Reviews for Harry Is A Dragon, And That's Okay
Books85 chapter 95 . 1/13
Wow. Just wow. As you say, "Squirrels in space!"

I do really love this story and the amount of thinking and imagination that goes into it. The alchemy alone just about breaks my brain!

I had an idea that you can use for communication from the spacecraft to ground control. What if Ron gets a manual typewriter and shrinks it very carefully (so it continues working) and then types on parchment with a protean charm tied to a piece of parchment groundside, hey presto, instant communication. Or you could place a communication mirror positioned so it can show the parchment. For that matter a piece of cardboard with the most commonly used words could be shrunk to squirrel size and Ron could just point to the words. (This was apparently the ancestor to the vocorder (sp?) used by Stephen Hawking and other people who could not speak long before Hawking.)
Apparently my brain got caught up in the problems of a squirrel in space communicating to others. It has well and truly caught my imagination.

If you ever come up with a (hopefully annotated) bibliography of all the books that Harry reads and discusses in this story, I would be interested in seeing it. As a retired children's librarian children's books are some of my favorite things.

Thank you so much for this!
fringeperson chapter 95 . 1/13
Ron's got lift-off! Woohoo! Yes! Yay! I love it! Thank you for writing!
Benjamin Goldberg chapter 94 . 1/13
I wonder if it's possible to make ʇɹɐʇ ǝlɔɐǝɹʇ without house elf magic ;)
a fish chapter 1 . 1/13
i love this
frankieu chapter 95 . 1/13
nice chapter thx for writing it
one great flight for ron there
wonder when luna will publish her interview and make ron world renown
witowsmp chapter 95 . 1/13
One small step for a giant leap for wizard-kind.
Bukama Stealth chapter 10 . 1/13
Nice story but Harry's skin/hide seems to be resistant only when it's useful.
Charms, jinxes and hexes in a fight or duel, not useful and don't work/bounce off.
Sticking charm on the broom and medical diagnosis charms/spells useful and do work.
Ceres-The-Cat chapter 95 . 1/13
Alright, first review time. I've been following this story since it had like 7 chapters, and I just wanted to say thank you for writing it. Secondly, I want to mention Samantha. You didn't have to put her in there, the story didn't need that detail, but I'm glad you did. From someone who that means a lot to, thanks for the representation.
ThisCat chapter 95 . 1/13

This fic is always a delight.
TroyWeb chapter 95 . 1/13
That was a creative way to dispose of unwanted Potions byproducts.
Emrys Akayuki chapter 95 . 1/13
Great chapter.
Prince Chrom chapter 94 . 1/13
The next button to Chapter 95 isn't showing up, not sure if that is something you can deal with, but I thought you should be told.
fringeperson chapter 94 . 1/13
Delightful, as always. Thank you for writing!
Martin-di-Arcov chapter 94 . 1/12
good chapter! keep up the good work
SixFtWookie chapter 94 . 1/12
Every chapter reminds me how much I adore the Albus that you write. He's just such a pleasant chap. He's a clean old man you know...
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