Reviews for The Romance Thing
Heroine of the Valley chapter 1 . 7/23/2006
you put this on hold? but there are so little naruto/sm crossies out there. I have a couple ideas in mind. I was going to turn them into challenges but I think I'll go ahead and do 'em. so, is Lita in the Naruto world yet?
scythe195 chapter 1 . 12/2/2005
Very interesting, well written story. Superb first chapter. Please continue soon!
Monou Hakkai chapter 1 . 10/24/2003 surprise that I'm reviewing since it has Makoto mentioned in it XD. LOL. Sorry I'll review seriously now *clears throat*...

TBH I haven't seen the Naruto series although have seen its name pop up on sites so I am familiar with the name. I am surprised that you created a romance novelist role for Makoto rather than Minako since the latter is obviously Ai no Megami. However when I read your author notes and you said you haven't written enough about Makoto and it's your first time writing about her it made me think again on the reason for choosing Makoto to play this part as the romance novelist.

I suppose Makoto does have a romantic side to her (to me she can be self-conscious like Ami about the opposite gender. That boy crazy side is just her letting loose with her friends but if we're talking serious stuff she *is* shy just like all girls are - but that's my own silly theory :P) so...IMO it is a really big change to see Makoto as a romance novelist rather than as a chef (this is the common career prospect authors give her ;;).

I can't say much on Mako's character since this is only the prologue although you did show she can be tough i.e. breaking the guy's nose *momentary pause as author cheers*. Indeed this could easily pass off as original romance fiction, should you wish to choose this path for your story ;; But if it's a crossover with Makoto in the centre then that's still cool by me.

I'm pretty sure more things will unfold in later chapters since this is after all the prologue and you are just introducing the main character and her working environment.

I have to give you credit, you are more open-minded with Sailormoon crossover fanfiction. You are capable of writing different Senshi and it is nice to see a Makoto fic pop up. She's the least popular one in fanfiction. As for your writing style, I don't have any complaints whatsoever. I've stumbled across your 2xAmi fics in the past . Hopefully you will be able to continue this when you have the chance. Maybe I might get some more info on Naruto.
I hate fucking Usagi chapter 1 . 7/14/2003
Oh wow, I'm glad that I stumbled unto this fic and it's marvelous. This has the feel of a REAL romance story unlike some Mary Sues Rampant Usagi here in I swear that bunny is getting too much of an exposure.

You dont have to follow the same crossover ingrident, senshi falling unto a damned portal. This could work well as a fusion or an AU. I DO see it as an crossover.

Sammie chapter 1 . 5/25/2003
I think that this is a great idea! I love nurato, i just started reading it in Shonen Jump monthly about a month ago and have read as much of it as I can. I was really excited when I found a Sailor Moon/Nurato crossover, do you know where there are any other ones besides this one? This is the only one I found so far. Great start by the way you certainitly kept them in character. Is this an AU fic or they in a villege? Remember the writer of Nurato said that it took place in a world that was modern just like ours, they have appliances, magna, tv, and things just like ours the exeption is that they don't have modern weapons like guns. When the physics things was mentioned for a second I gave up hope on the Nurato story line you know the ninga thing, but I figured they probrably do have physics, I mean how would they have modern technology (with the exeption of guns/bombs) without physics? Anyways even if it is a bit different I am looking forward to the next chapter.
Chama chapter 1 . 5/19/2003
Well, I'm interested at least. I can't wait to see what you'd do with a Mako. I'm sure it would be excellent, at the very least.

I read the teaser about the Nero-set story you want to do. The OP crossover? I would really be interested in seeing THAT come to fruition, even though I am a much bigger Mako fan. I think you could do a good job with the historical context. Of course, let me know if you need some help _~
Miss Cellanie chapter 1 . 5/1/2003
dude! I love all of your stories! I hope you continue updating this one since I think kakashi's cool! Your other stories, especially Requiem of Rain is brilliant! I really like the plot and your writing is great! Great Job and Ja Ne!
mystlady chapter 1 . 4/25/2003
Lita as a romance writer? Interesting twist to it. Although, I pictured Mina as more of the romance type because she is after all a goddess of love.
Sailor Ronin Usa-chan chapter 1 . 4/24/2003
*takes a deep breath* Okay... I'm going to try to put this in the most polite way I can and assure you that this is *NOT* a flame...

But first I have to commend you on your writing skills. It's obvious you have them.

So why am I writing a review for this? Because I

don't think the idea of writing a character you're not familiar with is such a good idea, I mean if you plan to go research Kakashi on his tons of shrines out there it would work a bit better, but you mention that Kakashi-sensei is

going to be OOC... And you mention this doesn't take place in either world... So my question at this point is... How is this a crossover? It

feels more like a fusion with a romance novel to me.

Personally I feel you could probably make an original out of this, and no doubt get published if you really tried. It has the exact same feel as a romance novel, I just don't understand the reason of wanting to make a crossover out of it if

you're only using the names of the characters and nothing else?
Tigeress Moon chapter 1 . 4/24/2003
This is cute. I never even heard of the series so this is new to me though.
Xoni Newcomer chapter 1 . 4/24/2003
Well, that was certainly original. I've never seen or even imagined Makoto with someone like Kakashi, although I must say he would be a most interesting husband.

Pity there isn't supernatural stuff in this, but then again, Sailor Moon is more popular by its characters' personalities than by their powers and fights (which left a lot to be desired). And after seeing Naruto as Usagi's foster son and with an A in Physics (he wishes!) my curiousity is certainly aroused. I'd like to see how are you going to fit the rest of the cast and what surprises you have in store.

About your writing style, I haven't a single complain. It's nice, fluid, with good orthography and grammar. Keep it like that.
Dee-Chan chapter 1 . 4/23/2003
Oh I like the idea of Makoto being a historical romance writer, especialyl since she's sworn herself of of love. I have a funny feeling that it won't last for long however. :D What kind of Carrer will Kakashi have? He's my favorite character in the anime/manga.
Dan Inverse chapter 1 . 4/23/2003
yaha! Finaly soem crossover is up about Naruto! Yaha! Ok I seen your profile that you write most of rare crossover out I was wodner if you write any Samurai Deeper and Sailor Moon cross?
Fatal Mars chapter 1 . 4/23/2003
This looks nice. I hope you countinue. Mako-chan has had it real rough which is a shame. Well I like it there is a interesting theme to it.
NixieStar chapter 1 . 4/23/2003
I love this! I admit I know nothing about Naruto, but Lita's job as a romance novelist is just perfect. This is a really good start and I would like to see this continued. _