Reviews for Reincarnated As A Sith
Guestop chapter 62 . 9/8
Ok ik that month comment was aimed at me. Bro youre doing amazing so far im honestly ok with the one a month wait now. Keep up the good work
Damion Tinsley chapter 59 . 9/8
Accidentally pressed post on the previous review when I was trying to edit something. what I said was I'm not not getting any updates even from the phone app the story might have a shadow band on it or something . I've only recently started to get updates from the story and the last time last time I got an update about this one there was like 7 chapters ahead of where I was. Also why not just write some Some cringe shit just for fun You're old stuff is what started us on the stories so it will be kinda nostalgic to see some more.
Damion Tinsley chapter 59 . 9/8
I've only recently started getting actual updates from the phone app So I'm starting to wonder if this has some kind of a shadow band up thing on it
ZhaWarudo chapter 62 . 9/8
I don't have anything to say about the chapter other that I enjoyed it so I'll reply to a couple of comments.

molefu101 you're an idiot who hasn't provided any arguements and I found at least 2 garbage fanfics in your list(The Spider & Hadrian Lannister) so you're not the one to talk.

Acnologia fuck off with your requests, author is struggling to finish this epic long fic and certainly doesn't have time to write your garbage Fairy Tail fics.
If there should by any black dragon SI it should be Deathwing from WoW, not some crappy fan service anime.
Charlie1284 chapter 62 . 9/8
Great stuff as always
GoldenGrin chapter 62 . 9/8
Story's great. Whats the salt all about? Also, the physical manifestation of their force powers was great, especially Jeassa's Corrupted Monk. Please show more of her
Revo777 chapter 62 . 9/8
It seems that there are too many plots going on and I already missed which one is the main one.
Guest chapter 13 . 9/8
Dude it's a fanfic there should be no batching and moaning about using abilities from other sources that's kinda what this site is for. Doing amazing !
linx007 chapter 62 . 9/8
Thank you for that wonderful complement. Also the idea of that group in a land with a truth and no filter field had me nearly wheezing I was laughing so hard (not to mention what I assume was Fay finally admitting her feelings). Great build up as always and I can't wait for this next climatic stuggle.
RonaldM40196867 chapter 62 . 9/8
Cersei has always been a complicated one.

Happy September.

Will this story have a sequel?

Is this story turning out like you expected?
dan.lew.upg chapter 61 . 9/7
Can't wait for more
sertry chapter 61 . 9/6
Guest chapter 61 . 8/31
Fantastic work, truly can't wait to read more! Feed me mooooore!
Monkeylikespie chapter 61 . 8/26
Two questions first what's the year in starwars and second will all sith get there own ships like in swtor or are they riding with the fleets
BrotherCaptainSheperd chapter 40 . 8/22
I know it's chapter 40 but your spelling of Greyjoy as Grayjoy has been bother me all this time. Great fic otherwise.
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