Reviews for Harry Is A Dragon, And That's Okay
TroyWeb chapter 95 . 1/13
That was a creative way to dispose of unwanted Potions byproducts.
Emrys Akayuki chapter 95 . 1/13
Great chapter.
Prince Chrom chapter 94 . 1/13
The next button to Chapter 95 isn't showing up, not sure if that is something you can deal with, but I thought you should be told.
fringeperson chapter 94 . 1/13
Delightful, as always. Thank you for writing!
Martin-di-Arcov chapter 94 . 1/12
good chapter! keep up the good work
SixFtWookie chapter 94 . 1/12
Every chapter reminds me how much I adore the Albus that you write. He's just such a pleasant chap. He's a clean old man you know...
Mernom chapter 94 . 1/12
I had suspicions about the reason why some electronics were glitching in Hogwarts, but I didn't realize that the problem was the lightning wards interfering with the high voltage components. This is now my favorite explanation for the whole issue.

I like Harry's character for the dnd game. It's so amusing.
Will the story end with 7th year? Or will it go on some more, to show how he deals with Wizarding life outside of school?
buterflypuss chapter 94 . 1/12
good chap
ChildeRoland13 chapter 94 . 1/12
I had a review ready for this about how the chapters were too long (not necessarily a bad thing, in and of itself) and becoming a chore to read, and all the things that you could do to improve that, especially since several of the previous chapters have been lacking the energy and draw that the early chapters had. Then this chapter went and did the things I was going to recommend, which was very nice. So I really hope that you continue with that trend.
HerdingDog1 chapter 94 . 1/12
PS, does that mean diesel cars would have no problem, since they dont use spark plugs?
HerdingDog1 chapter 94 . 1/12
called it, sort of. I was guessing the CRT was the problem when a gameboy worked, but a tv would only do sound. It likely being due to an anti lightning ward is very clever. since with a lightning strike you actually get a voltage build up on the ground as well as in the clouds, such a ward working by dissipating large voltage buildups is very plausible
frankieu chapter 94 . 1/12
nice chapter thx for writing it
witowsmp chapter 94 . 1/12
That was an enjoyable chapter. I look forward to the next. The last bit reminded me a a fanfic where the movie "Ghostbusters" was shown and the Hogwarts ghosts got scared of muggles.
Akasha Drake chapter 94 . 1/12
Very meta. Harry made a book reference while watching a movie.

Specifically, he referenced Belgarath by David Eddings where the old man met the wolf as a wolf, then she turned human and he fell for her...then found out that she was the wolf
TheSparklyKitten chapter 94 . 1/12
the movie bit was so funnnyyyy.
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