Reviews for A Wand for Skitter
BingbongBingity chapter 121 . 5/5
I dont give good reviews often i usually insult people a lot but this was well done id give it a 8 or a 9. Really loved the whole what the fuck is this creature all the wizards were thinking about taylor. Im pretty sure thats the natural response
Ptolemyspyjamas chapter 72 . 4/10
Excellent story except for the muggle glorification. Malfoy with an invisibility cloak could've managed muggle extinction during his sixth year Christmas holidays. Wizards already keep tabs on muggle leaders. All they need is a few Impirius and viola, nuclear annihilation.
Nullblaster chapter 121 . 3/23
Oh. Wow. I almost feel sorry for the bastard.

Nullblaster chapter 110 . 3/23
Fire asses. Yes, I suppose that does rather aptly describe the skrewts.
Nullblaster chapter 102 . 3/23
Fire breathing flying tarantulas on the other hand...
Nullblaster chapter 92 . 3/23
Oh yeah. That shut the bitch up real good.
Nullblaster chapter 75 . 3/23
I'm just shocked she actually found a use for Lockhart. He would've made for a great teacher of politics. Not so much DADA, but I guess when you're as desperate as Hogwarts has been for those...
Nullblaster chapter 15 . 3/22
I wonder how many students are going to shit their robes when they realize Taylor ticks all the boxes?
Nullblaster chapter 6 . 3/22
I wonder what the Sorting Hat will make of Taylor.
And for that matter, what will she make of the Sorting Hat?
Something like this I imagine
"Now let's see which house- HOLY SHIT!"
"Breathe a word and I'll throw you in a bonfire."
Dr. Valentine chapter 121 . 3/19
Holy shit, that ending was wild.
Dr. Valentine chapter 62 . 3/18
Well, fuck.
Dr. Valentine chapter 55 . 3/18
Alright well done, you've written Ron well. Quite rare.
Dr. Valentine chapter 52 . 3/18
I like how you wrote Ron. He wasn't perfect, but he also wasn't a total asshole. He was an 11 year old child, something a lot of writers seems to forget. You touched on his insecurities pretty well, and also showcased his loyalty.
Dr. Valentine chapter 16 . 3/17
Okay, I'm really into this. I was already enjoying this but this chapter cemented this story as a good one for me.
DragonEyesBlue chapter 121 . 2/29
estuvo realmente fascinante, igual en altura al los fics de Noodlehammer
100% recomendada
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