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LadyDoragon chapter 54 . 7/8
« "Bah," he said again, "If he hadn't already told you, I would have made him, so you could benefit from it too." »
Oh? Really, Torino? Taking liberties with other's secrets that protect them, are we? What can we expect from you next? Will you tell this secret to every first year hero trainee in UA because "they can benefit from it too"? Maybe all hero trainees and hopefuls in the UA? How about all heroes in Japan or maybe the world? Might as well put it on the internet or heck, even organise a press conference about it.
Sorry about that. It seems breaches of boundaries that have likelihood to endanger the owner of the secret so seriously have tendency to rub me the wrong way. This is the second time a breach of boundaries triggered me even though not as much as the first time. Still, they say third time's a pattern so now I'm waiting for the next time I encounter a breach of boundaries that at the very least has solid potential to either endanger or harm the person who's boundaries are violated.
LadyDoragon chapter 36 . 7/6
Yup, you totally mixed up Hitoshi's given name with his surname, author. His given name is Hitoshi and his surname is Shinso, not the other way around like you wrote it in the third round tournament's matchups.
Midoriya Izuku VS Mizuno Ami
Tokoyami Fumikage VS Hitoshi Shinso

Midoriya Izuku VS Mizuno Ami
Tokoyami Fumikage VS Shinso Hitoshi
LadyDoragon chapter 33 . 7/6
Halp! Chapter end status bits are killing me! XD
Honestly, I'm confused about the point of giving readers only bits and pieces of the status. Are we not worthy of the full chapter status? I mean technically readers can craft and keep tract of the full status from the status bits but that's a ton of work to invest into reading a fanfiction regardless of how good it happens to be. I wanna fix them! TTTT *crying a river*
Anyway, gotta get back to reading, both enjoying the rest of the story and trying to survive the status bits!
LadyDoragon chapter 22 . 7/5
Darn it, I want nice full status updates at the chapter ends so badly. I'm basically champing at the bit here. The tiny update in this chapter just made it worse. halp haaalp XD
LadyDoragon chapter 12 . 6/30
I'm writing this as a review now because I sent it as a PM earlier and just realized that if FFN doesn't send me review notifications then it might not do so for you either and I would rather not rely on hoping you check your PMs anytime soon.
Anyway, in chapter end notes you asked about reader's preferences on end of chapter status updates. I would much prefer it if the skill section of end of chapter status screen updates was simply reorganized rather than folded. From my perspective those updates are not so much interesting trivia as a reading aid that removes necessity to remember all the stats, skills, talents and other additional bits of data. It's not even 12th chapter out of 60 and there already is far too much information to comfortably remember and truly no offense to you or this story, but it certainly a bit of a waste of time and effort to try to remember all that. It's not something needed outside of reading this story after all.
That's why I think reorganizing skill, and talent since it keeps growing, sections would be much better than folding them. I'm thinking named subsections specifically.
For example:
› basic physical (running, climbing, swimming, parkour, acrobatics, yoga, strength training, throwing, etc),
› physical combat (dodge, boxing, basic karate, kung fu fundamentals, wing chun quan, tai chi quan, etc),
› telekinesis,
› ki,
› academics (scientific method, mathematics basic, chemistry basic, physics basic, mathematics advanced, japanese history, creative writing, etc) & language (japanese language, english language, JSL, ASL, etc),
› miscellaneous (analyze, meditation, first aid, physical resistance, ect)
› everyday (oral hygiene, etc).
This last one certainly can be folded all the time without number of skills too since there absolutely should be a ton of them and we absolutely do not need to know them or their levels.
If you would like help with that I can absolutely organise the previous chapters' status updates for you to simply edit them in. I would need to have a list of things to include and how but that's just a couple PMs away. I did see that you started to include a comparison of previous current chapter stats and levels under the latest chapter because I looked out of curiosity once. I also saw quest section with time remaining a couple chapters after this one which would be annoying but possible to get done.
gabrielcsph chapter 13 . 6/15
Ch: 13
The Abyss!
And apparently there's a name for people with "out of context magic"(trope) here, irregular hum
gabrielcsph chapter 11 . 6/15
Ch: 11
Amazingly cool, the only thing I have a problem with is the fact that Izuku is just level 10.
The gamer is supposed to work like, u know, a game, but yet his abilities are too strong to just level 9. At least if the "ultimate final higher level" is 250. If it was 100 or something it would make more sense. But that's just me begin annoying
gabrielcsph chapter 10 . 6/15
Ch: 10
gabrielcsph chapter 9 . 6/15
Ch: 9
Damn it, I wanted to learn about the powers and the difference between TK aura and ki reinforcement
gabrielcsph chapter 8 . 6/15
Ch: 8
Sailor Mercury? (I didn't watch sailor moon, so I googled her) Cool, but I don't know where she will fit
gabrielcsph chapter 2 . 6/15
Ch: 2
Pretty interesting, it makes sense for the existence of multiple types of energy sources in universe, like, probably the poltergeist girl from 1B uses Psions for her quirk, probably Uraraka too, or Nezu, and probably Shinsou. Maybe Kendo uses Ki, because martial arts and the fact Ki is kinda spirit/body, maybe Karishima too, and that makes me think OFA stocks the Ki from past users to work, or not just ki but all types of energy, considering how OFA is special. Also, maybe mana is used for the most abstract/Imposible types of quirks, like say Momo creating things that are heavier than her but somehow using her fat tissues for it, or Manga literally crating comic effects in real life like a fucking stand user, or maybe ones how work on other quirks, like Aizawa.
gabrielcsph chapter 1 . 6/15
Ch: 1
Damn, bakugo got banned from the server (earth)
LokiJormungard chapter 14 . 6/2
Might seem weird ut i want a tory out of this omake
Guest chapter 63 . 5/27
NOOOO I finished the backlog of chapters.
If I had to rank all the fanfic I've read this is probably in the top 3.
Ryo no Kitsune chapter 51 . 5/16
So Stan became Stain after Shiro died. Is Izuku going to reveal this to him when/if they meet? Does Stain know about Shiro’s daughter?
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