Reviews for Lies That Wear the Crown
Robinbird79 chapter 53 . 10/12
Really glad her past experience didn’t cause her to panic and change her mind. She’s a fast learner! :)
Kelwtim2spar chapter 53 . 10/11
Eorwyn went from innocent, to complete vixen. Thanks for the update.
Memo chapter 53 . 10/11
That was hot. And I'm glad she didn't panic due to that past experience. Finally they did it, yay!
Riss94 chapter 52 . 10/10
So happy you’re back and holy snickers it’s taking awhile to get to the best part!
Guest chapter 52 . 10/9
I hope life is getting better for you now, hun. Though Thorin has been infuriating for a couple of chaps now, but I really appreciate that makes sure that Eorwyn is aware if and agrees to everything. And I really hope next chapter is very much NSFW because I've waited for this gor so long :D :D
Dearreader chapter 52 . 10/8
Glad you are occupying a better place in your life. Like your slightly sexy encounter, but it is taking a long time to get to the climax.
Riss94 chapter 51 . 10/4
Please come back!
Elentarill chapter 51 . 9/29
I just fall in love with your story, reading it in only one night ! I usually don't get so much into fanfic, but yours is a gem, a truly pleasure to read ! And I learn a lot of vocabulary through your story, being not a native English speaker.
It's was a torture to not being able to know the rest the story, especially in this kind of moment (my lord, I'm still shivering )

You gain a new fan !
Kelwtim2spar chapter 51 . 9/27
Wow, Eorwyn runs a little hot, and cold. Thorin seems to be very patient though. Anxiously awaiting your next chapter.
Dearreader chapter 51 . 9/27
Yes, more please.
priya24626 chapter 51 . 9/27
Ohhhh tigresss. Great chp
Robinbird79 chapter 51 . 9/27
Lordy she almost got her panties in a twist again. I like that Thorin was trying to be thoughtful and considerate. Now ... onward! :)
Memo chapter 51 . 9/27
We are being slowly burnt around here. Oh my gosh, that was sexy.
Riss94 chapter 50 . 9/25
Omg, I can’t believe you left us hanging, please don’t make us wait to long!
Memo chapter 50 . 9/25
How dare you leave us at this moment? :D I'm really excited about the next chapter (jumping up and down).
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