Reviews for Death Battle: Extermination of Detirmination (Saitama vs Chara)
Antasma's Minion chapter 2 . 10/7
I don't know why everyone is giving so much hate, this is really good! Therefore I will use evidence to DEFEND the author!

First of all, I will not be doing anything involving OPM, seeing as I don't know anything about him.

Evidence 1: When Chara kills you at the end of the geno route, an unspecified amount of 9s were shown, meaning Chara may have done more damage than shown on screen. It's possible that the damage screen goes on infinitely, however there is no way to test this.

Evidence 2: Saitama may indeed be able to resist Tatsumaki's mind control, but Chara isn't taking over his mind, she's taking over his body, seen in the epilogue due to Saitama being in the same place as the dead sans.

Evidence 3: Chara has EXPEIRENCE against Saitama, meaning she knew his fighting style beforehand.

Now, THE WRITER THEMSELVES said this wasn't 100% accurate and that it's JUST FOR FUN, so CHILL!

Don't these Haters, Mr./Ms. Merchant, they're all just salty OPM fans who want to cry about how Saitama didn't kill an IMMORTAL GOD-LIKE ENTITY CONTROLS MINDS AND COMES BACK FROM DEATH KNOWING HOW THEY DIED.

Also, this is a really good story! I can't wait to see that Mario Royale!
romanparientes355 chapter 1 . 11/4/2019
I am sorry but death battle isn’t for you make crossovers or fanfics maybe both because this is actually inaccurate and I’m not trying to be mean it’s just death battle isn’t for you
Guest chapter 2 . 9/21/2019
Fuck off, you retarded cunt.
A ball of snot could defeat chara.
Genuinely only your bias let saitama lose.
Guest chapter 2 . 8/9/2019
You forget Saitama was able to resist mind techniques from Tatsumaki which is a big game changer you didn’t bother to acknowledge. I can’t see you as a reliable source of who will win if you decide to make more of these things.
UniqueAccountName chapter 2 . 6/16/2019
Vs. Battle Wiki can't be used as a source for a fight. It's fine as a basis for someones unique abilities, but you should try doing more research of the series themselves rather than Vs. Battle Wiki. Attack potency? Yes Chara is bare minimum low multiversal, likely multiversal, you could even argue that they are multiversal if you highball them. Speed? Saitama is NOT faster than Absolute Chara, Chara at their absolute doesn't even have a physical form, and exists beyond time, meaning they are likely immeasurable in speed, I could go on but I really shouldn't need to. You are using absolute Chara so no, Saitama would not beat them in a one round fight, Saitama is planet level at best, Chara's durability is not only low multiversal at least, but also is non-corporeal, meaning Saitama literally can't even touch them. Saitama would not know about Chara's ability to come back (not that they would use it anyways), and don't mention Sans when he would be EXTREMELY (understatement) more intelligent than Saitama and already knows of the Humans ability in the first place, Sans is a genius while Saitama is average at best. Asriel erasing Frisk is because of how powerful he is, it doesn't matter how many times the human dies, if it did, they would be erased against Sans, and Saitama's power isn't even remotely fucking close to Asriel's.
UniqueAccountName chapter 1 . 6/16/2019
"Dodged numerous attacks from Genos, all of them being laser like attacks." They were all fire, and lasers have an inconsistent amount of speed in fiction, you should have also mentioned Murata stating the speed of light is like a bad joke to Saitama. "Blitzed Awakened Garou who could fly from space to Earth in seconds", that never happened, he would be able to do it (well aside from flying which he can't do) but he never actually did it, if you mean when Saitama used the Serious Tableflip, it was only implied that they got close to space, nothing really proves that they were actually in it, and he was also falling while fighting Saitama, and wasn't really trying to go down, so it says nothing about his speed. "Showed little response to a city sized attack from Genos." That was NOT city sized, especially not OPM cities which are the size of small countries, and size doesn't equal potency. "used his powers to create the effect of a black hole in the room." Of course, this common misconception, his attack wasn't remotely close to black hole level, it was a hyperbole, there are MANY things I could do to debunk it but it would be a waste of my time. For Chara:

Those first two aren't even feats.

Chara doesn't do much aside from occasionally making Frisk move at random points, attacking Sans (the attack that killed him, they technically didn't beat him though), and then controlling Frisk for the rest after entering Asgore's room, people also make the misconception that Frisk does anything, Frisk literally does nothing, aside from that one time where they might have taken slight control when walking towards Omega Flowey, but that could've also been Chara for all we know, it's mainly just the Player throughout the game.

"Slaughtered every monster in the Underground" no, they didn't, that was you, the only monsters they directly killed were Sans, Asgore, and Flowey.

No, they didn't kill most with multiple hits, that was Frisk while being controlled by the Player.

"Frisk's soul" no, what was given to them was the Players soul, Frisk wasn't even there at that point or was being used as a vessel for Chara's soul.

"thanks to all the power and Determination Frisk obtained, (fixed Determination for you) possessed them and killed Sans" they possessed them near the end of the fight when Sans was basically defeated to finish the fight, and the Determination was obtained by the Player, not Frisk, Frisk likely doesn't even have a Determination soul, it's more likely Justice.

"Besides Undyne, killed every other monster in the game with one strike", not really, I already went over how that wasn't Chara, and the normal monsters often survived more than one strike, it was only the boss monsters.

"Killed Frisk with one attack" no they didn't, they attacked the game, the only reason they got closer to the screen was to scare you and probably taunt you, the only thing they did was destroy the game, which is more impressive than killing Frisk anyways.

Chara's speed is likely immeasurable due to existing beyond the concept of time.

"Planned out their own death and Asriel's death to cause a second war between humans and monsters" actually their goal had nothing to do with that cause, they did that so Asriel could absorb their soul and kill the humans from their village. Even if that would have caused another war, that wouldn't have been their actual goal.

Chara doesn't use the Real Knife, Frisk does under your control, people typically just assume they do because most animations portray it as their main weapon. They also don't use the Locket.

"exists as a conceptual manifestation of their killing intent" when was that ever stated? During the main game they mainly exist as a ghost that was awakened due to the Players Determination, pretty sure a lot of what you're saying is based on fan theories.

It was never stated or shown that Chara can SAVE or RESET, they only did it after the Player offers their soul (fyi, the power to RESET belongs to the Player, not Frisk).

At the end of Deltarune, Kris isn't possessed by Chara, that's just Kris.

You constantly put together Chara's feats (which a lot of aren't actual feats or things they did) before the end of the game with Chara at their absolute, which makes practically no sense, the gap in power between them before and after Genocide is literally infinite. If we said Frisk was in control and had Chara with them while doing the Genocide Route, the fight with Saitama would basically be Frisk dying repeatedly until they beat him via Determination (not just using LOAD and SAVE, they would likely use DT to power up and kill him if they realize that SAVE and LOAD won't be enough), after the Genocide Route? Chara one shots everything in OPM combined with 0 difficulty including Saitama, it wouldn't even be a fight. Saitama can't even hit Chara let alone beat them, while Chara could casually one shot him.
Guest chapter 2 . 6/10/2019
Charatard. Even Boros could beat her
kyoryusaur chapter 2 . 3/29/2019
"i used VS Battle Wiki"
now THAT's contentious my nigga
(no shade, they seem like nice people and any complaints of hostile mods & stuff i haven't seen in comprehendable fashion)

joking aside, the writing & format are very presentable, but now i shall go into my opinions-

Saitama shouldn't be used in these types of fights really. comparing him to the god-tiers in others shows & animes, they at least have a stronger grasp in power levels. their statements which are usually taken to be true (i.e. "I'm about to destroy this entire planet!" biz which the other characters take as a serious threat"), struggling real hard to overcome the previous number one in power, thats a stronger grasp. Saitama completely bypasses that grasp to the point that not even the readers know his true potential; its kept as a mystery to push the story forward. he's a "joke character". with such a vague power ceiling, he should be kept away from these types "Death Battles" as its so contentious. although that doesn't say anything about the enjoyability of said stories though.

for Chara, i always thought that whole "Multiversal" stuff was an exclusive attribute to them. imagine a character that's "normal but VERY invulnerable to explosions", which can be elaborated to mean that regular weapons like swords could kill them, but they can tank a nuke no prob. essentially it separates one type of attack to a different level of durability. Undertale iirc doesn't really show the impact attacks have on the environment or on any observable scale (i.e. other fictional attacks can show destroyed mountains & meteors), so it always felt they were separate in scale even when they are describing the same being. its all really complicated.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/26/2019
Wiki really
First chara cant destroy planets its never been shown or stated

This is bad, death battle could not top how bad this is
Soda-fiedPsycho chapter 1 . 3/13/2019
"Saitama's most powerful feat is him breaking a meteor" - You said that in chapter 2.

A load of shit, might I add.
How is punching a load of rock that can only destroy a country/continent while destroying it instantly in a single blow more powerful than destroying a beam of plasma that destroys planets?

I'm entitled to say that you're a fucking moron. Nearly everyone who has read this and understood it.

You're now the person whose claim to fame in the Hall of Idiots is thinking that destroying a meteor capable of destroying continents/countries is stronger than destroyer a plasma beam that would end the world by punching it and then with the shockwave released from the punch that nullifies the plasma beam it kills Deadpool Mark 5.
Soda-fiedPsycho chapter 2 . 3/13/2019
I didn't read your bio but I read the battle and I'm going to say the truth about Saitama's feats that would completely destroy Chara.

Saitama's mental barriers are so high that they are capable of stopping outside psychic influences from the strongest ESPer on Pangea. (Tatsumaki. And Pangea is a supercontinent - which by the way is One Punch Man's world - and that's not a particularly deadly feat for Saitama.) He did so with ease and thus I will multiply it by 20 times for it to even achieve a result.
Chara's possession is far weaker than Tatsumaki's psychic power.

In One Punch Man disaster levels, the weakest is wolf class. Now, I will say this: Chara would be more powerful than a lot of these threats, but there are thousands of different feats Saitama has. One, he with ease destroys Dragon level threats in a single blow. Now, while that may not seem much considering those are multiple city levels, I'm going to say this once: A city in One Punch Man is basically the same thing as a country/continent. That's how large a city is there which should put a higher understanding of their power.

Saitama's most powerful feat included the Boros Fight where he punched an energy blast so hard that the resulting shockwaves alone were enough to completely destroy a being who is able to regenerate their entire body at 5x the speed of Deadpool and basically similar to Deadpool. The resulting shockwave completely destroyed the aspect of regeneration Boros had. Saitama didn't even land the punch itself.

Saitama can throw those punches around at a speed of light at the very least.
Saitama's base speed is capable of creating afterimages and that's him being casual.

Saitama can destroy the world with ease if his "serious series: serious punch" ability shown is to be understood. What that punch did was completely NULLIFY the energy blast capable of destroying a planet and even more, it removed Boros' capabilities of regeneration via the shockwave released. The shockwave released also disintegrated parts of Boros' body.

Saitama's jogging speed when not trying is faster than light.
His mental processing is even faster than he moves.
Saitama is also not of average intelligence. Saitama, despite what he displays, is actually quite strategic. Shown in the webcomic during Garou, he devised a sound strategy to stop Garou from reading his attacks and dodging them with a move he made up that completely overturned the dirt and removed Garou's sense of awareness.

A better match up would be Garou vs Chara, in which case Garou would come as the victor due to his ability to size up the opposition and many capabilities. The only reason Garou got hit was that Saitama wasn't trying at his fullest and Saitama completely confused Garou's senses.

Now, let us move onto another aspect of Chara.

Chara is only capable of reversing time via determination. When faced with someone who obliterates you by flicking their fingers, there's simply no way to win.

Saitama is massively nerfed by this shit you call a death battle.
You listed that Chara could possess Saitama, but given all the fights Saitama has been in and his thought process, Chara could NEVER possess Saitama. His mental fortitude is simply leagues above Chara's strongest attack which can only be inflicted if the soul is shown.

How the hell is Chara gonna kill Saitama if Saitama's soul is that of a god because he removed his limiter?

Also, Saitama's determination comes from a worthy foe.
Another case argument I have is that Saitama's character is that of a superhero joke in which that the hero always wins.
Therefore he'll always win his fights.
Saitama also is not less durable the Chara, in fact he's a 9999/0.000001 in terms of armor compared to Chara. Chara lacks ANY armor except a locket that defends the soul and not the body. *COUGH* Saitama punches. That's not soul damage my dude. *Cough*
Saitama lacks weapons and armor? His body is stronger than the world itself.
His punches are capable of instantly destroying beings without thought or effort of any sort.

Real Knife is also just a real knife. Healing items are useless in a fight where one hit kills you instantly. Real knife only really damages monsters that much because in a fight of souls, if you have a higher will to kill, then you'll deal more damage. Sadly, Saitama is NOT a monster so this is not a fight of souls.
(This is all canon information, by the way. )

Like seriously, how the hell are you gonna say that Chara can survive a point blank nuclear bomb? That's what the comparison is. You're telling me that Saitama's fist, which deals as much if not more than a nuclear bomb, won't instantly kill Chara upon contact. Bitch, what?

Element of surprise is also something different.
If you got murdered immediately in a fight that you're so confident to win and you were Chara, you'd be surprised beyond belief. When Chara comes back in, she'll die and then rant over and over about how unfair it is.

Also, you consider Chara's armory a large arsenal?
Have you seen Kratos? That man is a walking armory. THAT'S AN ARSENAL.

A point of BULLSHIT I see is that you stated Chara can destroy multiverses.
That's a lie.

Given that a multiverse is a collection of universes and Chara's best feat (when wanked) destroying the game itself (thus a universe) while Saitama's CASUAL feats consist of WORLD-ENDING, I don't see how Chara is stronger.

The only reason Chara could destroy the universe is that she destroyed the source of it - the protagonist of the game. When the universe of a game is erased due to the source of it all is attacked and deleted by another source, then what type of feat is it?
At least enough to delete Humanity.

Though, that's Chara's BEST and practically ONLY feat.

Here, I'll give you what Chara is: A one trick pony.
Her best attack is NOT capable of harming Saitama.

The only reason Garou would beat Chara is because Chara has no ability capable of messing with his sense of awareness or self. Trust me.

Though, there are other beings who would decimate Chara as well.
Tatsumaki because when your entire body is ASSIMILATED into particles and then TORN on a molecular level instantly, you're dead.
Boros - when faced with a guy who basically can't die because you're too weak? Especially if his punches cause CRATERS? "Well shit, I quit!"

To quote practically anyone who has done ACTUAL research:
"Well this is a load of bullshit."

Next time, do your actual research please.
This was just me from REMEMBERING both series. Undertale AND One Punch Man.
Oh, I remember both and the last time I watched/read One Punch Man was seven months ago and the last I watched someone play Undertale was years ago.

Thanks for posting shit on based on a series that actually takes its time to review the battle contestants and tries to figure out how the outcome will be. Of course, you didn't do actual research. (CANONICAL RESEARCH OR ONE PUNCH MAN WIKI/UNDERTALE WIKI)

Wikis are actually a GREAT source of info, might I add.
mr lowkey chapter 2 . 3/10/2019
I honestly find this immensely inaccurate. Battle wiki considers fucking Waluigi to be the same speed as Saitama, considering that you used that for your research, I honestly cannot take this seriously. The battle felt copy-pasted and Saitama is kinda OOC, he wouldn’t try kill a human kid, no matter how evil he looked, and Saitama knows how strong he is compared to everyone else, If someone managed to hurt him, he would not be happy, since that would mean that this person is able to one-shot everything in the OPM-Universe. To top it all off, I have never seen anything in the canon undertale that shows that Chara would be able to hurt Saitama. The ending was confusing, and to be honest, it was kinda stupid, is that implying that Saitama chose to be possessed? tldr; this fanfic MASSIVELY jerks off Chara and ludicrously nerfs Saitama to make this an actual conflict, and it still doesn’t even work as a fight.
FanGirl chapter 2 . 3/10/2019
I love Chara.
Shadowjab17 chapter 1 . 3/9/2019
A kinda okay analysis there bud,except how in the world did you make Chara multiversal? Chara, at maximum wank, is planetary since they destroyed the "World". Chara didn't destroy a star, reality, or anything but the planet at most. The word world refers to the Earth, a region, or a group of countries. I'd honestly peg Chara as an about peak-human time traveler that killed all of the monsters due to his/her human soul being too much. Their human make-up makes magic attacks weaker against /light-based attacks don't necessarily mean that they travel at the speed of lightning/light )

Chara's biggest feat would be to kill off humanity,but this wasn't directly shown or given a timeframe. Heck, this was all word of mouth from a psycho demon that travels through time. That source itself is hard to put much faith 's don't count )

Anyway, this fight has basically two possible conclusions.

Conclusion 1: Stalemate. Saitama one-shots Chara no matter what,but Chara keeps resetting with the DETERMINATION to never give up. Chara has never shown any tiredness from resetting time,so this would be a constant timeloop without losing traction.

Conclusion 2: Saitama kills Chara so many times that he/she gives up entirely and foregoes combat or LOADing, thereby admitting defeat. Technically Chara was killed and Saitana wins per the rule of the battle ending in a death.

Chara hasn't shown the ability to possess every human. Frisk was a frail child,but Saitama is an adult superhuman. That right there is a big difference between the two to warrant doubt. Has Frisk possessed any other child? What about someone without DETERMINATION?

Now Saitama has never shown his upper limits,but if you give Chara some wankage you should give Saitama some. Saitama's feat against Boro's Star Cannon has different sources for it's destructive capability. We have low-tier life-wiping/continental, mid-tier planetary, and absolute wank star level. Now don't quote me on this,but I'm pretty sure a star is a fuckton larger than a planet. To not give Saitama the same treatment as Charathe world destruction thing looks like a dream/hallucination to me in my opinionis not fair and unjust. Same for vice versa.

That's my thoughts about your work. You did okay with setting this up,but in my opinion you could have toned down Saitama's feat list by saying "Killed a lot of monsters" and you could have double-checked Chara's abilities. Good job man.