Reviews for Lies That Wear the Crown
Memo chapter 101 . 10/28
I just love all the funny & witty tslks between Lord Ein & Eorwyn. Thorin is so sweet here (swooning). And it's good to see Eorwyn fitting into being the queen of Erober.
Citadela chapter 101 . 10/26
Yes, isn't that a common prejudice, that the dwarves are stubbornly prejudiced? She is right.
If we don't count jelous exes :P
Dearreader chapter 101 . 10/26
Clever girl. Slammed the elves so diplomatically.
lathalea chapter 100 . 10/20
Thank you for the update and congratulations on reaching the 100th chapter!

I’ll be staying with you and this story for as long as you decide to keep on writing it, even if it’s 100 chapters more (or 5).

Ein is a very clever and insightful man and I like how the dynamics between him and Eorwyn is developing. I’m glad Algun has done some thinking, too.
And now I’m wondering what will happen when they meet the elves:)
Robinbird79 chapter 100 . 10/19
Nice chapter. An almost conversion is .., something at least. At least she’s not freaking out over being referred to as the Queen ... at the moment anyway. :)
Memo chapter 100 . 10/19
There should be a celebration or something that it's the 100th chapter! And don't worry I'm not bored in the least. I could read the 200th chapter of the story. On another note, I'm glad Algun and Eorwyn could reach an understanding and renew their friendship.
Xaiael chapter 100 . 10/18
Oh ! Come on ! We don't get the story ?
Citadela chapter 99 . 10/16
Awww, if one forgets all the dangers, the orcs, the bears and jelous exes, this really is turning out to be a fun road trip fro all! Gosh, and the landcape is dotted with all these capable, polite men... Fun, fun, fun :P
Robinbird79 chapter 99 . 10/15
Bless Thorin. He was trying. :) I do love how you’ve written him so far; so many times he just won’t listen. I really like his and Eorwyn’s times together.
Citadela chapter 98 . 10/12
I am glad Algun is reasonable enough creature to do consider the bear. :P
lathalea chapter 98 . 10/12
Algun is one of my favorite characters here, I always depicted her as a strong dwarven lady who knows what she wants - and that is why she rejected the King. It appears that perhaps her decision wasn’t so well thought through... Ah well. I’m still hoping that she will close this chapter of her life in dignity and forgets her prejudices against Eorwyn and other people of worse social standing than hers, say... Ein.

*locks Algun and Ein together in a room and shouts: NOW KISS!*

Memo chapter 98 . 10/12
Now that Lord Ein has made things clear, I hope Algun learns a lesson. Lord Ein rocks by the way.
Dearreader chapter 98 . 10/11
Ein seems like a great guy. Funny, cute, smart and an altogether nice guy.
Kelwtim2spar chapter 98 . 10/11
Thank you so much for all your updates.
Robinbird79 chapter 98 . 10/11
I’m glad he told her all that bluntly. I hope she keeps it in mind. Right now I do not like her.
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