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Nicthalon chapter 2 . 10/28/2019
Please, please, PLEASE, learn to separate paragraphs. There should never be a wall of text like you have with Harry going on and on and on, non-stop to his first class. It's almost impossible to not get lost in that much pointless exposition.
Traitors Revenge chapter 1 . 10/17/2019
"ARRGHH!" Malfoy woke with a start, sweat covering his whole body.
A dream - no a fucking nightmare! - like he'd never had before.
Fancying Potter! SHAGGING POTTER! He needed to owl his mother and organise a mind healer to meet him in Hogsmead this coming weekend. Fortunately it was only two days, but still.
He briefly considered if some potion or a substance had been slipped to him at dinner? Unlikely as the house elves would never allow it.
Chalk it up to experience and NEVER tell his father was best way to go.

Despite multiple sessions with various mind healers, Malfoy could not throw off the recurring dreams till end of school year.
He'd ended up a nervous wreak as even Pomfrey's dreamless sleep potions refused to work. They were vivid, detailed, varied and oh so damn realistic!
He was listless, hardly slept and failed half his end of year exams. It had taken most of his father's influence, calling in multiple favours and a fifty thousand galleon contribution to the schools muggleborn education fund to keep him with his year mates. Having to repeat a year would mean so much loss of face, as to be fatal in Slytherin political circles.
The rage in his father's face and him snapping his cane in half, when stood in headmaster's office, as Dumbledore exceeding politely suggested that muggle fund donation, would never leave him. If this continued next year, he'd find himself at Durmstrang before christmas.

As it was he expected extreme punishments from father during two month summer holidays. And of course Lucius Malfoy's punishments were nothing to laugh at. While nowhere near as pain inducing or sadistic as his aunt's famous rages, the prospect of facing those subtle paternal tortures made his blood run cold.
It was ALL POTTER'S FAULT! But the Gryffindor had ignored him since before that first dream. He couldn't imagine that stinking scarhead keeping silent if he had been involved? Mudblood bitch Granger wouldn't break the rules like that and Weasel was too stupid to accomplish anything so subtle.

Draco's problems disappeared during July and August at Malfoy Manor, but returned with avengeance after arriving back at Hogwarts. He was packed off to the Scandinavian school before beginning of October. Lack of rest, disorientation and nerves caused him to vomit on arrival by portkey. That had been an ominous start to his new placement.

It took a further eight months to become free if those accursed dreams of being with Potter, marrying Potter, HAVING POTTERS BABIES and afterwards he never worked out where these perverse visions came from?
He had a very mediocre academic career at Durmstrang's and left England for good after he graduated. The humiliation of bumping into any of his former Hogwart's schoolmates coloring his choice. His going bald at twenty didn't help matters - he put that down to stress of his father being chucked in Azkban and losing three quarters of Malfoy fortune to fines. Living in Austria he found some success as a potions and powders trader. He never had any desire to marry, as any sexual contact with others made him picture Potter's face as they were in throws of passion.

Voldemort's feeble attempt to return in 2041 was crushed by The Order of the Eternal Phoenix and Dumbledore's Legacy muggleborn group's Horcrux neutralizers. Harry Potter's soul fragment having been removed years earlier at St. Mungo's under supervision of Hermione Granger-Weasley and her daughter Rose Longbottom.

Draco Malfoy passed away from a nasty strain of dragon pox in his ninety third year. Bald, wrinkled, bent and with sunken features, his remains could've been mistaken for a very tall house elf. Only two extremely distant relatives attended his funeral, and then that was mainly to see if he'd left any gold. It was not to be, as what little he owned was eaten up by providing him with care in those last few years.

(Fred and George's replacement of Draco's haircream with one of their more potent products was never detected. It was only revealed in 2136 at reading of the late Fred's will. Their nine hundred relatives and friends filling the Brighton & Hove Quidditch stadium pissed themselves laughing for almost an hour! Harry had to be taken to New St. Mungo's for the strain on his elderly chest, but recovered in a couple of days. For generations to come people would go out of their way to taunt a large portrait of Lucius and his son, that still hung in a quite corner of the Ministry atrium.)
lttlelola chapter 3 . 8/28/2019
I kind of need more
Kickd 4 nothing chapter 1 . 5/18/2019
Heads up author this story has been FLAGGED UP FOR SUPPOSEDLY CONTAINING SONG LYRICS! Happening to others as well. I complained only to locked out of my account! Suspect hack or a mod going insane.
Rori Potter
Mohammad 'the truth' S chapter 3 . 5/7/2019
Man didn't you ramble a lot... I had this friend at school, and he just rambled like a squad of girls... By God... I thought I've met him again... But anyway, it was an amazing story, considering I lost the thread of thought and story a few times, it was beautiful all the same.
Mike Litoris chapter 3 . 3/26/2019
Arrghh your writing is very hard on me! Just want to keep readin.
anonymouse chapter 1 . 3/24/2019
Author: be aware tthat someone is using your name or close approximation Lily272 to troll twighlight jakeward pairing stories.
Nasty posts and insults are backlash against you. Your now in the loop. I realy don't want to get involved to get burned by flaming trolls
mooneysfate chapter 3 . 3/20/2019
wonderful story! loved it! :)
Msscribe chapter 3 . 3/19/2019
Best family!drarry i've read in longtime
My nanny loved it to :)
Sky Witch04 chapter 3 . 3/19/2019
Nice to see dudley say sorry.
Lily272 Author chapter 3 . 3/17/2019
This is the last time I reply to the Drarry haters and even that only because clearly they didn't get the meaning of my last one.
1. I don't give a damn if J.K. Personally in an interview said she hates Drarry because guess what, I hate Ginny Harry and still don't bash them so what? I have a different opinion, watch the earth implode, Someone with a different opinion than everyone who hates Drarry? How is that possible? News flash people are different and think differently and that includes that some like something different than J.K. Rowling!
2. If J.K. Rowling wrote that pairings have to be rational instead of emotional...I have to disagree. Love is rarely rational! It's an emotion! Love itself is an Emotion how can it be anything but emotional? Rational relationships are arranged marriages and the likes NOT love! (and I still doubt it because I do consider her smarter than writing that about love having to be rational, I believe that she doesn't like Drarry, it's a valid opinion and I am mature enough to accept that others have a different than I! Unlike someone here obviously! But again, I doubt that she would write that love shouldn't be emotional, makes no sense to me, but as I said even if I'm wrong, I don't care!
3. Write whatever you want and thanks for adding to my review count that actually makes the story raise on the listing when you search for most reviews so, go on. Drarry lover will notice the Drarry hate and disregard such reviews when reading the reviews to see if the story is worth their while and well, your words can't hurt me unless I allow them to hurt me and guess what! Freak means something that is different from the norm if you say that loving Drarry is that I'd even be proud to be a freak so no matter what you say to me! I simply don't care about the opinions of people that try to force their opinions on others. You have yours, I have mine that's just it! If you want to waste your time looking for Drarry stories to bash, go ahead! As I said, ups my review count so thank you very much! But I won't waste my time being upset about silly people who think their opinion is the centre of the universe and needs to be argued to death until everyone thinks like them because what would the world be like if people were actually allowed to have a different taste in stories? So go one rant send fake or real emails from the queen or I don't know whom else you think should be allowed to dictate my opinion because, to be honest, I DON'T CARE!
Now have fun living your life thinking you are the sun of my world because if that were the case, I'd close my blinds! But if you really must, have fun ranting! I'll have a good laugh that you are stupid enough to bother and write something here again!
PrivateJK Emails chapter 3 . 3/17/2019
No i am certainly not JK Rowling but do work at a firm with business dealings with her. Our department head has direct contact with her. One extract from an email reply to him ~

RE: fan fiction
SLASH and especially HarryXDraco just really isn't my thing. I've read some and tried to be objective but to me it's not believable in the slightest and ruins some potentially good stories. I am in no way homophobic but it's just one element I don't enjoy within 'main pairings' in fics my fans have produced.

I've read two neat female harry/male draco stories and in past few years. With the bullying, antagonisms and differently minded social circles, any future sexual relationships would most likely be highly suspect and open to abuse. I've seen it in my own relatives where a gay/bisexual cousin was kept like a pet at university by wealthy student from a powerful political family. Extremely poisonous interactions and condescending comments were just what seen in public. The rich boy went on to abuse his next partner in what became a minor media scandal in parts of Washington. No relationship straight/gay/bi/fluid/pan should be like that.
Think many drarry authors should think hard before starting down that path and present a rational explanation for them to get together, rather than an emotional one.
Henry's Opinion chapter 3 . 3/14/2019
Me again. That awful poem is at least partly down to EmeraldGodRedGoddessLOVERS
- known for her massive rants and hating of Draco in the HP community. After seeing her official fb page I would ignore her as obviously has shall we say 'problems'. If you wish to fight back, just referr to Ginny as Virginia in her presence...
Henry's Opinion chapter 1 . 3/13/2019
Fully support your anti homophobic stance and your review post. BUT I do find any switch in sexuality that happens too fast unconvincing. My father has expressed that he certainly heterosexual in his 20s and 30s but this ebbed after a period of asexuality to him identifying as gay at 56.
Read most of first chapter when noticed new reviews. Like what I see so far and have enjoyed your other stories. Will reserve judgement on their relationship until further along in the plot. Try to not take harsh reviews too seriously - there are a number of flame wars being fought over harry potter, twighlight and Percy jackson reviews and you may have just been caught in the crossfire?
LILY272 AUTHOR chapter 1 . 3/13/2019
I think I had 4 drarry hate revuess from guests that I deleated, and now another so for all the futer ones. Get a life. You don't like drarry so what? I don't like Ginny but don't waist my time bashing stories about her with Harry! If you don't like it don't read it. The review about not liking the psychological reason for Harry's behaviour is not meant just to get that cleared up. That is a valid point because there are many where it isn't though it can be the case! It's both a possibility and if she didnt like that it's fine and she did enjoy the rest and to write that is more than okay. I highly velue that review . But like the last guest one and future ones that I no longer bother to delete! If you don't like it why waist you time writing nasty about it? Get a life! You have your opinion and that is fine. You don't like drarry than don't. I'm not forcing you to or to read my story. Couldn't if I wanted to! But as much as I respect that you have your own opinion, grow up and accept that others do instead of calling me immature. Seriously. You guys are behaving like you never learned that your opinion is not the only one valid! Find something better to do with your life's and let me life mine.
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