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Guest chapter 3 . 8/28
Ok story just a bit much. A couple of the women are the no share types. Wonder woman is the biggest one of NO sharing. It would play into her amazon man are pigs way too much. No matter how great Naruto is.
Borello chapter 30 . 3/27
nice work. i hope to read more chapter.
Guest chapter 9 . 9/9/2020
I think most people hated Season 3 because the creators brought socio-political issues into it, like Halo's hijab and her gender identification, as well as Kaldur's sexuality, in reality, comic fans are tired of this shit. Hollywood fans may love it, but comic fans hate it. Not just in televised media but in comics too, for example, in Marvel, they decided to suddenly make Iceman and Longshot gay, and a lot of fans were PISSED. The reason being, these are long established characters, Iceman and Longshot in particular being lady's men, and now suddenly, they're gay, instead of portraying some new hero, like Hellion or Icarus as gay.

The same applies in this, Kaldur was in love with Tula, even after they broke up and he was devastated by her death, you don't go from loving a woman THAT hard to playing catcher for some dude in the blink of an eye, it makes both relationships look cheap. Besides Wynde also had a thing for the female in his group.

Then with Halo, for starters, Halo was a blonde-haired blue-eyed girl in the comic, changing her race like that is infuriating for comic fans, a prime example, the Birds of Prey movie, yeah, Hollywood fans loved a mixed race Black Canary, but comic fans... not so much. Then you have Halo resurrected as a humanoid motherbox but she still identifies as Muslim? WTF? Never mind the fact I highly doubt you will find a follower of Islam named 'Gabrielle' considering it is a feminine form of 'Gabriel' which is a HEBREW name... pretty sure last I checked Muslims hate Hebrews. Even more was her gender identity crisis, she didn't know if she identified as female because she was resurrected as a 'Motherbox' which was always referred to as 'Her' and 'She' in pass episodes indicating apparently Motherbox, like Sphere, is identified as 'female', but Halo doesn't know if she's female even though she's a female identified tech device inside a female body?

This kind of bullshit pisses off comic fans, unlike Hollywood fans, we don't want politics and mass-media social issues brought into comics, you can reference it with fictional elements, like how the Mutants in X-Men and even Metahumans in DC are treated with racial prejudice, but we don't want to see the same shit we see on CNN and Fox brought into comics, Hell, most fans throw a fit when real-life characters are used, for example in several comics where Barrack Obama was depicted as the President and even back when Kennedy, Nixon, and even Reagan appeared in some comics, fans didn't like it.

Another issue is probably the drama, there was far more drama than action in Season 3, just like how Season 2 had more politics than action, which in turn is what made Season 2 bomb. Also, I think the villains and the piss-poor attempt to humanize Savage also played a role, Vandal Savage is an asshole, nuff said, there's nothing good about him, I mean Hell, he's tried to murder his own kids for no reason, and Granny Goodness... I think more people probably want her dead more than Darkseid. Though at least they did better than the Superman Animated Series... that... manly sounding Granny Goodness was just AWFUL!
Shadow chapter 30 . 8/1/2020
great chapter!
Power of Magic chapter 30 . 7/31/2020
That was a good chapter, and I look forward to seeing what you plan for the next one
JapanHeroFics chapter 29 . 7/11/2020
Hot Damn ironically this chapter was filled with content that was anything but the chapter/episode title "Overwhelmed". First off THANK YOU for the awesome beginning getting Hippolyta featuring in S3 was a treat I'd never would have saw coming and getting Lyta to debut too ? Thanks so much for that ! Though if I can confess to being bummed that we didn't get a conversation on Naruto confronting Diana as I would've loved to know her reasoning for joining the secret league and her response to Narutos. But thanks for that awesome lasso diana & m'gaan part.
Other really great details from this chapter was having all of Naruto's (youngest) kids go with Halo and Cyborg to Metron's dimension instead of just Lian. Including Naruto valenitne date with his wives. Under stable on how you handled the Stephanie situation too considering how you and mainly the entire fanbase feels on the whole Artemis/Will idea. 10/10 Lonewolf-01
Power of Magic chapter 29 . 7/11/2020
Good to have you back, and a good chapter. Looking forward to how the next one goes
kakaroto1997 chapter 29 . 7/10/2020
good chapter
JapanHeroFics chapter 28 . 7/2/2020
Sorry I've been beyond late with this review Lonewolf-01. Having to have alternate means of getting on the internet threw a series a mishaps. Nevertheless as for this combined chapter of Terminus and Into the Breach (nice combination of titles btw) man is their a lot for me to review here ! First off, love the conversation between Naruto and M'gann. Always loved how you had Naruto handle issues with M'gann compared to canon couple. Also this being one of my favorite things in S3 with the Secret League i'm really hoping and eager we get a Naruto and Diana discussion and if not a whole uzumaki family meeting like you did with S2 (Invasion) finale chapter. Next, thanks for adding that small dialogue between Naruto and Connor as that been something you did for this season of outsiders that I really loved and it brings up something majorly I want to discuss with you in my late PM as it pertains to the one biggest issue I had with S3, i'll get into when I finish my full message. Next, loved having Donna be in this chapter with Naruto. Last but not certainly not least THE BEST part of this chapter being that freaking badass warning/reply he gave to Granny Goodness. lmfao I got hyped asf at that like when i'm watching a Naruto fight. 10/10 chapter(s) lonewolf and hopefully i finish my PM to you before you debut the season finale chapter. Great job !
kakaroto1997 chapter 28 . 6/27/2020
good chapter,Would you put at the end of the next chapter the name of the children of naruto and who is their mother?
Power of Magic chapter 28 . 6/27/2020
That was a good chapter, and I'm looking forward to how the next chapter goes and what you update next
XLR8wuzhere chapter 27 . 6/16/2020
I like how you didn’t have Naruto pissed off at any of them.
JapanHeroFics chapter 27 . 6/14/2020
Mannn..."Antisocial Pathologies" As i've shown my not so secret eagerness to get to this chapter being my 2nd or 3rd favourite episode of Outsiders. For the longest was eager to see how would it play out with all the secrets coming to light and how would Naruto handle the secret team and this chapter Naruto was badass how Naruto he took charge ! My guy was channeling his inner Minato dropping facts on Jefferson, M'gann and the others. Really loved that line of how unlike the others Naruto would be the one who would stand up to them if he was included. All in all golden job like usual Lonewolf-01! Apologizes being late with this review btw been so busy and finishing up my PM
ortizale317 chapter 26 . 5/31/2020
Meh seals were overpowered anyway
JapanHeroFics chapter 26 . 5/30/2020
Happy to say this chapter of "Unknown Factors" went better than I could've hope it would as you straight handled what was my 1st or 2nd biggest curiosity/concern for this season on how would handle Naruto dealing with the anti life equation/X-Pit and did you deliver ! So many badass moments with Naruto knowing about Desaad (which I'm eagerly curious on how he does), manipulating a league of shadows attack with the shurikens, but most of all not being affected by the X-Pit when even Atlantians using magic still feel aren't completely vulnerable in it was awesome. That last part with his seal being burned off though is beyond interesting ! Lastly 2nd favorite part of the chapter that Naruto (unintentionally) covered up Barbara's near slip up with Naruto still being unaware of the secret league group because I'm rubbing my hands since the next chapter is going to be the one I've been waiting for all season being my arguably my 2nd or 3rd favorite episode of Outsiders with all the secrets being exposed on the table so can't wait on how it's going to go down. 10/10 chapter.

Also about to finished with my PM btw
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