Reviews for Harry Potter and the Pale Horseman
Ohma chapter 2 . 7/18
oh c'mon, giving hermione her memory back really?
taxzombie chapter 29 . 6/5
Normally, I HATE it when the writer includes the Hat's song as it usually a copy from the book, aka, a was of space. But you have done a grand job of breaking the norm and come up with an interesting song for the Hat. Much approved and liked. Thank you for including it. And believe me I say that VERY rarely. lol
taxzombie chapter 14 . 6/3
Hope not a 'Curious George' as, from what I can recall you haven't dealt with the diamine yet, though a peace of old Moldie's soul stuck in a piece of wood would be pretty funny, heh.

Seriously, quite enjoying this tale, AND it's twists, never saw Harry being potioned and cursed by Dumbles and Percy coming. I do look forward to their comeuppance.
taxzombie chapter 3 . 6/2
LOVED the last line! Perfect place for Ronnikins. LOL
Wackuhdoodle chapter 25 . 3/30
I always thought it was crazy that the basilisk had completely decayed by seventh year, but I just looked it up and an exposed human body-even in optimal conditions-only lasts about ten days before being reduced to bones. The more ya know
Slowest Turtle chapter 25 . 2/13
A well written story. My only gripe is Harry is a massssssssssssive pussy. Like 9/10 he gets dicked down everyday. Thank God he has Hermione so he's not a useless cunt as well.
DanYHKim chapter 44 . 2/9
"Waiting for them in the corner of the 'arrival room', as it had been dubbed, Sirius raised an eyebrow at the couple's coupley antics before waving them through the door and into the hall."

We're they Americans, it would have been called the "Transporter Room"
DanYHKim chapter 26 . 2/8
Airliner smoking. That's a really nice touch of color to show the timeframe.

Don't miss it.
iacopo.passerini chapter 1 . 1/8
Molto brlla.
fanreader18 chapter 4 . 1/7
Why does Ron remind me of Malfoy?
CarolsSister chapter 36 . 11/6/2022
Not my direct family story, but my first husband's father was a German Jew who was lucky enough to get out around 1935. The rest of the family stayed, and at the end only three people were still alive. I can't even imagine how Maria has not lost her mind after seeing this twice and waiting for the third time to play out.

I can see her as being worthy of a spin-off, as well as being included in any action taken against any and all DE idiots in the future.
Corwyn chapter 52 . 8/4/2022
I loved this story and would be very glad to see it continue, if you choose to do so. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Corwyn chapter 15 . 7/30/2022
Came here from AO3: glad I noticed your comment that the rest of the story was here. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Katzztar chapter 11 . 7/19/2022
Interesting that the gem allows them to make the new wand look like the old wand. Hmmm, does this mean the can 'mask' the new wand and cast a spell, and when teachers demand to "check his/her wand" for proof of casting a spell, they then can present the old wand which does not have the spell usage on it?
atymer chapter 52 . 7/18/2022
In hopes the Muse will return one day...
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