Reviews for Harry Is A Dragon, And That's Okay
Igniferroque chapter 2 . 9/26/2022
First task of the TriWizard Tournament will be interesting.
Igniferroque chapter 1 . 9/26/2022
So it isn’t his Animagus form is a dragon. He’s just a dragon all the time? And no Muggles notice because of the spell?
MonsterRideOp chapter 102 . 9/24/2022
An excellent story. The change of Harry being a dragon is a great singular deviation that changes so much but leaves so many other things the same. The additional space stuff in the epilogue makes a great highlight.
There are two things that I wondered about but didn't get answered. Does Harry ever change back to human and does he ever find romance?
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah chapter 94 . 9/21/2022
I'm glad I got the connection between crt/lcd... No way in hell I was gonna get that it involved valves though... If I hadn't said it yet, this is a well written story...
Talonwalker chapter 102 . 9/16/2022
Great story! I really enjoyed it!
jeebus1 chapter 102 . 9/15/2022
What an incredible story. One of the

I think you missed a potential scene in the epilogue, though. Harry visits an adult Dudley, his daughter freaks out because she sees him, and Harry has to explain to Dudley he’s been a dragon this whole time. It’s the logical conclusion of the scenes you’ve had with Dudley.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah chapter 76 . 9/14/2022
You know, it's taken me far too long to think of this, but: does the issue of screens have to do with the fact that all tv's of the era would be CRT, while the gameboy is in the early phases of LED? Hmmm...
NeverWritesAlwaysReads chapter 38 . 9/9/2022
Is Anna's brother's name Tyler or Tiara? I'm confused
Talonwalker chapter 25 . 9/8/2022
This is a great story, I know it is complete but I just felt like commenting and doing the follow in case having higher count helps anything
NeverWritesAlwaysReads chapter 8 . 9/6/2022
Would've been funny if Draco cast something like Sectumsempera and it just bounced off.
V01dSw0rd chapter 13 . 9/3/2022
For some reason, Fanfiction has deleted the rest of OWL
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah chapter 44 . 8/31/2022
Is this actually stuff for futhark? If so, where are you finding this? I've been trying to find something detailing how the alphabets of elder/younger futhark work, but all I've found are dictionaries that only cover word/word translations
V01dSw0rd chapter 96 . 8/27/2022
Which version of Fluxx were they playing?
V01dSw0rd chapter 95 . 8/27/2022
Personally, I feel that the ‘object moving out of the way’ effect is accomplished by Expanding The Space between them. (A similar method to how Book Five had the House hissed, with no muggle noticing or being affected by it showing up)
Since Harry was in the bus in canon, we only get how it LOOKS from his perspective. And ‘jump out of the way’ has a couple interpretations you can take on it.
V01dSw0rd chapter 89 . 8/27/2022
Number Ten?
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