Reviews for Harry Potter, Self-Insert
RightWrong chapter 24 . 8/7/2022
I’m really looking forward to more of this story. Keep up the good work!
Kamagong chapter 24 . 7/8/2022
As funny as it is to imagine Harry, Fred, and George hold on for dear life to a "hyper-boosted" broom flying at mach speeds - methinks "Harry" needs to have some common sense and forget the broom and create an actual enclosed vehicle with enough safety measures so as not to go "splat" if their shit hits the proverbial fan. Wizards may be a hardy species, but I highly doubt their ability to remain completely intact (sanity notwithstanding) in the face of unprotected supersonic speed - unless they have the durability of a slapstick cartoon character, of course. Besides, I want to see what kind of techonomancy "Harry" can create when he combines mundane science and tech with magic (provided that the tech is "protected" against whatever surge/short/blowout magic causes to mundane electronics).
SixFtWookie chapter 19 . 7/5/2022
The idea of Harry and Hermione communicating entirely by anachronistic memes has me giggling an entirely inappropriate amount. Also, the previous chapter was one of my favorite things I've read in the last week. Brilliant.
darthtenebrosius chapter 24 . 6/8/2022
This fic is one of the best Harry Potter SIs I've seen in a long, long time. I devoured it in a couple of days! I can't wait to see where the story goes.
TsukuyoGintoki chapter 15 . 5/28/2022
He is ridiculous and hypocritical. To ask Hermione to "stay safe" even though he knows how strong she is. Does the author/him even understand how insulting that is?

I like this story but that pissed me off.
Erissia Nyxie chapter 24 . 4/19/2022
This is just what I needed. A easy read that's full of tropes that 'serious' fics use instead played for laughs.
best parody I've seen in a long time. every chapter had me laughing multiple times. parodies are seriously my favorite type of comedy.

thank you!
Makimass chapter 7 . 4/4/2022
Did hermione get rick rolled? Lmao..
fvdv123 chapter 16 . 3/17/2022
I always thought a population of ten thousand wizards in Britain is way too low. that is the population of a small town.
There is no way you can have a professional quiddits league with those numbers or even a ministry.
Multiply it with five, the size of a small City. But I am nitpicking here, I love the story.
Caver Floyd chapter 24 . 3/14/2022
Someone is probably going to break their neck if they actually strap their rocket to a broomstick, but otherwise, good story. I wonder what Dumbledore really thinks of the way too mature and smart for his age Harry. All the stuff about the Philosophers stone is interesting, and did I interpret that one part right in that the Flamels made a blue stone that could maybe do a different reaction that isn't lead to gold?
Guest chapter 2 . 3/12/2022
shit dont read
khatre chapter 17 . 3/7/2022
I really really hope that the curse on Gold from Lead is that it is now radioactive because That is what would happen if you rearranged the protons and electrons to actually turn lead into gold.
khatre chapter 1 . 3/7/2022
The fandom seems to like the Harry from Methods but I Hated him ..
IamZort chapter 24 . 2/21/2022
this story if really interesting, original and funny!
Really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing
musme chapter 24 . 2/19/2022
I like it
CharlieFreemantheJumperch chapter 24 . 2/6/2022
Yeah, magic rockets!
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