she was smart, aware of the rules, selected as both Prefect & Headgirl, and even joined Professor Horace Sloghorn’s shmoozing ‘Slug Club’.

Being raised in the Muggle world and taught the “Scientific Method” Lily would have wondered where “magic” came from…

Intelligent Lily Evans would have scoffed at the pureblood’s ignorant fear-mongering belief that Muggleborns stole their magic from purebloods. It was nonsensical.

However as they were caught in a dangerous war over Blood Purity and (supposed) Dark Magic, Lily Evans might very well might have been upset if not terrified to discover she was related to Slytherin.

In the Kate 1970’s, Albus Dumbledore would have seized this fact and manipulated the players “FOR THE GREATER GOOD”.

Don’t you think?

If Lily discovered that she was related to the infamous inbred Gaunt Family as well as one of Hogwart’s founders— Salazar Slytherin, in whom would young Lily Evans have confided? [During a Blood War] James Potter was notoriously anti-Slytherin. Probably she would seek counsel from old ‘twinkle-eyes’ himself, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.
FotoDi chapter 103 . 7/21
Theological question if you want to tackle it.

If Dumbledore’s soul (or its remains) “passes on”, ….
(1) Does this mean Dumbledore goes to an Afterlife?
(2) Could this AU version of Dumbledore be contacted through the Resurrection Stone…?
(3) Does this mean your AU version of Dumbledore will be able to choose to remain or return as a ghost?

Just curious as to the evil (Dark Lord) Dumbledore's status after escaping The Dementors’ kiss by dying.
matheus.slimasc chapter 115 . 7/21
E o Grimório da Família Potter o que aconteceu? Voltou para as mãos do Harry? Acho que a Hermione já teve o suficiente nessa história, ela está sendo extremamente rude e deve parar. Harry merece um pouco de paz ao lado do Rabastan. Haverá algum salto no tempo? Estou ansioso pelo casamento do Harry e também dele assumindo seu senhorio.
Debbie Snyder chapter 11 . 7/21
liltachii chapter 115 . 7/20
Guest chapter 115 . 7/20
Thank you for adding the other two (amazing) chapters. This chapter make way more sense now. I anticipate seeing what happens next!
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