Reviews for Faith
Anime and Manga 4ever XD chapter 48 . 11/17
I...I have no words! The amount of "euuuurgh"s and "feeeeeels" I alternately shouted nearly drove my sister and myself mad! The actions of the Gryffindor house ticked me off to no end but the desperate support of the Slytherins and Blacks nearly killed me.

My heart still pounds as I try to heal from your fic!

Great fic. Your ability to write gore is astounding if not disturbing. I hope the sequel is kinder on my delicate psych.
PanicAttacker chapter 26 . 11/15
I just want to point out that Madam Pomfrey could easily repair Ginny's knee by vanishing the joint and using Skelegrow to regrow it
MissNikita chapter 37 . 10/25
I cannot stand Hermione, self righteous bitch
Luokeiis chapter 1 . 10/17
kags521 chapter 48 . 10/12
this was a really great story I really enjoyed reading it good job
4everthepokefan chapter 48 . 10/11
i love this story so fing much, it's not even funny. I couldn't put my phone down for more than a few minutes at a time while reading. You are amazing for making this. Also, it seems that "Heart Vacancy" by The Wanted is a good theme song for Harry&Draco and also this entire fic. Keep up the good work.
Guest chapter 16 . 9/27
With no end to see, a lot of "bla-bla-bla" at the end of the chapters. And the bad thing is, it gets more and more... instead of cool story-lines, we must read the "Thank you" and so on for reviews. Ok, I like to write my reviews at the end of the stories, because I like to read complete stories, too. But as an author to write so much answers to the readers is just... I don't have words... Dear author, if you really must write an answer to all your reviews, write them as "PMs". They are made for something like that. Thank you.
brynn.brigham chapter 19 . 9/28
Go Bill go!
brynn.brigham chapter 15 . 9/28
This chapter literally made me cry. I hope that the Gryffindors get whatever is coming to them and I hope it's awful!
secret241 chapter 17 . 9/24
-raised hand quietly- I volunteer to shoot Ron, the Wesley, and everyone (but Seamus) in Gryffindor
Guest29735295D chapter 48 . 9/17
Guest29746204D chapter 41 . 9/16
Before I thought you made some persons *cough* extraordinary dumb, but now you crank it up to twelve with McGonagall.
Guest92783655D chapter 32 . 9/16
Why the fuck am I hearin' the Mortal Kombat theme when readin' this chapter.
Guest97123561D chapter 31 . 9/16
Should check him on mental illnesses, like idiocy or something.
He'd just spoken with her about it, but doesn't make a friggin' peep at the guys being where usually no guys are. I mean, even I know what a selkie is.
And with these others having all that talk about meddling priests, no hounds (you know where would hounds suddenly dissappear to) and all that sheete~oh.
Guest92736572D chapter 28 . 9/16
Wonder why they all don't do like the jews and get hell out of dodge, perhaps start anew in France.
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