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Maverick chapter 2 . 9/14
No way the humans will beat the goblins, they got enchanted weapons, wards, magic, and two fire elementals under their mountain along this those hounds they were breading. Go goblins!
RyMalice chapter 1 . 9/15
I really wish this story had continued. I just came across Arko'narin as a NPC for the NE heritage quest and it reminded me of this story. Wishing you all the best.
ScythH02 chapter 2 . 9/3
Every day I hope you start writing again.
Eroldin chapter 2 . 8/27
Hope this story isn't abandoned
Spider of Dreams chapter 2 . 7/21
I really hope you come back to finish this, I haven't played wow since burning crusade, an I never knew how good a HP/wow cross over could be until I read these fics.
pjthomas53 chapter 2 . 6/9
if its possible could you please continue this wonderful story
WearyCurmudgeon chapter 2 . 5/19
Been rereading this and the following questions came to mind.

A) Elder Wand.
Does Harry have it or did he blow it up together with Dumbledore?

B) Sirius is dead based upon the talk with his parents by way of the Resurrection Stone.

Does this mean Harry inherited the Black Lordship as well annex any magical knowledge that they may have had.

As I could see them having some utterly horrifying defensive wards as well (not their specialty obviously as that would be DA, DaDA and Charms, but in order to keep themselves safe especially considering how nasty they were in general, they'd need some utterly malignant wards to keep others out and the cost of dealing with them permanently an untenable route).

Might be useful for their home/base.

Concentric circles, with aversion wards first, pain second that gets worse the further they push to the lethal section where you can go from clean deaths to outright ghastly ways the deeper in one goes.

From a simple heart stopper to electrocution to organ expelling or blood to acid. Just to give some examples.

As that would be a serious morale breaker to any invading force that isn't undead. The more they push, the worse it gets. You'd end up with units mutinying just to get away from the house of horrors that they're trying to get to, irrespective of what their officers might have to say about things.

C) Fawkes... Based upon Dumbledore's actions he probably bound Fawkes to him through arcane means.

Means that would've shattered upon the Old Wether's death.

Any chance of him popping in? Maybe bonding to Kudrii?

Would give them access to Phoenix tears, which might be useful for the Flamel's research into the Forsaken "cure" as well.

Might also be useful for Colette Blaumeux and maybe Fleur as well, as they could replicate what gave Harry his "immortality".

(Granted they'd need Basilisk venom, but I don't doubt that House Black would have the info on how to breed them. And they'd be another level of security for their home.) (Course that's working under the premise that you don't go the Jessir and the Elixir of Life route, that I mentioned in a previous review).

D) Have to commend you by the by, as some of the things you "name dropped" about both the dragon-kin and the Earth Warder position replacement, Blizzard is using in their Dragon Isle expansion.

E) Harry has shown interest in those "core" based spells used during the Blackrock Mountain caper.

Is he liable to bargain with that Red they saved for that ability?

Because if he has one, then he might be able to reverse engineer the others or even create new versions. (Like an inversion of that Spontaneous Combustion one, so people end up frozen from the inside out. Instant Carbonite equivalent.)

F) Side note Arator, son of Alleria and Turylon was raised by his aunt Vereesa and joined up with the second expeditionary force that was launched AFTER the Dark Portal was reopened.

So Alleria technically didn't abandon him, although this could very well be retconned info that they released subsequently when people pointed out the same thing you did in this chapter.


Been too many years since to verify "what's the what".

G) Already mentioned how Varian's declaration of being THE human king probably won't sit well with the other human nations that he's trying to override their sovereignty.

But what struck me as additionally interesting in that section is how he wanted to resources of Blackrock Mountain.

Setting aside that he never bothered to send troops despite Harry and co clearing out Nefarian. There's the small matter, that if you ignore the Earth Goblins's presence, that from a legal perspective the Dwarves have a far greater claim over it, seeing how the Dark Irons who previously inhabited it are dwarves and owed the Wildhammers restitution for what they did to Grim Batol.

So he's blatantly admitting in front of a Dwarven King that he wanted to steal from his people.

Magni seems not to have grokked that interpretation, wonder if any of his fellows did and is going to mention that to they have some privacy.

As it would further reinforce Magni's impression that Varian is untrustworthy and his word without value.

Which could lead to a realignment of the factions with Stormwind tossed out of the Alliance and Jaina and Theramore in, until more human kingdoms stabilize enough to rejoin?

(What would Gilneas be like if the Forsaken hasn't attacked them and been turned alive again?)

(The Forsaken being made living beings again and claiming to be Lordaeron's successor state with Nathanos as their new King would also kick up a hornet's nest, even more so if they remained Horde for how the Alliance previously treated them. The High Elf contingent of the Forsaken and the current Blood Elf faction should have an interesting effect on any Alliance based High Elves like Vereesa as well.)

H) With regards to Khadgar... I'm suddenly reminded that Medivh said that he (Medivh) and Harry were somewhat alike...

Did Medivh prank Khadgar during that fight, get just enough control to do that rather than blasting bits?

If not for how solid his anti-mind control abilities have become, I could definitely see Harry do that.

Heck, he's pranked Neville enough since their reunion. ;-P

I) Any reason why they didn't scry for the missing members of the Cenarion Expedition?

Would answer the question if they're doing an investigation and sabotage or a search and rescue operation.

J) Cards
Huh, kinda surprised that Harry didn't get any boardgames while on Earth.

Theoretically, they could be moneymakers as well, not that he needs it. Azerothian versions of Monopoly, Risk, Cluedo to name just a few.

But would also give the Forsaken girls something else to do than poker or related games.

K) Other potential prisoners...

The Nerevarine from Morrowind (using modded Skyrim female Dunmer models)? (Godslayer)

Ciri from the Witcher? (The white frost?)

The Grey Warden from Dragon Age? (Darkspawn contamination and possibly being Patient Zero in their eyes? I'd recommend a female Dalish Elf with the Templar specialization, as outside of Jessir and maybe Sylvanas they don't really have any way to drain enemy MP. Their buff disruption ability might work on Paly bubbles as well.)

Do like the idea of Luna having wandered through a demon portal and ending up elsewhere.

A FemHarry who inherited the Sight from an Alt. Lilly? Seen some interesting stories based around that latter notion.

Honestly, the only readily available PreCog that I know of would be Julia Carpenter who became the second Madam Web. (Got lost during the Spider-verse? Problem is, she'd want to return home to her daughter.)

Unless you want to bring in some Jedi? Meli Day might be an option. Zeltron Wayseeker (essentially what Master Fay does) from the High Republic era.
Trafford chapter 2 . 5/19
Toby860 chapter 2 . 5/16
I have some thoughts on dark people or creatures who aren't really dark but could be considered captured maybe Sona from DxD and a twisting nether is just another name for the GAP. Or maybe hk47 from Star wars and evil hunter killer assassin Droid. Euclid hellscythe what's more dark and evil than a necromancer. Dante or Nero from devil May cry. Midna from legend of Zelda Twilight princess. Alice from resident evil.
Babboy chapter 2 . 5/11
It has been an amazing read
Shadow6409 chapter 1 . 5/10
Has read the Story already a second time, I still hope that you will find time to continue and finish this Story, it's to good a Story to just leave unfinished.
Mr. Thunder Chocolate chapter 2 . 5/2
Forgot how good this series was so I had to read it through again
Jollygreen98 chapter 2 . 4/12
Not sure why you have not been able to update, but this is to incredible a story to leave unfinished.
Guest chapter 2 . 3/21
such a great story
Dauntes chapter 2 . 3/10
Man, I hope you both come back to this one. There's something so absolutely satisfying about protagonists stomping all over the absolute dumpster fire that is WoW lore, I especially like your Sylvanas her character is such trash in canon. I'd love to read more. Thank you for the story!
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