Reviews for I, Greg: Or How a Self Insert Destroyed the Wormverse
Gman chapter 7 . 3/8/2019
Dinah is very funny.
Gman chapter 4 . 3/8/2019
Endbringer? Definitely I did not see that coming.
Gman chapter 3 . 3/8/2019
Is Greg going to have a harem? Are Taylor, Sophia and Emma going to be in the harem?
Eluvian Camaris chapter 19 . 3/9/2019
my favourite shitpost has been updated.
praise kek
Someguy the anon chapter 19 . 3/8/2019
nice to see a great man work for the military, sorry for prolly sounding a tad rude.

Also I hope Void ends up succesfulling beating up Vicky, like it might be fanon because my worm knowledge is from osmosis, but her brute power is based on a shield that has to recharge after each hit.
so like go fast and dump her in a Dumpster. rinse and repeat with all of New Wave and save every Protectorate/Ward member show the message "Screw private heroes"
Someguy the anon chapter 18 . 3/8/2019
first off:
what the hacking ding dong did take so long get this, you literally have already written and have it posted on spacebattles.

second off:
holly heck this is great, I kind of hope Dinah ends up becoming "future"!Dinah eventually, and the concept of the PRT-intern that is in fact an antagonist to a minor extant is great.
Someguy the anon chapter 18 . 3/8/2019
first off:
what the hacking ding dong did take so long get this, you literally have already written and have it posted on spacebattles.

second off:
holly heck this is great, I kind of hope Dinah ends up becoming "future"!Dinah eventually, and the concept of the PRT-intern that is in fact an antagonist to a minor extant is great.
Sentinel951 chapter 18 . 3/7/2019
This is continually impressive and I eagerly wait for more
Gravespawn chapter 17 . 2/11/2019
Interesting Story. Keep up the good work.
Grappo chapter 17 . 2/8/2019
Thanks for the chapter. The miranda rights are related to admissable statements while in custody. If the police had you in custody and questioned you about the alleged crime without providing the warning, the prosecution typically wouldn’t be able to use your resulting statements at trial. (Of course, there are exceptions to the Miranda rule, and statements obtained in violation of Miranda are generally admissible to impeach a defendant who testifies.) But if the police never interrogate you, then they don’t have to read you your rights—if you speak up of your own accord, what you say may very well be admissible. Yet, the case here is that the questions of armsmaster is an interrogation and panacea was in custody, her miranda rights werent read to her. Whether a suspect is in custody or is out of custody is a determination that a court would make at any hearing to determine the admissibility of a confession as a result of a Miranda violation. This is typically where a lawyer comes in to argue the statements made by the client and officer. Since, statements made through coercion or fraudulence while in custody is also a miranda violation as with the basis of the practices of officers at the time of miranda was the actual reason for it. The police do not need to read you your rights when you are not in custody and being interrogated, but they need to do so to establish your statements. An officer asks a question the suspect answers, its incriminating. He reads you your rights and asks again, the previous statement is still admissable. Those statements given in custody without knowing of ones rights beforehand during interrogation are a violation of the miranda rights as it is fraudulent coercion. This is not to be mistaken for entrapment.
Someguy the anon chapter 17 . 2/7/2019
"wait, she *didn't* die in the trash can? "
SeijuroRen chapter 17 . 2/7/2019
Nice chapter. Although I'm pretty sure cops IRL don't absolutely have to read you your miranda rights. For someone like a hero they're expected to know them. The case for miranda was that he didn't know his rights and thus didn't know he could plead the fifth amendment. This comes from what I remember from school.
Arrogant Comprehender chapter 11 . 2/6/2019
Memetic Drunk chapter 14 . 1/31/2019
Didn't even notice I was a guest at the time, and this "account business" is bad for staying off the grid. I've seen a few feds on this site. YOU WONT TAKE AWAY MY GUNS FROM ME YOU GLOW IN THE DARK CIA NINJAS. Also, I was pretty sure I was drunk when I posted that, or on some buzz, like right now.

(Man, this comment left me confused. My takeaway from this, I think, is that Ereg here (a reader nickname for Greg/Eric/Whoever-he-is) does legitimately have some genuinely nasty quantities that I don't really attempt to sugarcoat. He's spiteful, petty, and pretty narcissistic. And later on it seems like he gets a legit problem with alcoholism. Most of the problems he solves are ones he created for himself. In a sense, I guess I've never been too sure if Ereg is a good person with a litany of nasty flaws, or a bad person who seems to sometimes do the right thing by freak accident.

Either way, I find it funny.)

It was mostly praise for the character, his crass and dark humor, as well as the shit talking. Its rare to have main characters do that, for whatever reason. I rarely see a main character call a homosexual person or non-homosexual a faggot these days, its a bit depressing. Theres humor in calling someone a fag, it doesnt even have to be vitriol. That people attribute it to the author instead of the character and complain for a higher moral standpoint is an atrocious attack on shit talking. I just found it irritating that titular characters are incapable of being bad much less evil, but what I really want is for them to be honest human beings and shit talk and get smacked back and shit talk again anyways. They dont even have to use slurs, just talk big and have a big dick.

The negative qualities, is a gripe I have with titular main characters, mostly the one's from western media or populist writing. They essentially fail to completely comprehend the merits of incompetence in main characters. For Heroes, there's always that clear defining "He's a good guy" moment or "HERO" character trait, or "I was only pretending to be retarded", that just screams out to me "Oh, he's that kind of main character." and the competence and goodness of the main character shines through. Villains are filled with competence and keikaku dooriness, and I dont want a machiavellian character that isnt capable of self introspection, I want a character that is evil or bad and accepts that and moves on or struggles with their faults through self reflection. For these guys theres barely a struggle of selfishness vs heroism and the main character will hardly be intentionally written as incompetent. Misunderstandings and ambiguousness just makes it funnier and relatable.

Most xianxia characters on the other hand arent good people, they never were good. They profess good and sometimes do good things through selfishness and egotism. Incompetence is a key aspect of the characters. Some if not most of them are out right racists, against whites, japs, seas, blacks, jews but rarely arabs since they dont make an appearance enough. Sexism is natural when power struggle and gender divides in sects are so extreme. It either all comes full circle in the end or the idea itself is continued. Even before xianxia my english teacher introduced me to some pretty out there stories and I saw how characters dont have to be good people in any sense to be the main character or even do good things for that matter, they just have to be interesting.

The best running series he recommended to me that I've ever read was about a rapist killer as he tries to break out of jail and get rich. He's never good, but sometimes he does good things, but, he is definitely evil and flawed. In a later arc he even kidnaps and sells some people for quick money, just because he needs the money and forgets about what he did afterwords. He saves some people from a fire but it was mostly an unintentional event, and he did it just because and gets fucked by it and the police. Through out it all, the story is first person, and its believable, why and what he does is selfish, cruel and stupid but its ultimately what makes him an evil person without justifying his actions and reasonings. He's an idiot, a coward, has flawed morals, has no family and friends, gets beat up, is desperate and not all there in the head but isnt crazy, but he's the main character. You dont root for him, you just want to know his story. Is he going to change, is he going to do even more bad stuff, is he going to continue being stupid and desperate. He isn't an anti-hero, he's just some shmuck and as such we dont expect him to get better.

As tech gets more advance, theres always these types of people that aren't smart enough, aren't good or competent enough and aren't completely put together enough to be part of normal society. The story could have been about cool dirty crime orgs, but, it was mostly centred around this low level grunt as he tries to make it. The number of times he actually gets into a fight is 3 in the entire series and its always brutal, visceral and human. Most of the struggle within the series is centred around debt, money, food, drugs, alcohol, women, housing, rackets, crimes, and staying out of jail. The main reason why its a fun read is because the main character is able to keep his humor. Its dark humor, its so dark and twisted. Yet, its the levity to the soul, that even when he's stupid, evil or desperate, the jokes are there for himself and for us. When he's not making jokes, the mc is ranting, raving, blaming other people and doing stupid shit, its all just depressing and morbid with small bursts of light.

I can't take machievellian characters to the same depth as that. Its just not the same, schemers and smart people dont understand, they dont deal with the same problems and come to the same conclusions, they aren't human or interesting enough. "I didn't go to highschool. All I know is there's money in schools and young teachers are hot." -mc as he builds a bullying racket using school bullies before someone fucks up and a kid suicides. Which I recall, gets swept under the rug and he doesnt get caught. Ultimately he was a bad person that showed the humanity of someone that does evil things for himself and lives with the consequences and faults prevalent in them. He was the least ubermensch person I've ever read about and I loved him for all of his flaws, his evils and his inability to live correctly but most importantly his incompetence and fuck ups I'll remember always.

I was reminded of the merits in reading about a selfish character struggling with heroism and self preservation, with ambiguous leanings and reasons, incompetently flawed understanding with crippling negative traits like foot in mouth syndrome, forgetfulness, carelessness, destructive desires, having a one track mind and being a crazy chick magnet in Ereg. He does have good qualities, and even those are demerits. He's buff but narcistic, he's smooth with his words but, non commited to actions and idealism, he's competent up to a point, disciplined only to himself, he's funny but offensive, he cares about people as he knows them but doesnt put himself as part of them, its purely human introspection and fucked up reasoning that makes him so loveable. I can love a bad person but I hate bad characters. You can be cruel, disgusting and flawed but dont be boring and predictable. Most OC or SI arent as interesting as Ereg, they arent as memorable or as quotable. The worst thing a character can be is a bore. For all that Ereg did nothing in story, he wasnt boring, and that means more to me than any 30 chapter superpowered crime fighting skit.

(As for newer Ereg this year? I been writing more this year. Just need to properly figure out a goal the next chapter seeks to accomplish so I can begin working at it in earnest. Because once that's through, I can move on with this roadmap I got.

Also, my accent ain't no Jive. I'll have you know I was accused of being Scottish just this past week!)

I don't believe you actually were. You don't even go...

"Thats good to hear boyo, top of the moaning to yee laddie. Ope lifes treatin you well, so it is. Ha ware ya?"
Oh shit, that's irish isn't it.
Beacon21 chapter 16 . 2/1/2019
I love that Ereg completely forgot about Panacea. I kinda hated how she acted throughout the Slaughterhouse-9 arc, so I feel in some way that this alt-universe Panacea deserves to be thrown in the trash. Also has Taylor triggered yet? or is that still a bit away?
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