Reviews for Total Command
Guest chapter 1 . 5/6
“ To the guest saying that Izuku has a perfect personality: Well that’s a given when having a quirk that grants you ultimate control over your emotions, thoughts, and actions”

Same person btw, Izuku doesn’t have control over his emotions. He got really angry during the Sports Festival against Shinsou. Whether that was due to Brainwash or not, he still couldn’t m control his emotions. Also when he gets scared, surprised, etc. no matter how you make it, someone with no emotions or control of them is boring. The author literally just wrote Izuku as a perfect character, and the problem with that is: no more character growth (unless he downgrades and becomes like vengeful or something). The only thing the author can do now for Izuku is make him better with OFA, add more people to the harem, and yeah that’s it. Author kinda fucked themselves on accident. Eventually this’ll get real boring since it’ll just repeat; Izuku gets better with OFA, more harem, repeat.
thekingmaker199 chapter 75 . 5/4
Love the work. Do hope you plan to continue this story. I’m curious where it’ll go
Death Lantern chapter 12 . 5/2
My hero academia has become my harem academia!
XXxxxadisxxxXX chapter 8 . 4/26
The fact that this doesn't use something as simple as punctuation in dialogue correctly drives me insane to no end. It's a type of error that's usually indicative of just poor writing in general, but this is one of the rare outliers that don't follow that trend. If I was someone who just based my opinions on seeing things like that then skipping out, I wouldn't be reading this. I try to give a story a three-strike rule unless something is just outright horrible about it. It sucks to think about how many people skipped out on this due to such a simple error to fix.
batumbakalcarding123 chapter 73 . 4/5
I dont't know why but I want Izuku to fuck Endeavor
Normalname chapter 56 . 3/30
To the guest saying that Izuku has a perfect personality: Well that’s a given when having a quirk that grants you ultimate control over your emotions, thoughts, and actions
Guest chapter 75 . 3/27
The story is a solid 7/10, but it loses so much points for a solid reason which I dislike: Izuku is too perfect. He is like the second male in the world to ever get a quirk, and an OP one at that, also gets OFA, literally godly genetics, has the perfect personality, literally the only criticism he ever got for having a “bad personality trait” was holding a grudge against someone, and that’s not even that bad. He just feels so robotic and perfect, and I absolutely hate it. Like, he feels like a god more than a human, because he somehow knows every talent and is good at everything he does.

PS: When is Intelli gonna shine, she admitted so much earlier than Miruko and yet still hasn’t gotten into the harem.
GuardEzio chapter 21 . 3/26
I was going to wait until I've read the who fic before reviewing (which I will still do when I'm fully caught up) but I'm making an exception here.


From the girls reactionto Izuku's death,to kacchan and her revelation and sync with deku, to Deku's gloriousraise fromthe dead. The only way this could have been better was if All Might has heard of Izuku's death and we saw her Reaction. That said,maybe it's in the next chapter. . . Which I know I'm about to readas soon as I submit this!
Kisa tracer chapter 75 . 3/26
Please please please update again soon. I can't wait to read More. Here and AO3
Ripica chapter 39 . 3/25
"Izuku flexed." Best line in this fic. "Have fear, for I am everywhere" Is also amazing.
Guest chapter 75 . 3/22
Is this still being continued? (It is really good)
fuunu chapter 10 . 3/17
wait in chapter 1 you said 20% of males. That means there would still be a large number of males with quirks just with women about 4 to 1 against
namikazehirashin255 chapter 1 . 3/16
namikazehirashin255 chapter 1 . 3/16
Raizel Silvestre chapter 57 . 3/12
oh yes milf’s, i love those.
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