Reviews for So what, if I want to be a Harem Protagonist?
ert11016ert13562 chapter 41 . 10/16
I like this fanfic but i gotta complain a bit. You cant just list Asia and then write 41 chapters (and with how this go at least 15 chapters more) without her.

Other than that this is pretty fun read. thank you
NuclearLep chapter 12 . 10/12
Doesnt he die anyway in cannon? Comes back as a devil-thing? Also I’m loving this story the only ‘issue’ I have is him seemingly skipping from human to being able to fight ultimate lvl supernaturals within less then a month. And that could be bc I don’t know the universe enough or bc you have plans of his ‘death’ doing a reset or changing the power scaling that the sucubuss use with them being lower on the totem pole.
xNoname12345 chapter 41 . 10/10
Just to let you guys know, the one who made the comment was not me, it was a troll.
Ben10WarioGoku chapter 41 . 10/9
godramm/cockdrunk is so evil and malicious that he tells awesome writers that their writing sucks in in reality, he sucks at writing.
Tenjo chapter 15 . 10/8
I decided to skip ahead to his return to Kuoh. Chapter 15. Holy fuck you dragged that vacation on. Funnily it enough, it was his return to Kuoh which turned me off the story completely.

Did he not grow as a character, like at all? He’s literally just canon-Issei who is more book smart and has more combat prowess. What happened to his epiphany? He should know damn well that being so openly perverted and gross would just turn people off. To be fair, he’s been like that the whole damn story and yet he’s had women throwing themselves at him… so the issue just goes back to what I said in the last comment: nothing has changed fundamentally. Women are still going to go for him even though he’s disgusting, all he has to do is get into a deadly situation and show his determination.

I’m done with this.
Tenjo chapter 5 . 10/8
I can’t say I’m a fan of this. The boatload of OCs, the non-canon lore, the absurd amount of power he has from literally no training… it just feels ridiculous. It has the same feel as the Harry Potter fanfic ‘Make a Wish’ but, comedy aside, it seems to want to be taken more seriously than that was.

My biggest gripe thus far is that even a more driven, confident and less stupidly perverted Issei is STILL a virgin. I don’t care for sex scenes… you could skip them over and I wouldn’t mind, but the constant teasing is no different to the anime. I just want a harem story that’s not a glorified smut, but has a protagonist who isn’t some kind of prude.

He turned down Lillith. Why? Your reasons were a load of shit and you know it. Love? THAT is the prerequisite of sex for the lust-driven, harem-wanting pervert? Seriously? It was obviously just an excuse for you to not have him have sex yet (thus suspense) and a convenient way to force Lillith into his harem when rightfully, she should have just fucked him and been on her way. She’s not a character any of us care about. The joy of fanfic is seeing how minor changes impact the world we know. OCs are fine, when there’s not many and their presence is just minor as a result of those changes… having an OC be not only his first conquest but also a major character and the main girl in his harem is just weird. Add on that there’s already an over abundance of potential partners in canon, the choice to make one up in the first place is even weirder.

Everything about this progression is just grating on my nerves. Why did he even leave Kuoh? I would have liked to see how he evolved as a character, learning how to seduce get women to happily share him. Maybe starting with ‘lesser’, easy ones like Aika. But no, it’s just more of the same shit from canon. Determination! Rescue! Inexplicable openness! The list goes on… what was the point of this story then? From the summary I thought you wanted to change it on a fundamental level, but you’ve changed nothing fundamentally. Everything still works the same, there’s just new characters and new events.
Dragonborn2704 chapter 41 . 10/6
just finished binge reading this and it has been a amazing read so far.

Thank you for making a fun story about Issei instead of the SI OC bullshit that so many other do.

it has been fun seeing Issei's development and the fact that it don't seem out of character is just better
Trevor807 chapter 41 . 10/4
Okay, godramm/cockdrunk is so evil and malicious that neither Heaven nor hell.
xNoname12345 chapter 1 . 10/4
Hey guys, I came here to announce that I was originally godramm. The reason why I’m here is to because I deleted all my stories because people keep telling me that I suck at writing and I’m a troll. (Sniff) THEY’RE RIGHT! I AM A TROLL THAT ENJOYS THAT ENJOYS POSTING HATE ON PEOPLE’S STORIES! WAAAAAHHHHH I SUCK WRITING AND WILL NEVER BE GOOD AT FANFICS IN MY LIFE! WAAAAHHHHH GUYS PLEASE ROAST ME AND CALL ME COCKDRUNCK FOR HOW EVIL AND MALICIOUS I AM! WAAAAHHHH!
Uniquebooks chapter 41 . 10/3
I am throwing imaginary mud at your house simply because you are giving me so many feelings of cliffhangers that I feel a sort of rebellion welling inside me.

BUT at the same time I also realize if I were to throw imaginary mud at you for wanting more chapters, it would take longer because you would need to fortify your base in order to withstand the bombardment.

So I am not doing anything.
just100eyes chapter 15 . 10/3
okay, the fates are fing b*tchs, wow you just showed me a whole new way to look at prophecies
Chaotiquill chapter 41 . 10/2
D'aww, that was adorable. I'm loving the relationships you're creating here. As expected from one of my favourite authors on this site.
jellatinous chapter 5 . 10/1
sigh, that whole execution scene was so obvious it was painful to read. honestly shovel talk is such a wierd cliche. it's like smart people suddenly need to go into ooga booga instincts and power displays and the outcome of mc showing their "resolve" is literally always the result.
Celestia GF of the Void chapter 41 . 9/28
Just found this last night and read through the whole thing. This is an awesome story. Loving the differences to canon and the various characters and interactions. Keep up the amazing writing and I hope to see more soon. Followed and Fav'd :)
yuriunclesam chapter 1 . 9/27
On an objective level, this story is pretty good, I just cant get myself to care about whats happening. I find it so boring, that sometimes am ignoring whole paragraphs because of the prevalant infodump in a lot of the first 10 chapters. The overindulgence in OC characters is distasteful for me as well, and the story tries to hard to be funny and quirk, ultimately to its own detriment, i think. Well, give it a shot, if your annoyed by chapter 10, stop, it only gets worse. If not, the story is right up your alley.
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