Reviews for Choices
ObiRin120 chapter 1 . 9/30/2020
muy buena historia
Angel of Hunky-Doryness chapter 1 . 4/3/2019
Thank you so much for the shout-out, friend!

Oh my gosh where to begin! I personally love how you decided to set this up, from how the three sisters escaped Horrorland to how they end up in a forest. It really adds the fairy-tale element in the story, but with a backdrop that is far more sinister. I really got an Into the Woods vibe, with the I love all the references you made from the Olson twins, and I feel like the name Rachel was symbolic, either Biblical or a Sherlock reference, but I loved it either way. Also THANK YOU for how the choice was set up. Jillian's wariness throughout and her trying to make the best choice for her sisters was so wonderfully crafted from giving false names to her probing nature trying to see which path to take. The trivium! Oh my goodness, little fun fact about that word, it is tied with Hecate the greek goddess of magic, who was known to have three faces and all crossroads were dedicated to her. Also her Roman name was later turned into Trivia! And the last exchange of dialogue. Gosh! My favorite part. Names hold power, and I love how you played it. I also love on the things Jillian and Slappy were focusing on after everything was all said and done. Slappy focusing on her, and Jillian focusing on the dangers that lie within the park. She's so anxious that she doesn't have time to focus on the choices she's made. What's done is done, and she's ready to face the next danger to save her family. She's so protective, I love it! Wonderful job, as always!