Reviews for Laughing All the Way to London
Kamizune chapter 26 . 10/1
Your tale is a work of art. Add to that you are dyslexic and it blows he worth of this story out of the water. How anyone can give you mean comments is beyond me. Thank you for the gift. Take care.
Clinio chapter 30 . 9/21
It was a really good fic.
But most of all, I have to thank you for falling into the big clichés of this kind of fic.
You created a new story, with a plot of your own. You didn't justify the Harry/Narcissa union except with your own brilliance.
You didn't resort to a fiery mylf and incidentally a dramione belittling Ron.
You didn't build up a selfish, thirsty for the limelight Ginny.
For all of that, thank you.
Yourmumslover chapter 7 . 9/10
Please dont start with the SnApE iS aCtUaLlY a GoOd GuY its a retarded argument
Yourmumslover chapter 5 . 9/10
Wayyy too late for bellatrix to be redeemed
Yourmumslover chapter 2 . 9/10
So harry has lost his brain staying in a house with mostly hostiles what a retard
Yourmumslover chapter 1 . 9/10
Hope he kills the goblins
ak chapter 30 . 9/8
morgane a une stratégie compliquée, pourquoi ça a échouée? :)
hdres chapter 30 . 9/3
An interesting and well written story. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing your writing
Nex313 chapter 30 . 8/23
This kind of writing seems non existent in most Fanfics, but it made me smile and laugh when I read a plausible reason for kids(for once ) doing the smart thing in a situation like this. Great job and I loved this story!

“Waiting for help is an excellent solution when you are safe and everywhere else is unsafe.

To the best of their knowledge, they were relatively safe, for now, and there was nowhere safer for them to go.

So, they waited.”
Marco Zilvetti chapter 9 . 8/5
There is something wrong about what you said about Animagus, they dont need it a wand to do it, that's the main difference betwen an Animagus and a wizard who use magic to transform themselves into an animal.
kingpj999 chapter 3 . 8/5
Best way to mess with Voldemort right now it's tainting his name while he is still gathering followers, most of purebloods bigots wont follow a son of a muggle and a squib.
romieX chapter 1 . 7/27
Bella nad Kigsley? Uhg, I'm gonna puke, seriously, not cool. Why did you paired Bella with that filthy ass? Just, fuck off!
Guest chapter 6 . 7/10
Amazing way it's written definetely one of a kind I was surprised that he's cool with Narcissa
Re Lovely Lover chapter 30 . 7/11
That was a heck of an ending. A great story I'm glad you shared.

Just one thing though. When is he getting Hagrid his wand back?
Re Lovely Lover chapter 29 . 7/11
Morgana calling him selfish and all that garbage about him not acting. He had been looking into things and wanted to know. None of them were offering up information and like the goblins kept their taps shit instead of just telling him what they know and want.

Morgana bs'ing him with accusations when she seemingly should know he didnt know a damned thing and saying he needed to push to act on something he was clueless on how to act is infuriating.

Her not knowing hed hate the term greater good definitely didn't need future sight to know.

Nor to know screwing with a parents child is one of the dumbest things you can do. Especially a parent that is a known fighter.
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