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Glitner chapter 22 . 7h
yep just scrolled thru everything fast to see the conclution with jaesa here b4 i leave ... jesus author are you seriously into cuckolding ? ... every love intrest or romance party our mc have are either cucking him with eachother or somone in his crew... i really hope you dont go and call ur mc " wrath " anymore wrath was domination in its fullest your mc is kinda gae and got a major cuck fetish.. ah and he got bleach powers lol .. its so far apart its disgusting ..
Glitner chapter 20 . 8h
sigh... and this is the end not only did you handle the im nor narazi so bad that it hurt to watch ... all his lovers are cucking him either wit eachother or with others .. now that the readers understand why jaesa dont like narazi anymore author obviousle dident like that we thought that it was an obviouse conclution that a lover and a follower vould lash out if you took over their targets mind or body lol and now she goes and fuck his captain in a bid to make us not like her anymore so you can easly deny any relationship with her in the future but what she is doing now is not any different from any other woman that share his bed lol ... author seems to have a cuck fetish
Glitner chapter 19 . 8h
at this point i dont see why even 1 of Wraths original crew would still be with the new narazi .. the real wrath earned their alligince and trust . this lesser version of him with anime powers from bleach is just outright laughble .. the whole star wars universe game/comis/movies"not the modern once" are still in the scope of the star wars experince with their powers but what you did with the bleach wannabe approach just ruined the whole power structur ... i honestly dont hope the girls vette and jaesa will be with him cuz they loved "wrath" not the earth dude in Naraiz and now that they know it should be clear what action they vould take .. but as you seem fit to just skip logic and just do whatever with this wishforfullment story i guess you could magaclly make them love him i guess i mean you have pretty much forced everything at this point why not more ... still cant laugh whenever i think back to his swords lol.. yes raven all your problems pain and suffering you went thru on your adventures was for this sole reason so you could get a talking sword and be at peace with balance ... i dont even have word for it feels so underwhelming and such a childish take on the "balance" of the force buut whatever
Glitner chapter 18 . 8h
well..i honestly dont know what to feel at this point .. he say he is wrath but in the end he is barley a level 20 character with memories of a level 80 wrath character .. hes not even close to be like the wrath character at this point ... you have introduced bleach power system into star wars ... like some wow come to the balance of the force cuz we can get talking swords or whatever "light saber" are what any star wars lover like yet you go some bleach route kinda boring ... all his "loved" once are fucking anything with 2 legs he have no one who is actually loyal to him not even those who he have a "romance" with
is loyal to him even the chicks who came from his soul are fucking others lol ... he says he practis the "raven" way but dont do anything like him ? and lets not talk about his fucking SCP transformation or his "true" form at this point it just looks like a normal nerd from earth got the body and memories from the "wrath lvl 80" character but not his skill expect muscle memories but anything else is just normal earth nerd with his passion for cuckold ? ... i really hope you do better in the future of the chapters cuz this is starting to look more like a fanfiction of random anime then star wars
Glitner chapter 17 . 9h
so.. narazi or whatever name he has is the new emperor of cuckold.. all his partners even those whos born out of his soul goes and fucks anything with 2 legs ... he dont even have 1 partner that is true to him lol .. my name is wrath im like a lvl 15 marauder
even tho i have the memories of a lvl 80 marauder i still use the force like an lvl 15 character lol... wrath is a being of domination yet all his love partners are cuckolding him its honestly hilarious
sandfair221 chapter 3 . 6/11
*Sigh* I'm not against sex content especially if it enhances the story and doesn't distract from actual plot. That being said it would help a million times more if the sexual content didn't feel entirely inspired by hentai. The tongue hanging out and "fucked stupid face" is just...
Ceps chapter 1 . 6/1
Another disgusting basement dweller sex fantasy SI to pathetic to get a real person
dan.lew.upg chapter 65 . 5/28
cant wait for more
OGuest chapter 65 . 5/17
Kiran, a point of order there was sith lightning for the cucking incident. But not saying where.
KIRAN.ic chapter 21 . 5/9
I had such, such high hopes for this story and I was thoroughly let down. The idea is great but the author just seems to be too lacking to realise it in its entirety.

The writing is subpar, with minor grammatical errors. My real issue is with the structuring of the paragraphs, essentially having big blocks of texts that are a visual pain to read through.

I read 22 chapters of this and the story just feels boring. It’s not engaging in any way, characters are bland and all together it makes for a rather arduous read.

Now, onto plot issues that I feel compelled to inform anyone reading this about.

The MC tells Jaesa that he is an SI, which is always a ridiculously stupid as logically no one would ever come to accept that, especially Jaesa who had such a deep bond with the actual Naraiz. Not to mention she also then told Vette, who should have had the same ‘accepting’ issues as Jaesa.

And that then culminated into Jaesa literally cucking Naraiz with his SUBORDINATE, (Pierce), and then Naraiz is all okay with it.

And that brings me to my final point, the title is completely incorrect. The MC is not a Sith at all. He’s a timid, lustful teenager in the body of the Empire’s Wrath, trying to fill boots that he could never hope to. He’s pathetic and lets things stand that even the average man wouldn’t.

For example, Jaesa cucking him. Or I could say Serona’s attempted and failed betrayal in chapter 14. The MC just lets it slide? Practically complete forgiveness? Not even a speck of Sith Lightning? It’s pathetic and just hard to read.

I implore anyone seeking to read this fic driven by motivations derived from its description and title, to look at my review, and others like it, and understand that your expectations will be severely, severely underwhelmed.

Also bear in mind that the things I’ve listed are only the things I could be arsed to write about, there are many more.
grx1318 chapter 65 . 5/1
Damn this one took a while to read entirely, but God damn man, you've gone from SI to a full-on Epic Level effect, and I have to give it to you. Your battles are entertaining, but your politics just hit that sweet spot that I really enjoy.
The best thing is that your development is noticeable. What I thought would happen during the first chapters is not the same thing that I think will develop in the next chapter to come. Like right now, the ones were never somebody that you can actively trust, but the idea that they are trying to make him into a new one was baffling.
I'll be honest I was never interested in the Game of Thrones, but the way you play the political game is so interesting that you make me want to actually sit down and watch it or read it. There were actually moments in your story where I was much more interested in what was happening in Terra than what was going on in the wider Galaxy.
Hestaka chapter 3 . 4/26
Nah dude thats definitely rape, if you left it at the other stuff it would have been fine but Darks Side influenced is the single most potent dug in star wars and you fed it to someone who has no clue what to do with. And like with ruffies and all sorts of other shit, its still rape, even if it appears consentual because they cant think for themselves properly at the time. So yes your MC just raped someone, this story is weird as fuck now and the fact you tried to somehow justify it makes it even worse. You literally pulled a "Its not rape because deep down she wanted it"...
Charlie1284 chapter 65 . 4/26
Great chapter thanks looking forward to more
RonaldM40196867 chapter 65 . 4/25
Things went well.
St Pat chapter 21 . 4/21
There are lot of grammatical mistakes.
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