Reviews for The Rebound and the Rink
comosayllama chapter 60 . 5/3/2021
Oh, wow. Oh, Wow. OH, WOW.

I did not get enough sleep last night because I went to bed at like 3 after freaking out about this chapter and then woke up at 8 because I’m still trying to maintain a sleep schedule. But you know what? TRatR’s worth it. It’s worth losing sleep over.

It’s been over two years. Over two years since Gail started out as the petty but adorable princess we love so much, and she’s grown so much. Over two years of our crackheadedness and nervoucitement over this story. Over two years since I was introduced to the TSatS-verse, and I’ve never quite been the same for it.

I’m not going to lie, this feels unreal. That every Sunday, I’m not going to be shaking in terror before the update, I’m not going to drop whatever I’m doing just because I got an email notification, I’m not going to immediately storm over to Discord to let loose a string of AAAAHHHHH’s and wtf’s. Well, ACoR is still there, but I’m hoping there’s still a while of shenanigans before we reach that level of sheer dread.

On another note, love you, Green.

Let me just review this chapter properly—a final TRatR review (unless I decide to review other chapters randomly on my several rereads to come, but I’m lazy so chances are those aren’t coming) before I crumple under the weight of my own feelings.

LIL’J WEDDING! Okay, so I was so confused as to who Rachel and Maya and Louise were at first, and I was so scared because I thought I missed three whole-ass characters in the whole story because of skim-reading. But then, I realized who they were, and it sunk in that it’s Lilly’s wedding, and oh my god, it’s so wonderful to see her get her happy ending with the man she loves after everything. She’s been through a lot and so has JJ, and they deserve to have a ‘happily ever after’. Though, since Easton is in TNatB, it means they’ll probably be in it too, so nice to see your grabby torturous claws haven’t let them go yet.

The mention of Roy’s ex-Selected! We didn’t see them much, but this simple mention made me so happy. Wonder what all of them have been up to. And Barnlisa with their kids, YES! Adorable, I love them so much. And to see all our Selected boys after such a while. I’m glad to see Gail’s made up with most of them, if not all. Also, Nathaniel *cackling clown*.

Flower boy Easton, ohmygosh, my heart!

MAXAIL’S SOFT LOOK. He’s wearing something other than black! He’s matching with Gail! I cannot be calm when things like this happen, you have to understand that, Green. God, every interaction of theirs fills my heart with so much joy, it’s in danger of spontaneously combusting.

THE CEREMONY. It’s freaking beautiful. JJ messing up his vows because he’s so nervous, but they’re in love so nothing matters. And their kiss, wow. And it’s no longer Lilly Carter, it’s Lilly Just! Oh, and everything being signed. I love it all so much.

“May I have this dance?” YES, YES, YES. Not me squealing over here. Three years together, omg, I could get an entire novel of domestic Maxail and I still wouldn’t be satisfied because the more Maxail content, the better. The Shower Incident, ahaha! Hey, Green, *wink wink* Select Few, hehe. It’s so not the point that you’ve already given me the deets. Jk, jk, no pressure. But I will never be opposed if you do.

Their dance was so cute! It’s like they’re in their own little world and I’m so soft for it. “That’s why I love him.” This has already been said in canon, but idc, because whenever the word ‘love’ is mentioned with regard to Max and Gail, I evolve into the biggest mess ever. Also, quick parallel to the first time Max met Gail and was somewhat “interrogated” by Ji-Yu *pleading hearts*.

Durudy, omg! Drunk Rudy is the best, and I need more. Give me more, pls. I’m probably gonna go read that one SF once I’m done with this review now. And Aderose, oh my god, they’re gonna propose! I can’t take this, this is so so cute, they’re adorable! And aaaaah, Ansel’s okay and happy, and so is Jeremiah (albeit not with each other, but we can’t have everything, can we?).

AVIAN! Yes, I am still in love with him, shut up. But aaah, I’m so glad Max has friends(?) now. I’m glad so many of the Selected boys still seem to be close even after the Selection, especially after those amazing interactions last chapter. Pretty sure they’d get into way too much trouble every time they’re together, but hey, that’s how we like it.

I’m not lying, I saw Crown Prince Harvey and shrieked. Well, not properly full-on shrieked because it was 2AM, but I did let out a gasp. ROYMILLA KID! Called it. Still makes me so happy. We’ve seen Roy grow up from being an irresponsible person who vomited on people’s shoes to a literal dad, and god, I feel so old (shut up, I know I’m still a kid). Though, actually, if you count SF, then we’ve seen Roy grow up from being a spoilt kid who couldn’t tie his shoelaces. OKAY, AND OH MY GOD, PREGNANT CAMI. Another kid, yes! Roy and Cami both deserve this so much. I can’t wait to see them dealing with their kids as parents.

Ahaha, YES! More dumbass boys’ content, I will never be tired of this.

Started out hating Sheng, look where we are now. I really love him now, and he’s grown into himself so much. Also helps that he has a wonderful cousin. And yay, he’s made friends too! Honestly, I love all these boys and their little friendships. It’s beautiful.
“How were the horses?”
“Er, horsey.”
Peak dialogue here. And I’m not even kidding.

Aww, Maxail in their beach house! Just wanted to get that out of the way before, WHY TF IS CASPIAN STILL OUT THERE? I swear to god, if this boy I created causes any further problems, I’m going to fight him. Can’t he just turn over a new leaf and come apologise and call it a day? If I was Max, I’d throw him into prison pretty much immediately, but I’m not Max, and unlike me, my son actually seems to think Caspian (almost typed it as Caspain) has the potential to… y’know, not be evil. Oh, also, I have to gush about this before I move on: Max works in security and intelligence! I love that so much, it’s literally perfect for him. Can’t wait to see how that pans out in TNatB where almost everyone’s a criminal.

I love Bellona as this no-nonsense mentor figure role she’s taken up for Gail. And I love Felice (now with a badass scar!) as someone who pushes Gail to do better. I love this entire hockey team so much. I swear I’m gonna miss these wonderful girls so much. Oh, and I have to scream this, though I already have on Discord: BEEZEE! BEEZEE, BEEZEE, BEEZEE!

Okay, and this last scene. Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh! This is TOO CUTE. I’m hyperventilating, aaaah! This ending, in and of itself, is perfect. Gail’s finally where she should be, and she deserves everything good in life. I’m going to miss seeing the world from the eyes of this pink-obsessed sweetheart hockey player I’ve come to love so much. Gail really is such a good protagonist. Her personality is so distinct and likeable, and she just feels so real. Not like other girls? Gail IS like other girls, and she’s proud of that. And I’m proud of her for that.

Right now, I just have so many emotions, a mix of happiness and sadness and it feels so freaking weird. I’ve screamed in this review and on Discord a lot, and I know I’ll be screaming a lot more in the days to come because I’m never really going to let this story go. I still can’t quite believe that it’s over.

Green, this was the first SYOC I’ve ever submitted to. After reading TSatS, I fell in love. With your writing, your characters, your plots. Fun fact: I actually read the first few chapters of TRatR first because it was on the first page of FF. But then, I went from there to TSatS (and completely forgot everything I read here, so I wasn’t spoiled), and I didn’t expect to come out so hooked onto everything. But that’s where we are now, and I don’t regret a moment of it. In that way, it’s actually because of you I joined the server and met so many clown friends like me.

Thank you. Thank you for sharing Gail’s story, thank you for accepting Max, thank you for dealing with my craziness. We’ve come up with “the birds are rebels”, Gaylex petition, Soringsley, Irinabellamy and her antics, and so many other things, and you’ve dutifully resigned yourself to them all (with constant Greemojis but yeah). It’s been a wild ride, and I’ve enjoyed every step of it. And I’m not going to leave the rollercoaster that is the Green Literary Universe anytime soon.

Yes, I did take two days to write this review, but shush.
Abizeau chapter 60 . 5/2/2021
AAAAAH WHAT AN AMAZING ENDING CHAPTER! it was really nice to see everyone again after three years! and so relieved to see max alive and well, and him and gail completely in love! (i would've wanted to read the shower episode but oh well. I'll just imagine it lmaooo)

congratulations on finishing this amazing, epic, incredible story and i was honored to be a part of it with Elliot! also, thanks for the shout-out! i just can't read a chapter without sharing my thoughts lol. but I'm glad you liked my crazy thoughts that were mainly screaming and all over the place hahah lol.

also cami is pregnant! i feel her so much! treatments are hard and long, but I'm just sooooo happy for her! :sob:
GingersnapBeat chapter 60 . 5/2/2021
I warned you I was going to get sappy, and honestly I feel the A/N gives me full permission to drain all the trees in my local area and use their lifeblood as I please. And while I COULD use it for something like world domination or making the world’s biggest sticky trap, I will be funneling every last drop of it into this TRatR review.

I’ve spent the last bit pacing the room, trying to grasp what it is I’m feeling. Excitement? Oh, for sure. Seeing brief cameos of so many returning characters, the tidbits of where they’ve come from and promises of where they’re going—there’s excitement in droves. Bittersweet? A little, like I always feel when finishing something that’s been such a big part of my life. Happiness? Yes, ma’am! In fact, I died from happiness. Not “could” die from happiness, I DID die from happiness. The very last vestiges of my soul are clinging to mortal existence just long enough to complete this.

So yeah, I’m messy mix of emotions right now (what’s new?), but one stands out more than the others:


The word is peace.

In the absolute dumpster fire that has been this past year, I’m not sure anything’s made me more content and at ease than this epilogue. This story. These characters. The potent writing. The (wonderful) clown and crack-filled community that comes with it. I’ll undoubtedly be back to screaming and cursing at you soon, but for now someone could literally set my hair on fire and I’d just give them a dreamy smile and ask if they’d like a glass of water.

That said please don’t set my hair on fire—rereading this for the 20th time would be tricky if I’m making awkward smalltalk at the hairdresser’s or getting treated for mild burns.

Okay, I’m going to tuck away the cheese and get to the actual epilogue, but stick to the end; like a chipmunk that you fed an Oreo to that ONE time, it’ll come back, fatter and more daring than before.

If your goal was to fake us out with a Maxail wedding, mission accomplished because I went in thinking Gail was about to marry the second love of her life (Max is a very, VERY close second, of course, but I’m convinced her actual wedding will take place in the rink and she’ll skate her way down the aisle). To find out it was Lil’J was a surprise, but no less delightful because I love every last one of these couples and unlike one certain small, magical, winged being I have a soft spot for Lilly and love to see her finally get that happily ever after...for the time being, at least.

It must be a wedding, because I am getting emotional over every little thing. Even just reading the names of Roy’s Selected has me smiling, and every mention of Gail’s Selected made it grow until I’m pretty certain I just sprained my face.

OMG, flower boy Easton! Aaah! Cutie!

An even bigger OMG is the fact Max is wearing a PINK TIE! I can’t decide if matching Maxail is cuter, or if the soft looks they give each other are. Hmm...y’know, my review, my rules. I declare both. Both are the cutest.

Lilly Just. LJ. Lil’J. ‘Twas meant to be, I’m telling you!

Max’s “May I have this dance,” got the song of the same name by Francis and the Lights playing on loop in my head but I ain’t complaining because it actually works pretty well for these two.

“Yes, well, that's in the past now." /
"It was last week." BAHAHAHAHA! You probably have a list of like 30 SF requests, but I would never say no to a domestic Maxail oneshot.

“... and I think he's trailing off, as he does every so often now after he almost died – his mind was never quite as sharp as before...” We interrupt this moment of bliss with one of concern. I wonder how long Max’s recovery was. And add his near-death experience on top of his past trauma and...I’m just so glad he’s got Gail to work through it with him.

AAAAAH YAY! The Three Videogameers are back together! Parker’s with his friends and I’m so freaking happy for him! And Jasper’s back! And Parker and Zelda reconciled! And he’s spiking the...okay, a little less proud, now, but no less happy!

AFLEGHSIDJEHSH drunk!Rudy dancing with Durante is flashing me back to SF 5 when they first expressed their feelings and so my transformation into a mushy pile of nothingness continues.

Oh no and now Aderose are being freaking adorable and they might have a DOUBLE PROPOSAL?! Now do you see?! Do you see now why I literally died?! It is impossible for one’s mortal body to be able to handle all this sickening sweet adorableness from multiple couples all at one time! Even rereading I have to take a moment to jump around and hold back a squeal after each line. It’s doing wonders for my cardio, but it’s making writing this all down in a timely manner pretty difficult.

Aaaw, Soren’s got a girlfriend? Good for him! Is her name Queensley?

Ansel! For one, so glad the banishment was lifted. Two, though we never met his family, thank goodness and good riddance he cut ties with the terrible ones. He was so miserable a few years ago, and I love seeing him with a much, much happier future ahead of him. And the Hillett closure? Love to see it. Would’ve loved to see them together, of course, but their friendship was great too and I’m just happy there’s no hard feelings left between them. 12. He’s 12. I’m in trouble because I can barely wrap my thoughts around that HOW will I adjust to young adult Tay? He might just be stuck at 9 in my mind forever. And given the potential nature of his selection that’s going to be a problem.

“Those three will only get more mischievous as they get older.” And boy am I looking forward to it!

Hey, if you could just do me a favor and hop on vc so I can scream into your ear for anywhere between 1 and 4726382 hours that would be great. I reaaaaally want to type it here but I don’t want to break the reviews page again and a simple
is not sufficient enough to express my thoughts. I may have read this part in the car (parked, not driving, don’t worry my restraint is terrible but not THAT terrible) and I might have slammed my hand on the horn a few times and I might’ve gotten a few dirty and/or surprised looks from passerbys but I also might not care because I’M A GRANDMA, Y’ALL!

Not only that, but I’m going to be one of those grandmothers where you ask for the weather and I pull out an entire photo album from my purse and make you look over every. single. photo. as I ramble over my grandson and once you’re finished I will pull out my phone and make you watch the 5000 photo slideshow that is found on there.

Basically I’m saying I’ve known Harvey for one sentence but if anything happened to him I would off everyone in this room and then myself.

Jokes aside I might’ve actually died, or at least slipped into a coma because there’s no other way to explain why I’m looking at Roy and he’s fully HAPPY.

“The froggie green underpants...” NOOOOOOOOOOOO—

I am being conditioned to burst out laughing any time I see something frog-patterned and YOU are to blame, you smug color between blue and yellow in the spectrum.

“I'm… not allowed to drink at the moment." There is not enough space on FFN’s servers to contain the amount of screaming, screeching, and sobbing that arose from this. Forget breaking the review page—this would break the entire site. I know it broke me. In a good way. I might even finally consider considering forgiving you for killing Merrick.

And I’ve only known about this for one sentence but if anything happened to Roymilla kid #2 I would also off everyone in this room and then myself. I...I need to buy TWO photo books now! And maybe a bigger purse.

Though I’m looking at all these characters I’ve adopted and sworn to protect and they just keep growing and I’m eyeing the storm cloud that is TNatB on the horizon and suddenly my light sweating has turned to profuse sweating. Current plan: buy a small planet and move all the TSatSVerse characters there (except the Second and maybe Caspian—they can stay) in the middle of the night when Green is sleeping.

Oh god. Roy’s actually, canonically pushing for the name Roymilla. Why, my son. Why?

They only split up a chapter ago but seeing most of the boys back together is perfect and I refuse to believe that they’ll part ways again.

I like the symmetry between Gail and Sheng’s first and final interactions taking place in a stable. Like a “more things change the more they stay the same” moment. I think. I don’t know where I was going with that thought honestly, I just really love parallels. And Gail still being aware of Sheng’s buffness because of course she is had me laughing.

Oooh, a Vegas trip? Dying to know who went on that because it had to of been chaotic. I bet someone got married on accident. And someone got banned from all the casinos. And someone—the possibilities are endless, honestly.

Ahahaha! I see Zelda has improved on her language around June. Not sure if I’m relieved or disappointed.

“Zelda goes to retrieve Rose and Aderyn from the corner of the barn, where they think no one can see them making out...” IlovethemIlovethemIlovethemIlovethemsofreakingmuch—

The transformation from the wedding to their hockey gear is great. Shows just how different the two lifestyles are, but they’re both a side of Gail, and she has found both the balance between them and the balance in herself and she’s happy and AAAAAH I don’t think I’ve accurately expressed just how much I adore this entire epilogue!

“I had an ex—“ YEEEEEES ADDY I LOVE YOU and also Green by extension for squeezing this bit in here one last time.

Caspian Washington. I swear if you lay one finger on ANY of these characters you will wish you’d never been created.

If anyone could rock a scar it’s Felice. She already had an intimidation factor of 9, and now it’s just ramped up to a 12!

The ending is beautiful, with Gail’s thoughts while she’s on the ice and THAT ENDING SCENE with her kissing Max! So sweet, and heartwarming, and perfect! I’m already missing Gail, but I’m also already looking forward to rereading and experiencing everything all over again! Such an amazing sequel!

And the biggest, shiniest, richest congrats I can find to you Green for completing yet another behemoth of a fic! Be proud, because you deserve it. Thank you for sharing your time and talent and humor and gut-wrenching twists and genius with us for, wow...six years?! That’s absolutely insane! And thank you for the glorious way in which you continue to write my gal—torture and drama aside, there’s no other author’s hands I’d want her to be in.

A lot of writers have a certain book or author that they attribute their love of the craft to. Don’t get me wrong; over the years I’ve read a lot of really, really good works. But pretty sure that even 10 years down the line, if ever asked what my inspirations are, I’m going to be saying that GreenWithAwesome is one of them.

See? Told you the sap would come back. And part of that might just be proof for why I shouldn’t write these reviews at night after spending an entire day thinking on a chapter but also your A/N has me so soft and squishy and emotional so I had to fight back somehow. So hah! Take that!

Wow. Final TRatR review. What a wild ride.

I can’t wait for the next one, whatever it may be.
Blaze Zion chapter 1 . 5/2/2021
These are the type of stories I love to read. I hope I can see your work in NovelStar. There are also a lot of talented writers in that platform. You may check their group on Facebook.
Slyther chapter 60 . 5/2/2021
comosayllama chapter 59 . 4/27/2021
Not me sitting to review this while debate selections are going on. But honestly, I’m really bored of listening to multiple speeches on the same topic, and TRatR’s a lot more fun anyway. So, yeah, let’s go!

Before I do a play-by-play reaction (well, re-reaction since you’ve already seen my firsthand screaming and crack) of the chapter’s contents, let me just freak out a little. A lot. Because MAXAIL. MAXAIL, MAXAIL, MAXAIL. These two have my whole heart and I am so glad they survived this entire ordeal. They’ve been through enough. They deserve a bit of peace. Though once TNatB rolls out, they’re free real estate again. But still! AAAAH. It doesn’t feel real, but in a totally good way for once!

Okay, okay, I’m done. No, I’m not. But I’ll save the gushing for the end of the chapter.

May I just say I do not appreciate this will-he-won’t-he survival thing Max has going on. Like obviously, right now, I know he lives, but while I was reading (more like skimming) for the first time, my nerves were practically on fire.

“Wendy is trying to poke Soren into speaking more than a few words at a time.”
Ahahaha, I love this.
“Rose is half-asleep on Aderyn’s shoulder,”
Awwww, I love this!

Omg, I love this B-L reunion. There’s been this tension between Zelda and Rudy for a while, and though they did make up after Zelda blew up at that dinner, it’s so good to see them just hug and cry it out because at the end of the day, they’re still a family, and agh, I have so many feels about this. Just… everyone in the B-L family is perfect and I love them so much. Kudos to you for making them all so distinct and likeable. Can’t wait to see older!June in TNatB because I’m sure you’ll make me fall in love with her too.

And the Schreave reunion :pleading hearts: It’s short, but by god don’t I love it. Ji-Yu’s worry for Gail, and Cami and Roy too, and god, I feel so bad that Gail put them through this much anxiety. They deserve all the good things in the world, and my fingers are crossed that they get all they could want in these eleven years before Tay’s thrown into a selection of criminals.

The relief I felt at this part… god, you have no idea. Bellona, I was hopeful for since she seemed fine last chapter. Max and Felice though… a different ballpark altogether. So, I’m glad they’ll be fine. Can’t believe I care so much about Felice even though she was the biggest prick ever to Gail. But as the old saying goes, “if Green wants you to like a character, you’re gonna like that character.” And vice versa.

Have a random unrelated thought I had. Bellona reminds me of Beidou who’s a character in Genshin Impact. Idk, maybe it’s just the Be-prefix that makes me think so, but they’re both scary badass women. Not to mention, when Beidou gets hurt in battle, she says “just a scratch”. So yeah, very similar vibes. Don’t know why I went on this tangent, but there you have it.

I like this. I like scene a lot. I love how Bellona realized why Gail kept it from everyone and she doesn’t hold it against her. And the perfect pronunciation, ayyy! Also, the fact that she thinks of them as All-Stars, as a part of this found family… 10/10, I love it so much. Ahaha, poor girls, having lost to the Scorpions because of the rebel attack. It’s so not fair, but I’m sure they’ll have plenty of chances in the future to destroy the other teams—as the All-Stars first team, I hope.

Another random thought, though this one’s somewhat more related: you know how on hockey teams, members are called by their surnames? So, imagine in the heat of a match Zelda is strategizing, and someone needs to talk to her, so they need to sound out the mouthful that is Bezuidenhout-Leeuwenhoek. I’d die on spot.

TAY! My adorable sweetheart baby, I love him so much. Just the cutest little thing ever, he deserves the world. Ahaha, I love how his first thought was June when Gail said she got attacked by a bad wizard. I know I’m going to die for their dynamic once he grows up. Oh my god, and his concern for Easton, I love him, I love him, I love him. And I love Tay and Easton’s dynamic too, how are you making me so hype about something that doesn’t even properly exist yet?

Lil’J :”) J’ander supremacy, obviously, but come on, this scene is so sweet and heartfelt. Him being all scared about hurting her, and her still understanding because she’s been through the same thing. It’s :boo love x10:

Ugh, why is the Second still alive? She got run over TWICE and stabbed in the torso. I feel like she should be dead by now. I swear to god, if she breaks out for TNatB or something, I’m going to have several choice words for you. Several. But hey, thank god Alaric’s dead. He’s put enough people through enough grief, we don’t need him to continue. Unless... well, we haven’t seen his body so—okay, nope, not going there.

Wait, shit, Caspian wasn’t there? I don’t know whether I’m relieved he got out or fucking terrified for what he might cook up. I’m hoping that Max gets to meet Wella again, and since Caspian clearly cares about Wella, he gets redeemed too. Or something. If he’s a recurring villain, I’m throwing hands. At him, not you, because a recurring villain would be interesting. You’d be getting plenty of Florence Nuggets though. Also, F, the Resurgence still exists. Genuinely hoping they can curb this, but don’t think it’ll happen. At least with its leaders gone, it’ll be calmer. I think. I hope.

Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about this Mariam and Gail conversation. On one hand, it seems like Mariam’s resigned herself to her fate and isn’t planning on pulling anything. On the other hand, I don’t trust her at all. I’m glad she isn’t dead, but idk, I’m sus. She might be the creepy old aunt in the cellar who eggs Tay onto his true calling as a villain. Kidding, please don’t make him a villain. Oh well, I’m happy Gail at least got the closure she wanted.

Aaaaah, omg, I swear to god, I love this casual banter among the Elite so much. The story’s almost over and here I am, begging you for scraps. Well, hey, what’s Select Few for? *wink wink* Jk, jk. Or am I? Loving the Kajika-Kingsley interactions, and Ben joking about Zelda’s recklessness. Then Soringsley bickering like an old married couple (which they will be soon). Aww, I love that they care enough about Gail to forgive her, it’s so sweet. Man, I wish I had these boys Gail got. She really got so lucky with them.

Yes, go, Gail! Apologise! She was fully in the wrong when she blew up at Sheng (right after his grandma died, if I may add), so it’s really nice to see her make amends for this. I’m so happy that they can work this out, because Sheng deserves to have someone in his life who can support him through his problems. The Selection was really good for him, he got out, made friends, and got over Gail too. Character development, five out of five stars. From a character who was incredibly annoying, he’s grown into this nuanced person who we can sympathise with, and I love it.

Business major Kingsley :eyes:. And Milo Kwon might be there too. Rysa, I know you’ll end up stalking reviews so please write that one-shot ASAP, I need to see it, thank you. God, these clowns :laughing clown: their suggestions on rejecting Adler are pure gold. They better have a group chat together where this sort of clownery can persist. Meme degrees, let’s go! Also, can’t believe we thought Kajika taking up crochet was Gail leaving hockey for croquet.

Oh, Zelda said no. HAH, TAKE THAT, RYSA, ZEJIKA AIN’T ENDGAME. Okay, lmao, sorry, I don’t know where that came from. But yay, go, Kajika! I love how mature he is about this.

:EYES: Sheng as stablemaster? Ooh. Speaking of which, Roy had Pottery, Gail has Unicorn, so will Tay have a horse too? LMAO, GREEN, clowning yourself for the horse battle idea. That’s amazing. We have
“The Selection and the Spy. That’s the worst name for anything I’ve ever heard.”
“but genius stablemaster over here said if that failed we could ride the horses down to Los Angeles.”
Hoping the trinity is completed with TNatB. Or maybe make it a four-inity (yes, I just made that up) with ACoR.

HE LIVES! Okay, that sounds like some Easter Jesus thing, but idc, this is a moment for celebration. HE LIVES!

Ahhh, my feels have surmounted to such a level rn. Gail talking to Max even though she knows he can’t hear her. God, I love this. My cousin literally started sobbing at this part when I was telling her about this, and while I don’t cry, gosh darn it, this brought me close to tears. I’m sorry, because from this moment on, the rest of this review is probably gonna turn into a steaming pile of me freaking out over Maxail, so yeah, feel free to skip it.

“Remember what we said about afterwards? It’s here and my mind hasn’t changed. I want to spend it with you. Always you.”
Wtf, Green, you can’t just write something like this and expect me to be okay after that. Jesus Christ, this is making me such a mess, but in a very very very good way. I just… I can’t— I’m just sitting here aww-ing at this.

I just spent ten minutes rereading that segment and whispering aww and grinning like a lunatic. I really am but a simp for TRatR.

Rooooy! Thank god these two made up. I’d have refused to accept it if they had kept up that charade of friction. Their relationship as siblings is absolutely perfect, and it’s so realistic. I don’t know how you can write like this and elicit such an emotional response in me. Freaking Roy and Gail, man. The hesitance but then ultimately realizing there’s no point continuing like this, and also him coming as fast as he could for his baby sister even while having issues with his leg. Wow.

God, yes, yes, yes. I like how it’s acknowledged that yes, choosing Max as her winner would bring in several complications, but I also love how Gail is willing to deal with that. That she’ll make the effort, but she’s giving him the chance to walk away if he doesn’t want to. Though obviously he won’t walk away (if he does, I’m coming into the story to whack him upside the head with Roy’s cane) because come on, this man took bullets for her! He’s not gonna do that unless he’s absolutely whipped.

She’s leaving, y’all. I repeat, she’s leaving, y’all. Our theories were correct! And I’m proud of her for it. She’s known for a while as to what she’s wanted, even though she may have taken some time to really admit it to herself, but know that’s she’s sure, she deserves to go for it. She thrives outside the restrictions of the palace, and that’s where she gets to be. I’m just so freaking proud of our girl. Jao, Gail, jee le apni zindagi (none of you will understand this reference, but basically, there’s this well-known Bollywood movie called Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and one of the main characters is called Simran. And at the end of the movie, her dad allows her to be with the guy she loves. So, he’s like “Jao, Simran, jee le apni zindagi” which means “Go, Simran, live your life”. It’s a very famous line here and somewhat of a meme too, so yeah. Aaaaand I spent another five minutes explaining a random reference that isn’t even related to the story. Why am I like this?)

OMAGERD, THIS LAST PART. I want to cry but my tear ducts don’t work. MAXAIL. The beach house. Finding his moms. The “please wake up, I miss you”. I am absolute trash for these two, I love them so much. AND THAT LAST LINE. It’s cinematic. God, I can just imagine it on the big screen. I agree with Ginger, TRatR movie when? I have to physically restrain myself from not screaming. I know, I know, I’ve reread this chapter way too many times already, but every time I reach this bit, I feel so much joy.

Honestly, Green, a huge thank you to you for accepting my son. You could have very easily said no because I did turn him in randomly with no prior contact, but you did, so thank you, thank you, thank you. Theodore Nuggets. You’ve characterized him beautifully over the course of these (soon-to-be) 60 chapters, probably better than I could have ever hoped to do. Every time he’s come on the page, you’ve made me break out into the biggest smile ever and file away the chapter number to do an extensive reread. I’d say you’ve done him justice, but no, because you went above and beyond with the confusing mess of a form I dropped into your hands on that fateful day.

I’m so honoured that you think my character is worthy of Gail, and yeah, I know I’m getting kinda or very sappy, but you deserve it. This chapter was an amazing, spectacular, beautiful. It’s such a good culmination of the last 58 chapters, tying together several strings in a beautiful bow. And yeah, I know the story isn’t over yet, there’s still an epilogue, but the finality is sinking in. I love this, and I love your writing, and I love TRatR, and I can’t wait for the last chapter this Sunday.

Till then, see you!
Abizeau chapter 59 . 4/26/2021

also, I'm super happy gail and roy were able to talk things out! and that bellona accepted gail and zelda in the all-stars as themselves uwu. big big feels!

can't wait for the epilogue!
rysarium chapter 59 . 4/24/2021
yay gax is canon!
GingersnapBeat chapter 59 . 4/24/2021
I have so many (no, you don't understand: SO MANY) sappy, cheesy things to say right now, but I'm going to save it for the epilogue. Because as I've probably previously stated, I've been both anticipating and dreading the end, but we're not there yet. Not yet. There's still one update left, and I will be clinging to this fact all week like a child clings to their safety blanket. Because let's be honest, the TSatSVerse is basically my #1 comfort item. A nice little blanket I can hide from the real world in, filled with little lego bricks and thorns and tacks because Green likes suffering and I can never quite get comfortable but I've been dragging this thing around for years and I'm not about to let go of it now.

Now, where to start. Where to start...

How about Rose falling asleep on Aderyn's shoulder, because that is adorable. Addy finally gets a...less bizarre relationship, and Rose has someone she can lean as she deals with everything with Mariam (along with her besties Zelda and Gail, of course!) This ship has grown on me more than I thought it would, and seeing it work out between them makes me feel nice and warm and fuzzy inside.

Bezuidenhout-Leeuwenhoek reunion, though! :Hearts: And from this point out, just assume every statement I make is followed by hearts because the feels are strong in this corner of fanfiction dot net tonight. I imagine Zelda is literally grounded for a lifetime, and as such, I expect her to pop up in TNatB in her late 20's, STILL grounded, but wearing the status as a badge. "Been grounded for ten years and counting! Let's see anyone try and beat THAT!"

With the B-L reunion followed by a Schreave reunion, I'm only like a tenth of the way through the chapter and already I feel like I'm going to combust. This whole thing had to be terrifying for all of them, but I'm especially concerned for Ji-Yu. Went through everything involving Diantha, had to watch both her son and daughter go through life-threatening situations, lost her husband, and Tay will likely go through the blender as well. I'd probably argue—no, I WILL argue—that Ji-Yu is the strongest character of them all. She's been through so much crap and if anyone deserves peace and happiness it is her.

"Stubbornly righteous, just like your father." Shot through the heart, and you're to blame. Merrick would be so proud of his girl.

Alright. So. When Felice first started to come around to Gail, I was getting major Katrina vibes in the sense that they were both slight antagonists that ended up helping the protagonist despite their differences. And I am so glad that she did not follow Kat’s fate. I mean, Katrina's character arc is probably one of my favorites of all time, and I feel like her death was one of the most impactful in the TSatS massacre, but Felice living offers so much interesting potential. I'm excited to see how her and Gail's dynamics change. If they become friends, or are emotionally distant but become each other's biggest supporters through mutual respect, or if they'll get a fun "frenemies" thing going.

I wouldn't say I like Bellona, necessarily, but I can now confidently say that I respect her. She lives and cares for the game, the same way Gail does, and that really lends to her understanding of her. She's another mentor for Gail, and one that I think Gail will really benefit from. Someone outside of all the palace stuff, who will not let Gail's royal status prevent her from pushing her to be better.

I'm going to attribute Bellona's ability to just spit out Bequidenhout-Leeuwenhoek on the first try to her being pumped full of painkillers because NO ONE wields that amount of skill. Has to be a fluke.

" are Angeles All-Stars, through and through." "Wear your stars with pride today, deserve them." Mmm, yes! What a pleasing statement! I love how in TSatS, stars represented rebels and fear and violence. Meanwhile, TRatR has shaped stars to become a symbol of teamwork and freedom and self-improvement. Some wonderful contrast, and it makes Gail and Zelda being able to call themself All-Stars all that more satisfying.

Hahahaha! The fact that the All-Stars lost on the technicality that they were the ones to lure in the rebels seems a little unfair, but it's pretty hilarious. No matter. Now that Gail and Zelda don't have the distraction of their secret identities, I'm sure the team will go on to get more than a few trophies in their case.

Ahhh! Tay's learning sign language! Oh, the possibilities this opens up! Easton and Tay having whole conversations over sign language to drive June nuts. Or, alternatively, all three signing in front of important people to drive THEM nuts. It also just shows how much care Tay has for his friend already and I. Am. All. For. It.

Bliss. Lil'J bliss. I'm absolutely drowning in it. This is it. I've peaked. I will never be more proud of a ship than I am with Lil'J because I have been stalking them from the early days and right now I can't help but wonder if crack theories are a better use of my time than more genuine ones, but either way, vindicatioooooon! My flimsy raft is now a luxury cruise and I am enjoying the profits.

They work so well. JJ and Lilly are both victims that parallel each other, moving on from the tragedy that lines their past, working towards both healing and redemption, together. They are so cavity-including sweet and I love them and I'm so STOKED (that’s still a thing nowadays, right?) over how Easton will (hopefully) be able to grow up with his Aunt Lilly—maybe Mom Lilly, someday.

A little wary of the life imprisonment sentence. First of all, screw the Second, she should not be out in public. Don't really care about her. But Mariam is...tricky. That long of imprisonment can breed resentment, and doesn't exactly allow the prisoner to grow or come to a better understanding of the hurt or wrong they've caused. They tried the life sentence with Diantha, and we saw where that got them. Mariam is no saint, and should absolutely be held responsible for her actions. But she is dedicated to her morals, and while they aren't the best morals, some of them are rooted in good intentions and truths.

So my thoughts are, yeah, monitor her. Place restrictions upon her. But instead of just throwing her in a cell for the rest of her life, it would be more beneficial for all sides to give her a project to work on while she's locked away. Use her as a consultant as they work to flush out the Washingtons. Or, in the very least, hear her out on what drove her to such extremes in the first place. If anything, she has plenty of time to discuss that reform packet that she so desperately wanted Gail to deliver.

"Caspian Washington...was not there."

Oh. Perfect.

...Do I smell a recurring villain? On one hand, that would be pretty cool. On the other, that's just one more person trying to harm the Schreave Siblings and OH MY GOSH JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE. Wonder how Max will take the news. He'll be relieved his brother made it out, I'm sure, but at the same time I wouldn't blame him if he no longer believed Cas was capable of saving.

Same thing about the Resurgence—it still hanging on creates some great suspense, but I am so exhausted and just downright DONE with them. What it can evolve to become over the next decade absolutely terrifies me. I'm considering taking out life insurance because if anyone is going to die from stress, it's ya girl, and I need to make sure that my plants will be well taken care of. They got to afford their diamond-encrusted planting pots somehow.

That was a lie. I don't have plants. But I DO have a few graying hairs. So maybe a ‘no’ on the life insurance policy (not yet, anyway) and a ‘yes’ on hair dye.

The Royals: converts the Shell Wing and all the trauma and secrets associated with it to a happy living quarters
Also the Royals: builds a whole new interrogation chamber that Gail describes as "dark and ominous"

Or, alternatively:

"Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture."
"They're the same picture."

Can't blame them, though. Dungeons are cool. It's a hard *aesthetic* to ditch.

"The rebound, and the rink." By jove, she did it. She actually did it. It''s so perfect. I haven't cried on this update yet, but the blinding beauty of this line might just be enough to make me shed a tear.

In all seriousness, though, the wrap-up with Mariam was wonderful. I had my reservations, but I love what you did with this character. The Voice is so gray and complex, and that makes one very, very interesting and enjoyable character. Especially in the way her and Gail both challenged and taught each other over the course of their interactions. For good or bad, they had an impact on one another, and it's refreshing to see that impact didn't involve death or physical harm, but rather a mental change. A shifting of perspectives.

We need to talk. Right now. WHERE was this Kingsley and Kajika interaction hiding and why did you wait this long to pull it out because Kingsley's drama combined with Kajika's chill is so dang funny. Forget Soren and Kingsley, or Silas and Kingsley, or Ansel and Kingsley—Kajika might just have my favorite dynamic with our swimming king. One taste, and I literally might be addicted to this friendship.

Actually, that's probably just a side effect of being addicted to all the boy's friendships in general. The elite are a great group, and it's so bittersweet to know they'll be splitting up to go and pursue their own things. They'll still hang out, I'm sure, but it won't ever be the same as it is now.

The Shengail closure was much appreciated, and much needed. Seriously. It's the least you could have done to Sheng, after he just took one blow after another, and I'm proud that you had enough restraint to not push him over the edge completely. Plus, with their relationship being the whole thing to kick this off, it deserved at least one more bow in the spotlight.

I've already expressed my joy at the thought of Kingsley going to college, so I'm going to use this space to express, just one more time, how much I love and appreciate this man. Somehow he charmed me from hating him to loving him. He is the man. The myth. The icon. And it was an absolute joy to see him transition from being salmon-slapped to tentatively making friends of his rivals.

Zejika was a twist, ngl, but Zelda is rocking that single life to figure herself out, and I really love that. I aspire to be her, one day. Or like her, I guess, but honestly if the stress DOES kill me and my ghost has the ability to possess fictional characters Zelda is the first on my list.

Followed by Ben, because DOGS!

If you need a reenactment of me when Gail was sitting by Max, talking to him, it was a lot of: Aw, follow by aaaw :( followed by AaAAww, then by aaaaaaw, and rounded out with an AAAwww. The perfect mix of sad and adorable. Max is in rough shape, which hurts, but HE LIVES which just triumphs everything. Gail telling him to take his time, and that she'll wait for had me tearing up. Silail and Sorail were both so good, and I would've been happy with them, but after the past few chapters I can't imagine anyone other than Max winning. Maxail is a masterpiece, and has now officially taken its place in my top three ships (standing shoulder to shoulder with Durudy and Roymilla, naturally).

I've been complimenting conversations over the past few chapters, because they've all been SOOO GOOD, but Roy and Gail's is the king of them all. He's obviously not happy about her decisions, but he's coming to an acceptance of them. And I love how he's giving her advice, and Gail's listening to it, but also remaining firm to what SHE wants. I love these siblings so much—almost wish we’d had more moments like this between them, but I understand there was a lot going. Anyway, the absolute FEELS that this moment brought! What a cathartic and natural beat to leave their relationship off on, for now.

Prime Minister Charles. Is that the new prime minister, or just another character that my brain decided to fling into the land of forgetfulness? Have the elections concluded? Goodness, that feels like eighty years ago!

I see Roy's hesitance to Max as just a warm-up to what's to come. A light jog, before the marathon. The universe is simply trying to buff him up a little, haha.

"He does something strange—takes out his hair tie and let's his long, black locks tussle with the wind." AHAHA I know this is a more solemn moment, but I laughed so hard and so forcefully at this that I might've dislocated my lung. Just...the thought of Roy taking a moment to stare dramatically into the distance as his hair flies loose like some romance's amazing.

"Not only for what she brought out in me, but for what I brought out in her." "We spent time away to build ourselves before we sought each other. I missed her dearly, but in the end it was for the best." *buries face in hands* *muffled sob*

Sigh. Not me, at the end of TRatR, tempted to write post-tsats era roymilla just because these few lines—which I already knew, yet I am STILL emotionally shredded by them—flipped my no-chill switch. I used to play it cool when it came to them, but those days are SO long gone it honestly shocks me how I used to think it was an option.

The moment where Roy let's Gail go, and she decided to leave for a time? That's what did it. In the entire emotional rollercoaster that has been the past couple chapters, this was the moment where I had to sit back for a minute and close my eyes and just...process. All the tension and arguments and misunderstandings leading up to this one moment, and he's finally able to let her go, in a moment so quiet for how much it means. And Gail's finally, FINALLY free to make her own decisions, with no secrets or lies or expectations.

I've complimented you so much I feel like I'm beating a dead horse (shhh, Sheng, it's okay. Just...go look over there for a time and ignore this), but Green, as long as you keep producing beautiful arcs and characters and moments like this I will continue to force-feed these compliments to you, no matter how stale they may get, because I mean them every single time.

Oh my gosh, Maxail in a beach house! I need it. I NEED it so much!

That last line was so cinematic—could just see a tv series or movie ending with that shot.

In related ideas, TSatSVerse movie when?
spontaneousbunkum chapter 59 . 4/24/2021
I truly do not remember if I have reviewed a TRATR chapter before... I think I have but i'm not certain so here goes

AHHHHHH x347932874293749320821039430019439018484

What a rush what a rush, I wonder if not having a child in this made it less (or more) traumatising (or worrisome or happy crazy terrified overjoyed shook) (I worry because my brain conjured up more synonyms for scared then positive adjectives but I guess that's what happens with a Green fic) (excited for TNATB but rn let's focus on THE REBOUND AND THE RINK, CHAPTER 59 OF... THE REBOUND AND THE RINK.

We ended things before without knowing if Max, Bellona, Mariam, Felice, or even the Second lived to tell the tale (or kiss doz lips) and friends, we have gotten our answer - WHICH IS THAT LOVE TRIUMPHS BULLET HOLES AND A SEAT-BELTLESS VAN-RIDE DRIVEN BY NUEROSOREN AND DIRECTED BY BUSINESSMANKINGSLEY. ooooh the appeal and beauty that is grunge boy and sunshine princess (literally) slaps a wide grin on my face and the fact that it is driver-god Max and hocky-rainbow Gail is keeping it there 24/7. I don't remember if he was ever on the tip top of my list when we first got to the elite but hell yeah I ship it now. Err moving on to the chapter itself

Rose and Aderyn showing us again how they're the most stable (teen/young) couple and the ones with the least (physical) injuries (unfortunately? fortunately? for tuna?). Rudy *sobs* nooooooo the love for his daughter shines through and this family hug cured world hunger. Omma's use of peanut brings me back to when Gail was 7 years old and still had her magical wand and wanted to destroy Evil Prince Roy. AND THEY'RE HUGGING. HUGS MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER, THEY'RE LIKE THE BROWNIES OF SOCIAL INTERACTION hehe unless you're Gail at her first hockey party. Soooo Bellona and Felice LIVE. Honestly don't know how I feel about Bellona. I wanted to punch her lights out at the formal dinner when she heavily shaded the royal family but then she's fair and occasionally friendly and supportive and complimentary of Gail and her Susanetta persona, keeping her on the team and all, that I- ugh why must you slide so much on the like-hate spectrum Bellona? Props for the correct Besuidenhout-Leeuwenhoek pronunciation. Felice I just... Felice is an acquired taste and I'm just gonna leave this bully-turned-idkwhatsheisbutihopeitstays to recover and kick more hockey butt. OIIIII LIL'J WASSUP? I love that Easton is like, Dad, you'll infect Lilly and not the other way around. Boy's got his VIPs in line. I wanted to protect you...And you did..awwww let's all take a moment to SWOON Lilly got the love and JJ add another name on his I-have-you list. Cutey smooty. TF tho why is the Second still ALIVE? HOW IS SHE *NOT* DEAD PLS THAT BISH GOT RUN OVER BY A LITERAL VAN. Her body goes plop and crunch and sorry for the image but bruh her organs must be made from vibranium for them not to implode. CasPAIN still alive ehh? Gotta keep those morally-confusing bad-now-but-susceptible-to-further-consideration dudes so they could potentially tie into the next plot with Tayyyy pls no let the child be happy and live a rebel/gang-free life.

You did it Mariam - you changed something, though not at the cost you imagined when you began, that's for sure. I love how the entire thing was set up in the earlier chapters, the Second bringing the knife and all her private and personal hate getting into Gail's face, so this coup was something that was completely plausible (though still did not see coming I'm just blind), not just thrown in last minute like hey that would shake things up. KEJIKA AND KINGSLEY FACING OFF WAS ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS FOR ME those muscles born from real hard work vs photoshop muscles developed for thousands of girls to go gaga over. And Kejika - wait as I was typing this I was like wait that's not the right spelling I rolled 'Zejika' over my tongue like that's not right but it sounds so right *how and why* then I remembered oh ship names haha him as an individual is Kejika - anyway he was so chill, I'm barely putting in effort, ahhh I love that. Bluntly beautiful. Every remaining Elite so comfortable around Gail truly reflects their journeys from either pretty cocky boys or nervous wrecks, to safe and sparkly good men. Yay for mental relationship puberty!

I always did root for Sheng. Not to win, but to see himself the way I saw him: someone not right for Gail and someone Gail was definitely not right for. Of course Green has built up and written the character according to how she sees or portrays Sheng and I respect that a billion percent, but to me, from the words I read on the page, I understood where he came from - the social pressures that would have risen from the media and the country and most definitely the king is nothing to joke about. They would have created and thrown nasty things in verbal and written and physical form at Sheng and Gail because she would be 'dating down' and he would never be worthy enough to date her. Maybe Gail only thinks worthy means the spirit but when she's the princess, worthy means educated, charismatic, engaging, rich and/or popular enough. I acknowledge that Sheng did want to keep it a secret and I know Gail would have gladly shown up to a ball with him by her side but that doesn't change that he was trying to protect them as individuals, from the try-as-they-may-to-change-it, rigid mindset of the world - that the princess needs somebody 'worthy'. I see him breaking up with her to be a logical thing so I never did understand all the hate he got (wow so Fairy is feeling the opposite with everyone loving Lilly huh). To sum it up, I never (for the lack of a better word) supported Gail's (IMO overreaction) decision of a rebound selection (though obviously I loved it), and Sheng deserves someone more worldy and less (well) naïve (it's not Gail's fault, it's just her circumstances). Sheng looked ahead and above and it was clear he still loved Gail very very much during the emotional hell of the selection. Out of the Elite, it is him most of all who I want to find happiness. Cry it out child, cry it out, pat it dry, and conquer the world like I know you will, one teleporting bullet-proof horse at a time.

OKAY BACK TO THE GANG REDISCOVERING or REEVALUATING or just SHARING THEIR FUTURES. I loved this moment, how despite the crazy trauma and their friend deciding whether or not to explore that light at the end of the tunnel, they all still can bond and talk about how the Selection has influenced their respective futures. Ben and Soren crushing it by getting diplomas, Kingsley choosing to drop the industry that never was good for his mental-social health and pursue whatever he damn well wants to, Kejika going BIG AND SHOOTING HIS SHOT. I daresay we'll get Zejika either official or figuring-it-out in TNATB. I went a lot over with Sheng so we'll just say YAS BOY UH LEZ GET THOSE HORSES AND DAT PROMOTION. Senior Mah deserves a break.

It's Roy time. Roy and Max, two of the most important men in Gail's life, one who (used to) have her future in his hands, and the other who has her heart. MAX WILL LIVEEE. They deserve their happy ending. There's not much I can or have to say honestly. I'm overjoyed. They've been through so much together, ever since he decided to accompany the wigged 'sisters' on their secret escapades. The brownie, the ice cream shop, the unforgettable race and how he shared his sus-ass past with her. All the beautiful moments inevitably led to a special kind of love where two sides are laid bare and stitched together in such an intricate way that no force on earth could keep them apart. Mans took a bullet for her, respected her royal decrees, and was just so free when he was with her. Gail brought out a side of Max that maybe he thought died with his mother, and Max protected, supported, followed, and stayed true as Gail repeatedly discovered new things about the people around her, was forced to adapt to her changing surroundings, and found in herself the love and courage to keep going. Max is the tough black Oreo cookie that protects the sweet creamy filling in the middle - Gail. Can't have one without the other. Okay, so maybe there can be a lot said about them. And maybe it wasn't Roy time but Max time oops.

Max trying to impress Roy by being prim and polite and Roy being impressed by the little things he does for Gail, are gonna be scenarios that run 'round my head all day every day and I welcome them. Roy accepts Max in the best way possible - with a little judgement and wariness because he *does* come from a criminal background, but because Gail makes him a better person and vice versa. Because what are relationships if not to enrich the entirety of your own life (and vice versa)? - that sounded better in my head. Roy here giving very sound advice, very nice very nice, and let's add a sprinkle of that teenage-Roy humor, mix it with the mature-Roy perspective.

BUT HEYOOO GAIL DECIDES TO YEET OUTTA THERE. I'm all for it. You need to seriously get out more, live life like Gail and not like a Princess. Or uh, become a Princess that shares her benefits with the rest of the world. Get to know yourself more, your country and your subjects, and Max and the bedro—WHAT I MEAN NOTHING. Roy supports her like we all know he would, because he is a superman and they are supersiblings. The approval-blessing-support thing was so heart warming to read ahh Green huge kudos.

Back to our main event, to what 55/6/7/8 chapters led up to, the ultimate romance with the ultimate romancers in an ultimately romantic location and time and whatever it's lovely, okay? Max lives because we need more Maxail in the future and like I said, love bullet holes. Gail talking to his coma-body about their future, being close to a rink and finding his moms, argh it was so cute and just really, really lovely. AND HE TWITCHES AND OPENS HIS EYES. SIR YES SIR THE WORLD CONTINUES TO SPIN AND THE METEOR REDIRECTS ITS PATH TO THE SUN SO IT AVOIDS CRASHING INTO EARTH. Moment of huge appreciation for Llama and the crazy wackiness that is the OC-generating section of her brain, because this masterpiece of a story would not have been as wild without our dear Maximus Beef Wellington. Wait I mean Washington my bad.

Gail did great and Mariam was great (so glad she's okay and it's wonderful that she got on good terms with her family but it's jail for you homie) Roy and Cami and Ji-Yu and Tay were great, the hockey team Strike and the Elite were outstanding, and Max showed us how special he was. This chapter had it all - Elite bonding and laughter, Bellona confirmation of validation, Roy and Gail sorting things out, Lil'J, innocent Tay, some angst, adults being saps and adults being reflective, Sheng, and our favorite couple tugging our heartstrings.

Let's give Green a round of applause. She has outdone herself time and time again and this chapter is a masterpiece. YES TO THE EPILOGUE I CANNOT WAIT MUCH LOVE
LoganPerdue chapter 59 . 4/24/2021
Max the winner uwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuw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comosayllama chapter 58 . 4/19/2021
Jesus take the wheel? Yeah, please, Jesus, take the fucking wheel.

Let’s talk about the chapter title. A Final Decree? Florence Nuggets. Florence Florence Florence Nuggets. I know this isn’t strictly chronological, but I swear to god, if this chapter was actually the final decree… y’know what? Gotta stay positive. Actually, no, this is you we’re talking about. Staying negative would be waaaaay more likely to have the outcome I’m expecting.

Anyway… *sigh* let’s do this. Let’s reread this chapter for the ninth time this week (yes, I’m aware it’s only been two days since it’s been released but these two days have been nerve-wracking, and the rest of the week is looking up to be the same). Obviously, I can’t aim to outdo Ginger’s top-notch review, but I hope you accept this humble offering all the same.

Okay, honestly speaking, I don’t know what to say about this chapter as a whole. There’s just so much going on, the emotions run so deep, the character interactions are so loaded. There’s that increasing sense of finality—which makes sense because this is the penultimate chapter (not counting the epilogue). It’s this end-of-the-line feeling with the climax of the story and AGH, though I’m incredibly mad at you for doing what you’ve done, I have to admit, you did it beautifully.

Aww, baby Rose and Mariam sharing a hot dog every time they visit the gas station. Makes her seem real, y’know. Like yeah, sure, she’s the shitty leader of the rebellion, but she’s also just a normal person. Gail realized this too a bit later in the chapter, and idk, I just really like the idea of this little detail for some reason.

“This seems… final.”
“Very final.”

Alaric’s such an ass, I hate him. Yes, I know, I technically created him, but whatever, he freaking sucks. I still can’t get over Max still wanting to find the good in Caspian despite him being almost as much of an ass as Alaric. Almost being the key word because no one can be as much of an ass as Alaric. Okay, fine, maybe the Second. But even the Second is fighting for a cause. But Alaric is literally just a crime lord who wants chaos and terror and violence to reign everywhere. In conclusion: #assassinateAlaric

HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT. MAX WON. HE ACTUALLY WON. Before I move onto the less savoury parts of this chapter, just give me a little bit to freak out. Because HE WON. MAXAIL IS A GO. Even if he dies after this and Gail chooses someone else, I’m going to consider him my first winner OC (and coincidentally, first submitted too). The amount of “oh my god”s I screamed when I first read Gail asking him were in the low twenties at least. And for once, they were GOOD oh my god’s.

Alright, I’m calm now (no, I’m not, and I’ll never be).

So, I understand why he didn’t accept right away, but that isn’t going to stop me from cursing at him. Like, come ON. She chose you, now just say yes and run away into the sunset together. But noooo, being a good person unlike me, he wants to protect her feelings in case he dies. Which he probably will. Ugh, I CAN’T TAKE THIS.

Hey, Green, can the “Afterwards.” / “Afterwards.” be the real foreshadowing? These two have been through enough, please let them be happy together. They can bake together, and he can own a garage, and Gail can play hockey. Please? *cue your nightmare-inducing laughter*

I FUCKING KNEW IT. FUCKING KNEW THEY’D HAVE TO USE THEMSELVES AS BAIT. Stupid self-sacrificing Schreaves and their stupid self-sacrificing ideas. For once, I beg you, Gail. Be a little selfish. There is literally no way this entire operation could ever go right. Maybe in some far-off utopia it could work, but this is a Green-scape. And a Green-scape calls for maximum pain. Why? Because our Supreme Overlord GreenWithAwesome is a sadist.

“To him, after all, the old Caspian is already dead, and he’s doing all he can to salvage the scraps.”
I really like this line, but also, whenever I read it, all I can think of is that Taylor Swift song: Look What You Made Me Do. You know… that part where she’s like “I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ‘cause she’s dead.”

The future talks *insert huge eyes that bcom circle lyk a dounut*. LEAVING ROYAL LIFE THEORY GO BRRRR. Lmao, if this theory ends up being completely wrong, it’ll be the biggest clown on our prediction skills. This, and Bellona being the Voice. Also, JJ being a rebel, but we got that one correct (surprisingly) so I won’t count it.

AH, FUCK FUCK FUCKITTY FUCK. The Second deserves to DIE. I hate her so much. “I will get peace” yeah right bitch you’re the one trying to murder people, how tf is that peaceful again? Not to mention… YOU’RE ALLIED WITH A FUCKING CRIME LORD. FFS.

ALARIC. You know, when I said I wanted to see Max’s shitty family, I did NOT mean like this. Maybe just them coming for Family Day, Roy being sus of them, THROWING THEM (read: Alaric) INTO JAIL? You’re like some sort of a genie, twisting others’ wishes to suit your own evil agenda. You did this with Ginger and now you did this with me. The biggest Florence Nuggets to you.

The RAGE I felt when Alaric punched Max is impossible to recreate. How dare he hurt my sweet wonderful boy like that? And Max trying to reason with Caspian? Whyyyy? I wish my tear ducts worked because I’d really like to wail a little to expel my emotion. But since they don’t, I’ll have to settle for wailing in this review and on the Discord. And to my friends and cousins. Maybe to my dog too.

“Cut yourself. Let’s see.”
You absolute madlad. He has you in his clutches and is on his way to kill you, and you feel the need to snark back? I love it. Also, did Alaric fail middle-school biology? People do not bleed gold unless they’ve injected themselves with a shit ton of gold dust or something. Even then I don’t think blood would look gold. Maybe if you substitute blood for gold? But if you do that, you’re as good as dead. Oh, Alaric should do that then. (And yes, I realise he didn’t mean it that way—comparison to godly ichor and whatnot—but I hate Alaric, so I declare that he doesn’t deserve to pass middle-school biology. And since I created him, my word is law.)

Oh, SHIT. The Second saw through their ruse. Ngl, I thought they killed Mariam when you mentioned her bloodied body. Though at this point as of the end of this chapter, I have no idea where she is. Shit, is she dead? Can’t believe it’s come to me not wanting the FRICKIN Voice to be dead. It’s mainly because of Rose though. I don’t want to see her hurt, she’s way too sweet to go through this pain.

OKAY, WHAT THE FUCK. WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT THE FCUK. MAX GOT SHOT? Stupid self-sacrificing characters. In this case however, I can’t even be too angry because he was doing it to save Gail and Gail deserves to be saved. But fuuuuuck, he got shot. I don’t think it’s sunk in for me fully yet and I don’t know if it will by the end of this week. Whatever happens, I know I’m in for a rollercoaster.

Hockey girls! I love Gail’s team so much. They’re the best and I love that she found a place among them after feeling so out of place in her role of princess. And they came back for her! *pleading hearts everywhere because they deserve it* After all this, I hope the All-Stars second team gets to be the first, and they represent their province in matches and win every tournament. And Gail obviously needs to be a part of them. And Tay can go to Gail’s matches to cheer her on, and just *pleading hearts*

“Ma’am, you’ve literally been shot.”
AHAHAHA, WHY IS BELLONA SO AWESOME? No wonder Gail idolizes her. Also, Nina Hunter-Green eyyyy. Though Nina Llama sounds better.

BACK TO THE EXCESSIVE CURSING. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Please don’t let Felice be dead. Please don’t let anyone be dead. Anyone except Alaric and the Second, that is. Those two can go rot in super hell for all I care. Shit, shit, shit, of course Gail decides to give herself up (quick mention for her calling Max her love—I do not see the “is almost dead).

HELL YEAH, KINGSLEY AND THE OTHER BOYS (sounds like a great band name he’d definitely choose himself).
“I do always like to make an entrance.”
God, I love your nephew so much. Freaking iconic, I tell you. And I love that all the Selected plus Sheng came back for her too. If anything, this just shows that though Gail might be disliked by a lot of people, the ones who really know her would do anything for her. It’s really cute and I love that she’s got so many reliable people by her side.

Aaaand, obviously you couldn’t have us end on a happy note, so shit. Please don’t kill Max. I’ll pay you in virtual cookies if you do what I ask.

On a more serious note, I’m really glad I put him into your hands. Despite the trauma you put him through, you’ve handled him so well and I love it. Even if he does die in the next chapter (while I may Florence Nuggets you for a while), I shall have the privilege of knowing my child got to have a major role in this amazing of a story, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters to me.

Anyway, sappiness aside—I’ll hold it in for the next and last chapters—I don’t know how I’m gonna wait an entire week (well, five and a half days as of writing this review). Super excited and terrified. And now, I shall go back to playing Genshin Impact to pass time until the next TRatR day.

P.S. – sorry for the rampant cursing, though it’s really your fault I was driven to such lengths if you think about it.
Abizeau chapter 58 . 4/18/2021

but then again, if he doesn't survive, he's just trying to protect gail's heart too and I- okay. I'm crying now.




okay sorry for all this screaming but i had to. omg. can't wait for the next chapter :scream:
Doctor Kay Strange chapter 58 . 4/18/2021
kill em all Green, kill em all
rysarium chapter 58 . 4/18/2021
My reaction to most of this chapter, to echo the incredibly wise, humorous, talented, and erudite GingersnapBeat: Nope.

My reaction to Kingsley (really Soren, but actually Kingsley come on let’s be real) flattening the Second: Yep.
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