Reviews for A Possible Encounter for a Phantom
Mystery889 chapter 12 . 10/28/2020
ChrisZilla18 chapter 75 . 10/28/2020
It just went from bad to worst
Leonardo chapter 75 . 10/26/2020
Honestly, I do not doubt that the fanfic will reach the mark of 100 chapters.
You must admit that I'm surprised that I don't have a reference to "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir", perhaps with the superheroes of Paris witnessing the sudden appearance of the new Terakons.
William Escobar 608 chapter 75 . 10/25/2020
1) Así que ¿el gran plan es devolver la vida a TODOS los otros Terakons en el planeta?... ¡QUE HORROR!

2) JAJAJA XD JAJAJA... Pobre Ron, ahora no solo parece estar bajo la sombra de su mejor amiga, sino de la de chico 2 AÑOS menor que el.

3) ¿De que se sorprende el Doctor Possible?, digo su hija pelea con mercenarios y actualmente monstruos, eso hace que adolecentes ARMADOS de 14 a 16 no sea nada.

4) JEJEJE... Sam se siente insultada que un gran científico tomara clases de biología animal SOLO como un pasatiempo.



7) No fue culpa de Kim, pero el razonamiento deductivo de Bonnie llego a cierto punto.

8) Debieron quitarle ese diamante al Rey desde antes.
MeteorElDrago chapter 75 . 10/25/2020
Crap...he has an army big enough to start a war now...this is the beginning of the end of humanity as we know it if they don't find a way to take Thiorex's ever growing power damn it.
Luiz4200 chapter 75 . 10/25/2020
So, Thirorex had subjects who hated him? What did he do and, can Danny make them remember?
Jebest4781 chapter 75 . 10/25/2020
Things are gonna get good
pokemon fan 1991 chapter 75 . 10/25/2020
I am sorry but that Deadpool was from my universe not too many dates series. Unless I come up with an idea of my version of the too many date series. I’ll make sure that he doesn’t pop up again.

I did like the backwards messages and also I feel Danny is going to be in trouble when the king finds out that he’s here.

I hope Bonnie Doesn’t fries to blackmail Danny when this is all over.
wiseguy2415 chapter 75 . 10/25/2020
When I first read the note I thought it said you were only 1/4th the way done with this story, I am glad I reread it...
Starlord Master chapter 75 . 10/25/2020
Thirorex seems pleased.

I would support Danny and Bonnie dating for real, mostly because I’d like to see how that goes.

Will “Phantom Planet” still happen in this timeline?

What happened to Bonnie’s boyfriend Hirotaka from the Kim Possible episode “Exchange” in this timeline?
qazse chapter 75 . 10/25/2020
Was Connie’s outburst a reference to Voltura from El Tigre? If so AWESOME!

And damn, thing turned to shit real fast.
Leonardo chapter 74 . 10/11/2020
A pleasant surprise to see a new chapter of the story, I hope you will complete it before the end of the year. After rereading the fourth chapter, I looked for "Torn Between Two" to read and really liked it, despite the short chapters. Kim's concepts studying at Casper High and being attracted to Danny, despite still dating Ron, were interesting and it's a shame the fanfic hasn't been updated since 2015. I hope that GrandeAngel resumes publication or the story is adopted by someone with his talent.
I hope Kim has the opportunity to tell Team Phantom about Ron's powers.
I recalled that Sojourn appeared in a previous chapter and I hope that, despite your justified contempt for Butch Hartman, you are open to using the good ideas that exist in YouTube-based content.
pokemon fan 1991 chapter 74 . 10/11/2020
This was a good chapter. Deadpool anything to say about this chapter?

Deadpool: It was fun to see all of Kim and Danny's enemies fighting to get that power of the discount infinity gauntlet Plus it need more Shego!

Of course you want more Shego. Me giving an unimpressive glare

Deadpool: What she is hot and she knows it


Duff nightmare was funny though.

Daadpool: That was funny and how Ron use his magical monkey power

That was also good as well.

Anyway this is me and "Deadpool" signing out
Luiz4200 chapter 74 . 10/10/2020
I kinda liked the She-Gone line.
Jebest4781 chapter 74 . 10/10/2020
this was very enjoyable
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