Reviews for A Better Path
Mr.Heller chapter 9 . 12/4
So, in the first chapter you said it's not so good to drag the boring childhood phase for 9 chapters, yet here we are lol.
Bloody Relight chapter 32 . 11/1
But even if you don't come back that is okaytoo it is up your choice to make and I appreciate you taking the time to post on this salt filled cesspool of a site.
Bloody Relight chapter 32 . 11/1
well you are technically right it did not take you half a year to update more like over two years lol. Anyway hope you do come back to this eventually and thank you for writing all the same.
Bloody Relight chapter 30 . 11/1
Ugh damn bigtitted blondes this is why we cannot have nice things...
Bloody Relight chapter 29 . 11/1
Good job on the fights so far!
Bloody Relight chapter 27 . 11/1
God fucking damnit I really believed you were not going to give her orochimarus little hickey.
Bloody Relight chapter 25 . 11/1
It isn't nice to kill tease a fella ya know.. U was so excited when satsuki pulled that trick and everything oh well.
Bloody Relight chapter 23 . 10/31
Hay my beloved earth affinity appears at last. Sakura always struck me as an earth type too cool to see that in a fic.
Bloody Relight chapter 22 . 10/31
Just figured.I would. let you know since it is an easy thing to overlook no shame in not knowing. I obsess over economic stuff a bit much.
Bloody Relight chapter 22 . 10/31
A ranks pay a lot like 100 thousand ryo and up so that should be around ten grand us dollars. since ryo is ten times the value of yen and yen is one 100 th roughly the value of a dollar. so 1 dollar would be 100 yen but it would be ten ryo give or take. Ninja make bank in s what I am saying true to life too as mercenaries are paid more than normal soldiers typically since they are outsourced instead of local.
Bloody Relight chapter 20 . 10/31
I do like tayuya so I hope you decide to keep her the enemies to friends to lovers trope is one of my favorites personally.
Bloody Relight chapter 19 . 10/31
Personally I feel he was not brutal enough he should have killed them never really got the argument for sparing killers and bandits are the lowest of the low. You can still be a good person by killing bad people it is a permanent solution and prevents them from harming others in the future or draining wealth that could be used to help others by putting them In prison for the rest of their lives. Killing bad guys stops them from hurting others is economically cheaper, and does not mean you cannot be nice to innocent people it is the duality of mankind. Granted you should not kill purse snatches or other Minor criminals nor should you cut off the hands of thieves but murderers, childkillers, molesters and rapists should be put to the sword in my philosophical view as there are some crimes that cannot be forgiven. Then again you are the author so set your own path.
Bloody Relight chapter 18 . 10/31
I am glad Naruto is training sakura it will help the team out especially during chunin exams.
Bloody Relight chapter 16 . 10/31
Only gripe in this chapter is by this point in canon Naruto could make hundreds of clones mizuki fight springs to mind granted you have made tiers of clones so I do not know if the same rule applies.
Bloody Relight chapter 14 . 10/31
Appreciate the effort ten k is a lot.
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