Reviews for Grand Foreigner
Freetimedude77 chapter 177 . 1h
Is the Technician or Lancel Yggdrasil?
Kai1117 chapter 128 . 11/26
I just want to say that I love this story. Don't listen to the hate, this is one of the best pieces I've read on this site.
Guest chapter 177 . 11/26
More plz
BRUH3000 chapter 1 . 11/24
I stopped reading when the OC started summoning other OC's out of nowhere
The Eschaton chapter 7 . 11/24
Can I take inspiration from this story?
UndeadLord22 chapter 177 . 11/24
Another one
njgronlund chapter 177 . 11/24
cool untaken username chapter 177 . 11/24
Wouldnt a race change item grant immortality? Hetro morphs don’t die of old age in Yggdrasil.
Zero chapter 177 . 11/24
Goetia, Alien god, Zeltrechc ?
Artelsstreimt chapter 177 . 11/24
What do you think of Overlord's latest ending "No Man's Dawn"?
Guest chapter 177 . 11/24
Couldn’t he have just used a peach of immortality?
sugoijack9 chapter 177 . 11/24
First off, Ainz just jinx about Kiara.
Well we know who's at the bottom of this.

Second, the Singularity resolved itself without Ainz going through it.
Let's just say the paranoia of Demon Kings let it happen. Such marvelous demonstration.

Third, Mashu, you have a wonderful bod that her Master would railed her if she's ok about it.

Fourth, who is this unassuming technician? Lancel?
But whom? Is it Zelretch or someone from Yggdrasil?
Seems like an unknown powerful being that might be the one who transmigrated Ainz in Nasuverse FGO timeline.
For what kind of purpose though?
Nehef chapter 177 . 11/24
Camelot is comming... Gear up brothers!
RotcehM chapter 177 . 11/24
Good work brother I LOVE THIS FIC
Paradox009 chapter 177 . 11/24
Great chapter. Looking forward to seeing more, hope you update soon. :)
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