Reviews for The Last Prayer
khatre chapter 12 . 5/13
Tsunami needed to get laid .. probably .. OK Definitely...
MASK3D-B4TT4LION chapter 1 . 5/14
Stupid author of shit ! Naruto fuck only Ino !
Guest chapter 40 . 5/12
Please bless us with another chapter. I know you’re busy and all so take your time but just remember we are excited
Kragh chapter 40 . 5/13
What an incredible story so far! Keep up the good work!
Tenyo-dono chapter 40 . 5/10
Wow, I honestly wasn't sure how I would feel after the first few chapters but I'm happy I kept reading. The writing is still great as ever and the drama is nice between all the different characters and storylines. There's tons to comment on but in the end this story is really brilliant, you create amazing characters and drama as well as your action improving with each fight, and your ability to keep on the pressure against Naruto is great.

Maybe the thing I could really take away though is that I feel like I can trust you as a writer to handle the pretty dark things that were introduced early in the story, and that was something I didn't expect but am glad to see. Ive read a few stories where rape was written and then not given its due consequence, and this story might be the first time I can see things being handled alright, though I think the way things settle between Ino and Sakura could've used a bit more info given by Ino to Sakura to help settle how much she would hate and feel disgusted by her.

All the characters really grow though, and it's amazing to reflect on how much exactly now that I'm caught up. I honestly put this story on the top of my list for favourite fanfiction and I'll gladly be rereading it in the future, which would put it well into the top 0.1%. I'm looking forward to see where things go from here!
taiwoeretan1 chapter 40 . 5/10
Well finally caught up and i have to say really enjoyable, the lemons are well written, the characters seem realistic and i like how you are developing the harem. Hopefully for more of the same in the next chapters.
taiwoeretan1 chapter 23 . 5/9
Random question but is konohamaru going to be in this fic?
taiwoeretan1 chapter 3 . 5/8
Loved the sex scene, really well done. Liking the whole naruto's voice from the future. Really anticipating a great story.
Tenyo-dono chapter 5 . 5/8
Honestly the writing is pretty good and I like how Naruto is growing as a ninja and his characterization, but it's getting really hard to skip reading all the out and out rape when they are the focus of most of the segments. I'll try to see if the story makes any sense when I jump past what feels like a good half of the scenes but its honestly really hard to justify reading for the interesting developments with Naruto when stuff like this happens, it's just well out of what I'm looking for in fiction. I think I'll check to see if you have other stories which are more in into actual romance, as you really are great at writing and have interesting plot lines going if I skip the parts that aren't agreeable to me.
The Unethical chapter 10 . 5/7
Bro ur a goddamn talented writer. Keep up the good shit.
DeathAtHeart chapter 40 . 5/5
rereading this story for the 5th time and its seems like every time i read it gets to be something more. i thank you for your talent and entertainment.
lokyyt chapter 40 . 5/5
more please keep typing and please reply
MarkuzBlack chapter 40 . 5/3
Thanks for the update
HaywireEagle chapter 40 . 5/3
Got dammit. I caught up faster than I thought I would.
Wally991 chapter 15 . 5/3
For being a rape victim, Ino really doesn't care that she "raped" Sakura
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