Reviews for Friendly Foreign Dimensional Exchange Student Spiderman!
Fyby chapter 10 . 9/20
Look, I don't want to speak ill of this fic, but is it just going to follow the MHA storyline beat by beat with just a little sprinkling of Spider-Man here and there? The only reason I'm asking this is because you claim at the very start that the offering of MHA-Marvel crossovers is of pretty poor quality, but so far I don't see anything that really shakes up the formula either.

I truly hope things will change up a little more because the skill at writing is there, but now I'm just waiting for the hook other than Spider-Man is here in the world too kind of.
Spyro trooper chapter 58 . 9/13
I am captivated by this story. I binged all of the chapters that you have written and cannot wait to see what happens next.
Guest chapter 58 . 9/9
Please Continuation of this masterpiece
Shaqir Vidal Bwoi chapter 4 . 9/9
Man this story sucks
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 58 . 8/31
Oh man this is one hell of a major shake up!
karatekid72700 chapter 18 . 8/30
I really hope that bakugo is bared from continuing for that
lx chapter 22 . 8/26
I guess I was wrong to assume people mature and become different than they were in the past after experiencing death but here we are where a kid experienced 1 death and another almost death but he is still a naïve, joking, idiot kid but with more angry issue, nahh he is still a kid but with an anger issue
karatekid72700 chapter 12 . 8/24
I personally don't agree that Allmight hasn't killed anybody in his career. im also pretty sure all might think he killed all for one at this point in the story, too, so i dont see the logic behind him claiming this. it's not my story, and this is my only grievance so far, and it doesn't ruin the story for me, but I just wanted to point this out because I couldn't just move past it without saying something.

however, on the whole, I love this story. I think you are doing great, and I look forward to seeing where you take it.
KnownNovice chapter 58 . 8/16
s good, thanks for the update!
HeIIoMyFriend chapter 58 . 8/13
Лишь бы вышло продолжение, лишь бы вышло продоодение ._.
MarkM21 chapter 2 . 8/13
My current head canon is that Hyu is a Stan Lee cameo
jarjarhead chapter 58 . 8/13
Death Fury chapter 58 . 8/12
Excellent chapter
Kalil chapter 52 . 8/8
Julyus27 chapter 58 . 8/7
La madre hermano la madre jajaja eres un excelente autor en cada parte del capitulo tenia los pelos de punta por la emocion jaja gran cap y ya no puedo esperar por el siguiente jaja
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