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Madeline T hatter chapter 3 . 13h
On the third chapter theres a bit of a jump and it skips quite a bit of the story line heres the part

That's fine," Harry replied, remembering how Uncle Vernon sometimes needed a bit of a drink of brandy to calm him down. Harry had always wondered what it tasted like, given how it smelled, but that was something he knew he'd have to wait for until he was old enough.

Hearing him speak seemed to comfort the witch slightly, and she crouched down a little to reach Harry's level. "It's nice to meet you, dear – I'm Madam Malkin."
FireInLife chapter 102 . 11/26
This was such a delightful story. Part of me wanted to write down in a review every chapter all of the things I loved (and I really did love SO much of what you wrote). But honestly, I just couldn't wait to keep reading the next chapter.

My main complaint was that sometimes things were a bit slow, but that isn't even a bad thing. I loved seeing some of the more "boring" or slow elements of the story. I may not have read through them as fast or as excitedly as the final battle (which, having read previous reviews, was WAY better than I was expecting), but they were still a pleasure to read.

(And I want to note how inclusive your story was, and how much I appreciated that element too.)

Overall a delightful read, and I am so glad I encountered this story. It was all just so brilliant. I am going to miss these characters greatly in the future, but fortunately I probably will be able to re-read it anytime. And I will most certainly be re-reading this.

Thank you so much for the work you put into this story, and for also sharing it with the world.
HauntingTheNet chapter 42 . 11/22
I am not sure if anyone else has reached out to you on this matter, but there is something drastically wrong with either your fundamental understanding of nature, or at least the the way you wrote the beginning of chapter 42. Regardless of which it is, you wrote something in regards to winter above the Black Lake versus inside of it that I felt a need to address.

You are absolutely correct that it is far easier and quicker to get hypothermia in cold water than cold air due to the fact that water is 25 times more conductive for removing body heat upon surface contact. You are also right that a creature (or magical being in this case) that has lived in cold water for its entire existence and that of generations before will have adapted to handle the environment better.

But after that is where your statement about mermen not being cold in the air of Scotland's winter dies a death almost as quick as immersion hypothermia.

if you take a deep-sea creature and bring it up to the surface they actually can freeze to death. This is because of two things, the pressures at deeper levels causing the freezing points to take a lower temperature to reach which also aids the animal in retaining enough heat to survive, and the deeper sea levels having a higher salt content which changes the effective felt temperatures to their bodies. The moment you decide to take these creatures up out of the depths they are already doomed. Between the change of pressure, the change of salinity in their surroundings, and yes even the colder effective temperatures the creature will soon die and shortly form ice crystals in its tissues.

But what if the Black Lake does not have ocean access despite all of the canon lore that says it does? Indeed what if it is a pure land locked fresh water lake? Even in such an environment the fish that are swimming around perfectly fine beneath the surface can freeze to death soon after being pulled out of the lake. That is where yet another property of water comes into effect. Stratification. The cold air at the surface freezes the surface water first and without the salt content it actually freezes. After that the ice layer forms almost a heat insulation barrier against cold temperatures above this layer. There is still some heat dispersion in the water directly in contact with the frozen surface, but it is slower and not affecting the depths. This means that the surface area may be at freezing temperatures, but below the surface deeper in the fresh water lake the water is actually warm even during a winter.

In other words, the moment that merman left the Black Lake he stopped being inured to the cold and should have frozen to death during the first sub freezing day. The effects on him should have become visible, and possibly even before the Sphinx from Egypt actually. Although that last part regarding which would be worse affected by the cold air is just a guess. But I do know that zoos and aquariums have a harder time keeping aquatic life alive in the winter than they do keeping desert dwellers alive during a winter. So I base my guess on that simple fact.
FireInLife chapter 49 . 11/19
This fight in the forest after exams was pretty intense. It felt like it came out of nowhere, but at the same time, it felt really believable with how you had already expanded the world of the Forbidden Forest. And that just made it all the more heart-racing for me.

It was fun and chaotic, and I am hoping that you have written more like that. Either way, thanks for the chapter and the story so far!
SpicyArbiter chapter 60 . 11/18
Peregrines also have strong hearts (the muscle, not the metephor) which I remember because it was mentioned as being in contrast to the vast majority of birds, who apparently do not have strong hearts
SpicyArbiter chapter 57 . 11/18
Hey, I like quiche
FireInLife chapter 26 . 11/18
It may not count for much seeing as you have finished the story already, but I have quite enjoyed the story far. I like the twist you put on canon events as well as the unique perspective Harry and his friends have. I also really enjoy the slice-of-life aspect of the story. It has been a lot of fun reading, even if it doesn't (usually) have heavy plot elements associated with it.

Your treatment of the characters here have also been delightful. Even though I don't really like the Dursleys, I like how Harry is trying to treat them respectively. It is the sort of positive treatment most writers don't give them, especially while they are still poor guardians for Harry. Likewise, I like how there is very much no bashing of characters in here. Ron clearly dislikes Malfoy and Snape, but Harry doesn't mind either way so it feels very balanced.

Honestly, the way you write your characters have been very fun to read in general. Very similar to canon counterparts, but also with a slightly different perception of them (which makes since, as this story is told from the perspective of a different version of Harry compared to canon). And really, I just really like many of your characters.

I also got plenty of smiles and laughs while reading this story, which I think was your intention. It was overall a story that has made me feel good reading it, and I really appreciate that you wrote and shared this story with everybody.
Majerus chapter 49 . 11/18
I'm still choking back laughter at the idea of Clever Girl scaring a boggart to death!

It's rather a good thing that Hermione was not there. I cannot imagine that Clever Girl's instincts to rend and slash wouldn't have taken over and she'd have been responsible for quite a number of deaths and maimings.
That said, dang, that was a great fight scene! If you're going to go that direction on rare occasions, at least you are quite good at them :)
Majerus chapter 48 . 11/18
"You can't leave it at that!" Su groaned. "We'll be waiting for months to find out that means!"

Harry shrugged his wings, and started packing up his notes.

"That is a horrible trick, mate," Ron accused him.
I salute you!

*happy sigh*
Once again I return to your story to shovel away the detritus of life and just enjoy something clean and fresh and fun.
jiromanawari chapter 6 . 11/17
The story is really stupid. I'm out
SpicyArbiter chapter 46 . 11/15
Voice in nora’s earhissing is probably parstletonguetarantula missing, probably ran awaybasilisk is friendly (ish?) and named empress?
StriderGunship chapter 102 . 11/12
This fic could have been good, but the amount of filler and things that made me want to just skip things was simply ungodly.

I'm talking about feasts, studies, exams and quidditch games. These things should have been mostly used as background for discussion of things relevant to the plot. I get it when you want some day-to-day life mixed in with the story, but it's all so deprived of the "adventure" part, and again, the amount of it is just too much.

I think there was a point in your fic when Harry was thinking about how it's exciting to read about things that happened to characters in his books, but it wasn't that great if you put yourself in their place. And that's the problem with your fic, nothing really exciting is happening in your book with your characters, it's all too sterile/safe/stale.

I am really disappointed with the ending. It really felt like there should have been so much more, maybe if Voldemort somehow found out that most of his horcruxes were destroyed and delayed his attempts on Harry's life to prepare better.

If you hadn’t spent so much time on filler parts, most of those things you speedran through in your epilogue could have been made into story that would have been interesting to read, with big bad being dealt way later.

Also the T rating feels really jarring. The previous reviever mentioned that growth from children to adults was good, but I didn't really feel it, for me it felt like that T rating didn't really let you explore and write real character growth, they felt mostly the same the last 4 years. We don't see Harry get his dragon family, with the whole Nora deal feeling really disappointing after waving under our noses with that possibility. No romance really did a considerable blow to possible character growth in that fic.

You didn't explain how Harry ended up as a dragon (though It's not that great of a deal to me, but still) and why he was so much different from normal dragons.

And here comes the biggest problem. Dragon theme not being explored sufficiently. Just why even make Harry a dragon and introduce so many dragons to Hogwarts and not do anything with it? What's even the point of this fic? The difference is just that some characters don't die and Harry's a lizard. That's just all to this story by that point. I am very disappointed after investing so much time to read all of it, and around 70% of the text is skippable.
XxFreezexX chapter 102 . 11/12
I absolutely loved this last chapter.. I've been following the story regularly from sometime around chapter 30 (though I've never reviewed) but missed reading the epilogue due to Real Life Things. This last chapter was everything I've ever wanted from an epilogue. You've touched on basically every OC you made and tied up everything beautifully.

You're an excellent story teller, which is plain to see, but I have a few tiny issues with the writing. Since I rarely dabble in writing myself, do take it with a huge pinch of salt, or treat it as the grumblings of a crochety old man.

Most of the conversations have italicized words in between and that sometimes ruined the flow for me. You have to realise that everybody reads things at their own cadence and rhythm and repeatedly being told to stress particular words throws off the reading a bit. It's the reading equivalent to a laugh track in a sitcom. I never even realised I read like that until deep into your story with this mildly miffed feeling I couldn't explain. Then i noticed it.. and then couldn't unnotice it ever again.

Another issue is characterisation. All your characters are wonderfully unique and well fleshed out... on paper. Whenever they have a conversation between them though, they all sound almost exactly the same. Except for Harry, who sounds like Dumbledore in the later chapters (intentionally), Dumbledore, and the baby dragons. Better writers than me can probably tell you exactly what it is that you're missing but I can't really put my finger on it.

Plot wise, I know you tried to stick to canon guiderails as much as possible but sometimes that part of the plot felt weird. Like year 4 for me. There was no need to shoehorn Harry into every task when it basically didnt advance the plot much. Also, the early parts where Voldemort popped up and got finished off felt a little abrupt. I would've liked a bit more tension and anticipation during combat scenes. Final battle was nail bitingly good though

Character development on the other hand was absolutely top notch. The growth from little children to teenage to brink-of-adulthood was clear to see. I love how you've portrayed Ron and Percy and your Dumbledore is one of my all time favorites. Not to mention Harry. Exceptional world building. Beautiful development. Completely original concepts and threads. Had me hooked throughout waiting to see how you'd flesh out the magic in this universe..

Stories like these are a one in a million. I hope I come across more of them. And I hope you keep writing.

Ricee chapter 21 . 11/11
ugh, I wonder how many chapters I'm gonna skip cause it focuses on this
Ricee chapter 22 . 11/11
hope he doesn't end up on the quidditch team, God those parts were boring af in both the books and the movies
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