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Ashera fanfics chapter 32 . 12/2
Good fic, nice execution of this fanfic trope, nice OCs.
I hope one day you find the will the end this, but I guess it's a dead fic like the Keystone Council, which was also very interesting.

Sorry for rhe stupid people who've used the Internet to bully you without exposing themselves, I think it's been made into a legal offence by now.

I think you should try Ao3, it doesn't have the same community, is generally more welcoming and the comments I've read are mostly positive. FFN is a lair of mysoginistic morons (not only, but there are a lot who use anonymous comments to say all kind of crap about the stories and there are even people trying to advertise for child por.n via the comments, which should get their IPs traced and get them arrested, it's been ongoing for years according to topics I've seen about this right before finding this kind of comment on my own fic). All this to tell you that Ao3 is much better even though it gets you much less views and comments than FFN, those you get will be more appreciative of your work and won't be angry teens venting because you didn't write a straight harem with an overpowered hero who collects girls like trophies.

Strength to you and your daughter, being trans isn't always easy but it's not like we can be cis other than lying to ourselves and being a fake for our entire life. Who're these people to tell us who we should be? Certainly no one I'm interested in knowing. If they don't want to see trans people, then they should keep watching the crap served to them on TV that keeps them in the past. Gender has never been so restrained as with monotheisms (some ancient religions had a 3rd gender, or more, or priests/priestesses were apart from gender, but our current societies are simply back to Neandertal on this topic except for the small communities of supportive people).

Guest chapter 1 . 11/29
Dumbest story ever
themadmartian chapter 30 . 11/30
I like your revised quote from US general George Patton.
Master Chief chapter 32 . 11/27
Thanks for the great read :))
lukeanimelover chapter 3 . 11/28
Do we get a sequel? I want to see how all this happens.
kelwin chapter 32 . 11/26
Love this fic. There is just so many twists and turns it is amazing. Don't give it up no matter what
Pandas Are Squishy chapter 32 . 11/25
This is easily one of the best Harry Potter stories I’ve read and I really hope you continue. Itd be a shame if it ends here
darklingdark13 chapter 32 . 11/17
To be honest i love your work only issue is fillers and unnecessary POV's which has no point on the story in general, tho as you are the author of this show your way it is. I wish you will continue and finish this piece of art. On the other hand as a father of a lovely girl, I'm so disappointed in a person who butchers his own child, let the idiocy of LGTV to poison your kid and let "IT" butcher itself. Something is really missing in you. It's not about any religion but simply about being a father. HOW DARE YOU!
mayawene chapter 32 . 11/8
Thank you for this story
Will you published the following chapter ?
Lethekeres chapter 32 . 11/5
Hope to see you come hack to the story soon. Been a great read and re read when trying to find something
jwbones2000 chapter 32 . 11/5
It's a shame the pos reviewers on this site can't simply read the stories and comment on the content instead of attacking authors. It ruins so many well thought out stories. If you ever continue I'll look forward to the finish of this story. Great work!
ronjon chapter 32 . 11/3
Glad I re-read this story. I really do like a strong Harry so you have my support. I hope to see some activity before 2024. Today is November 3, 2023 so as my daddy used to say “hop to it”!
Personally, I would be checking both families for loyalty potions and compulsions. For one noble family to abandon one of their sons and swallow Dumbledore’s manipulations hook, line and sinker is one thing. But for TWO to fall for it without anyone noticing what a horrible thing they had done is mind boggling. Why they still have their magic after breaking their Vows of Lordship….️. I stand with Harry. Obviously!
Don’t quit now! I need closure not to mention some justification!
Abstract01 chapter 32 . 11/3
Minor question/comment on the broom provided for Jamie Potter. First description indicated it had shields to protect the referee. Wouldn't that make it ineligible for a player, as it would 'unfairly protect against bludgers?
Abstract01 chapter 11 . 10/29
Chapter 9-11 observation: I cannot help but wonder if James Sr.'s behavior has been 'adjusted' by someone/something.
Abstract01 chapter 8 . 10/29
I enjoy that you start in the 'middle' and then fill in the beginning, while keeping the current plot active.
Thanks for a well-written, well-reasoned story and plot!
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