Reviews for Wandering of a Sword Hero
TheUnknowableOne chapter 50 . 5/5
Truly splendid, I only wish that you would consider continuing this masterpiece.
Erwing Alberto Hernandez Rodriguez chapter 1 . 5/4
Continúa está historia está muy buena
TheUnknowableOne chapter 37 . 5/4
Seems like a fair question to me and I've never understood how someone could hate a story enough to flame it and keep reading it.
TextualDuck98 chapter 50 . 5/3
Es una historia fabulosa con todo lo que se nos revelo fue mas que fabulosa, pero al notar que hasta a qui termina, me dan ganas de llorar.
pero gracias por la historia.
ocomhdhain1 chapter 50 . 5/3
I hope you return to this! It's been awesome!
Jacks-Noah chapter 50 . 5/2
Floating Ash chapter 50 . 4/27
Awe darn it! I read all the latest chapters! I want to read more! (TToTT)
This is really good! I’m loving it! Hope to see more and excited for any upcoming chapters!
Sypho Dias chapter 50 . 4/23
Nooooo! Dang it. How could you leave us with such a cliffhanger. Please update soon! This story is fucking awesome! Can't wait for the next chapter!
Sypho Dias chapter 17 . 4/22
What does including naofumi have to anything with the story? Shirou is the main character of this fic. Why the fuck does everyone feel the need to include naofumi so badly?!
Nad19 chapter 50 . 4/18
awww cliffhanger
thanks for the fantastic fanfic
Nad19 chapter 43 . 4/17
he sounds like akainu
Nad19 chapter 42 . 4/17
i am so glad
Nad19 chapter 41 . 4/17
at least he got a lot of support from the higher-ups, sigh.. i feel more comfortable then
Nad19 chapter 40 . 4/17
what the hell?! noooo please not SAO's i am beater story lineeeeeee!
Nad19 chapter 37 . 4/17
you're cool, thanks
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