Reviews for My Venom One-Shot Collection
Hellhound683 chapter 26 . 6/18/2022
Ooop Anne knows! Anyway, I am glad you had your survey and I hope it goes well. Good luck.
0Thisisafakename0 chapter 25 . 4/25/2022
I did not know there was more to that scene in the deleted scenes :0 I have to go and watch it now
And also: Yayyyy! You got your surgery! I hope you feel much better soon! It's about darn time you weren't in pain anymore!
I'm happy to give you ideas and I will be more than happy to share more Unfortunately my creativity is taking a dive right now loooool
But I can't wait to read more of the longfic! It's already really good!
I'm sorry to hear about you taking hormones :( I hope you are alright while you are taking them and maybe getting off of them early.
I want a symbiote as well XD They seem nice to have around, even if they can be scary and annoying sometimes XD
I have wanted to play Skyrim for a while because it looks really fun and I love dragons and magic related stuff. But I don't have enough money and I'm pretty bad at console games lmaooo but I do want to get better at them
Aaaaaa if Venom ever did that to me I would die in ten seconds. I am very easily embarrassed XD
Come on Eddie don't leave your buddy hanging XD
Your writing is so cute! I'm trying to read it over and over so that I can make my writing just as adorable
We need more asexual alien races honestly. And platonic love is just as important and romantic love!
VinnieStokerLover chapter 24 . 4/9/2022
I love this story I wonder how venom reacts to old school Disney movies
0Thisisafakename0 chapter 24 . 4/8/2022
Hi! I'm gonna comment here and then hop over to PMs. And you're welcome :) Your stories give me life too.
I think the movie that made me adore dragons was How to Train Your Dragon haha. I think I've seen Dragonheart but I would have to look it up to make sure.
Yeah, I understand Venom as well. I just don't like it in movies when characters are getting along just fine and then all of the sudden just start arguing and fighting. As someone who hates conflict, it just makes me super uncomfortable lol.
XD I would be happy to keep sharing ideas like Eddie getting tossed around. I do think Venom would looooove to flex that he's stronger (and taller). I could just imagine him being like "Eddie, do you need help getting cereal out of that cupboard? You know, because you're so short?" And Eddie being like "I will take your kneecaps I swear" XD
And I'm sorry to hear you have pain while walking. I hope it doesn't get any worse while you're waiting, and that the appointment is set in stone and won't go anywhere.
I relate to Venom honestly. I love listening to rain, but it's very rare for me to enjoy being in it XD
And I love that Venom gets caught up in his own thoughts so easily and can just chill for a while without realizing anything is going on. I also love that he gets frustrated every time Eddie withholds something from him even though he should be used to it by now XD
And Venom being a childish dork is always cute because we know that he's a huge dork deep down, even if he is a dangerous terrifying alien.
Hahahhahahha, I relate to Venom so hard XD I have used a gaming console like twice in my entire life and I am soooo bad at it! It's still fun though, and I want to practice with it.
This chapter was adorable! Venom, you cheater XD but I think Eddie deserved it just a little bit.
Hellhound683 chapter 23 . 3/25/2022
I want cuddles and a massage lol, V is so cute. sorry to hear your appointment got canceled and changed. I hope for the best for you.
0Thisisafakename0 chapter 23 . 3/25/2022
Hi! I'm gonna comment here too XD
I like this version a lot! I hope no one bothers you about it not being tickle related because your writing is amazing no matter what you write!
Hopefully someday you won't be ashamed of your tickle stories, but it's also okay if you are! Your feelings are valid, no matter what they may be :)
And who doesn't love Venom's backstory and him learning about pleasant things on Earth? We all love a big, scary, monstrous, but also adorable alien learning about stuff XD
Oh my gosh I cannot describe how much I love dragons XD I had no idea you liked them a lot too!
I really need to read the Venom comics lol. I honestly don't know much about him and Eddie outside of the movies, and the comics sound really cool
Those cysts need to get lost :( Again, I hope your surgery is on time and goes well.
And I wish symbiotes were real too! Realistically I would be scared shitless of them, but AAAAA I LOVE THEM SO MUCH
And Carnage is definitely his own breed of goofball! I kind of wish he had escaped or something and didn't only get one movie (or maybe he did somehow survive!)
The massage is so well described that it made me feel relaxed XD And I love that Venom is immediately like :( Why am I not allowed to do this and starts giving him the cold shoulder. I personally think it's very hard for him to be quiet, especially because of how much he misses Eddie when he leaves him in Venom 2 even though they had a huge fight
I know I say this every time, but I love their banter and dynamic so much! They are always super fun to read in your stories! Venom is very funny and adorable when he's pouting
And I also love that they've been together for less than a year and Venom is already like yeah yeah you've said this a million times LET'S JUST GET STARTED
All I can see is Venom picking him up and slam dunking him on the bed like a basketball lmao
I could imagine Venom being very amused that he can just throw Eddie around and toss him in the air and stuff and Eddie does not find it as funny as he does XD
Venom getting lost in thought is so cute X3 I am getting very warm and fuzzy from this chapter
Haha and I love how they can go from sweet to bickering again
I thought it was really funny and cute when Venom accidentally crushes him XD
It's also really nice that Eddie and Venom has such a deep bond. Everyone needs at least one person to support them, whether it's platonic or romantic, and especially after what they go through in the first movie, they really need that support.
0Thisisafakename0 chapter 22 . 3/19/2022
Hello again! The first thing I did was look up Venom vs. Gamora and find his true form. HE LOOKS SO COOL LIKE THAT! I would love to see that in the movies! I would also like to say that it's alright to upload stuff you've already finished. You probably feel burnt out and depressed, and it's completely fine to not want to start anything new. We love your stories no matter how old they are :)
I can handle watching horror games, but I can't play them XD Too scary for me
Like I've said before, I wish you and your family the best. I hope your operations go well and that you aren't sick, and I hope you start having better days.

I really like that it opens with Venom being nervous! He is hardly ever nervous, and it's probably a very foreign feeling for him! And the way you describe the setting is still so amazing! The way the lighting is described really sets the scene, like the creepy dim lighting in a horror movie!

And I feel Eddie on the hitting his foot on stuff in the dark XD I do it all the time

Poor Venom lol. I really love how he feels so weird showing someone his true form and not eating them afterward. And then he gets cuddles, and Eddie is really good at soothing his giant murder alien puppy. I also love their banter SO much. It makes me laugh every time :)

You describe Venom's true form in a horrifying way. I could only find one picture of him, but it drives home just how huge and horrifying he is when I read your writing. The fact that he's so terrifying that Eddie considers leaving even though they are so close (but only for a few seconds) really helps. I just love how scared Eddie is until the human instinct kicks in and he's like damn I have the coolest best friend ever lol.


And then they start being goofballs again, because no matter how tough and scary they both pretend to be they are both just dorks. And I love how Eddie just instantly gets fascinated by his appearance. It's the human instinct of "hey that thing there is actually kinda cute. I MUST PET IT"

I saw the second Venom movie (yay!) and yeah the guy Venom ate really deserved it. We could really use some Klyntar to protect people out in the world.

I love all the little facts you have about Venom! They're really cool and add a lot to his character! And the part where he roars is super awesome too. I would be frozen just like Eddie XD

I love the ending so much! It made me laugh and was really adorable. Hope you have a good day/night!
Amettista chapter 22 . 2/13/2022
OMG i LOVED the descriptions of Venom's real form! All the thoughts inside Eddie's head also were soo real and i can relate to him all the time, including his final sentence of the fic. I love horror content as i love cute content, and both toguether is wonderfull. I also definitely enjoyed the bat wings, i love bats, then it was pretty cool to imagine him like that, it makes all even more creepy! But Venom can be an adorable Klyntar even like that!
I understand you can't write now, sometimes i also have difficult to write happy things, i start something with the thinking of do some cute thing and end up describing horror or sad scenes with the characters. I always have to take care to do not overwerdo it and become the narrative repetitive.

Anyways, this fic is awesome, just wanted to say.
Hellhound683 chapter 22 . 2/11/2022
Venom Dragon! I want that as a stuffed toy! And I hope you are doing well now. Loss is very difficult and not exactly easy with dark thoughts plaguing the mind. I wish for you the best.
Thisisafakename chapter 21 . 1/31/2022
I'm happy to talk to you as well! And I'm hoping to leave more detailed comments from now on ;)
I'm so glad to hear that you have such a good friend. I hope she and your family are a strong support system for these times!
I can't verbally say anything tickle related either lol
Only one person knows I like tickling as well, and she is my sister! We are super close and she likes it as well
I might get an account soon, so I will let you know when that happens!
I can always picture the locations of your stories so well! It feels like I'm there
And Eddie feeling bad for accidentally snapping at Venom is so cute and also relatable
And then Venom gives some really good advice. He's trying his best to cheer up his friend
And now he's provoking him lol. That's the Venom we know and love
I love how they always banter and argue but still care about each other so much
I agree with Eddie, Venom is just a giant cuddle monster. He's just like a big murder puppy
Venom has so much to learn about humans and what our lives are like but he's trying so hard to understand and make Eddie feel better when he's upset
I really like that Eddie is the only host that Venom has ever had that can block him from accessing his mind!
And I also like the Alien movies mention, I recently started looking at the Alien: Isolation videogame and it looks really cool
Now I want to see Venom's original form too XD
I love that all the aliens in your stories find our alien movies ridiculous, particularly the older ones XD
I hope my comments help you feel a little bit better in these times, at least for a short amount of time. Your writing always brightens up my day and has brought me joy on days where I was not feeling good, so I hope to return the favor. I always love reading what you post, and going back and reading things I've already read.
Have a good day/night!
Amettista chapter 21 . 1/22/2022
I loved to see these two arguing and then suddenly loving each other (as friends). It's so funny! Also, in Let There Be Carnage, i almost died when they talked with each other, their relationship is perfect and you can do it even more perfect! Now i'm wondering about how scary is Venom's real form.

Well, anyway, i wish you better, i know it's a difficult time for you and i understand your sadness, it is also a not easy time for me. And thank you to upload this. I admire you to find strength to keep on posting your awesome fanfics.
Acinorev17 chapter 21 . 1/18/2022
I feel so sorry that you on top of your loss have to deal with your own serious health issues I know how hard it is to be taken serious when it comes to that part of anatomy. Hoping that everything goes well and that it improves your life. Horrible to hear that you have such crappy family and friends and have so little support from those around you. It was a sweet and funny chapter and I admire you to still update despite your circumstances. Wish I had your strength in trying times!
Thisisafakename chapter 19 . 1/5/2022
Hello again! Venom 2 sounds super good and I still haven't gotten to see it yet which is a bummer but I did see them in the Spiderman movie for about a minute! Also, once again, THIS IS SO CUTE! I love how their friendship keeps growing and developing in all of your stories, like how Eddie has lived with him long enough to shield his thoughts, and that he trusts Venom to not hurt him, even by accident. I also love how Venom is so scary and experienced with reading people and how he views the world based on his own culture, but is still almost innocent when it comes to human life and customs. Also Venom purring is the best thing ever. I also love how impressed and proud Venom is that Eddie is strong, he's like "This is my host. He is a strong host, like me. No one can take us :)"
I also adore that Eddie hates being tickled by strangers in a public situation but is more comfortable with Venom and can have fun!
The part where Eddie explains that humans tear up when they're laughing too hard is cute, and I always love fics where humans explain their reactions and cultures to aliens or the other way around.
Have I mentioned that I love that it is logically explained in the movies why Venom loves chocolate so much? Because I love it so much.
I would pay money to see Eddie call Venom 'leech'
I always love how you write Venom, and how he's actually a very logical and smart being, he just gives in to curiosity and his instincts easily
I also love how no matter how he tries to hide it, Venom can always tell that Eddie enjoys being tickled by people that he cares about
The part where Eddie immediately gives Venom the middle finger after being tickled half out of his mind made me laugh out loud. I love your writing so much :)
Again, I love how much they trust each other now, to the point where Eddie is willing to stick his hand inside Venom's mouth and not be afraid of having his hand bitten off.

Your next story is adorable as well, but I understand that you don't like it and probably don't want to talk about it, and that's okay! :)

I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through. She sounds like such an amazing, lovely, wonderful person. Take all the time you need to heal. I want you to know that you have a talent for writing. I can hear, see, feel, taste, and smell everything in your writing. You have always been so kind to me and I was afraid to talk to anyone about liking tickling for fear of being weird before I started reading your writing, and now I can be comfortable with it and have a few people to talk to about it. You are such a wonderful person and you do not deserve this pain, but this pandemic and cancer fucking sucks. I hope you can find something that makes you happy even for a short amount of time, and I wish I could offer more comfort.
Acinorev17 chapter 20 . 12/30/2021
I am so sorry for your loss, I know that I can't say anything to make it better but I hope that you and your family are able to help eachother forward through this incredible horrible and trying time.
VinnieStokerLover chapter 20 . 12/26/2021
ok I laugh my butt at venom being drunk. I sorry about your mom hon. I know this will sound morbid but you will see her again.
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