Reviews for Cosmic Sonata
SonicBoom chapter 1 . 7/27/2020
I loved it. Beautifully written.
Atziri's Bane96 chapter 4 . 7/27/2020
Nailed it, You delved delved deep into the character's identity and effortlessly brought them out and portrayed it.
Now this is a story I'm very interested and would love to hear from you more.
Keep up the good work.
AngryPotato96 chapter 3 . 6/28/2019
As usual, mind-blowing. At first glance it looks like any normal description of a rich boy, but at closer inspection it reveals the psychological mind-set of the characters defined and how they're functioning in the normal society.
Overall a good follow up and nice introduction of the various characters and their lifestyle.
Eagerly waiting for the next installment! ヘ(_)ヘ
AngryPotato96 chapter 2 . 2/24/2019
A very nice way to introduce all the important characters of the story, really felt the connection while introducing both of them. Sara Igarashi, a nerd with great ambitions, and Eto Kiriya, person with plentiful of almost everything, both of them relatable to the real life persons we see day to day. I really hope the story pans up great.
AngryPotato96 chapter 1 . 2/15/2019
That was probably one of the most compelling and touchy story I've read. I'm sure many people will be able to relate to this story and I can't wait for the second chapter to come out (ps - what happened after she bumped? Did the paparazzi turn to her? Did the guy notice her?)