Reviews for Professor Arc II: Headmaster Arc
iChaos chapter 88 . 21h
I finally finished reading this story. It was somewhat amusing but it would have been a bit better without so many typos. Nevertheless I am impressed that you brought it to a fairly satisfying resolution that was consistent with the overall narrative. I especially liked Neo in this one, as well as Cinder and even Salem. Personally, I feel like it would have been better off without the epilogue. It didn't add any substance and that final line of the last chapter was perfect.
Zerac chapter 88 . 5/23
What a great ride this has been, and now I can go back and continue the royale.

Also, to be fair; I forgot about ilia too. I suppose that is what happens when the white fang makes their "last stand" immediately after your capture and being shipped off, and what Intel you might have becomes completely irrelevant.
Oh and a major academy getting wiped toke a but of attention too.
Zerac chapter 84 . 5/22
I have been reading this story on and off for quite a while now, and what a ride of Bellshill it has been! And finally I am reaching the end.
it was the arc royale that finally pushed me back to really read this story, and I am glad it did.

I would have waited to review until I finished, but this chapter deserves a shout out.
I did not expect something this deep, and so relatable.
Having played many sandbox games and even long-term RPGs, the one thing I found to keep it engaging and fun was to specifically set up goals to work towards. The achievements in various games has never interested me, and never felt fulfilling to achieve, but instead I'd set up personal goals and things I *wanted* to achieve and then work towards that.
And just like explained here. Once you achieve those goals and run out, it becomes hollow and boring. It feels pointless.

To paraphrase something I read elsewhere, 'it is not the first nor the last step of a journey that is the most important; but the next step.'
Making progress towards a goal is satisfying.
Torn wings rising chapter 17 . 5/8
Damn the Omakes are always gold, but this, this absolutely shot the moon from the sky, I would have loved for it being canon
Cooldude101011 chapter 76 . 5/8
What does the line “the fact her skirt rode all the way down to her hips” (the line is in the first few paragraphs or sections or whatever) mean?
Cooldude101011 chapter 70 . 5/8
Question. Why would the walls with the city itself right behind them not be defensible!? That’s ridiculous!
Guest chapter 88 . 5/5
It’s over?! thanks for the story
Monster King chapter 88 . 5/7
Awesome work
DamascusDalek chapter 31 . 5/3
what's funny is that Blake is Canonically Bi
DamascusDalek chapter 25 . 5/3
the end of this chapter just straight fucks me up. I love the sudden serious tone and how it just. radiates sadness and longing from ruby and yang. frankly I need fanart of this scene so bad
goldenooreos101 chapter 2 . 5/2
This is unfair! who gave you the right to create something this comedic!?
sahhhhhh chapter 28 . 4/20
bro i love the cinder overthink-pieces so much LMAO
bruh45 chapter 88 . 4/19
I wish you could have at least extended the ending or not going straight to it. I binged this for 6 days straight so the ending left me unsatisfied. Good story anyway, professor arc I was a masterpiece, this one is alright too but i like the first one more.
bruh45 chapter 87 . 4/19
Poor ilia
sahhhhhh chapter 3 . 4/16
characters gettin a lil TOO irrational and not in a comedic way
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