Reviews for A Possible Encounter for a Phantom
Zeckromizder chapter 72 . 5/14/2020
You will include other Nick/Disney shows?! Is it possible for yoy to add CN shows too? I really wish Ben 10 would appear (5YL, really like that). If I can suggest some shows (Nick/Disney shows) I would say: American Dragon: Jake Long, Randy Cunningham: The 9th Grade Ninja, and maybe the Life and Times of Juniper Lee... hell maybe even My Life as a Teenage Robot. Anyways great job, I honestly LOVE this pairing. Your an amazing writer and hope you are able to finish this amazing work. Ps. Maybe you could have Maddie and Jack make a battle suit similar to the one Kim has but with Ecto-Energy for her so that she would be abke to also fight ghosts with Danny
Guest chapter 72 . 5/14/2020
Greast story so far. I thought of an idea and if you are interested please let me know if you would be willing to write it. In this story Danny Fenton, Kim Possible and Violet Parr all meet each other . While they are dealing with their everyday lives a love triangle forms between the three of them. Danny develops feelings for Kim while Violet develops feelings for Danny. It starts out as Kim and Danny but eventually moves to Violet and Danny.
BeConFuzzled Writer chapter 72 . 5/12/2020
This was nice. Now we get back to the action and probably see what this reward is. It probably going to be something big since it has to get every villain’s attention. Wonder how this will all wrap up.
killua535 chapter 1 . 5/11/2020
It would be interesting if Sam and Tucker, out of envy of Danny and his powers and being with new friends, also get powers by accident and attack Danny, Danny feels guilty and they become friends again.
William Escobar 608 chapter 72 . 5/11/2020
¡AHHHHHH! (GRITO DE FANGIRL, OK NO) aun asi no puedo creer que porfin Kim alla aceptado dejar las diferencias de edades aun lado y pedirle a Danny que sea su NOVIO, esto es tan GENIAL que creo que me EXPLOTARA EL CEREBRO... ahora aquí van las preguntas ¿Danny no aguantara la emoción y les dira a sus amigos?, y de ser asi ¿como reaccionará la HIPÓCRITA de Sam ante eso?, ¿que pensara Ron si Kim también se lo cuenta?, ¿Bonnie tomara represalias o tratará de ser una mejor persona para Danny antes de que la pareja sea oficial? ¿habra otra gran batalla en Middleton?, ¿que quiere hacer Tirorex con el guante de la realidad?, ¿cual es la "RECOMPENSA" para los villanos?
Guest chapter 72 . 5/11/2020
What chapter did Sam release the terrakons in.
Leonardo chapter 72 . 5/11/2020
I am very satisfied with the chapter and I really hope that Danny and Kim are a couple.
I recently watched one of those videos where Butch Hartman imagines the future of the series' characters. I really liked the idea of Tucker being the new Steve Jobs, that could happen after his term ended with an impeachment. Although my affection for the character has waned lately, I liked the concepts of Sam being a hero similar to Black Widow and going from being a goth to becoming a hipster.
What do you think of Hartman's visions for the future of the characters he created? He also envisioned the future of "Kim Possible" characters 10 years later.
Luiz4200 chapter 72 . 5/11/2020
And Sam still hates Kim. Or was Bonnie the cheerleader Sam was thinking about?
Jebest4781 chapter 72 . 5/11/2020
this was pretty good and can't wait for more.

also random thing to point out, Death Battle has finally gone underway on doing their thing of Danny Phantom vs American Dragon Jake Long. something you wanted to see for some time now, if I remember
MeteorElDrago chapter 72 . 5/11/2020
Yay finally they got together well not completely but close enough so keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to for the next chapter update.
wiseguy2415 chapter 72 . 5/11/2020
Personally I would have put Amity park in the Oregon area with the beach, (beautiful area up there) and Middleton for me has always been in Colorado...

But, I only Write DP stories now and again, not as much as I do Transformers Prime crossovers but I do find a little bit of attraction for these stories. In particular with you and FP11 I guess there is one kind of story I hadn't seen a whole lot of is when DP and TFP cross, I mean, Danny Fenton and Jack Darby met in a story I read sometime ago, like looking in a mirror.

But anyway it's good see to this getting some more attention, and I am certainly looking forward to reading more soon!
qazse chapter 72 . 5/11/2020
Man, Sam is gonna loose her shit when she finds out Kim’s interested in Danny now XD
Demonic Mello chapter 68 . 4/30/2020
I'm a yellow wolf with a red hound mate who knew cause on original, I would have been silver badger. Anyways I love how you left it all open to there being the cannon and not. I love also that it also makes that in 2.0 that yellow trouts are no longer a blue fox's soulmate wich, I could not understand how that would work if Ron was the end game.
Demonic Mello chapter 36 . 4/28/2020
Umm Bonnie is not all that smart if she had As she wouldn't be a credit short missing a pop quiz but yeah her sisters being mean would get a sympathetic Danny.
erica.phoenix16 chapter 71 . 4/22/2020
Thanks for updating. :)
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