Reviews for A Possible Encounter for a Phantom
Luiz4200 chapter 53 . 9/5/2019
Cool! Ron's royalties were mentioned! I don't blame his parents for managing it after his blunder.
MeteorElDrago chapter 43 . 9/5/2019
Ok that is a nice comeback Dr. Dementor props to him.
MeteorElDrago chapter 40 . 9/5/2019
Good lord this Danny has some hellaluck with women. I'm impressed.
MeteorElDrago chapter 39 . 9/5/2019
So the tables have turned.
MeteorElDrago chapter 38 . 9/5/2019
Ok what the heck? Wasnt Danny down to 4 years why is he back to 8?
MeteorElDrago chapter 35 . 9/5/2019
Nice one agent Will Dumb.
MeteorElDrago chapter 33 . 9/5/2019
Man Terakon is a lot like Predaking only he's evil. That's not exactly good for the Teams.
MeteorElDrago chapter 29 . 9/5/2019
Wow that last scene gave me serial killer vibes.
MeteorElDrago chapter 28 . 9/5/2019
I bet Freakshow was thinking something like this "(Facepalms) I'm surrounded by idiots. " And now that the villains have made their move let the real fight begin.
MeteorElDrago chapter 27 . 9/5/2019
Nice I loved the chapter and that ending scene that was a reference to Barry and Felicity in the flash and arrow crossover episode wasn't it.
MeteorElDrago chapter 26 . 9/5/2019
Man the Terakon was a bitch to banish still glad they won though.
MeteorElDrago chapter 25 . 9/5/2019
All right time to do some dragonslaying!
MeteorElDrago chapter 24 . 9/5/2019
No wonder I don't support Sam and Danny being together.
MeteorElDrago chapter 23 . 9/5/2019
Man Danny having to wait 4 more years blows so impress the hell out of her Danny I want my damn ship!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 53 . 9/5/2019
Now this was sweet and funny! Danny and Kim hang out with one another, said couple are getting spied upon by others (some with good intentions, others not), and they really start things off good and moderate. Slow but not too slow, and also quick but not hasty. A really rare balance to find nowadays.

It seems that this is the calm before the storm, and I do hope that Kim and Danny start to think things more of a future with one another before the powerful big names come back to take the stage.

All in all, excellent! Keep it up!
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