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Ghost Claw 001 chapter 59 . 23h
Something is seriously off about the current situation?
Reading between lines it's clear Rabaistan is either lying or very misinformated.
Guest chapter 139 . 12/1
threereasonswhy is if course yet another of DebsTheSlythrinSnapeFan's alt accounts.
threereasonswhy chapter 139 . 12/1
Every single one of the people who hate review this story and call the author a plagiarising creep are just increasing the review count. And where's the evidence? PM me.
Eagle Eyes chapter 9 . 11/28
Sorry ment plagiarisised from the now abandoned
www . hpfanficarchive . com
Your still a lying grunt!
Eagle Eyes chapter 9 . 11/28
Re-reading this I now realise this is actually shit, and much plagerised from harrypotteradultfanficton dot com stories.

Your a sad fake for doing that.
Eagle eyes chapter 139 . 11/27
Would not come through for him? Makes me think they are disappointed in him...

Keep writing as life allows
Draco DildoLover chapter 5 . 11/27
"So Astoria, how was your wedding night?" Hermione asked as she saw the shell shocked girl wandering around Knockturn Alley on a sunny afternoon in June.
"Err very strange." replied the new Mrs Malfoy "Nothing like my mother or sister warned me about. His penis is TINY and he showed no interest in sticking it up me all night! All I could do was make him orgasm by sticking bigger and bigger things up his bottom!"
"Ah yes" commiserated Granger "bloody Malfoy's and their sad, perverted anal kinks! That's the ONLY way they can cum - in the end!"

A few months later, Draco died after using an enormous cursed dildo up his ass. It somehow reverted to the full grown mahogany tree it was made from, halfway through his self buggering session. Something Borgin & Burkes had definitely not mentioned on the label! Astoria was shopping in Paris at the time and was informed of 'the bloody mess in the master's bedroom' by a house elf. She got to keep his whole fortune despite remaining a virgin & married a well hung muggleborn a few years later - much to her's & everyone else's delight.

(No one ever discovered Hermione had borrowed the Cloak of Invisibility, snuck into Malfoy Manor and used Draco's own wand to place a forgotten rejuvenation charm on his wooden sextoy from the bedroom doorway. She then burnt his wand in the fireplace to leave no evidence. That'll teach him what a 'vengeful mudblood' was truly capable of!
She also joined Astoria and her new husband in bed quite often and showed the pureblood princess that muggles sometimes indeed do 'it' better!)
Not Found chapter 13 . 11/25
this has to be some of the weirdest freaking fucking shit on the web

ive reported this as promoting child grooming/abuse

youre a sick fuckperv
yessi.esquitin chapter 139 . 11/17
Me encanta la historia
Lying Grunt chapter 139 . 11/16
is of course yet another alt account of DebsTheSlythrinSnapeFan
Please ignore any posts by them.
And mods please delete this fake fanfic as the fraud it is.
KindaCrazy02 chapter 1 . 11/15
Pile of rotting pigshit!
SunPho3n1x chapter 139 . 11/14
Such a great story! I get excited every time you add a new chapter. Thank you for writing this.
MrTom.DildoLover chapter 70 . 11/9
You do write some shit.
MaeSilverpaws1 chapter 41 . 11/6
I do not trust Corvus one bit.
Many things wrong with this fic, as tedious paragraphs of fluff do not make up for lack of plot content.
And the flimsy way Harry 'just turned gay' is an awful way to just switch from canon.
CHILD PORN chapter 1 . 11/4
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