Reviews for Hunted
parisindy chapter 5 . 9/13
Love this story! Can’t wait for more
screechyfangirl chapter 5 . 9/8
I hope they believe Peter. I mean even i believe him and I'm super paranoid
UntamableWyldeRaptor chapter 5 . 9/7
Oh, man. I don’t know who that guy is, but I’m getting anxious to find out what’s gonna happen next!
alive by grace chapter 2 . 9/5
“*Mrs. Doubtfire voice* Helloooooooo!” is the absolute best way to start an author’s note. I’m excited to see what you have in store for this story!
Shoyzz chapter 5 . 9/3
Yaaaaay i finally caught up!
Ahh what’s going to happen! D:
Loving it so far!
Nerdalier chapter 5 . 8/30
I’m so pumped for Peter and Sam’s talk man. I love Sam. Plus, the suit thing? Whack. Wonder where it’s all going ooohhhhh suspeeeeense!
Dripht chapter 5 . 8/26
I wanted to start this out with "Back at it again, girl!" but I've already done that, so it would be unoriginal and...not very original...

BACK AT IT AGAIN, GIRL! and I'm so pumped for it!
I haven't checked back in a while (life's been crazy, got a new computer, school year has started, everything's happening all at once, you know what I'm saying) so on a whim I thought to myself, "Hey, it's been a couple of weeks since you've scanned ff for some goodies, you got a couple of minutes to waste. Git' on."
So I did.
With gleeful anticipation I clicked on Hunted chapter 5. and devoured it's contents greedily.
I don't how else to describe it. It's certainly not a thoughtful, retrospective time of reading in which ideas, information and creativity are transferred from one person to another. It's something much more selfish, and special.

Imagine a picture of some squatty creature, groveling in the dark, retreating to a dark corner away from all light, humanity, social interaction. It's face is suddenly illuminated by a screen that it grips in it's hands. It's abnormally large eyes squint and its mouth turns into a freakish and horrible smile. It begins to read. Sometimes the mouth moving to form soundless words, phrases, other times to chuckle deviously (at angsty parts of course).
Yeah. That's kind of what it's like.

Anyways, anyways, I need to "git on" with it.

What a thoroughly good chapter. Very engaging, because it took us here, and there, and all around the place while remaining true to its point.

You took the words right out of my mouth in your reply at the end of the chapter. Peter is very much learning a new lesson. (gosh your character growth is just going and going and so true to real life while blending in harmony to it's proper theatrical expositions)

Maybe I'm slow, but it dawned on me [enter Tony and Stark Tower] that when you finally do open everything up to people...yeah they're not always going to take you seriously or believe everything. I feel like somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew something like this was going to happen to our Pete, but to cognitively understand the cause and effect in clear cut terms sometimes leaves a stunning imprint on my tiny cranium that just shrieks !genius! on your part. Perhaps I should elaborate so I don't sound like a complete lunatic. (it happens)

The cause, (and maybe I'm stretching the terms in improper ways) being secrets, bottle everything up, don't tell people, etc.. The affect being the somewhat opposite (not dipping into the extremes), I should tell them, let people know whats up, this is how I feel.
I might not being using cause and effect in it's right sense, but you get what i mean I'm sure.
So when you have learned the "right way" to do something, and you get a negative result, oof.

It's an entirely different struggle to overcome. And it's hard. Us peeps that were once kids, (angsty kids mind you) can resonate with that crappy feeling one gets when they finally "take the initiative" and approach a parent (parent figure in cases)and your met with "that's stupid," or "unimportant, and "i don't believe you,".
And of course it's not usually said like that, verbally, but it's there. Body language, lingual ticks and habits tell us. Silence can, moving on to a different subject quickly, ignoring, a million things almost.
It can a drive a person back into 'not saying a damn word,' again. Even though they did learn the lesson of why that doesn't work. The new way, the supposed better way, didn't work either, so whats the point.
And while this may have taken a slightly dark turn to the review, it's something that's true to human nature.
Just because we know something is wrong, or isn't the right way, and we've learned it the hard way, we still revert back sometimes.
Now that's something to overcome. Not just being convinced of the right thing, but choosing to do it time and time again, not because it yields the best results, but because it's the right thing.

It will be interesting to see how Peter continues to respond to Tony's (honestly, kinda well-founded) disbelief in him.
I mean, he ever so softly gave his disbelief away. We can't blame him very much. I won't.

Moving on.

So you've decided to add more characters to the mix and look who's not mad at all.
Banner and Romanoff. Widow and Hulk. Natasha and Bruce.
What to say, what to say?
Um, eh, I don't like their 'romance'. I never have, honestly. I'm coming clean, maybe it's an unpopular opinion, (I don't actually know, I can't bring myself to care) but I just...
BUT. That being said, I got elaborate further (as if I haven't already elaborated enough in this review, good grief)
So, Loved Age of Ultron as well. (Quicksilver, you left us too soon. I'm not over it. Never will be)
However when they pulled the brutasha rabbit out of the hat (is that even their ship name? probably not...I'm so blissfully ignorant) I was like...eehhhhhhhh?
Where did THIS come from? (I was very confused)
Not that I didn't like seeing a vulnerable side to Natasha ( though I heard some peeps thought that made her weak, it doesn't, it makes her human and well rounded) but it didn't make much sense to me.
I felt the romance was weak. and it, yeah, Bruce you jerk. Seriously?
Alright alright, I'm not here to bash you ship. It's fine, its nice. And you know what, i'ma go as far as to say that its GREAT.
(and this is the best part about it)
You make me not hate it.
You write it very well, its just done so nicely. A clear cut, makes-more-sense -than-the-movie-did.
I'm saying you make me see the relationship in a new and interesting light that the movies failed do for me.
I am actually interested to see how this relationship is going to pan out within this story.
I know I previously made myself out as a 'blow holes in the ship' person, but I'm trying to get you to understand just what depths you dragged me from in regards to me now being interested in this new and different interaction between these two, as opposed to not wanting anything (anything being romance related) between them.

This is putting it mildly, put you deserve a pat on the back. And ice cream. And coffee.
I'm proud of you. I don't know at all except from what little internet interaction we've had and your stories, but I'm proud of you for writing a relationship more interesting and better than the directors of the movies did.
You're fixing it SO good. Keep going please.

Lol. I just read what's coming up next for us.
Oh cruel, cruel person, you.
*Smile deviously*
Bring it on.

And I gotta add before I go, I made a mental note to tell you, Sam Wilson.
That beautiful man.
Reading about him, seeing him on screen, something about him just makes me feel warm inside in a happy way.
I don't what it is.
It sounds like a crush, it's not. It's something more wholesome and childlike. A sort of warm admiration of his character as a whole.
When he said
"Some punk told me they have the best sandwiches in Queens."
I smiled and my mind just pictured the embodiment of a hug.
A cup of sunshine.
Peter has a great shrink. Who else exudes such a cool guy demeanor while being such a total nice guy?
I liked him from the very start. And you're doing great justice here.

Clara Brighet chapter 5 . 8/24
*sees mention of Tony watching suit footage* *covers eyes whilst I mentally readjust to the Queen C MCU* Ah much better

*continues reading*
oh nooooooo D:
I wonder if whatever is affecting Droney will affect Peter too…? *thinking emoji*
heh. so you just forgot to plug ur lil buddy in. Funny, but somehow I think there’s something more…
Man, you are so good at describing Peter’s spidey sense. I mean, obviously no one knows what it would /actually/ feel like, but still. You describe the sensations differently depending on the circumstances and the severity of the warning and it is sO great. “The nerves at the base of my neck pinch together” wow what a great way to describe a heightened version of that “Somebody’s watching me” feeling.
YES! Finally, the first encounter! :D

…PETER NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE CELEBRATING. I mean yes, I am, but you should not be.

Actually whisper-shouted “YYAYY” when I read that Aunt May will be taking a more central role. That is the one thing missing from previous installments in this series: Aunt May involvement!

a;sdlkfj;sldkfj i loved the rest of this chapter. I read it in short bursts between the insanity of welcoming 7200 freshman to a college campus and it was a much-needed break, so thanks.
litterallyfigurative chapter 1 . 8/24
I love your stories, especially the paint it black series! I’ll be waiting for the next update
carajiggirl chapter 5 . 8/23
I always come for the Irondad relationship, but I love the multi-connections you build throughout your stories. Bucky/Nat with Peter in the sim and Sam with the texting in this chapter. I'm looking forward to where you have us going next!
Guest chapter 5 . 8/22
I just finished binge reading this series and have to say, well done! This has been great; the action scenes are so imaginative and multifaceted; Spiderman is the perfect blend of amazing force to be reckoned with and inexperienced youth. You have managed to balance everything very nicely in a way that few others can manage. Thank you for continuing to write! I can't wait for the story to continue.
PippinStrange chapter 5 . 8/21
Ugh why was this chapter so delicious even on the second round god I love you lol ... "some punk told me the best sandwiches in queens" loved the line there... god everything from Tony's POV was so spot on and so in character I'm floored, Peter's warehouse encounter was so incredibly on edge and intense... Y R U SO AMAZING AHHHHHHHH... bless u my friend. bless u
gamma1243 chapter 5 . 8/21
Queen, please never ever ever ever stop writing these stories.
You and select few other fan fiction writers are the only ones I trust with these MCU characters.
After hearing about the Disney/Sony fall out, that we probably won’t see Spider-Man in the MCU ever again, AND losing Tony, Steve, and Nat this year these I’m just heartbroken. I still love all things Marvel, but I need to see my favs still. They deserved better and they get that in your stories.
As for the last chapter, that’s so cruel to have no one believe Peter, but it’s going to make for such a good plot! I can’t wait!
Also I love the Natasha/Bruce pairing fix! I just finished reading PippenStrange’s Avenge The Departed and I just LOVED the pairing in that so I was delighted to find it here as well :)
As always, thanks for writing! You don’t know how much it helps some of us!
AnarchistRising chapter 5 . 8/20
I’ve just finished this series in 2 days and I am in love. I can not get enough! So well written. So well thought out. Characterization is perfect and so is the plot. It reads just like a marvel movie! When I read your stories they come across just like the movies and I can visualize everything that’s happening.

When I read your first book I was blown away. It was so good! And I was so sad to finish the book.

When I moved to the second book I was nervous. You know how the first book in a series is always the best? This was the not the case her. The first one was amazing, but your second one blew it out of the water! It had such a good plot and such good intensity. Just reading your story had my adrenaline pumping! And the action scenes were fantastic. Choreographed so well and emotionally they were perfect.

The part where Peter is locked up and they’re trying to get Venom out of him was so well done! I reread it about an hour later because I couldn’t get it out of my head. Peter pleading with the team and Tony knowing it’s really Venom. Wow. And Scott not being able to look at Peter. And Peter knowing Natasha promised him something. And using how Peter is already afraid of being locked up and having everyone know that and they just have to watch him scream to be let out! Magic! Perfection! Loved it!

One of the things I love about your writing is your repetition of past scenes. You have characters think of things that have happened or words that have been said to make a scene more impactful. For instance, you have Peter say “You. Weren’t. There.” And then later Tony agonizes over those words as they’re trying to bring Peter back to life. Genius! The moment was so powerful!

Book 3 was just astounding! I loved the Bucky and Peter action. And it was incredible how you had so many different character POV’s but still kept everyone so in character. This could have been the script for a marvel movie!

Anyways I just want to say I’m in love with you. I love your writing and I love your stories and I cannot wait to read more!
xSapphirexRosesxFanx chapter 5 . 8/20
Poor Peter. Maybe it was a ninja or wizard who can spell the tech.
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