Reviews for The Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime Birth of the Peacekeeper
Windmileyno chapter 1 . 4/13
i like the story...and it has good reveiws, so im hesitant to say this, but its kind of hard to read at first. the sentences just run without any pause and everything is connected with "and" and mentally im trying to stop and add periods while im reading, "chotto matte". hold up. But this is just the beginning, and Im sure it gets better. even if notb I dont write that much better, so just keep going, dont mind me.
A reviewer chapter 3 . 2/11
I think you need to edit this, i can see numbers and stuff in the way of the words
Bloody-Kitsune-Lover chapter 2 . 2/12
Sorry tried posting it in chapter 3, but it wouldn’t let me: Thanks so much you are an amazing writer! I’m so happy that you shared your awesome story with us!
Feyre55109 chapter 3 . 2/11
There's problem with chapter three... I can't read it. Please fix it, this is an amazing story.
Bloody-Kitsune-Lover chapter 3 . 2/11
It’s kind of hard to read since it has these errors that in it. I have bad eyesight so it’s really hard on my eyes.
Benevolent Writer chapter 2 . 1/23
I'm a person that supports what I like, so here's what I'm gonna say.

First before I start this i'm currently reading the manga. following the anime, and already finished the WN. So I hope I qualify for this.

Okay, first you just basically can't make an existence stronger than Rimuru now. He could literally destroy everything, and remake it into his personal satisfaction if he wanted to. You'll get what that means.

Second, is the ability Devour. It is basically Predator, or, Geld's Starved. You can't have 2 of the same unique ability. That's why it's called a unique ability. It has to be exclusively for one person only.

Third, you misinterpret-or rather, don't understand the meaning of Dragon nor Fallen Angel at all. It isn't something you just simply beat. They're people that can end the world if necessary. For example Veldora's a true dragon, and further in the WN, there's a demon Lord named Dino. He's a fallen Angel that was alive SINCE THE BEGGINING OF TIME. You can't underestimate them just because you want to.
They have thousands upon thousands of years of experience to be beaten that easily.

And finally, the naming! Those people must be monsters to name a dryad. It was mentioned in the anime, please...Watch it first before you would look like an idiot. Naming a monster means giving a part of you to it. And only someone stronger than a certain monster can name it. Shit, those people should've been at least as strong as Rimuru's subordinates, or the black numbers. Either way, they should've been strong enough to defend themselves if they were to name your OC.

Always remember, it may have been your fanfiction, but it is still a fanfiction. You basically created an OC at someone else's verse and changed the story. If you're going to rule out every single rule and create yours, you should've just created your own story.
NekoKitsune1 chapter 1 . 1/14
Interesting, I'll keep this book under my bookmarks z
Benevolent Writer chapter 1 . 1/13
Barrage of Judging incoming.

1:The OC's too OP! It's natural for Tensei Shitara fanfics to have OOCs but please do so in moderation. You can't make a Gary Sue(Know what that means) straight from the beginning of the story. It kind of turns off the readers.

2:Use commas (,). Reading without it is like reading without your breath. And the loss of commas make it look like you're writing these half-heartedly.

3:Improve your vocabulary, I advice reading more. Either novels or fanfics. It'll help your Vocabulary expand for a broader sentence construction.

I hope my tips would help. I'm looking forward to this fanfic! If anything, could you read mine too and give a review? You don't have to if you don't want to. But it would be a huge help.

Anyways, Al, out!