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Spartan3909 chapter 1 . 1/21/2019
Thanks for the chapter _.
GijinkaVerse Writer chapter 1 . 1/21/2019
[Another important tidbit that you fact checkers will notice] You are greatly overestimate readers investment in your system. You can pretty much mess up to the point of invalid moves and receive no complain.

Anyways, I appropriate that you actually deviate from the typical The Gamer stats, but you say that you are not using a formula. It seems all the stats are essentially superfluous since the stats are the numbers put into a formula. You also say the number don't matter, but you put them center-bold at every opportunity, which is a distraction. Also, special attack only matters if he's getting more powers.

Your presentation is very weak as readers do not click on stories to read an autobiography. You should have proofread your summary.

I should probably inform you that pokemon with game stat mechanics aren't popular with pokemon stories. You seem comfortable writing battles outside a RPG system. It's also very odd that chose to have a story about a human brawling with pokemon.

[An aftereffect of smoking too much Oddish?]
Real plants seem to exist in all pokeverses. I don't know why creature torture would be a preferable way to get high.
timberwolfst chapter 1 . 1/21/2019
Between this one and the next planned chapter, I'm leaning towards wild boy, just for the fact that Pokémon don't hate him on sight. I can understand him being attacked by wild Pokémon treating him like another wild Pokémon, but those with trainers should treat him with indifference like they would any other Pokémon they meet.

Perhaps he CAN become a trainer, he just has to defeat them personally instead of with another Pokémon. As for the story, maybe he can join the ranger corps or something and battle rampaging wild Pokémon and poachers. Or the G-men and take down criminal organizations. His Pokémon are true partners as he fights side by side.

Now he needs a sparring partner/ training buddy to teach him how to fight. Can he raise his stats through training and use, or just level up points? I assume with the HOWL being used he can learn actual moves, so seeing him figure out how they work will be fun. Will he get skills as well? What about Type and Ability? Aura use or no? Or psychic... guess it depends on his Type. Fighting/Psychic dual might be interesting. Someday go toe to toe with Mega Mewtwo X.
SunMoon6798 chapter 1 . 1/21/2019
A warning seeing how your starting a new Pokemon story. Be warned of St Elmo's Fire, and Farla are the Pokemon fanfiction bullies. There is literally not a single story on this site that doesn't have his nonsense review. He claim everyone who opposes him are nothing but one user who stalks having nearly the whole fandom against him. Furthermore all the proof is on my prolfile including St getting removed by the admins.

He the one stalking the Pokemon fandom by going to its category and only targeting the new writers effectively destroying them from writing in a degraded attempt to destroy the fandom.

Please block him for yourselves. He's untrustworthy. Watch he's going to post some nonsense about "sock-puppets" as he's that predictable and is well known lair.

Hell, he's even going to say this bullcrap [KingPyle is a sockpuppet of lstwill56, who was banned on my sister's forum for using racial slurs and is now spamming the category as revenge.] or the even more crazy nonsense {Sockpuppet of Hybrid of Fate}

Which is funny as Istwill got removed for being a Neo-pagan while he is friends with an actual fascist.

Oh and if he goes on about this [ see you've been visited by KingPyle. My condolences. Authors have continually told her to stop doing this but she just won't leave people alone.]

Trust me I won't have to put those two unless he didn't put them in his reviews because he can't take no for an answer.

Plus, I have written a story and shown him that I'm not but he chooses not too.

He's been told to leave people alone and even made up the sockpuppet nonsense in a desperate attempt to discredit those that tried to stop him. Which is rather petty of him but hey he's a pathological liar.

His review will start off with a nonsense of him giving out constructive criticism when really its all flames. Then maybe he'll move on to you summary, or talk about the nonsense of Pokemon nanes, dailogue or some other nonsense. Best to block him before it happens alright,
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