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Constipated Genius chapter 196 . 5/23
SHEESH. Uh... yeah, this chapter certainly happened. It might've mainly been setting the stage for more and more of the conversation/confrontation with Ironwood than anything - alongside narrative housekeeping in bringing everyone up to speed with one another - but this single chapter showed me that there is a HELLUVA lot of conversations that have to happen between each & every member of the WYS main cast in the future of this fic. We've got to ask about Summer to Jinn, Sun's gotta ask about Blake to the Ruby Crew, Penny and Ruby must reunite, Ironwood must be confronted, Cinnamon and Emerald have to be inducted into the crew if possible, Chillydog must continue because cuteness, Harriet's story still has tons to go since she's just become the Maiden, and so so so much more. There're so many moving parts in this fic that honestly I'm almost at a loss as to how long it might take half of these plot points to be resolved - let alone all of them.

Still rooting for Sun above anyone else since he's best boi and must reunite with Neptune/Blake:
~Constipated Genius~
merendinoemiliano chapter 196 . 5/22
Pretty well done dialouges, hoping again the best for James.
Guest chapter 195 . 5/21
Neo, killing machine is cooler than huntress. Just stay a killing machine.
Constipated Genius chapter 195 . 5/12
Yipes. And here I thought that this chapter might be way more melancholic than it was. Huh. I mean, yeah, there was tons of misery and melancholy since Coco's in a bad way, but something about Neo getting a moment to build her character identity much more in the context of WYS via scroll kinda offset that misery a bit. It shows that she's pretty strong-willed if nothing else, and that the playful mentality she shows sometimes is much more of a front than I'd originally always assumed was the case for the version of her we're seeing in this fic. In some ways, her and Coco's interactions remind me of Tai and Raven's back in AB, although obviously with plenty of differences in that they aren't at all romantic interests of one another and in that Neo... somehow seems even more cold-blooded than Raven does, right now during the Vacuo vacation arc we're in. Oh, and an aside - liking the worldbuilding with CVFY's name being known, and liking that Qrow and Tai are being legitimately respected as legends rather than being treated like trailer trash for no longer being 'the hotness' of modern Remnant.

Wondering where the shit Coco's road is leading since she's been a side character all this time;
~Constipated Genius~
merendinoemiliano chapter 195 . 5/11
Very well written and emotional dialouges, hoping the best for James.
Constipated Genius chapter 194 . 5/6
Y'know, for a second I sorta forgot what fic I was reading when I saw Clover around, but... glad to see that guy's still alive, even if he had... not too much of a role to play in this chapter. Obviously, the new duo-dynamic of Emerald and Illia had its time to shine throughout the initial segment of this chapter, and... it was lovely! Charming, companionable, semi-flirty despite them being total strangers, all that good jazz and more without Emerald's arrest being averted because Illia's hornyness got in the way or something semi-tropey. Speaking of Illia, though... as much as I'd love to say I feel for her stress since she has some super-close bonds to Blake and Neptune, I feel FAR more for Sun's imminent pain and suffering when he finds out Blake's (almost) all alone back on another continent without even knowing that Argus is in ruins, and I feel WAYY more concerned for Ironwood, what with the burden he bears. No matter what happens with Raven's crew and Clover's crew's imminent interactions, it'll surely be a sight to behold, and Ironwood won't be happy that this entire situation's slippin' outta his fingers.

Wondering when we'll see best (cat)girl again;
~Constipated Genius~
merendinoemiliano chapter 194 . 5/5
They were definitely into a very crappy situation

* horrible and una shameful laugh *

Very fun chapter overall, cannot wait to see how Salem plans to attack the city, other than if and how the heroes will unite. Good work
Constipated Genius chapter 193 . 4/28
Awwwwww... okay, mixed bag for all the right reasons with this chapter. First of all, Sun had one of his biggest and best moments in the series since being semi-sidelined once everyone arrived in Atlas this chapter in that... yeah, he's finally comprehending what Blake told him. The fact that even while he's wounded he's telling others to prioritize themselves and their families (amongst others) is rather Sun of him to do, but it's also very Sun of him to remember Blake first and foremost, considering the set of circumstances he's running into lately. Cinnamon and Marrow were wonderful in this chapter too, duh, but like... Sun having his protagonist moment for the first time in ages was lovely... much like the end of this chapter until I realized something. Whatever it was that Raven's 'plan' was that got her and the others into Atlas (presumably) alongside the medicine that they needed in Argus (or maybe they just skipped out entirely who knows), her leaving Argus behind means that they'll be bringing extra bad news, more stress, and more wild cards into this already-precarious situation. I can easily see Ironwood going wild the second he sees Raven and co. waltz in, let alone bearing the news that Argus has fallen, essentially. The only saving graces in this situation is that Raven, Qrow, Oscar, Cardin, Fox and Ruby are extra hands on deck and that they can get their gear repaired and/or replaced in Ruby's case, but those silver linings mean nothing when, well...

Blake and Dai have been left to the wolves, and Sun's imminently bound to learn that Raven chose to leave HER in harm's way rather than even wait and see whether Blake could be brought with them, in the end. You thought that Ironwood's wrath would be bad? Can't imagine what Sun's emotional state might look like when he hears THAT shit.
~Constipated Genius~
merendinoemiliano chapter 193 . 4/28
Beautiful chapter
Rookie80 chapter 193 . 4/27
What did you expect, Raven? A hug and a kiss from the daughter you abandoned?

Not sure if the arrival of beaten, battered, demoralized huntsmen counts as reinforcements. Either way, Ironwood is going to lose his mind when he listens to what Ruby and her team have to tell him.
Constipated Genius chapter 192 . 4/25
Now now now...! How's this for a fun chapter!? Cool choreography combined with emotional stakes that give Jaune some serious Denki vibes (from WFAF anyway, lol), and we've got one helluva experience, in the end! Despite how dangerous the situation is all across Remnant at the moment, what with Argus, Vale, and Vacuo (possibly) being in ruin, Atlas' imminent crisis, and Mistral being, well... incapable of joining the fray at the moment, Penny's(?) return into this fic is a warm and welcome scene to see play out, indeed. Even if Penny hasn't had a single line other than that which she's spoken in this chapter, it rang with the same innocence and tone that I think everyone fell for with canon Penny before her first demise. Part of me wonders whether Penny will be called Penny again and not Hope, given the wording at the end, but that's nitpicking at best - either way, I'm hype to hear she's back and even more excited to see her imminent interactions with Yang and others... as well as to see what exactly the shit sort of role she's gonna play, in the end. Obviously she isn't gonna go down the canon Penny route, but... I'm just hoping she doesn't have to die a second time. She's only had one line and I already wanna protecc her.
~Constipated Genius~
merendinoemiliano chapter 192 . 4/23
Epic cohoperation
Constipated Genius chapter 191 . 4/18
...for some strange reason, I almost found the first scene of this chapter even more compelling than the second. Don't get me wrong, the combat choreography of Cin vs Scarlet while Sun's dicking around desperately trying to stall out the Grimm Hound was super neat and shows power-wise where Scarlet's at (aka not very high it seems - fitting, considering that the guy seems stupid as shit to side with Salem of all people), AND it ended in a pretty logical way considering that the Grimm are indeed disposable, but the first scene though... There was something about the setting, setup, and atmosphere around it that hit harder than the combat of this chapter, and I suspect strongly that one of the reasons for that is because Roman and Sage are - despite their minor roles - rather interesting characters, to me. Both of them got good dialogue this time around, and I'm left as eager as ever to see what becomes of the Vale crew now that Ruby's is MIA, to them.

Hoping Sage and Sun somehow eventually end up the ones that kick the everloving fuck out of Scarlet's ass, in the end;
~Constipated Genius~
merendinoemiliano chapter 191 . 4/17
Pretty badass fight, really giving glory to the Hound and its opponents. Best of luck with next chapters
M chapter 186 . 4/8
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