Reviews for Professor Arc II: Headmaster Arc
Bibliotheca Mundi chapter 88 . 4/27
I agree that the story would perhaps have been better had it not entered the territory of the darker post v1-3 stories. I have not really even seen anything beyond v3 in proper, because everything after has been... disappointing. Even trying to force myself through v4 is a slug.

Regardless, this story was still good and it had a lot of parts I liked. And while Neo is still best girl in this story, and no one else, I still enjoyed it. I think I enjoyed Professor Arc for the reasons you've mentioned during this story- a comedic story of a man stuck as a professor without being qualified. Even with the darker aspects of the story, that was still the parts I enjoyed the most.

Still, I wanted to at least leave a vestige of my thoughts behind as I finished this up.

Thank you for writing this. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to craft these stories for us. Thank you, and I hope time does you well.
Bibliotheca Mundi chapter 75 . 4/26
You know, I think I would genuinely enjoy a story like this Totally-a-mastermind!Jaune vs Totally-evil!Salem. There's Knight of Salem of course, but while almost the same, the fact that they're both basically stuck in their positions and totally qualified for it makes for a rather amusing scenario.
DV8IN chapter 30 . 4/25
So I was reading out the excerpt from the smut book by Coral to my wife. It's trashy and right up her alley to laugh at with me. I got to the line, "do you feel it?" when he's pushing himself up against the protagonist and all my wife can say is "do you feel it Mr. Crabs?" from SpongeBob... Proceed to take 50 points of psychic damage and have my wife continue laughing for a half hour... 10/10 would recommend to all my friends
Bibliotheca Mundi chapter 29 . 4/24
Oh boy, it just gets worse and worse in a hilariously better way!
Bibliotheca Mundi chapter 28 . 4/24
I'm far from done with the story and I tend not to leave reviews on individual chapters when it is a completed story, but dang man. I bloody love how Cinder misunderstands shit.

Thank you, for writing this.
Guest chapter 88 . 4/19
"Seasons 1-3 of RWBY were so tight and we'll planned out"

Just gonna say, while you're welcome to enjoy or hate whichever parts of whichever shows, Seasons 1-3 weren't planned out. It's the ship's main problem, that it had no real idea where it was going. Monty was a fantastic animator, but he would also do stuff like make right scenes without telling people and then drop them on the writers who had to connect them to whatever else was happening. Hell, it's a pretty well known piece of trivia that the grave Ruby visited in the Red trailer being Summer's grave was an addition after the entire thing was made, by Jeff Williams, the composer.

Frankly, the reason RWBY works better in the early seasons is because the right scenes are fantastic, and the plot is all very immediate, everything is happening right in front of us. It still suffers from its inability to concentrate on its main characters or to exposit without making entire extra videos though. Which is probably because it was made by a bunch of, essentially, amateurs.
Bibliotheca Mundi chapter 1 . 4/18
I'm just going to say this now, knowing full well the story is completed and not subject to change unless you find some fancy, but I do still hope it ends with Jaune and Neo together. While I do like the thing he has going with Glynda, I have a bias towards Neo and like the way Neo is portrayed here anyway.

Aside from that; Thank you for having taken the time to write and complete both this one and the one before :)
Guest chapter 88 . 4/9
While I dislike the ending as it doesn't really commit to a single path forward, I think this story is a brilliant epic that needs an anime adaptation (preferably not by rooster teeth).
MosquitoesLoveMe chapter 65 . 4/11
Ah, damn. Perhaps we get another story from you where Jaune and Glynda actually do end up together? It is a rarely seen pairing and I'd like to see it done well.
Sudar Toemoer chapter 28 . 4/7
Ace Alucard Lwolf chapter 88 . 4/9
Panda.k1ng chapter 1 . 4/6
People die when they are killed
Dear Author chapter 88 . 3/30
6 years in the making, and the end of an era. I was there when the first Professor Arc started being posted. Though I just read, never said anything.

I'm honestly getting choked up here. Not much I can say, other than that this was fun. So much fun. I'll miss it.

Thank you.
Aries 50 chapter 88 . 3/29
I have been reading your stories since I went to college back in 2013 and have got to say I have loved almost everyone of them, but none more so than this one. It is sad to see it end, but I loved all the twists and turns and comedy inter mixed between. Just wish we had gotten to see team RWBY and RVNN learn the truth behind the professor at some point for the reactions. I always do enjoy big revelations. Either way thank you, and as always looking forward to your next master piece.

MosquitoesLoveMe chapter 18 . 3/29
Orange Juice
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