Reviews for A Wand for Skitter
zigmas chapter 120 . 4/29
This is my second comment on the Epilogue, but I had to post it here.

I just realized that Taylor essentially invented (and can CONTROL) Lexx!
Imagine THAT!
Penny chapter 54 . 4/25
I enjoy how you think. Did you learn your political theory from WORM or are you bringing in outside information? What are you reads? I still would like to send you some money. I have PayPal too, if you do not have patreon.
Mohammad 'the truth' S chapter 121 . 4/15
hehehehehe hehehe that was one of the best stories of it's genre! and the last chapter? keeping him in the grey boy loop till the sun went red? it was priceless!
ggf1 chapter 121 . 4/15
I had not read A Wand For Skitter all the way to the end because... well just because. I just finished. Wow.

I have read Legend and Skittering thief and Lodestar and Adaption
well all of your other stories more than once. A Wand for Skitter may jump to the top of my favorite list.

Sandaime Hokage chapter 121 . 4/14
Great fic really enjoyed the read
Mohammad 'the truth' S chapter 47 . 4/14
oh god! not contessa! that's a very terrible thing to happen! she may be a shit, but given the circumstances, I get her. and removing the Queen Administrator from the equation is a sensible act in ensuring another entity isn't somehow born. that shard would have the resources to pull it off.
GBTtown chapter 121 . 4/1
Fantastic story! For an HP fic Harry is pretty much redundant but, hey he got his five minutes (plus six hundred years) and helped tie everything together.
Thanks for the hard work.
Alphros chapter 121 . 3/31
Oof, now that's an ending.
R chapter 63 . 3/31
This fic should probably be rated M.
bearblue chapter 121 . 3/11
What a ride! Amazing story. Thank you for sharing it.
bearblue chapter 43 . 3/11
That joke about Batman was on point and it is brilliant to see Taylor have a ... better day. Much thumbs up!
Alexorder chapter 121 . 3/1
Oh my god... Taylor won... just... This story had the feel of "Time Travel? Really?" from the Harry Potter fandom but with the... Escalation that is Taylor. Stories like this really make me feel in awe of power Taylor commands.
AMurder0fCrows chapter 75 . 2/19
this fucking story is amazing! where the hell had this been hiding that i couldn't find this!
valerisivokon chapter 48 . 2/15
A carving of a lily flower? Or of Lily Potter? If you meant the former, it shouldn't have been capitalized.
Trent8688 chapter 121 . 2/13
very good! defiantly enjoyed the story.
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